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Posted on 24 August 11 at 02:33, Edited on 29 September 11 at 05:06
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If you decide to leave a negative vote, please let it be because you didn't like the quality of my review. Don't let it be because you don't agree with my opinions on the game.

Alright, here we go. Dead or Alive Xtreme 2. This game is infamous for 2 things: Extremely time consuming achievements and... well... you know. This is the kind of game that you either buy online or during a huge 2 for 1 sale where you pick up a whole crapload of games, then you hope that the clerk doesn't see the case. Many people will avoid this game because of the achievements, but those who dont are in for a bit of a treat.

Graphics: 9.5/10
Try and guess what year this game was released. 2010 you say? WRONG! The answer is 2006. Thats right, a game from 2006 has graphics this good. I was absolutely amazed by the graphics in this game. And no, it wasnt just because of the jiggle physics. Almost everything about the graphics is amazing. The character models are extremely well done, and I think that all guys can agree with that. wink While the girls' *AHEM* "Mammory Glands" may jiggle way too unrealisticly, it doesn't take away from how well done the characters are.

The environments are also extremely well done. The water in this game is definitely the most realistic looking in any game on any console. How they managed to reach this kind of realism back in 2006 is beyond me. Even games that are coming out recently cant get water done as well as Team Ninja did.

The only problem with the graphics is the hair. There is no hit detection for the hair. If it collides with something, it just goes right through it. Same goes for the *AHEM* "Breasts". I guess they worked so hard on making them jiggle that they forgot to add hit detection.

Gameplay: 6/10
Now, this isn't like your regular game. There isn't any story mode or campaign, and they isn't one single objective that you need to achieve. This is simply a relaxation game. You chose your favourite girl and play games and do activities with the other girls. You can befriend them by sending them gifts or doing activities with them. You can have 1 girl as your partner. You will need a partner in order to play beach volley ball.

There many different activities you can do. These include: Beach Volleyball, Jet Ski Races, Tug of War, Water Slide, Beach Flags, Pool Hopping and Butt Battle. Each one plays like a simplistic minigame. Here's a description of each one:

Beach Volleyball
This is the main part of the game. You and your partner play doubles against two other girls. The controls are simple but it takes some time to get the hang of timing your serves and spikes. It follows the basic rules of beach volley ball, except that sidelines and endlines arent used. The first team to 7 points wins, and dueces are allowed.

Jet Ski Races
In my opinion, this is the best activity in the game. You choose a jet ski and do laps around a set course around various places on the island. To start out, you will only do a simple oval track but later on you start doing more advanced courses. The controls are frustrating to start with, but once you get used to them it gets extremely fun.

Water Slide
This is definitely the hardest activity. You go down a life risking water slide on a tube and you try not to fall off the slide. I myself have never gotten past the first loop. Dont worry, if you fall off your character doesn't actually die.

Tug Of War
You and another girl stand on top of floats in the middle of pool and try to pull eachother into the water. It is very simply and quite enjoyable.

Butt Battle
You and another girl stand ontop of one float and try to knock eachother off using your behinds. It plays almost just like Tug of War, simple and fun.

Pool Hopping
Out of the pool activities this is definitely the best one. You jump from coloured floats using YXBA and try to make it to then other end of the pool before your opponent. There are 4 colours: Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. If you press the button that is the same colour as the float, you gain extra money. This can also be played by yourself.

Beach Flags
Button mashers will love this one. The objective is to run and grab the flag thats at the other end of the beach before your opponent. To play you press A as fast as you can and press B to dive for the flag. It is somewhat tiresome and the AI is pretty difficult at this one.

At night time you can head down to the casino and play Roulette, Slot Machine, Blackjack and Poker. I dont know how to play any of these games, and the only I have actually played is Roulette for the easy money glitch. Im sure it would be fun for people who know how to play the games.

Sound: 8/10
The songs in this game are very catchy. They fit the mood of a vacation perfectly. They are songs that you would listen to while relaxing on a beach. There is a music player where you can turn off different songs, but it has been known to corrupt saves if you mess around with it, so I would recommend just leaving it as it is.

Character voices are done by the same people who have voiced the characters in previous games. If you have never played a Dead or Alive game, it might take some getting used to for some characters voices like Helena or Tina. Sound effects are also well done.

