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    16 Nov 2020
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    Welcome to my review for Dead By Daylight. I would like to start off by mentioning that I am a recent adopter to the game, after months of being harassed by my brother to give it a try. Now I'm almost 14 hours in, I admit I regret not trying this game sooner.

    So, if you've not played this game before, why not? Its £24.99 for the standard edition and free if you are a Game Pass subscriber. What is not good about this?

    Now, onto the game itself. What you have is a game that is split into two uneven teams. Four survivors who need to escape the map from a deranged serial killer fully intent on slaughtering them like stuck lugs with a wide selection of killers, featuring classics such as Pyramid Head and Michael Myers. Sounds unfair, but in my humble opinion, the balance is near perfect.

    The aim as a survivor is in essence, simple. Activate the 5 generators randomly spawned around the map, then open the big metal gate and run for your life to escape. But alas, its not that easy. The generators take a long time to repair, and if you fail a skill check, a small explosion sounds alerting the killer to your presence. What they choose to do is entirely up to them, as they may stalk their nearest victim, or they may well just hunt you down and impale you on one of the many hooks to sacrifice you to the Entity.

    The maps are chosen randomly when you connect to an online game, and as there is a random element to it all, this in turn makes the game damn near impossible to learn. So nobody gets an advantage. Unless they dedicate them selves to a killer of course, in which case, Michael Myers experts will dominate you with the greatest of ease. Case in point, Tier 3 Myers is pure evil.

    As for the maps, there are plenty to play through, and each have their own pro's and cons. But all are certified creepy as hell. Then throw in ambient sounds whilst playing, such as the heartbeat getting faster as a killer approaches, and The Huntress's sweet voice alerts you to her terrifying presence. It all adds to the atmosphere, generating anxiety, tension and stress to the survivors as they fight to fix the generators. Running is only partially an option, as the killer always runs slightly faster. But with plenty of obstacles that can be used to determine a would be killer from snaring you, along with lockers to hide in make any chase scene a terrifying experience.

    Dead by Daylight isn't some simple 4 vs 1 game however, as many others have tried and failed at this set up. The levelling and perk system within the game is surprisingly deep and intuitive. With many perks on offer that add gradually increases to your survivors traits which in turn making the aim of surviving a little bit easier each time.

    With a vast amount of paid DLC on offer, there is plenty of reasons to keep playing as it keeps the game fresh here too. Developers Behaviour Interactive have struck gold here with Dead By Daylight, as its a great game to play with friends to play against a lone madman/woman/other as they strive to end your pitiful existence.

    The game does suffer a little with connection problems, as some days I have a 5-10 minute wait to connect, while other games I get in immediately. Is it frustrating? Yes. But is it worth the wait? A side yes. Games can last as little as 5 minutes with an experienced killer, where you find yourself devoured by the Entity. Myers is a prime example of a great killer if played by the right person. Or games can last a good 15-20 minutes of the skills of both sides are even.

    As far as gameplay mechanics go, I cannot fault anything. Everything works as intended, and the eerie feelings never go away until the match is over. Sure disconnects are irritating, but it seldom happened to me during my time with the game.

    Achievement hunters may end up staying away from a game like this, as they all have to be done in public matches, meaning a boost session will be incredibly hard to impossible to set up. I admit I'm an achievement hunter, but here, I just enjoy playing the game with friends and my brother. Sometimes, you just need a game like this to play and not worry about achievemets. You will get some along the way, as there are the grind riddled ones on the list. But its pure fun with a team, and thats what matters.

    Overall, I am glad I took the plunge and installed it, as there are no regrets what so ever. A fantastic experience. If a little frightening.

    Side note: If you've read this far and would like to join in the fun, feel free to message with and let me know. Always up for a laugh and meeting new people.
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    EverStoned77Sad to hear that but yeah heard the rumours that they had set it back so much that it is almost as bad now as it was in the early days, oh well looks like another everlasting backlog game 🤷‍♂️
    Posted by EverStoned77 On 18 Dec 20 at 03:54
    FullMoonBeaverI'm not concerning myself with achievements for this game. I donwant to love it, but damn it gets to me some games. Like I said, great concept. Poor execution.
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver On 18 Dec 20 at 03:59
    EverStoned77No it's definitely not an achievements game though if I really get sucked in & unlock a bunch while really enjoying a game of this size I'll certainly start trying to go for them though never for the full 100% ... anywhoo, since you speak so fondly about it I'll definitely have to check it out smile
    Posted by EverStoned77 On 18 Dec 20 at 11:44
    FullMoonBeaverWith friends, surviving is fun. I have 280g so far a.d thata good. Turn off crossplay and its easier to find a friend playing as a killer to boost.
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver On 18 Dec 20 at 13:58
    Chad WilburnWhat's the minimum amount of players before a game will start/play?
    Posted by Chad Wilburn On 18 Dec 20 at 17:32
    FullMoonBeaverYou need 4 in a public match. If its custom, its 1-4 people. I always play public unless a new friend wants to learn the ropes. Have a few matches teaching them how to play and what tactics to use before joining a public game. You interested in joining us?
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver On 18 Dec 20 at 18:07
    LavindatharTo respond to FMB's comment on the 14th, i can't agree with anything. And I'm someone with thousands of hours in the game as both killer and survivor. The game is pretty well balanced, and a good survivor team always has the edge over a killer. Solo is a different matter, but then thats not the games fault, it's the teams fault.

    With the meta perks of survivor right now, it is still a survivor sided game. Ruin/Undying brought it closer, but i just can't agree with what you said.

    For a bit of clarity, and I will put it down to you not understanding the changes rather than thinking they are bad ;

    Toolboxes - They were changed as they were OP in a gen rush build with BNP. They are now useless on GENS, but are exceptional for sabotage. It's not that toolboxes now do nothing, it's that their purpose has changed. They are very good at what they do (And BNP is still OP).

    Huntress and Myers are not OP, nor have they ever been. Myers is especially easy to outplay. You won't find many big time DBD players list either of these to as S tier (if any). There are OP killers, but it's Nurse, Spirit, Blight and Twins currently. Then killers like Oni etc are always near the top.

    There are still enough god loops and meta perks in the game to make survivors have the upper hand over killers. If you know how to run chases. If you ever wanna play,let me know and you can join our group and see how survivor sided the game can be!
    Posted by Lavindathar On 31 Dec 20 at 20:29
    NalusaFalayaI absolutely love this game! It could be better though I agree.
    Posted by NalusaFalaya On 26 Jun 22 at 04:28
    The PickupTrucki watched a streamer play this for a full year (including lockdown) and i didn't play it. I wish i had played sooner. I'm nearly 1500 hours in on the xbox and windows 10 version and still playing it to this day! Just as a note as well, people may complain about all the DLC's however i managed to purchase most of the through my microsoft reward points plus purchasing the new tomes that come out every couple months, if you complete these you basically get your money back to buy new characters that come out.
    Posted by The PickupTruck On 26 Oct 22 at 15:04
    FullMoonBeaverThat's how I have done it for most of them too. Still play it regularly to this day. Some good times, some bad. But made new friends playing it so all is good.
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver On 26 Oct 22 at 17:14