3. Deadly Premonition Story walkthroughUpdate notes


In this page I will guide you to the completion of the story and the acquisition of all the Trading Cards in the most convenient order. Some of the most important side missions/activities are covered in this page, but this is the case only of the side missions that either reward you with Trading Cards, or with important items (Wrench (Infinite), Radio, Weather Doll).

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Other optional side missions will not be covered in this page, since they would just cause you to waste time unnecessarily, at least from an achievement completion perspective. If you are interested in a more complete experience of the game, please refer to the Side Missions page for more info on these optional tasks.

In this page you will also often find maps that will guide you through the areas of the game more easily. In general, it's not advisable to wander off and loot every possible object, since you will rely on "unlimited" items (Wrench (Infinite) and the default handgun to attack, and Weather Doll to recover health) for most of the game. For this reason, feel free to use the maps provided to see the fastest route to the key items that are necessary to reach your destination rather than using them to know where optional (and fundamentally useless) items are.

The maps will usually be more complete than the text description, as far as the miscellaneous items is concerned, especially in the later Chapters (the more you progress, the more you will notice how you are not going to use any of the items you pick up in the areas). This is because, again, most of the items that you can pick up are pretty much useless, and listing them all in the text would only make it harder to understand what you need to do to continue since the info would get lost among all the pick-up lists.

If you need to find something in this page, make sure to use the CTRL+F search feature of your browser, and type in the key words you're looking for. The various Episodes/Chapters of the game are written with a " # " sign before them (for example " # Chapter 02 "). Trading Cards are written with this format: Trading Card # XX/65 - [Name of the Trading Card] (TC YY). In this case, XX refers to the generic amount of Trading Cards you should have at that point, while YY refers to the Trading Card "ID" that you can see in the Trading Card album. This is because most of the times you will acquire Trading Cards in a "random" order (for instance, the fourth Trading Card of the album will be the 51th we will collect). If you are looking for a specific Trading Card, search "TC YY" where YY is the No. (ID) of the card in the album (for example if you know that you're missing the third Trading Card of the album you want to search "TC 03").

There won't be spoilers in the guide, but for obvious reasons I'll write down the name of the locations you will visit during the story. None of them is really meaningful on its own anyway.

# Prologue


# Chapter 00 - York AND Zach


The Red Room

You will start your adventure in the room known as the "Red Room". Speak with the two kid twins sitting on the chairs for a short conversation. Grab Trading Card # 01/65 - Francis York Morgan (TC 01) off the floor somewhere on the right (you'll see some bluish "particles" around its location). Note that you can move faster (run) if you hold down X while walking with LS.

There are two locked doors in the room; you can't open them now, so ignore them. Instead, take a look around, and "Observe" a few items in the room. The items you can "Observe" are typically marked by some red floating "particles". If you approach the outside of the circular room you can examine the red leaves on the ground. More importantly, there is a white TV monitor on the right, a wooden clock on a stand on the left, and a bunch of dolls on a drawer also on the left side. After examining these items the twins will automatically speak with you again.

A dialogue (or is it a monologue?) will follow; press A when prompted to "respond" to York's call, and then enjoy the intro scenes. Note that you will skip the cutscenes if you press Start. Since the game won't ask you to confirm your decision, avoid touching this button unless you deliberately want to skip them (which will probably be the case of your second playthroughs).

Wood Path - Otherworld

Map of Wood Path - Otherworld.

After the scenes, toggle the flashlight with Y as the game prompts this command. Then pick up the Steel Pipe from the ground on the left (press A to take it with you. Pressing Y will put it in the Toolbox; we'll see what this is soon)

Check the ground nearby to find also a red medal, officially known as "Red Agent Honor".

In this game you will find many "medals": either Blue Medals (+ 5$) or Red Medals (+ 30$). It's not essential to pick them all up, since you won't be spending a lot of money during your adventure (or at least you won't have to spend a lot of money in a normal routine), but obviously if you find one of them on your way you should pick them up (having some extra cash never hurts). Since the medals are common objects, I won't be detailing the position of every single one of them -- if you see one, grab it; otherwise don't bother looking for them everywhere.

Just for your information, many destroyable object can also spawn these medals once they are destroyed (some pieces of the wooden fence in this first area are an example of this). Moreover, it's possible to get some extra cash by Observing optional items/points of interest here and there, doing particular actions (such as saving the game once a day, asking questions by having optional conversations with characters, etc.). Again, these side sources of money are simply too generic and also not worth the time it takes to look for them. Moreover, later in the game there will be plenty of opportunities to "farm" money (especially by replaying previous "Otherworld" areas) more easily and quickly, should you need to do so for any reason.

After getting the Steel Pipe, go right (watch out for the flames on the ground, or you'll take some damage) and you will see some blue particles floating next to a briefcase: it's a Toolbox.

The Toolbox can be considered as your "second inventory". Unlike your "first" inventory, the items in the Toolbox are not always available at hand. You can deposit and pick up items in and out of the Toolbox whenever you find a Toolbox (the "briefcase") on your way, but you won't be able to access the Toolbox remotely from any position. Therefore you should put in the Toolbox only items that you don't want/need to carry in your first (and limited) inventory. In general, it's always a good idea to put useful items in your first inventory (pick them up with A) instead of putting them in the Toolbox (pick them up with Y). In case the items you pick up exceed the amount you can carry (15x at first; 44x after completing some quests; we won't deal with them since they are hardly necessary. For reference, the side missions I'm talking about are # 24, 25, 26), then you should put them in the Toolbox instead.

