3. Dead to Rights: Retribution Story walkthroughUpdate notes


This will unlock after finishing the prologue as Shadow. Just bowl over the enemies by holding right trigger and watch Jack’s health – if his portrait gets filled up with red then he is getting hurt.

You will get this when you takedown an enemy – the takedown animations are random as Shadow, so just keep trying until he does a groin takedown.

Chapter 1

This level will introduce you to the combat controls while playing as Jack. The only thing I would note is that when you are taught to counter while fighting the thug, don’t bother countering him just use the “y”, “y”, “y”, “y” + “b”, “y” + “b” and follow up with a takedown when he glows red - it will take 15 minutes to kill him if you just counter him. Once you kill him you will unlock:

Get Ready for A Surprise and Thats What you Gets Achievement Video Guide

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There is an excellent location in this level as you head up the elevator which provides an ample opportunity to net two easy achievements. Keep in mind that it might require a few retries if you are playing on detective difficulty. Simply vault kick one person and kill one of them with and then clinch (“x” + “a”) the other and throw them off the ledge.

Protect the Innocent Achievement Video Guide

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This one is a little tricky – this following video shows you the locations of the civilians that cannot die. There are 3 locations, just use Focus to headshot the enemy soldiers and you should be fine. On the third location ensure that you head right down the stairs and don’t go around or else they will notice you. If you mess up, reloading the checkpoint is allowed.

You will have also likely earned the two following achievements. If not, simply replay the level on easy/cadet.

Chapter 2

Shown the Ropes Achievement Video Guide:

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At the beginning of the level you will practice some melee skills with your father Frank (you will need them especially for this level). When in the ring your father will tell you to stop when you want by ringing the bell, but don’t touch it! Listen to Frank and finish all of the combos presented. Once you successfully perform the combo, you will move on. Once you finish you will net this achievement:

Keep in mind that this controlled environment makes it a good time to net some of the melee achievements. Feel free to get them now as it's easiest here, but I would recommend doing it after as you will be performing dodges, and maybe a few counters as well.

Once you complete the Shadow section of the level you will unlock this achievement:

When you perform a silent kill by holding down the left trigger, sneaking up behind an enemy, and pressing "A", you will earn:

Doing so 9 more times will earn you

  • Shhhhh

    Complete any level with 10 silent kills, on OFFICER or greater difficulty.


The above achievements have been said to be glitchy at times. Clearing your cache seems to help. If you have downloaded the DLC, it has been said that deleting your DLC and clearing your cache and refusing to download the update will earn you the achievement.

You will unlock this by completing Chapter 2:

Keep in mind that this level is melee oriented so you may want to net this achievement on cadet difficulty. Keep in mind that there are some shooters towards the end of the level and at the end when you hunker down with Redwater. Disarms are allowed but simply do not pull the right trigger – hitting enemies with your gun does not void the achievement.

  • Brawler

    Complete any level (excluding the Prologue) without firing a shot


This level is quite easy in terms of difficulty and you should be able to earn the following achievements without much difficulty on cadet:

Chapter 3

Dog Tag Achievement Video Guide

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At the beginning of the level you will be able to easily score a tag team kill by wounding the enemy at the gateway and having Shadow kill him. Doing so is important to earn gold medals. If you successfully perform a tag team kill you will earn:

Doing so 19 more times in a level will also earn you:

Unarmored enemies are the easiest for Shadow to kill. Chapters 2-5 are good levels to get combination kills.

Chapter 3 gives you the first taste of the gunplay in Dead to Rights. I would recommend staying away from the cars until they are blown up. The area is very close quarters, however not close enough to be running up to people to melee. Use Shadow to pick up enemy weapons. I will admit that this level for me was one of the harder ones mainly because I was getting used to the style of play. Just make sure you don’t send Shadow out to attack enemies, watch the cars, and watch the snipers. Here you will likely need to scavenge any weapon you can find. Snipers will kill you in two shots with full health on detective difficulty.

