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6. Story - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Course Correction

Once you've been given your new objective, go for 2x containers (wall and floor) and head to Control Room. Inside is a circular area with a dead body next to an audio log (#15/47, "Temple Report 1"). Make sure to thoroughly dismember the body. Afterwards, snag the contents of a locker and a wall container opposite of the save station. Additionally, there are 2x lockers left of the save station. You have an opportunity to kick-kill three Lurkers later on, so stock up on Small Med Packs to heal up in between the Lurkers' jump attacks.

Open the door to your right and enter the hallway to Machine Shop. Go down the ramp into the room with flickering lights. Here you can pick up an audio log (#16/47, "Temple Report 2"), a Flame Fuel schematic (#IV/XVI) and random items inside 2x lockers. When you're done, step outside and look left - there's another Slasher attempting to play dead. Kill it before you move on.

Continue a few paces but keep a look out for ammunition to your left. You have to grab it with Kinesis because a bunch of objects are in your way. Use the Upgrade Station to improve your RIG, Pulse Rifle or Line Gun. Don't forget to grab a nearby text log (#17/47, "Chaos"). Enter the hallway leading to Refueling Control Stations. Ignore the Leaper crawling underneath your walkway and head left into a small compartment for a Small Med Pack. Return to the fork and take the other path, up the ramp. Keep moving while looting a wall container, a green crate tucked away on your right and Credits.

Follow your locator and venture deeper into the area. Soon you'll be greeted by a lone Slasher climbing up the railing whilst a Lurker is running away from you. We'll bump into it later and it will bring friends. Ignore the gondola controls for now and move up the ramp next to a wall container. Proceed until you come across a circular platform and pull down the slider with Kinesis.

Return to the gondola and pull it towards you with Kinesis. Enter and use it to get across the chasm in order to activate the second part of the refueling sequence. Prepare for a welcome committee consisting of four Slashers (3 normal ones, 1 Enhanced). Wait until two Slashers are close together to use your Line Gun, then mop up the rest with your preferred weapon. Grab everything they dropped including the contents of a green crate, then take the right ramp. Step inside the small compartment to your left for Credits and a Power Node. Leave the compartment and grab an audio log (#18/47, "Temple Report 3") as well as the contents of a nearby wall container. Walk up the nearby ramp and to the end of the walkway. Ahead of you a Slasher runs towards a vent, kill or ignore it. Head left for a wall container, then hop into the compartment to your right for a Stasis Pack. Turn around and follow your locator. Pick up a nearby Ripper schematic (#V/XVI) on the floor and lastly, finish the refueling procedure by pulling down the lever with Kinesis.

Upon backtracking to the gondola you get ambushed by three Lurkers. It's possible to bait all of them into a jump attack, one by one. If you stocked up on Small Med Packs, heal up in between if needed. Once they're dead, follow your locator and stop at the upper end of the ramp. Keep an eye out for Credits: they're placed on top of some walls straight ahead, near a poster displaying "WORK SAFELY TODAY".

Keep following your locator, then take the gondola and cross the chasm a second time. You see a Slasher running up the ramp ahead of you during the gondola ride. When the ride is over, follow it carefully and ready your Line Gun. Use Stasis on both the Slasher and the Swarmer horde. Drop a timed mine (Line Gun's/Pulse Rifle's secondary fire) for quick results. Deal with stragglers as you see fit. Continue moving upwards while grabbing the Small Med Pack on the floor. Enter Control Room and dispatch of the Infector. Drop excess items in the Safe, then stock up on ammunition, Small Med Packs or Stasis packs if you needed. Furthermore, make sure to use the save station.

You should have unlocked the following achievement by now, if you stored excess items in the Safe. If not, keep going until it pops up:

Pack Rat

Store 25 Items in the Safe

Pack Rat
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Turn around and follow your locator to an elevator. When the ride is over, step into the new area. Don't walk into the Decontamination Chamber (large room with glass windows) yet. Grab all the items from 6x lockers. In doing so you receive an audio log (#19/47, "Temple Report 4). When you're done, enter the Chamber, equip the weapon you feel most comfortable with and start the decontamination process. Stay there to ensure easy spawns. During this process, two Slashers and one Leaper will drop into the chamber. The process is over when all Necromorphs are dead. Leave through the door saying "Proceed". Loot a locker and proceed towards the centrifuge. Take the left hallway and run to its very end for Credits and a Power Node. Backtrack and take the other hallway. Nab ammunition and a Gold Semiconductor before you move on towards Centrifuge Access. Collect ammunition and enter. Straight ahead is a green crate floating in the air - grab it with Kinesis. Turn around facing the door and open a wall container.

You have to go right but a big pile of organic matter is blocking your way. Jump across and stay on this platform until both of the two Leapers are dead. There's also a Stasis Recharge Station at your disposal which makes this area the perfect place to work on your Stasis-melee kills.