Before proceeding past (and left of) the Toolbox, you can also destroy a wooden fence on its right to access a side path. If you need, open your in-game map by pressing Back (you can also open the map by pressing Start, and then selecting the Map option from the pause menu. Back is faster of course) to see where this side path is.

You can shoot down the wooden fence with your 9mm Handgun: select this gun with D-Pad_Up/Down, then get ready to fire by holding RT, and finally shoot with A. You will notice how this first handgun has unlimited ammo -- this is a good thing, since it means that you don't have to worry about ammo conservation. In case you want, you can reload manually by pressing B while aiming (alternatively, York will automatically reload if you try to shoot when the magazine of the gun is empty). You can also use the Steel Pipe to break the fence, and as a matter of fact this is a faster (read: better) way of breaking through.

After breaking down the fence, go past it and you'll find a First Aid Kit (Small) on the ground.

When it's all done, go past the Toolbox, break through another fence, and continue to trigger another scene. After the scene you will have to press A to "start Profiling".

Profiling is actually an automatic process, and York will solve the mysteries of the story, putting every piece together, automatically after you find the three classic "Keyflags" (clues, if you prefer) of every "case". You will see the icon of the Keyflags in the bottom-left corner of the screen (they will be grey if you haven't collected them yet; otherwise they'll be of a brighter white color).

Follow the path to continue. After another short cutscene you can examine a dog on the ground, in a small section of the path where you will experience one of the main camera issues of the game.

Sometimes unfortunately the camera will frame York from a fixed angle instead of being behind him, but the controls (the direction where he walks) are not changed accordingly. In these situations, you will still need to press LS to make York move forward, but "forward" will be referred to the direction that he's facing, and not necessarily towards the upper part of the screen. In other words, if York is facing left, even though you would intuitively use LS_Left to make him go towards the left side of the screen you will actually need to push LS_Up (which makes him go forward, and therefore left since he's facing left). It's worth pointing out that you can force the camera back to the point of view behind York if you stay in aim mode (press and hold RT) -- this can help you move through these sections with camera issues more easily, albeit more slowly (you can't run while in aim mode). Thankfully these bad-camera sections are not very frequent.

Keep following the only possible way until you will reach a small shack. As you approach it, a cutscene will show a woman going inside. Follow her inside the shack; at first she won't be here.

Check on the left inside the shack to find a Can of Pickles: this is a "food" item that you can consume from the "first inventory" to fill up York's stomach.

In order to access food (in the "first" inventory), press Start, then select Items, and go to the Item tab to find it. In the Items menu you can see two bars on the right side of the screen: one is next to the icon of "Fork + Knife", and another is next to a "Zzz" icon. The former indicates how "full" (in terms of food) York is; the latter indicates how "awake" he is. What's important to know now is that if York is hungry or sleepy (you know he is if either of the two meters I've just mentioned are low) there will be consequences on his Health and "Pulse" gauges: try to prevent this by eating the right kind of food when you need it. For more info about hunger/tiredness, please refer to the General hints and tips.

Then check on the other end of the shack to find an interaction point (the usual "red floating particles") next to a Generator -- examine it to turn it on. After doing so you will be attacked by the first "Shadow" enemy of the game, and you will automatically get the clue "Mysterious shadow" (C00 # 1/3; 1st).

The game will give you a tutorial on how to fire efficiently: prepare the handgun with RT, lock-on the target with LT, and fire with A. The Lock-On button (LT) allows you to keep the crosshair of the gun focused on an enemy, but it has a consequence: the Pulse Meter (the lower of the two gauges in the upper-left corner of the screen; it has the icon of an ECG. In case you don't know yet, the upper of the two gauges is your health bar, indicated by the symbol of an heart) will fill up as you continue to Lock-On. More info on the Pulse Meter can be found in the General hints and tips. As a rule of thumb, feel free to use the Lock-On to aim more quickly and easily, especially if the enemies are approaching you dangerously -- you should manage to defeat all the enemies around you before the Pulse Meter fills up too much.

For your information, you'll be given better rewards (namely more $ rewards) if you kill enemies with headshots: another reason (in addition to killing them more quickly, of course) to do so. Keep in mind that when you Lock-On (essentially auto-aim), the crosshair may or may not go on the head of the enemies. In general, it's actually easier to score a headshot in manual aim (without Lock-On), so you may want to do without Lock-On if the situation isn't particularly dangerous (i.e. if the enemies aren't too close to York).

Lastly, keep in mind that killing Shadows with melee weapons, such as the default Mission Knife or the Steel Pipe you obtained earlier, will be faster and easier than by shooting them.

Kill the first "Shadow", and then head back outside to find two more enemies to kill -- do so. Then proceed towards the dead end on the right to find a Red Agent Honor, and finally continue towards the metallic-fenced area on the left. Since you've restored the power a moment ago with the generator in the shack, you'll be able to open a door to continue.

If you want, press A when prompted to "start Profiling". You don't have to sit there and watch York attempting to "profile" every time a new Keyflag/clue is found. In fact, it's quite a waste of time, unless you like seeing the picture getting more and more complete with every piece.

After another "conversation" with Zach you'll find yourself in front of the first "Phone".

Phones are the "Save Points" of this game, and you can use them to save the game manually whenever you want. It's advisable to do so whenever you have a chance, but please beware of the "key item disappearance" bug (read about it in the General hints and tips if you haven't done so yet).

