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Dead by DaylightDemise of the Faithful

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Demise of the Faithful

Demise of the Faithful Achievements

The Demise of the Faithful Title update for Dead by Daylight has 6 achievements worth 120 gamerscore.

  • Terminal Illness

    In public matches, with The Plague, down 50 Survivors affected by the maximum infection.

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  • Adept Plague

    In a public match, achieve a merciless victory with The Plague using only their 3 unique perks.

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  • Wounded Healer

    In public matches, heal other Survivors for a total of 50 health states while you are also injured.

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  • Shrine Apparatus

    In a public match, repair the generator in the Temple basement and live to tell the tale.

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  • Adept Jane

    In a public match, escape with Jane using only her 3 unique perks.

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  • Devoted Gatekeeping

    In public matches, sacrifice all survivors before the last generator is repaired, 15 times.

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