1. Deadly Premonition Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Hi and welcome to the Deadly Premonition Walkthrough. In order to achieve the 1,000 G in this game you'll want to follow a full walkthrough: although 8/12 achievements are simply obtained during natural progression through the story, and 3 more achievements are obtained for beating the game on the three possible difficulty settings (Easy, Normal, Hard), the last achievement is for collecting all the 65 Trading Cards of the game, and you will need a guide for it.

There are no missable achievements, since the game features a "Chapter replay" mode that allows you to access any of the Trading Cards at any point during the story, even after beating the game.

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You will need at least three full playthroughs to get all the three difficulty-related achievements, since unfortunately they do not stack (for instance clearing the game on Hard won't unlock also the achievements for completing it on Normal/Easy, but only the one for completing it on Hard). This must be done by starting an entirely new playthrough with the New Game option of the title screen menu. Starting a new playthrough will reset every progress you've made, so you must work on the collectible-related achievement Collected all trading cards! on the same playthrough.

Before you start the game, please take a minute to read the warning about the "key item disappearance bug" explained in the General hints and tips.

You can proceed and organize your playthroughs however you please, but my advice is to start the game on Hard and get all the Trading Cards during this playthrough. Then make two speedruns on Normal and Easy for the remaining two achievements. Some people suggest to get the Trading Cards on Easy/Normal, but all in all the "pros" of doing it on Hard outweigh the "cons" (I'll explain why in the General hints and tips).

The Story Walkthrough page is all you need to follow in order to complete the story quickly and easily, and also collect all the Trading Cards in the same playthrough. The "Side Missions" page is a page containing optional info on Side Missions that are not related to achievements, so you may ignore it if you're not interested in it. You can also ignore the "Weapons, Cars, Suits" page, since they are not related to any achievement either. Important Side Missions/activities, and the most important info about Weapons/Cars/Suits are included in the Story Walkthrough page.

In general, there won't be spoilers (story, characters, or plot references) in any of the pages of this guide. If a reference to story events/locations is necessary, it will be hidden in a spoiler tag.

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