On the left of the Phone there is also a Lollipop (food) that you can pick from the ground. If you step back just a bit after you pick it up, you will see this item respawning: you can pick up as many Lollipops as you can carry if you want. It isn't really worth it (it's a poorly effective item), but feel free to stock up if you want.

Continue on the wooden walkway when you're ready to go. Defeat another single Shadow on the way (you can shoot the barrels near it to instant-kill "her"), and then keep going on until you reach a fork. Go left first, so you reach a dead end with another Generator to activate (do so) and also a Red Agent Honor nearby. You'll find an enemy just next to the generator; you can instant-kill this one by shooting the not-so-visible barrel just behind "him".

After activating this second generator, go back to the previous fork and proceed forward (Northwest). You'll come across some more enemies shortly ahead, and you will also find the first "Shadow portal" on the ground.

The "Shadow portals" are zones where the Shadows will spawn and respawn for a while. Many of these "pools" will disappear after killing enough Shadows coming out of them (usually 2 or 3), but it's usually a better idea to just ignore them altogether and make a run for it.

In this first particular case you can immediately kill every enemy and "destroy" the Shadow portal by shooting a barrel just behind the portal.

Do that, or just run past the enemies -- either way, proceed onwards, and when the path splits again check the short dead end on the right to find a Red Agent Honor next to an enemy. Kill the latter, grab the former, then turn around and keep running away after breaking down a fence and some crates blocking the passage.

Defeat another enemy on the way, and you'll reach a more open area with a shack on the left. Immediately outside the shack there is another enemy; further onwards there is yet another enemy. Defeat them both, then go inside the shack to find a Toolbox and another generator. This generator is not working, but examining it will earn you the clue "Machine broken by an axe" (C00 # 2/3; 2nd), and also the key item Fuse Box.

Exit the shack and at a fork go forward (you can't go right yet, because the door is locked) to find another shack. There's a padlock at the door of this shack; shoot it down with your handgun, and then go inside. Immediately as you enter there will be an enemy attacking you from the right side: kill her, and then reach the Generator (also on the right). Place the Fuse Box in this broken generator to repair it; then turn it on, thus unlocking the door outside.

Now that it's unlocked, go back outside. Head towards the previous door (on the left, as you backtrack) to continue; you'll have to defeat a couple of more enemies before reaching it (if you didn't blow it up earlier, there should be a barrel on their right that you can use to instant-kill them both).

Go through the now-open door to enter another metallic-fenced area. Ahead of you there will be many enemies. Shoot those on the way to reach a more open area. Here there will be many enemies, and also a few Shadow portals that will respawn more enemies. There is no point in fighting: quickly grab the Red Agent Honor on the right, next to a blue car, and then sprint to the left (going right leads to a dead end) to proceed. Try to avoid the enemies simply by running past them, but do try to kill them if they are near an explosive barrel. Doing so (shooting explosive barrels) will also help you destroying pieces of wooden fence that are standing on your way.

Keep running away and you will eventually manage to exit the area with all the enemies. You will then approach another door, and a short scene will introduce the "Raincoat Killer". You'll need to quickly press a button when it prompts on the screen to evade his attack. If you fail, he will grab you and you'll be given a second chance to escape by tilting LS_Left/Right quickly. If you fail both of these opportunities, it will be game over. Succeeding will allow you to proceed past the last door, and you will automatically get the last clue of this Chapter, "Red ivy" (C00 # 3/3; 3rd), after a scene.

You'll be out in Greenvale afterwards. There is a Phone just ahead of where you will resume the game. If you cross the street you can find a Red Agent Honor next to a "Greenvale" green sign. Go down the street (towards the red-arrows marker), and stay on the left as you continue to find another Red Agent Honor next another green sign. Then proceed all the way down until you reach a bridge -- enjoy the scenes that will end this first Chapter of the game.

You can press A before a new Episode starts to trigger the "Zach view", which is basically a sum-up of the events that took place so far in the story. It's an optional nice way of keeping fresh in the memory what happened, but it has no practical value other than that.

# Episode 1


# Chapter 01 - First day of investigation


The Red Room

You'll start in the Red Room. Pick up Trading Card # 02/65 - Angel Isaach (TC 14) from one of the chairs in front of you. You can get a Sugar Doughnut from the small drawer behind you, on the left. Then open the door behind the chairs to continue.

Proceed down the path for a scene. During this scene you will learn that the "Shadow" enemies can't see you, but they can only hear your breath. Follow the instructions on the screen and hold down LT (keep it held down for as long as the game tells you so!) to proceed with more scenes.

Great Deer Yard Hotel

Map of the Great Deer Yard Hotel.

After all the scenes you'll control York in his hotel room. If you press and hold LT you will notice that from now on York can hold his breath, crouching at the same time. Doing this (holding the breath and crouching) will allow you to avoid enemy detection when you will encounter Shadows from now on, fundamentally adding a stealth mechanic to the gameplay. We won't be needing this for now though, and stealth mechanics are hardly important during the natural progression of the game.

To complete this Chapter you just need to reach the cafeteria (follow the red-arrows marker). I'll give you some extra gameplay info/round-up of the hotel in the following paragraphs, but feel free to ignore everything, finish this Chapter, and resume reading when you are in Chapter 02.

In this room there are several interaction points that can be used as "services": there is the Bed, a Phone on a desk on the right side of the bed, and a white Suitcase on the left side (on a small piece of furniture, next to the windows).