You will find yourself on a train in the last part of the level. You will have to defuse bombs along the way while killing enemies. Do not worry, you have ample time to complete the section. Just ensure you kill the enemies first before attempting to disarm the bomb.

Chapter 4

The first part is a Shadow section that is relatively straightforward. When you finish the Shadow section at the beginning of the level you will unlock:

Bomb Defusal Section Video Walkthrough

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Towards the end of the level you will need to disarm 3 bombs within 2 minutes. This is the most difficult part of the game on hard. I have provided a video that shows you what to do, but make sure that you have high ammo and it will make it much easier. I recommend taking out the enemies at the bottom of the stairs with Focus, then taking out the sniper. Afterwards, head to either the left or right bomb. Once disarmed, do not cross to the other side, but go to the bomb further off and loop around to the one on the other side. You do not have Shadow to aid you here.

Tseng Boss Fight Video Walkthrough

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The boss may pose a challenge on hard. Please see the accompanying video for help with the boss fight. My main rule for the boss is to use the dodge feature to get Tsueng in a corner or at the end of the playing field and spam the “y”, “y”, “y”, “y” + “b”, “y” + “b” combo. Beware! When Tseng lifts up his leg he is preparing to counter. Do not attack him in this state if you are playing on hard as it will kill you instantly. Let Shadow take down most of his minions. If Shadow dies take out the minions yourself, get some space between you and Tsueng and then run to revive Shadow. If there are no minions and Shadow is still up, command Shadow to attack Tsueng which will stun him for a bit allowing you to deal some good damage to him. The key to this boss is positioning and just ensuring that the battle doesn’t last too long. Once you beat him you will unlock:

Chapter 5

In this level there is a switch from fighting the regular union and triad thugs to the well-armed GAC soldiers.

When playing as Shadow, GAC soldiers usually have to be gnawed upon by tapping “a” repeatedly (this will pop-up) before Shadow can kill the soldier – however this leaves you vulnerable to other soldiers.

When you complete the Shadow section of this level you will unlock:

When you go back to playing as Jack, to put it simply, your current weapons are useless – GAC armor can soak up many shots. As soon as you kill one (and I would recommend using Shadow and your melee abilities to do so) pick up their assault rifle (which is a single-shot high-powered rifle which is excellent for headshots). Later on you will likely some across a scoped pistol (even though you can’t use the scope) which is very powerful as well.

Keep in mind that if you clinch (“x” + “a”) a GAC soldier you will unlock:

When you are waiting for the lift, I found that going into the structure in which you can defend and take out the enemies, reduced how many enemies spawned than staying out in the open. Remember that your original weapons are very weak so try to force them into your structure and disarm them. If not, more spawn at the 1 minute mark so make sure you take down the shooters and then go pick up their weapon and then run back to the structure in time. When the lift arrives kill what you can, but you will likely be making a run to the lift out of necessity.

When you complete the level you will also unlock:

Chapter 6

There is a lot to do in this level. Remember to keep topped off on ammo.

Canine Fodder Achievement Video Guide

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After a bit of gameplay you will have to complete a Shadow section. However, I personally found this one to be way harder than the others. I have included a video that shows you the path you should take. Remember to disable the generators and watch out for the enemies on the second floor. Once you finally complete this section you will unlock:

You will shortly be introduced to the GAC tank who is a juggernaut soldier with a large canister on his back. I have found that if you have sniper rifle, simply Focus and one shot will kill him even on detective difficulty. If you were not fortunate enough to grab one, simply send Shadow to stun him and then focus and fill his canister with bullets. When Shadow gets kicked, stop the Focus, call Shadow back, and get into cover and then try again. After your second volley he usually goes down. If you do not have any Focus, use Shadow to stun and then go behind him and shoot his canister and circle around him if he is trying to target you.

Killing him will earn you the following achievement:

When you go off destroying the dropships in each of the hangers – remember to pick up the C4 explosive in the junction area or you will have to walk all the way back to get it to blow up the dropships.

