Dead Space Walkthrough

15. Story - Chapter 12 / "Impossible" difficulty

Chapter 12 - Dead Space

Walk down the ramp and go along the path to your right for a green crate tucked away in a corner, a Power Node and a wall container. Head back to where the NPC is waiting for you, looting 2x green crates on trolleys next to the wall on your way. Grab the cart next to the NPC with Kinesis and pull/shoot it towards the shuttle along the rails. Activate the nearby console to load the cargo onto the cart. Pull the cargo to the spot where you found the cart, but continue your way along the rails until you can't go any further. We have to plug a power unit into the nearby empty socket to open the shutter door.

Empty a wall container next to the door leading to Control Room Barracks before heading towards the power unit. Inside, turn right and you see an Infector through the cold room window where the power unit is stored. Don't be fooled as there are actually two Infectors inside this room. Before you open the door it's advisable to thoroughly dismember the four corpses or dump them outside. Don't forget to pick up 2x ammunition nearby. Once it's done, ready your weapon, open the door and greet the two Infectors appropriately.

Nearby is an Uprade Bench. Feel free to use up all but one of your Power Nodes as we'll encounter the last emergency supply room for this playthrough later on. Head to Gravity Tether Control Room for 2x floor containers, a locker and most importantly one audio log (#47/47, "Colony Chaos") and a Gold Semiconductor. Leave this room and head to your left. Next to the Store is ammunition, tucked away in one of the lower bunk beds. You can sell/store most of your ammunition as the last emergency supply room is within reach and contains plenty of it. It's also a good idea to buy the Level 5 Suit.

Head into the room where the two Infectors were trapped for 3x green crates and the power unit. Grab it with Kinesis and head towards the door leading outside. As you're about to open the door, you hear the characteristic howl of a Divider. Be ready to take it out when you step outside. Use the power unit to knock it off balance by shooting it with Kinesis. When the Divider is dead, plug the power unit into the socket. Be warned: everytime you use one of the consoles to manipulate the shutter doors, the previous area will be sealed off and won't be accessible anymore.

Step through the door and activate the console. Continue through the door on your left to enter Gravity Tether Operations A. Turn left, refill your Stasis and loot 2x wall containers. Face the containers, then turn left and go across the walkway for 2x ammunition. Hug the wall and and grab 2x green crates with Kinesis. Don't approach their location as this triggers a quarantine lockdown. Next to the walkway is well-hidden ammunition. Position yourself as shown in the picture to pick it up between the rails with Kinesis.

Ready up, then position yourself at the spot where you found the green crates because this will largely ensure you won't get ambushed from behind. Try to stick close to this spot, even when dodging attacks from Necromorphs or avoiding the blast radius of your timed explosives (in case you're using them). Face the wall you previously hugged closely to see an Enhanced Slasher dropping in. Deal with it quickly since to your right another Enhanced Slasher and a Lurker close in fast. Keep an eye out for another Lurker coming from the direction of the first Enhanced Slasher, followed a few seconds later by a third Enhanced Slasher. This is your cue to pay close attention to your right as an Exploder is about to climb through the wall vent as well as a fourth Enhanced Slasher, including a Lurker. Another Exploder comes through the door you were facing initially followed by two Lurkers and an Enhanced Slasher to your right. The last wave of Necromorphs consist of one Exploder (again from the direction you were facing initially), another Enhanced Slasher but only one Lurker. Unfortunately the quarantine lockdown won't be lifted to indicate when it's safe to go on. If you don't see any new Necromorphs spawning within the next few seconds, you're safe for now.

Pick up all the loot the Necromorphs dropped and refill your Stasis if needed. Afterwards, activate the console next to the cargo to create a path. Raise the bridge, then immediately pull the cargo through the gap. When you move the cargo near the third bridge, two Lurkers spawn. Either an Exploder joins in now or it'll appear among three others once the cargo is past said bridge. The Exploders likely come from different corners of this area, so be on your toes. The quarantine lockdown is finally lifted when the last Exploder is dead.

Go across the third bridge and grab the nearby Ruby Semiconductor before heading to your right. Face away from the emergency supply door and look down into the "ditch" to find ammunition (see picture).

Image 1

Gather everything from the supply room and head back to the cargo. Walk through the nearby door and activate the console. Ready a weapon for two Guardians. Once the first shutter door closes again and the second one opens, go through the next door and run into the next area. Quickly cross the nearby bridge and take out both Guardians. Dodge the Pods' ranged attacks as the Guardians have top priority.

Take note of the nearby Store and save station. You can't raise the bridges until power is restored. Before you head through the round door previously blocked by the Guardians, pick up ammunition next to large metal pillar. Get the contents from both a floating green crate and a wall container to your left. Start making your way through the tube and you encounter one Enhanced Leaper as well as an Enhanced Lurker further on. Don't forget to nab the contents from another floating green crate.

Move on and find a third green crate floating in midair before jumping towards the next area. A fourth green crate is nearby, so loot its contents before moving on to 2x floor containers. Pull down the nearby lever afterwards. Refill your Stasis, you're going to need it soon. As you're backtracking to the huge chamber where you encountered the two Guardians, you have move past two moving ventilator blades. Use Stasis to slow them down, then carefully go past them. After the first one, two Lurkers and a Leaper appear, both of the Enhanced variety. Be careful to keep your distance from the ventilator blades while fighting the Necromorphs. Accidentally touching the blades results in an instant kill. Make your way back to the huge chamber past the second set of ventilator blades. Before you open the round door, make sure to ready up for an Enhanced Brute. Step back into the chamber and take note of the Stasis Recharge Station on the other side. Use it if you run out of Stasis. Pick up the Power Node the Brute dropped.

