2. Dead to Rights: Retribution General hints and tipsUpdate notes

Most of the game’s achievements rely on a good understanding of the mechanics in the game. I have divided what you need to know into different sections below. More information regarding individual achievements will of course be detailed in the following walkthrough tabs.

Dead to Rights vs. Average 3rd Person Shooters

The single most important thing to note is that this 3rd person shooter gives you a larger health pool, however health regeneration is slow and unlike most 3rd person shooters there are plenty of melee enemies that will force you out of cover.

Melee Combat

Although there are plenty of combos that you may use to defeat your enemies, the one combo that you should use to get the combo achievements is the “y”, “y”, “y”, “y” + “b”, “y” + “b” combo. This combo deals very high damage and the “y” + “b” move is unblockable. Keep in mind that when fighting bosses or when you are swarmed by enemies, use the block feature (hold “x”) to block their first combo then religiously dodge to avoid damage and block-breaker attacks (left-stick + press “x”). Usually enemy groups consist of melee fighters and armed shooters, do not waste bullets on the melee fighters unless you headshot them using Focus (they have much more health when they are charging towards you). Do not be afraid of a lone gunman! Your disarm ability is extremely useful as it provides you an opportunity to rid enemies of their weapon and headshot them. The only downside is that it leaves you vulnerable and swaps out your current primary or secondary weapon. When an enemy attacks, pressing “x” will perform a counter, but the counters are very weak in this game so I recommend just grinding it out in a controlled environment for the It’s All in the Timing achievement.

Ranged Combat

Due to the abysmal magazine sizes, I urge you to pick up an assault rifle as your primary weapon and a pistol for your secondary. Shotguns do not give you the range that you need and smgs use too much ammo. Feel free to pick up these weapons only if you are low on ammo. When you do see a weapon/ammo crate (these come a little later in the game) use and abuse that weapon as there are usually enemies around and keep refilling your ammo – swap out your usual weapons and then swap them back in when the enemies are cleared.


As previously stated, Focus allows you to slow time and it increases your damage. It is mainly used to drop enemies quickly by getting headshots. The only other time I would use Focus is when you are being overwhelmed and need some extra time to escape to cover. The in-game hints tell you that Focus can make it easier to counter, but I would personally not recommend wasting focus on countering.


I would recommend sending Shadow out to deal mainly with the melee enemies as Shadow can get downed if he takes too much damage (he can be revived, however when he is down you are actually quite vulnerable to getting swarmed). In later levels you can take control of Shadow to for stealth-based sections. Hold down the left-trigger to enter a stealth stance. If enemies are blue then they have not been alerted. If they change to yellow, they become suspicious, so try and hide and then dispatch them quickly. Finally, if they are red and alerted, try to flank them from behind otherwise you will be kicked and/or gunned down. If you have been spotted holding right-trigger will make you run in which any enemies caught in the run will be automatically taken out.

DLC – GAC Pack

If you are thinking of getting this DLC I would strongly recommend getting it before your hard playthrough. The DLC has two main components one is the Riot Control mode which is essentially a wave-based onslaught of enemies and one new level. Not only does the DLC offer 10 new achievements and 250 Gamerscore, it also gives you skins for Jack which improves your maximum health and a skin for Shadow which improves his stealth. Just go into extras and put these skins on – this will not disable achievements except for one DLC achievement (as it prevents you from uploading a score to the leaderboard). But the solution to that achievement is to simply deactivate the skin before commencing Riot control.

Maximizing Points to Earn Gold Medals

The main thing to note is the difficulty multiplier

Cadet 1.00x

Officer 1.25x

Detective 1.50x

You will get gold medals on most of the levels just playing on detective, but levels 6 and 7 will require a bit more fine tuning. I recommend playing on the officer (medium) difficulty to clean up any remaining levels.

The point system allocates points in the following way:

Challenge Bonuses

  • Time Bonus (up to 3000 points) – try to complete the level as fast as possible – your time played does not restart when you reload a checkpoint or die
  • Kill Variation Bonus (up to 1500 points) – simply ensure you do not rely on one method of killing your enemies, use guns to kill most of the enemies and then clean up the last 1-2 enemies with Shadow and your own melee attacks).

Kill Bonuses (up to 500 points each)

  • Gun Kills (use Focus and headshot your enemies to conserve Focus)
  • Melee Kills (take out all of the ranged shooters and then focus on melee or leave 1 enemy left and disarm them and finish them with melee)
  • Shadow Kills (press up on the d-pad to send Shadow to attack enemies or down on the d-pad to defend if you are being swarmed)

Style Bonuses (up to 1000 points with the exception of takedowns which are only 500 points)

  • Survivor Bonus (neither you or Shadow must die, however if only Shadow dies you can still get 500 points)
  • Headshots (use Focus to line up your shots and preferably a single-shot weapon)
  • Takedown Bonus (when using the “y”, “y”, “y”, “y” + “b”, “y” + “b” combo if the takedown indicator appears, stop attacking and simply press “a” to finish them off)
  • Counter Bonus (this one I usually never max, but if you find just an average enemy and not a melee specialist as introduced in later levels, press x right as they are attacking to counter)
  • Shadow Stealth Kills (this is only available in stealth sections with Shadow – you often will die if you are not stealthy anyways so just make sure you are not reckless)
  • Tag-Team/Combination Kills (if the enemy is injured by you, send Shadow to finish them off)

Note that all kill bonuses do carry over even if you die, however, if you die then this adversely impacts your time bonus and your survivor bonus so I would never recommend purposely reloading a checkpoint or dying to grind out kills – just make sure you leave a couple at the end for you to melee to death and/or use Shadow to kill. Just as a reminder, playing on officer difficulty is the best as it reduces the chance of dying as compared to detective difficulty but still gives you a multiplier you don’t have to max all of the categories. Believe me, I have died on some of the more difficult levels, but I also didn’t max my counter category either, and still managed to get gold. Just make sure you breeze through most of the enemies and you will score high. Levels 6 and 7 require the most points of around 10 000 points by the end of the level.

Good luck with the game and for the points try them after you have done you hard playthrough as you would have most of the chapters gold without trying (because of the 1.50x multiplier). But above all, scavenge weapons and ammo off the ground, abuse the weapon/ammo crates and make sure to activate those skins if you purchased the DLC before your hard playthrough!

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