Dead Space Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

Dead Space is a third-person shooter with a few twists. For instance, headshots do negligible damage - at best they blind your opponents. You have to sever limbs to successfully kill enemies. For more information on the different kinds and how to defeat them, see Enemies. Furthermore, you don't have a conventional HUD. Your ammunition count is displayed above your weapon when you take aim. Health and Stasis status are shown on the protagonist's back as part of the RIG (= "Resource Integration Gear", augmented portion of your suit). Your health has a direct influence on how fast you can move. Red means very slowly, green ensures maximum speed. Stasis will be explained further below. Upon entering a vacuum your suit will display a countdown which shows the seconds left until your oxygen runs out.

This walkthrough points out the location for every item. To make those easier to distinguish, items needed for achievements will be formatted differently to items needed for survival.

Collectible (logs, schematics)

Survival (health packs, ammunition, objects containing said items)

You'll encounter two important technologies in Dead Space: Stasis and Kinesis. Stasis slows movement of both organic and inorganic matter for a short amount of time. It has to be directed by "casting" it at your target with cn_LT+cn_X and must be refilled with Stasis Packs or Stasis Recharge Stations. If you don't plan on using Cheat codes, always keep at least one Stasis Pack in your inventory. The other technology is called Kinesis which helps you pick up objects regardless of their weight and move them around with cn_LT+cn_B. You can shoot objects too with Kinesis: cn_LT + cn_B, cn_RT. Not every object can be grabbed by your Kinesis module though. Kinesis has unlimited charges and therefore doesn't need to be refilled.

Keep in mind that the game doesn't pause if you bring up your map, inventory or enter a vending station ("Store"). Clear out an area first or else enemies might ambush you. Speaking of enemies - sometimes they lie on the floor, pretend to be dead. As a rule of thumb: if you can't pick them up with Kinesis, they're not dead. Provoke a reaction by a) slowly approaching or b) throwing objects at them with Kinesis.

"Credits" are in-game currency. You collect these by finding them throughout the game or as payment for sold items. Use Credits to buy things like ammunition, Weapons, suits, "Med Packs" (= items which restore health), "Air Cans" (= items which restore oxygen) and "Power Nodes" from Stores. How to save ammunition and How to save Credits provide some handy pointers.

Power Nodes are used to upgrade your weapons in your inventory amongst other things (e.g. Stasis, Kinesis) at Upgrade Benches. Upgrading gives you a few pointers on how to use those benches. Furthermore, Power Nodes help you access emergency supply rooms. Unlocking a room consumes a Power Node. It's mentioned in the walkthrough when it's important to keep a Power Node for this purpose. Most items inside those are randomly generated. You can make a save before opening these and reload until you feel satisfied with the outcome.

Regarding Dead Space's save system: the game uses autosaves and manual saves. Autosaves are spread out generously throughout the game. Manual saves can't be created from the menu, you have to use dedicated save stations to do so. These won't be explicitly mentioned in the walkthrough since you can easily find them on your map.


Self-explanatory. A short overview of Dead Space's controller mapping.

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Cheat codes

You enter the cheats in the pause menu, activated by pressing cn_start. If you feel inclined to use them, do so once you pick up your first weapon. Make sure to activate them in the order listed below. Keep in mind that the first six codes are limited to one-time use only per playthrough.

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This section covers all enemies except bosses.

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All weapons have two firing modes: primary and secondary fire (also called alt-fire). Use cn_LT+cn_RT for primary and cn_LT+cn_RB for secondary fire.

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Go to an Upgrade Bench to improve your weapons, RIG, Stasis or Kinesis module. To do so, you weld Power Nodes into circuits. White ones don't offer any improvements, therefore it's wise to avoid wasting Power Nodes on white circuits unless you're bridging a gap to another useful circuit.

When upgrading weapons, prioritise DAM (damage). Even if you don't use the Plasma Cutter much, throw in the occasional Power Node. Try to hold off upgrading CAP (clipsize of weapon) unless your ammunition count is close to zero. Putting a Power Node into CAP refills it for free.

RIG’s HP (health) and Stasis's ENG (number of Stasis charges) are the most important next to weapon upgrades. Upgrading HP restores you to full health. This comes in handy when you're low on Med Packs or Credits.

Keep in mind that you lose progress towards your weapon upgrades if you sell and rebuy weapons. This doesn't apply if you sell duplicates.

Ignore upgrading the following parts on your equipment/weapons until you go for "Maxed Out":

  • Air on your RIG
  • Kinesis module in general
  • DUR (Stasis duration) in Stasis module
  • weapon-specific features (e.g. WID for Line Gun)

How to save ammunition

Remove enemies' legs and use Stasis on them once they drop to the ground. Stomp them repeatedly with cn_RB to kill them. However, if you are in a sloped area or on a ramp, don't use Stomp as it doesn't work properly there.

Another stasis/melee method: use Stasis on weaker enemies, cut off their legs and swing your weapon for a melee attack with cn_RT while they're still in mid-air. Hit them until they're dead. For exceptions on when to avoid melee attacks, see Enemies.

Grab an enemy's own projectile or dismembered bone blade with Kinesis and fling it back at them. Not all bone blades are suitable: they have to point in the direction you’re aiming, not upwards.

Use the environment to your advantage, e.g. malfunctioning Gravity Panels.

Melee green crates instead of shooting them. Another way to destroy them is to throw them with Kinesis.

Upgrading your weapon's capacity refills your ammunition.

Explosive cannisters (red barrels with flame symbol) can damage or even kill several enemies at once if timed correctly. Either fling the cannisters with Kinesis or shoot them.

If enemies are grouped together, it's better to use a weapon's secondary fire to kill them all at once. This applies of course only to weapons which have explosives or a large spread as secondary fire.

The groin region of Necromorphs is where body and both legs are connected. Damaging this area increases the damage per shot.

How to save Credits

This goes hand in hand with saving ammunition: the less you use, the less Credits you have to invest into stocking up.

Sell Large Med Packs and don't buy them either. Stick to medium-sized ones and keep at least two of them in your inventory. Use Small Med Packs to top off your health and sell the leftovers.

Sell Air Cans. You rarely need them.

If you're not against using glitches, exploit the duplication glitch (see spoiler in Chapter 11).

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