The Suitcase contains suits for York. Right now you have only three suits (Suit "Agent", Suit "Workaholic", Suit "Crimson"). If you read their description you will notice that the default suit ("Agent") may have a note that says "It's starting to look like it's getting dirty". Indeed, the suits you use will gradually get dirtier, and this will eventually cause a funny side effect (if they are dirty enough, flies will start to buzz around York). This side effect also has a practical consequences, and you'll receive less money for your work if you wear dirty suits (it only makes a difference if the suit is dirty enough to cause flies to buzz around York. If that's not the case, the not-as-dirty suits will not cause any penalty).

You can change to any of your Suits any time you like: in the "Suitcase menu" select the one you want to wear, and then choose "Change Clothes". If you are not wearing it, you can also choose the "Cleaning" option after selecting a Suit in the Suitcase menu -- for a small fee (max 10 $), after 24 hours the Suit will be usable again, as clean as it can get. Doing this (change Suits and send the dirty ones away for "Cleaning") is a nice extra thing that you may want to do, although from a gameplay perspective it doesn't have any practical effect.

Also in your hotel room, you can turn on/off a TV in front of the bed (nothing interesting). Keep looking around -- the two big white doors are currently locked, and if you try to go through them York will suggest that you're forgetting something. This is just a generical message that tells you that you need to proceed with story events before being able to leave the area. When they'll become available later they will just lead you outside of the hotel, on a balcony.

If you go right from there you can also find a Toolbox on a desk. Opposite the Toolbox there is the bathroom; you can Shave in here. Not-shaving will actually cause York to grow a beard. You will also get some extra dollars when you shave, and shaving more grown beard will earn you more money. Once again, shaving or not shaving doesn't have a practical consequence on the gameplay, it's just a matter of "look".

Before the door to the bathroom you can find a map of Greenvale portrayed on a wall. If you examine it you'll be told about a few key places (the diner, the milk barn, and some more), but we're not going to explore the city just yet. We'll visit all the points of interest eventually during the course of the story and side quests; all in due time, so don't bother memorizing anything just yet.

Exit the room through the brown door on the right side (not far from the Toolbox/bathroom) to reach the hallway of the hotel. From here, you're supposed to go right down the hallway and then right again to follow the red arrow marker -- this will lead you to the cafeteria, where you can have your coffee and continue with the story. There are other things that you can explore from the hallway of the hotel though; none of them is very valuable, but here's a roundup in case you want to get them all.

From your room, go left and enter the first available room (on the left as you go) -- here you'll find a Stabilizer in the shower (enter the bathroom). There's also another bed, but nevermind that. Exit this room, and go left in the hallway. Turn left and follow more hallways towards Northeast on your map. This will take you in some larger rooms. If you check on the West side you'll find a Red Agent Honor on the floor. Enter the room on the East side then (it's a sort of "royal suite") to find a Can of Pickles in the wardrobe. Take a look at the small indoor garden Northwest if you want, and then head back towards your room.

Now proceed further down the hallway, past your room. As you go on you'll find the lobby (entrance) of the hotel on your left. Check behind the counter to find a TV that always broadcasts the weather forecast, and a white microwave on some shelves. Inside the microwave you can find an Egg.

Then go upstairs in the lobby to reach a small portion of the second floor; here you'll find some displays that you can examine, as well as another Red Agent Honor on the floor (at the end of the walkway).

Go back downstairs, and proceed to the room adjacent to the lobby -- it's a bar. On the floor in the bar area you'll find Coffee (Milk).

Keep going further down the hallway now (towards West), and enter the first available room on the South side (on your left): here you'll find another bed and some Crackers in the wardrobe.

Continue down the hallway, and turn right to reach the Northwestern-most corridors. Ignore the first room on the left (it's empty), and continue onwards to find two more rooms. Enter these two rooms to find a First Aid Kit (Small) in the wardrobe of the first one, and a Flare (an item used to summon police cars, as we'll see in the next Chapter) on the floor in the second one.

Lastly, check the Northwestern-most end of the hallway to find another Red Agent Honor.

When it's all done, head towards the red-arrows marker to reach the cafeteria. On your way you will notice a couple of Phones that you can use to save the game, as well as some Vending Machines. You'll find more Vending Machines here and there in the city, and they will sell Food items for a rather expensive cost (it's usually a good idea to ignore them and buy food somewhere else; the diners are usually a better alternative).

Enter the cafeteria to trigger some scenes and continue with the story. Interact with the lady (Polly) during the conversation, pressing A when prompted, to "Admire" her. Choose to "Ask about town" and "Look with interest" when asked; this will give you some extra bits of info about the optional locations available in the city. Don't worry about memorizing everything though, I'll guide you in the right places when the time comes.

As a side note, during this conversation there will be a very popular scene where York will say "F K...in the coffee". The meaning of this scene will become clear later in the game, so don't bother trying to understand it now/Googling for explanations in advance.

When the scenes end, grab another Red Agent Honor from behind the piano in the cafeteria. Then head towards the objective marker (the usual red arrows) to exit the hotel. Note that there will be also a "coffee machine" point of interest always available in the cafeteria. If you examine it, York will drink some coffee and you'll get some generical "premonition"/fortune-telling. It's not very important (it'll give you some extra cash for doing so), but feel free to do so if you want.

When you're ready, exit the hotel to complete this other short Chapter of the game.

# Chapter 02 - Sheriff office


Introduction to Greenvale (open world)

As the chapter begins you will receive a Master Key and a Flare. The Master Key allows you to enter any police car in the city. The Flare allows you to summon a police car from any location.