Story: 2/10
There is no "storyline" in this game. However, there are some aspects that are taken from the fighting series storyline such as certain characters not liking eachother. In the fighting series they would try to kill eachother, but in this game they just dont like eachother. But send your enemy a few gifts, and they will be your friend in no time. There is a tiny bit of story though. This guy named Zack and his girlfriend Niki have brought back Zack Island and named it New Zack Island. I assume that it is the same place from the first game, but I havent played the first one so I wouldnt know. Zack then tricks the girls into coming to the island by claiming the Dead or Alive 5 tournament will be held there. But the little bit of story has nothing to do with anything when you play the game.

Achievements: 5/10
You have heard stories about these achievements. It is said that it takes around 500 hours to get all of them. This is nowhere near an easy 1000, and that is probably why not many people on TA have this on their card. You wont get any achievements by simple playing the game regularily. The achievements are centered around collecting every swimsuit with each character. There are 9 characters and each character has about 30 suits in her collection. In order to get swimsuits from other girls collections, you will need to play as that girl and gift her swimsuits to the character you are trying to get all the suits with. Some characters are easy to gift to like Leifang, but some are absolutely horrible to gift to like Christie. She only accepts one suit a day and will reject any other suits that are gifted to her that day. There is a spreadsheet out there that was linked in one of the threads about this game on TA. If you plan to tackle this game, you would be crazy not to use it. It tracks every swimsuit and item you have for each character. If you dont want to use the spreadsheet, be prepared to draw alot of tables. There is a glitch that you can use with an unpatched version of the game to make things alot easier. But even with the patch, it is a long and harrowing experience.

Graphics: 9.5/10
Gameplay: 6/10
Sound: 8/10
Story: 2/10
Achievements: 5/10
Overall: 30.5/50

This game is something that completionists will never touch. Getting every achievement in this game will take forever. But, if your like me and you like long grinds, then this is the game for you. Even if you just want to play it for the boobs you dont have to worry about getting any achievements on your card! As long as you dont buy every swimsuit then you can have as much fun as you want without worrying about your completion percentage dropping!

If you enjoy Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2, you might enjoy:

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All the Tigers
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All the Tigers
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Posted on 04 June 11 at 06:14, Edited on 26 July 11 at 04:03
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Well, here you have it, the second installment of the not-series-canon Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball 2, or DOAX2 for short. A lot has been said about this game, mostly with nods, nudges, and winks to let you know what the speaker means. This game will either be a guilty pleasure for anyone who plays it and enjoys it, and it will be a stain on the completion record for anyone who plays it and doesn't enjoy it.

You can sum up this game by saying, "Beautiful women with physics-defying bodies have fun on a deserted island." The graphics are up to Team Ninja's high standards, and the story is both silly and nonexistent. The women from the Dead or Alive series play volleyball on the same island from the first game, and the player takes on the role of a high school voyeur who follows them around. Whether you're into that premise will largely affect your initial impression of the game, and likely how you'll feel after you've started.

The game title is actually a bit of a misnomer, because the player can do a lot more than simply play volleyball. The player can also participate in a variety of other tasks, such as jet ski races, a pool jumping game, and going down a water slide. These and other games make up the entirety of the game, which is actually what makes DOAX2 worth playing.

In-game, the volleyball mechanics are slightly weird, with your relationship with your partner affecting their performance. Losing a lot of games or screwing up a return will make them lose favor and therefore sports skills, and vice versa. There is a gift-giving mechanic that can also tweak how your partner feels about you. The same is apparently true for other teams, as they will stick together more if you lose to them and tend to break up more if you continually beat them. There is likely a method beyond this madness, but it's largely inconsequential.

But in the end, the other games are where this game comes as close to shining as it can manage. DOAX2 sports what is probably the best jet ski racing game on the Xbox 360, which is a shame because what is arguably the best aspect of the game is so underplayed. The other games can be mildly amusing as well, such as the pool race, water slide, and aptly titled "Butt Battle." In fact, strip away the gratuitous sexuality and the focus on the title sport, and you basically come away with a collection of mini-games with a DOA theme.

And when you get right down to it, this is where you decide whether or not you like the game. DOAX2 resembles the Mario Party games for the Wii, in that it is a game made up of smaller mini-games, but it lacks any sort of multiplayer function for anything but the volleyball, which still can only be played over Xbox LIVE. So this is a party game when only one person in the party wants to play, which obviously detracts from the quality of the game. It can serve as a nice, if mindless, distraction, but completionists need not apply. The achievements are all about filling in each girl's collection of swimsuits and accessories, so the mini-games have almost nothing to do with achievements other than providing a source of money to buy those collections. Since the achievements focus on something other than what's fun in the game, they're really just taking you away from what should be occupying your time.

