1. Dead to Rights: Retribution Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Welcome to Dead to Rights Retribution. This game revolves around a lone cop that cleans up crime by any means he deems to be necessary. This game offers a unique combination of 3rd person shooting with an emphasis placed on melee combat as well. Although the game offers a variety of weapons to take down your enemies, the greatest weapon of all is your canine companion Shadow. Your companion’s capabilities are very versatile as you can command your dog to fetch for weapons on the ground, attack enemies, and stun tougher enemies. For those who have played the Max Payne series you will generally enjoy the combat in this game. Although you will not be seeing Jack pulling off badass dives as Payne does, he does have a focus ability which slows down time and increases your damage to drop enemies quickly.

This is an enjoyable game but you will likely replay the game at least twice for the hard difficulty, collectibles, and to earn all gold medals (by earning maximum points in each level). Overall this game is extremely entertaining and the achievements are quite reasonable. Shadow! Go get me some achievements!

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