The game will also display the control scheme for driving vehicles. They are nothing out of the ordinary: RT to accelerate, LT to break/go backwards, A to get in/out (you can skip the get-in/get-out animation by pressing Start as soon as it begins), Y to turn the lights on/off, B for handbrake, X to activate the police cars siren (speeds up the car, but will slowly fill your Pulse gauge) LB/RB to toggle the camera. It's also important to know that:

- Cars have limited gas in this game. You can see the gas icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen while driving a vehicle
- Cars have also limited durability, i.e. they can take a certain amount of hits before ultimately breaking down. There's an icon indicating the status ("health") of a car also in the bottom-right corner of the screen while driving
- You can't hijack random cars. As a rule of thumb, only police cars can be used by York. There are exceptions (some cars can be bought as the Lysander's Junkyard starting from Chapter 07), but for now just keep in mind that you won't be able to just enter and exit any car you want. This is a good reason to be particularly careful with the status of the car you are driving: you don't want to be left on foot (and maybe even without Flares to use) in the middle of nowhere
- You most-recent police cars used (and also your most-recent non-police cars used, if you have any) will always spawn next to you if you fast-travel with the Radio or you exit a building. Police cars will also respawn in several parking lots (the one of the Greenvale Sheriff's Department is obviously the main one)

In order to progress with the story you are supposed to head to the Greenvale Sheriff's Department, marked with the usual red-arrows marker. There are many important things to do before that though. Side-quests are a consistent part of the game, and some of them will earn you very important items, which range from usable common objects, to better weapons, better vehicles, and even Trading Cards (which are associated with an achievement).

In the "open world" Greenvale there are many Red Agent Honors scattered around the place, as well as other locations of secondary interest. I won't be listing these, since it would only complicate things for no real reason. Similarly, I won't be detailing interaction points that bring no tangible reward (for example you could peek in the rooms of the hotel from the windows outside of some of them; this earns you a bit of extra cash, but that's all).

The in-game map of Greenvale unfortunately is rather hard to read: it has a very limited zoom-out (so you won't be able to navigate from one end of the city to the other quickly, and you won't be able to have an easy overview of everything), and even worse it doesn't have a fixed position (therefore the map will rotate depending on what direction York is facing).

On your in-game map you will also notice some additional icons of Fishes, Bones, Trading Cards, People. These indicate more or less optional objects related to quests which may or may not be related to achievements. We'll take care of everything in due time, but for now we'll focus on the quests to obtain the Radio (an extremely useful "fast-travel device" to move around faster) and a great melee weapon (far better than the handgun): the Wrench (Infinite).

In the General hints and tips page you can find a list of all the main visitable locations available. In your in-game map these locations are colored in red. Things get a bit confusing when every item and location is displayed at the same time on the same map.

To simplify things and make the navigation more clear I will provide many different versions of the map of Greenvale in which it will be easier to locate the position of the locations we need to visit during the story or optional quests (so don't bother saving/bookmarking the previous picture, you won't need it if you stick with the rest of the guide). You'll see how soon. All of these maps are drawn keeping North to the North, as you probably expect -- make sure that York is facing North in your game, or else what you will see in your in-game map will be a rotated version of what you will see in these custom maps!


Map for the next side tasks.

The Great Deer Yard Hotel where you start this Chapter is located somewhere South of the giant lake North of Greenvale, on the East half of the city. You want to drive towards your objective marker (which is the Greenvale Sheriff's Department), but don't go there just yet.

On your way here you will pass by the "Galaxy of Terror" building. Outside of it you will inevitably notice the icon of a Trading Card on your map/mini-map: stop while you're here, and pick it up -- it's Trading Card # 03/65 - Record Player (TC 56).

Go back in the car and drive further towards your story destination. On the way you will soon notice a "race flag" on your map, inside a High School yard. You will also see a Trading Card icon nearby; ignore this one, since you can't reach it yet, and start the race instead.

Greenvale Races - 1/3 (High School)

There are three of these races available in Greenvale (the other two are near Moyer's Lumbermill, and Greenvale General Hospital; we'll visit them in due time), and all of them will unlock a nearby fence as reward for winning the race. Past the fence there will be a Trading Card that you can claim (such as the one that I mentioned a moment ago), so you basically must win the race to get the Trading Card.

The races are all very simple: your car will not have a gas or damage limit, and there aren't other opponents to beat. You just drive around with a generous time limit, and you must reach the end of the race (which will always be in the same area where you start) within the time limit to win. Make sure to boost your speed in the car by pressing and holding X as much as you can (i.e. until the Pulse gauge fills almost completely) to get some extra speed boost with the car siren, and you'll win easily. Also keep an eye at your in-game mini-map to know where to turn/where to go to follow the next "orange arrows", which are the race markers.

In this particular case, pay attention to the track ahead: the large green circle in front of the Greenvale Sheriff's Department, which is you main story destination, will be just on the way during this first race. If you accidentally enter this circle you'll be forced to continue until the end of this Chapter. No big deal if that happens: you can quickly complete Chapter 02 and then continue with the side tasks (the race and the next ones that will follow below) by replaying Chapter 02 (I'll explain the Chapter Replay feature later). Of course it's better if you just avoid the large green circle in front of the Greenvale Sheriff's Department during the race.

After winning the race, enter the High School area from Northwest, and go South first, then East to reach an orange-marked circle on the ground. The circle indicates the point where a fence was removed. Once you go there, a "Marvellous!" message will appear on the screen, and you'll be right next to the basketball playground where you can retrieve Trading Card # 04/65 - Keith Ingram (TC 17).