As for the aforementioned voyeurism, this comes in when the player decides to have their chosen girl [Relax] at currently-unoccupied parts of the island. At these times, the girl wanders said area, taking part in various pastimes that depend on area and time of day. The player can also take pictures of the girl with the camera that Zack gives as a present. No one really knows who is taking the pictures, since the DOA girl is occupied with an array of suggestive poses and activities, but the game never tries to immerse the player into that island world.

If you take the game for what it is rather than what it tries to be, DOAX2 is just barely worth two stars and the bargain bin price it carries. The game would have benefited from more multiplayer options and less of the bust-waist-hips appeal, but since it tries too hard to get the latter, the game actually sours the experience of the former. Your ability to get past the sex that's so overdone that its no longer appealing will determine whether you enjoy and even somehow like this game's series of games, or whether you'll regret gaining that one achievement four years ago that keeps this game at 20/1000.

EDIT: I couldn't believe I forgot to mention the gambling and the infamous pole-dancing scenes. Many thanks to Rhyolitic for pointing out this grievous error.

As I forgot and Rhyolitic mentioned, this game has two other major features which I neglected to mention. Firstly, the gambling. At the end of each day, when you return to your hotel, you're given several options, among them going to the casino and opening/sending gifts. The casino has a fairly expansive repertoire of gambling mini-games. For those interested or skill in card games, you can choose from either Poker or Black Jack. In either of these games, you will compete against the other girls, whom the AI controls. These two games do require a certain knack for the games, though it's generally fun all around.

If cards aren't your deck of cards, you can try the more random Roulette Table or the Slot Machines. Both are entirely random, and require a certain amount of patience to win. Roulette again has you squaring off against other girls, but the Slot Machines are entirely solo. This is probably the trickiest and most frustrating mini-game in the casino. There is a machine dedicated to each girl, and each of these have different denominations you can gamble with. The higher you bet, the more you'll win. And lose. Higher bets also mean more combinations, either winning or losing. Christie's machine is the most expensive and the most rewarding/damaging. You can earn up to 3,000,000 Zack Dollars, or you could lose 1,500,000 all in one go. But there are benefits besides the money: the much spoken of "Pole Dancing scene."

Those familiar with Dead or Alive 4 will probably remember Christie's ending in Story Mode. Summarized, she does a pole dance in order to get to an unknown target and stabs him in the back of the neck. (This is also one of the few DOA4 endings where Zack makes a cameo.) Winning the Jackpot on Christie's machine will treat you to a clip of her doing that same pole dance, though she ditches the bondage leather in favor of her default swimsuit. The scene will cut off, usually when the camera angle changes, and gets longer and longer with following victories. After winning nine times, betting 3,000 each time and scoring the Jackpot will unlock the full scene from Christie's ending, minus the neck readjustment. Go to sleep, kill some time the next day, and when you return to the hotel, Zack will have sent you a surprise gift: a ticket to do your very own pole dance! Finally, each DOA girl can live out the fantasy they never knew they had. Cashing in the ticket will have your current girl dance in whatever suit you equip her with, but after the dance is over, the ticket is gone for good. Until you win another nine times that is. Stockpiling tickets is also allowed, in case you want one longer evening of repetitious dancing.

It should be noted that the Xbox LIVE patch for this game decreases your winnings in volleyball but increases them in everything else. Also, you can try the much-touted log-out technique to avoid losing suits or money. Other than those two difference, the patch doesn't do much.

And there's an edited review. Thanks again to Rhyolitic.
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A fun game (especially if you're male) to kill time but because of the time consuming sort of give up playing it. Yeah you'll probably spend around 80 hours or so (total) before you sort of forget you had the game. I'm not hating on the game it's just super time consuming (like Rumble Roses XX) Another annoying thing about the game is how the boobs move. One step and the girls' boobs wobble around like crazy. I'm no boob expert but I'm 100% sure boobs don't swing around with one step (again I'm not hating.)

The thing I really liked about the game is that it allows you to see the DOA girls in a different perspective such as them being half naked (some cases ALMOST naked), their personality is softened a little and it's almost like a sim dating game...just you're not a guy.

Overall I'd recommend this game only to DOA fans. If you're not a fan of Team Ninja, Tecmo, or DOA then please refrain from getting nose bleeds or harshly criticizing the game.
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