If you are trying to get a gold medal on this level, it is essential that you pick up the sniper rifle to take out the GAC tanks. Thankfully however, there is usually a weapon crate of them nearby. Keep in mind that when you approach the bunker area of each hanger, shoot the enemies through the opening and then go in, grab whatever is in the weapon crate and press the button. Keep in mind that enemies will begin their assault including a GAC tank. Try to keep him from entering or else he will kill you fairly quickly in a close-quarter area. Once you destroy all 3 dropships you will unlock:

Riggs Boss Fight Video Walkthrough

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For the final part of the level you will have to kill Riggs. The best way to kill him is to Focus when he is out of cover or on the turret and stop Focus when you can’t get a clear shot. I personally liked to shoot through the crevices in between the barriers as well. I would recommend never having less than one third of your Focus and 10 shots on your rifle before making a run to the assault rifle ammo crate as enemies occasionally spawn. When they spawn, make sure you are covered from Riggs and then send Shadow to attack and use Focus to headshot them and get more Focus for yourself. When Riggs activates the mines, try to steer clear of them. If you don’t, the mines are not lethal even on detective difficulty, but does leave you with low health – get ammo if you need it and find cover fast.

Chapter 7

This level is essentially an extension from the prologue you played. But you must be very careful with Jack. I found that the best thing to do is to keep the shooters at bay, but also prevent the melee fighters from harassing Jack. These guys I personally found more deadly than the shooters in this case, as they will simply beat Jack to death. As soon as you see them crowding around Jack, run towards the enemies. For the most part the enemies target Jack as opposed to you, but there is the occasional shooter that will try to take a shot at you, so make sure that if they see you, dispatch them quickly. Although you will be running around, in between waves press left-trigger to see the location of the enemies and then run towards them for the kill. Once you save Jack you will unlock:

After the cutscene, you'll continue the game as Jack in the present, where you'll have to ensure that you keep enemies away from Faith. The first few enemies are unarmed, but afterwards, a few more will come in using guns and they should be disarmed and taken out swiftly. It is important to note that if Faith gets hurt, you can press “x” while holding her to heal her, but this leaves you vulnerable. I would only recommend using this in between battles or behind wall cover.

Towards the end of the level, you will have to leave Shadow with Faith and take out the spotlights so you can medevac Faith out of there. This part isn’t too bad as long as you use and abuse the weapon crates and ensure that you have good cover in a corner when melee fighters come. Although Faith slowly loses health, they give you a large amount of time to complete the section, just make sure to press “back” to remind you of your objective. You will need to deactivate many generators and destroy searchlights before making the trek back. You will encounter another enemy which is armored and has a grenade launcher but is surprisingly easy to kill. Simply Focus and headshot him and he will go down. Once you complete the level you will get:

Chapter 8

Gunship Boss Fight Video Walkthrough

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You will eventually come face to face with a GAC gunship boss that you will have to fight. Keep refilling your rapid-fire assault rifle ammo with the crate in the back. Listen for the comment made on the radio which mentions shooting the spotlight. Then after it is destroyed shoot the 4 blue sensors on the side of the gunship (use Focus to increase your damage and improve your aim). After that the pilot will become vulnerable and then you can riddle the cockpit with bullets and you will earn:

After boss fight you will have to acquire Temple and bring him with you in the level. I strongly recommend using him as a human shield as you may hold right-bumper to refill your ammo. As such, I recommend that you pick up a shotgun and then stay mobile and run up to enemies behind cover and kill them. If Temple takes too much damage drop him behind cover and attempt to kill the enemy without his assistance. Once he recovers, continue your rampage.

Chapter 9

You must continue to “escort” Temple to the jail cells in the police station. However, he does have ammo resupplies so it is much better to simply play the level as usual and have Temple automatically follow you once you get far enough away from him. I recommend sticking with the single-shot assault rifle where you can, as you will have to take out soldiers from long distances. Once you are outside of the police station, you will have to face a turret and a soldier with a grenade launcher. Simply ensure that Temple is behind cover during this section. You may want to take out 2-3 GAC soldiers during this confrontation. Then use focus to take out the soldier with the grenade launcher, while having Shadow attack the turret user.