It's necessary to connect both machines to the centrifuge in the middle. Use Stasis to slow the live machines and immediately use Kinesis to move them towards the centrifuge. The machines won't attach to the centrifuge, if Stasis wears off before they're connected. Be ready for two Leaper crawling out of a ceiling vent. Once they're dead, jump on the walkway left of the large organic mass. Make sure you grabbed all items before you active the console.

Once done, the Chamber's floor retracts and all air vanishes into space, effectively turning this place into a vacuum area. Face the centrifuge panel and turn around. Use the cargo lift to go down one level. Prepare to run like hell to the right into an alcove, when a centrifuge arm passes you by. You have to do this a few times before you can leave the chamber. As you run into the first alcove, a Slasher drops from the ceiling. Kill it before you proceed. The next alcove has a Oxygen Recharge Station but no Necromorph. Approaching the third and last alcove triggers a Leaper. Sometimes you have to fight it, sometimes it runs off and gets itself killed by colliding with a centrifuge arm.

Run one last time to the right, then use the cargo lift to go up one level and finally leave this place. Make a save and ready either your Plasma Cutter or Pulse Rifle. Step through the door, walk a few paces and a cutscene starts. Once you regain control, aim for the yellow pustules but be quick. The Necromorph slowy pulls you into a hole and will instantly kill you if you don't free yourself in time.

Backtrack to the Control Station and pass through Decontamination Chamber. Pay attention to the Slasher outside of the chamber. At first it runs away from you but quickly changes its mind and returns. Deal with it accordingly. Continue your journey back to Control Station. Once there, follow your locator to reach another vacuum area. Stay on the doorstep and use Kinesis to grab a Small Air Can and a green crate. Refill your oxygen by retreating into the ship before you move on.

Jump to the tilted platform, then do another jump towards the door and kill two Leapers. Make sure you have enough oxygen before you attempt to collect the loot dropped by those Leapers and the lone Air Can. Straight ahead is the Medium Med Pack schematic (#VI/XVI) as well as a wall container. Leave the noisy engine room behind and open the door on your right. Inside this room you find a text log (#20/47, "Corruption"), a Power Node and 3x lockers. Head into the room left of the cargo lift before you leave this floor. Go for an audio log (#21/47, "Temple Report 5"), ammunition and a locker. Once you're done, use the cargo lift.

Walk around the right corner into a room to grab a Small Med Pack. Go outside again and keep right whilst readying your Line Gun for three Swarmers. Stomp a green crate inside the room and empty a locker. Leave this room and take the cargo lift to your right to arrive at the bottom floor of this area. Head into the room on your right and pick up a Stasis Pack. If you want to boost your Pulse Rifle or Line Gun kills, then Kinesis-throw the green crate at the wall. Stasis the three Swarmers and use secondary fire of either weapon. Head outside towards the nearby emergency supply room. It's vital to open it because there's a Ripper Blade schematic (#VII/XVI) inside that room amongst other things.

Approach the malfunctioning door but don't use Stasis yet. Let it finish the job for you. Get past the door, ready either Line Gun or Pulse Rife and move down the walkway. The upper half of a Slasher and several Swarmers gathered to greet you. Show them your gratitude by dropping a mine on top of their heads. Keep moving past the save station and open the door to Engine Control Access. The Necromorphs inside won't attack you until you step into the room which gives you a little time to plan your attack. Again, Pulse Rifle and Line Gun are recommended. When the first three Necromorphs are dead, a fourth one steps in: a Pregnant. You haven't encountered this one yet. Don't get trigger happy and shoot its belly unless you are prepared to face gazillions of Swarmers.

When the Pregnant is a goner, start collecting the loot. Straight across the door is a wall container. Upstairs on the walkway are 2x green crates. Underneath the walkway are two compartments. One of it contains a Power Node, the other one a wall container. Opposite the walkway on the floor is another green crate and ammunition, tucked away in a dark corner. Depending on your playstyle and how conservative you were with your ammunition so far, you might be drowning in it at this point. Don't worry because you get plenty to shoot at in a few moments.

Grab two explosive cannisters as a backup plan and position them to your left whilst facing the engine console. Turn around to face the door and position yourself right of the console while keeping the explosive cannisters in front of you. Use them if you feel overwhelmed but keep clear of the blast radius. That being said, activate the console to initiate the engine warm-up sequence.

Five Slashers come charging at you, closely followed by a Leaper and a sixth Slasher. Dispose of them and activate the engine console a second time to complete your objective.

Make your way back to Control Room, but take a short detour left when you see a ramp to go for a green crate and a wall container. Proceed to Control Room and empty a green crate on your way. Be prepared to face a Slasher when you're finally there. Follow your locator to reach the tram station. Step inside the tram car and finish the chapter. This nets you:

All Systems Go

Complete Chapter 3 on any difficulty setting

All Systems Go
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