Loot 4x lockers near the recharge station and grab a Medium Med Pack near a metal pillar. Save here, then continue creating a path for the cargo. Activate the console, then go through the nearby door and move along the path on your left for a green crate and a wall container. Cross the bridge and gather ammunition hidden under one of the corpses near the console. Continue right along the wall for 2x floor containers in a corner. Stuck in the wall you find a Large Med Pack. Most importantly here is a Power Node and a green crate at the end of the walkway. Keep moving the cargo to the next area.

Leave the cargo where it's currently at and approach any of the 4x floor containers. Soon two Enhanced Necromorphs (a Lurker and a Slasher) spawn, accompanied by a Twitcher and three tentacles. Ignore the tentacles and start looting once the Necromorphs are dead, including 4x ammunition and a Medium Med Pack. Destroy the first two tentacles, then move the cargo towards the crater rim. This triggers another wave of Necromorphs: an Enhanced Lurker and two Twitchers. The second Twitcher might ambush you from behind, if you're unlucky. Destroy the last tentacle before you continue pulling the cargo towards its destination. Depending on how quickly you manage to haul the cargo, two Enhanced Necromorphs (a Lurker and a Slasher) spawn, followed by a Twitcher and another Enhanced Lurker seconds later.

When the cargo is in position, the console to activate the loader is accessible. Use it and your task is completed. Enjoy the cutscene, then grab ammunition right of the cylindrical glass compartment. Head towards the nearby door. Entering the glass compartment initiates a decontamination procedure and a cutscene. Afterwards, follow your locator and empty 2x wall containers on your way out as well as a Power Node and 3x green crates. Enter the next room and collect everything in here as well. If your inventory is full, fret not as the next door takes you back to the Store from the beginning of this chapter.

Take enough ammunition for your favourite rapid-firing weapon with you if you're not doing so already. As long as you don't step over the line shown in the picture, you're free to explore the outside area. Stepping over the line triggers the boss fight. Use Kinesis to grab as many green crates as possible.

Image 1

When you're ready, enter the arena and a gruesome cutscene starts. Afterwards, shoot the top-most yellow pustule until it's no more. Dodge the slam attacks by running sideways. You can tell from the way the boss leans backwards which tentacle it'll use to execute the slam attack. If it leans backwards and tilts to one side, then the next slam attack comes from exactly that tentacle. Next pustule is either the top-right or the lower-right one. Don't forget to dodge the slam attack in between. Once three pustules are down, the second phase of the boss fight starts.

The Necromorph grabs you and raises you above ground, leaving you hanging upside-down. To make matters worse, the boss' pustules don't hold still and aiming in this phase is a mess. It's imperative to take out the pustules as quickly as possible. The longer it takes you to destroy them, the closer the boss pulls you towards its giant mouth. You can imagine that this won't turn out well.

Third stage of the boss fight begins when you're back on the ground. Keep shooting at the yellow pustules while they're exposed and not covered by something akin to a rib cage. Focus on the two Pregnants in case the boss throws them at you. Dodge the slam attacks and shoot the pustules if they're exposed. Be on the lookout for a group of Swarmers coming from the right while dodging the boss' slam attacks. They'll likely appear the longer the fight takes. Kill them and from then on it's only the boss' slam attacks threatening you. Take out the pustules one by one and you'll be victorious in no time.

If you keep dying during second phase, use a Plasma Cutter and try to count how many shots it took to get rid of one pustule. During first phase, aim for one less than said number to damage the left-hand pustules enough that it'll take only one shot to destroy them while hanging upside-down.

Once the boss drops dead, this unlocks:

Mindless Prey

Kill the Hive Mind

Mindless Prey
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Immediately make your way to the shuttle and enter the cockpit to escape this nightmare. Enjoy the cutscene which concludes your objective and this chapter, thus unlocking:


Complete Chapter 12 on any difficulty setting

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Since it's likely your first playthrough, you unlock the next achievement while the credits roll:


Complete the game on any difficulty setting

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You have two choices, depending on whether you’ve already unlocked this:

Maxed Out

Upgrade all weapons and equipment

Maxed Out
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Option a) Jump straight into your playthrough on “Impossible” difficulty if you have unlocked "Maxed Out".

Option b) Continue working on said achievement in New Game+ with all your items and upgrades. If you choose b) opt for “Yes” once the credits stop rolling and the game asks you if you want to save. Afterwards, load “CLEARED GAME” and start New Game+.

"Impossible" difficulty

This playthrough won’t differ much from your previous one on “Medium” except for scarcer ammunition and Necromorphs who are harder to kill.

Using the cheat codes listed in General hints and tips will make this playthrough much easier but will also rob you of a challenging and rewarding experience. Same applies to the exploit in chapter 11.

Don’t buy other weapons to make sure that a) more ammunition for the Plasma Cutter drops and b) you won’t accidentally switch to a different weapon, possibly forfeiting “One Gun”.

Choose your upgrades wisely: prioritise DAM in your Plasma Cutter over other features and ignore Air in you RIG. Stasis’ ENG is still important even if you use cheat codes.

Use melee with caution for one obvious reason: Necromorphs absorb more damage on this difficulty. The longer you take to kill Necromorphs in a close-combat situation, the higher the chance they’ll get a shot at damaging your health.

If you followed the story walkthrough on “Medium” difficulty, then you have only a tiny fraction of achievements left. Both unlock once you’ve completed the final chapter:

Epic Tier 3 Engineer

Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting

Epic Tier 3 Engineer
15 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Difficulty Specific - These achievements require that the game be played on a certain difficulty level.Multiple Playthroughs Required - These achievements cannot be earned during the initial playthrough.

One Gun

Beat the game using only the Plasma Cutter

One Gun
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Congratulations, you’ve unlocked every possible achievement in Dead Space and pocketed 1,000 GS!

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