You will also notice a full circle of Red Agent Honors all around where the "Marvellous!" circle was a moment ago: grab everything, and then go back on the street (if you want you can shoot-open the lock of a door just behind one of the "baskets" of the playground. Otherwise go back the way you came).

Lastly, you may notice that the race flag will reappear on the screen even after winning. Winning a race again won't bring any important benefit (no more Trading Cards, etc.), so ignore it unless you want to replay it for any other reason.


Drive a couple of blocks Southeast of the High School (past the Greenvale Sheriff's Department) to reach the area near the Book Mountain Bank. Here you will notice another Trading Card # 05/65 - Lilly Ingram (TC 18) just outside the entrance of the bank.

Then head South of the bank to reach the A & G Diner.

A & G Diner

Inside the diner, just on the right as you enter there will be Trading Card # 06/65 - Coffee (TC 43) on the floor.

Go further on, and check the cabinet on the right side (next to a Phone) to find, inside the cabinet, Trading Card # 07/65 - A&G Diner Menu (TC 64).

While you're here, speak with Olivia Cormack inside for an optional conversation if you want. Then exit back outside.


Drive North/Northeast a few blocks to reach Anna's House. If you try to enter, you'll notice that nobody is home, and therefore you won't be able to get in. Several locations in the city are time-dependant, and will only be visitable during certain times of the day. Furthermore, some locations are only visitable during sunny (or non-rainy anyway) days, for reasons that will be more clear later on.

In the case of Anna's House, you have to wait until past 12:00 to be able to get inside. To speed up time, press Start and select the Cigarette (Heavy) item in the Items menu. You'll see the time quickly passing in the big clock on the upper-right corner of the screen -- a few seconds will be enough to be past midday. Once the time is right, stop smoking (press B) and exit the pause menu.

Anna's House

Go right from the entrance to find a Stabilizer on the floor. Then open the in-game map and locate the NPC (Non-Playable-Character), who in this case is Anna's mother. Reach her, wherever she is, and talk to her for a short scene. After talking to her you will notice that she now has a strange icon above her head: a notebook and a green number (No.027 in her case right now). This is the typical clue that a character is a quest giver: speak with her again to start the first side mission of the game.

Side Mission No.027 - Where's the Dress!
Quest giver: Sallie Graham (Anna's House).
Task: the dress she wants you to find is located in a side room on the left side of the house, on the bottom floor. You can't pick it up directly though, since "you don't know" which one is the one. Therefore you need to go upstairs and enter the room on the left first; inside, on a table, you'll find a photo of Anna. Examine this photo, then go downstairs to find the dress (again, in a side room on the left side of the house. By "left" here I mean left on the in-game map). After getting Anna's Dress, give it to Sallie to complete this mission.
Reward: Anna's Key. You will also automatically start Side Mission No.028.

Side Mission No.028 - Anna's Diary
Quest giver: none; complete Side Mission No.027.
Task: go upstairs in Anna's House and enter the room on the right. Check the drawer on the right to get Anna's Diary and complete the mission.
Reward: Anna's Diary. You will also unlock Side Mission No.001.

In Anna's room you will also notice Trading Card # 08/65 - Anna's Dress (TC 54) next to the bed; make sure to grab it. You can find a Red Agent Honor if you enter the bathroom connected to Anna's room. Then exit the house.


Map for the next side tasks.

Drive a few meters South of Anna's House, and then turn West (right) and keep going West for a while. You want to continue driving West until you cross the bridge above the river that "halves" the town in two parts (West and East).

Just after crossing the bridge you will find the Electrical Substation on your right (North of the street). On the ground Northwest of it there is Trading Card # 09/65 - Olivia Cormack (TC 22). In order to access this one you'll need to shoot a few explosive barrels blocking the way first -- do so from afar to avoid taking damage, and then go get the card.

Go back South on the street where you were earlier, and continue further West to find, shortly ahead on the left (South side of the street), a construction yard. In the middle of it you will see the icon of another Trading Card # 10/65 - Jack the Raging Bull (TC 31).

After obtaining the card, continue further down the street (further West) to reach the Heaven & Hell Gas Station, where a Trading Card icon is also visible (on the mini-map, that is).

Stop with your car in the circle outside the station to "Buy" something (after a scene with either of the two owners of the gas station): you can get a "Car Wash" or a "Refuel" which will respectively repair and put gasoline in your car. You can also "Bribe" one of the owners to get some info. Bribing Jack the Raging Bull is associated to a side mission (# 34), but it's not one of those I suggest doing. Ergo, feel free to ignore this option and save your money.

Refuel for quite a few bucks, repair (wash) the car if you need that too, and then quit the interactive menu to be back on the street. At this point you can get out of the car.

Next to the gas pumps you will find Trading Card # 11/65 - Gina's Sponge (TC 53).

Go back in the car, go West and then take the first turn left (South); then turn right (West) to reach the Lysander's Junkyard area. On the map you will see two Trading Cards available here: Trading Card # 12/65 - York's Car (TC 55) and Trading Card # 13/65 - The General Lysander (TC 33). Note that you'll need to shoot down a crate to access the former; shoot down a fence and a barrel to reach the latter.

Back to your car, now drive West and then North to go Northwest of the junkyard to reach George's House; outside you can find Trading Card # 14/65 - George Woodman (TC 07).

