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DeadCore Achievements

Most Earned

Hat Trick30 (30)Activate and use 3 Jumpers in a row without touching the ground.
Suicide Alley47 (30)Studying your environment can save your life… if you’re lucky!
Free Hugs61 (30)Get knocked back 5 times consecutively by a Trooper without respawning.
Maestro63 (30)Create your own playlist in Speedrun mode.

Least Earned

Phileas’s Disciple291 (50)Complete all maps in Speedrun mode
Owner of the Light291 (50)Beat the developers’ time on every Speedrun mode map.
Faster Than Light291 (50)Complete a full Cycle within an hour.
Music-loving154 (30)Find all the tracks
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TA Podcast: The Sims 4, Cars 3: Driven to Win, Gigantic and Win an Xbox One Game

It's been ages since Rich, Jack and I were all able to record a podcast together, but now that everyone's holidays are over and no one is coughing up a lung, we're finally able to get back into the swing of things.

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Deadcore - First Hour of Gameplay

On Friday afternoon, Rich streamed the first hour of gameplay from the recently released ID@Xbox game Deadcore on our Mixer channel.

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DeadCore Achievement List Revealed

Grip Digital's upcoming platformer DeadCore will come with a number of levels based around climbing a mysterious tower. Let's see what kind of achievements are in store for us with the newly revealed list.

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DeadCore is Officially Revealed

Grip Digital's latest title strands players on a foreboding world with an ominous tower that dominates the skyline. The only way out is upwards......

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