Once you get inside of the police station there will be a lot of enemies coming from multiple directions. Just try to find cover and have Shadow defend you from enemies that get too close. Do not send Shadow to attack enemies or else you will get swarmed. Pick up any guns and ammo you can find.

Head Banger Achievement Video

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After that confrontation, you will have the opportunity to smash Temple into a door to open it. You will need to do this 10 times for the achievement (thankfully you can reload the checkpoint). Follow the video guide for the exact location of the door. There will be a few doors that are open by GAC soldiers – but these are not the right doors.

Going through the rest of the mission you will have to repel the GAC from the police station. There are plenty of checkpoints but after the initial assaults (including multiple GAC tank soldiers) you will have to follow the objective marker to clear each section of the police station to continue. You do have some police officers to help you out.

You will finally have a chance to imprison Temple which will earn you:

In the final section, you will finally make your way up to the roof top. Here you will have to fight some soldiers and then protect Inness while using a sniper rifle. Simply ensure that the officer does not get killed by killing enemies quickly with the sniper rifle. There is an ammo crate nearby.

After beating chapter 9 you will earn:

Chapter 10

This level is quite straightforward. You will start the mission disguised as a GAC soldier, so simply follow the other GAC soldiers until they split apart. Avoid the security detector by going off to the side with a hole in the window that you can vault from cover through. From there, follow the objective marker to the explosives to shoot them. After the disguise section, you will have to protect the police officers assaulting the base with your sniper rifle. There is an ammo crate nearby. You will need to memorize the locations that the snipers in the windows appear as they will cause a lot of grief. Ensure that you shoot the explosive barrels when there is a heavy soldier or if there are a lot of soldiers nearby – don’t waste these. After this sequence, it is advised to have Shadow near you, but for the most part you can simply have him attack while you pick off the remaining enemies from behind cover. You will eventually reach a section with red lights that is somewhat difficult due to the many enemies that rush you. Ensure that Shadow is kept close and maintain your Focus.

As you continue through the level there are a few standard soldiers equipped with light machine guns. Feel free to pick it up but the ammo for it is quite rare so once all of the ammo is gone switch it out the first chance you get.

Eventually you will have the opportunity to use the GAC tank suit. You are very powerful in the suit, even on hard. Just ensure that you always face the enemies from the front, as you are very vulnerable from behind. Shadow is not with you in this part, but do not worry. Use the machine gun and missiles to clear out enemies quickly.

After this section you will have one last final keycard retrieval section with Shadow. This section is quite easy, just be mindful of your surroundings and try to attack guards from behind to avoid being killed.

After this section you will earn:

Redwater Boss Fight Video Walkthrough

Credit: achievement-vault.com

And finally you will have to fight Redwater on top of a lighthouse. Please see the accompanying video for help with the boss fight. Shadow is unavailable during this section. Redwater can be difficult. Like Tseng, he also has an instant kill counter that occurs if you attack him when he is pulling his knife towards his chest. Ensure you dodge away from him when he does this move. Use the usual combo and then disarm his knife. You cannot block the knife so only dodge. Just try to keep moving and dodging when he has the knife and use an occasional combo to try and weaken him enough to be disarmed. With the knife just mash the combo and try to get him in a corner until you are disarmed. Rinse and repeat and you should be able to defeat him. When you are wounded simply run in the opposite direction – the stage is circular so you can have him chase you until you are fully healed. Focus is not too effective in this section.

Upon completion of the game you will earn the achievement to defeat Redwater plus a few difficulty-related achievements.

Likely you will also have obtained the following achievements:

  • Boom!

    Get 30 headshots in any level, on OFFICER or greater difficulty.


Please consult the general hints and tips section under “Maximizing Points to Earn Gold Medals” to help you score enough points to get gold medals on every mission and to earn the following achievements:

Please continue on the next page for guides on how to earn the collectible achievements.

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