Drive further Northwest to reach the Milk Barn; go inside (it's open from 7:30 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 18:00, non-Rainy days only).

Milk Barn

Check behind the counter (on the West side) once you are inside to find Trading Card # 15/65 - Grecotch (TC 58).

Talk to the NPC(s) inside, and particularly with Lilly Ingram. Note that she'll be here only during non-Rainy days, but that's always the case of your first run through Chapter 02 anyway. You will also need to wait the right time of the day for her to be here (she may be elsewhere doing errands for the Milk Barn). In particular, you want to come here at about 15:30 (or a bit later than that) to find her inside; remember that you can "Smoke" to speed up time (do so if you need it; it's probably the case).

Once you manage to find her inside, buy some Cheddar Cheese and Onions from Lilly -- you'll need both of these items later (don't eat them!). Note that the items sold by Keith and Lilly are not the same (Keith doesn't sell Onions, for example). Lastly, buy a fishing Rod and some Baits (right now you can only buy the Bait "Common Worm"; it's ok. Buy about 6x or more Baits in total). Also note that Lilly can give you a side mission (# 18), but it's not particularly important (it's the first of a series of quest that will eventually earn you a very good weapon, the Grecotch (Infinite), but it's not worth the time it takes to complete them all).

That's all that we needed to do here now; exit the Milk Barn.


Map for the next side tasks.

Drive all the way Northwest to reach Becky's House. From the Milk Barn you can go North to reach a tunnel, and then continue North past the gallery. Continue all the way North to reach Becky's House.

Becky's House

Grab the Stabilizer on the floor near the entrance (in front of you, on the left), then examine the door on the bottom floor to find Becky. After the first scene where York introduces himself, speak with Becky again for another side mission.

Side Mission No.001 - Delivery Man Q
Quest giver: Becky (Becky's House).
Condition: must have completed Side Mission No.028 first.
Task: speak with Quint in his house (a trailer, actually). Quint's House is located a bit to the West of the Milk Barn, and you should manage to go inside at about 16:00 (Smoke until that time, if necessary). "Observe" the shelves and the bed in the trailer, so Quint walks away from his bike. At this point the bike will have an orange marker above it. "Observe" (press B near it) the bike now to find Red Dust inside. After acquiring this item, you can go back to Becky in her house to complete the mission (give her the Red Dust side-item).
Reward: Engagement Ring. You will also automatically start Side Mission No.029.

In Quint's trailer you can get a Cola from the small refrigerator and Trading Card # 16/65 - Quint's Bike Tank (TC 61) (on the floor). If you somehow missed them earlier, you'll get another chance soon since you need to return there for the next mission.

Side Mission No.029 - Engagement Ring
Quest giver: none; complete Side Mission No.001.
Task: speak with Quint and show him the Engagement Ring.
Reward: Wrench (Infinite).

When it comes to melee weapons, "infinite" obviously doesn't refer to the ammo, but rather to their durability. The Wrench is not a particularly powerful weapon for its rough power, but it is indeed one of the best weapons of the game because it's very fast. Another good alternative melee weapon is the slow-but-powerful Legendary Guitar Grecotch, which can be also obtained via side quests. Both the Wrench and the Legendary Guitar Grecotch are optionals, but the Wrench alone is more than enough to complete the game, even on Hard, easily (the Grecotch is really useful just against Crawling Shadows, which are very rare enemies). Therefore I don't suggest doing the quests for the "Grecotch", and we won't be dealing with them later. If you want to acquire that weapon too, please refer to the Side Missions page for more info (in particular, check side missions # 18, 19, 20, 21).

Map of Greenvale (Quint's House to Greenvale Sheriff's Department).

At this point your in-game clock should be anything between 16:00 and 17:00. If that's the case, head to the story objective marker, the Greenvale Sheriff's Department, but make sure to stop by the Heaven&Hell Gas Station to refuel the car (it's just on the way). If that's not the case (if it's past 17:00), find any sleeping location available (the hotel works; alternatively, there is a sleeping location in the green area - a farm - not far East of the sheriff's department) and sleep (more than once if necessary) so that the time advances to some point between 9:00 and 16:00 (the sheriff's department is open between 09:00 and 17:00). Don't forget to eat something after you wake up (you will be at empty stomach after a long day and many hours of sleeping) and before you head to the department, or else your health will gradually go down.

When you're finally ready, reach the sheriff's department.

Greenvale Sheriff's Department

Map of the Greenvale Sheriff's Department.

After the cutscene you'll need to look for a specific key to continue. There are many "Squirrel Keys" in the department, but only one is the correct one.

Enter the Kitchen, the first room on the left of the entrance. In here you will find a Dumbbell just on the left as you enter; pick it up, since it's an item that you'll need for an important side mission, soon. Open the fridge in the same room to find Trading Card # 17/65 - Turkey Sandwich (TC 44). There is also one of the "wrong" (Grey) Squirrel Key in here; don't even bother picking it up.

Exit the kitchen and go Northeast to find George in the Northeastern room. Speak with him to start a side mission.

Side Mission No.004 - Lost Arnold
Quest giver: George Woodman (Greenvale Sheriff's Department).
Task: give him the Dumbbell found a moment ago in the kitchen of the department.
Reward: Trading Card # 18/65 - Arnold & Sylvester (TC 49). You will also unlock Side Mission No.005.

In the same room where George is by default (first floor, Northeast) you may also find the "Payment Details" on the desk. This piece of paper will appear here only if it takes you more than a certain amount of time (typically one day) to clear a specific Chapter. For instance, if you had to sleep to the next day to continue with the events of the main story (because it took you a bit too long to do all the previous side quests), you should find this Payment Details interaction point on the desk. Otherwise it shouldn't be there. When you do find the "Payment Details", picking it up will give you the money you earned since the last payment. Not-picking it up won't make you "lose" that money: you'll simply be credited your payment at the end of the Chapter, automatically. Note that a "Payment Details" paper can also be found and picked-up in your hotel room (it'll be on the floor just in front of the door).

Head to the West side of the first floor to find the stairs down to the basement. Descend, and go right to reach the cells of the police department. You want to check the middle cell on the right as you go: in here there is the Curvy-Tailed Flying Squirrel Keys item, which is the correct one that Thomas is looking for -- pick it up. In case you notice it, ignore the "wall" door in this cell (the one behind a bed), since you can't go through it despite the fact that it's marked with a red circle (the typical icon of a door that is available) on your in-game map.

Head back upstairs, and find Thomas (Northwestern room). Give him the Curvy-Tailed Flying Squirrel Keys, and then enjoy the scenes that will end this Chapter.

Chapter 02 Replay

Before continuing to Chapter 03, there are a few things that you should do by replaying previous Chapter. To do so, after the intro scene of Chapter 03, press Start, choose the last option of the pause menu to go to Title screen, and then Load the game from there; after Loading, choose "Select chapter" instead of "Resume", and choose Chapter 02 from there.

Beware that you can't manually save (at the Phones) during a Chapter replay! We'll be staying in this Chapter replay just for a few minutes, so it shouldn't really matter anyway, but keep it in mind as a general rule. The only way to save the progress made during a Chapter replay is by completing the Chapter replay itself.

Now you are back to the beginning of Chapter 02, with all the money, items, Trading Cards, cleared side-missions you had a moment ago in Chapter 03. At this point we'll do the necessary to acquire the "Radio" item.


You start just outside the hotel of course. Buy and eat some food from Polly inside the hotel, and make sure that you have at least one Cheddar Cheese since you'll need it for a mission soon.

Map for the next side tasks.

Then drive South to reach the main street, and turn right to head West. Keep going West until you reach a small area where, in the middle of the street, a sleeping location is available (it's just West of the river dividing the city in two halves) in a sort of "service station". Sleep here until you get an evening (aim for a time between 18:00 and 19:00. Add some extra minutes/hours by smoking, if necessary) with Rainy weather.

When you manage to get Rainy evening, eat something to refill your stomach a bit (there are vending machines nearby, if you didn't buy any food earlier), and then open up your in-game map. Just nearby (in the same service-station area) you will notice, on the East side, a white flower icon. Go pick it up: it's a Flower with No Name. There are several other locations where this flower is available (only in Rainy conditions), but anyone works (and this is the closest, of course).

From the service station, now drive South for a short while, and turn West before you reach Keith's House. Then turn North to head Northwest of Keith's House to reach the White Spruce Farm, a large open "green" area. As you approach the place (from South to North) you will notice the icon of Trading Card # 19/65 - Cigarettes (TC 45). This one can be obtained only in Rainy conditions, since it's located inside a well (the water in the well will lift it up, allowing you to get it. That's why you need Rainy weather).

Drive West from the farm to reach Emily's House (as you go West you'll need to turn left, further West, at the first fork; then left, South, at the next fork). She'll be home only between about 18:00 and 20:00, and only in Rainy conditions, which should be your case now. Get inside.

Emily's House

Head upstairs and check the white drawer on the left to find Trading Card # 20/65 - Emily Wyatt (TC 08) inside it. Then go back downstairs and speak with Emily. Note that there will be an item called "Emily's Bagel Sandwich" in the kitchen -- don't eat it, since it has actually negative consequences on your hunger and awakeness!

Side Mission No.006 - Nice Try Cooking
Quest giver: Emily Wyatt (Emily's House, Rainy evening).
Task: give her a Cheddar Cheese (can be bought at Milk Barn, but also at the Great Deer Yard Hotel).
Reward: Suit "Hawaiianblue". Side Mission No.007 becomes available.

Map for the next side tasks.

Exit Emily's House, and drive Southwest (first South, then West at the first intersection) to find the tavern SWERY 65' (open from 18:00 to 06:00), marked on the map with the icon of a bullseye. Go inside.


Inside this tavern there are several people you can talk to, but the most interesting thing for you now is the darts minigame. First, speak with Richard (behind the counter) to buy a Dart Gun for about 500 $. If necessary, "Throw Away" useless weapons from your inventory (press Start to access it); "useless weapons" would be the Mission Knife, the Steel Pipe, and any other miscellaneous weapon that you may have obtained randomly.

While you're here, also eat something to refill your stomach (if you don't, you may get interrupted during the darts minigame); if possible, eat the more expensive (about 15 $) food a couple of times to completely refill your stomach (this way you won't have to worry about food for the rest of the Chapter replay). Then approach any of the locations opposite the counter to play Darts.

This minigame is quite simple: you aim with RT, and shoot with A. You can "focus" your aim if you hold your breath with LT, but you must use this technique carefully. The game explains you that the target is divided in 20 circular sectors, and each circular sector is divided in several parts: the bigger parts of a sector are worth a 1x multiplier (lowest), while the smaller ones are worth a 2x (external part) and a 3x (internal part) multiplier. The centre of the target is worth 50 points, but the highest-scoring normal part of the target is the 3x-multiplier area of the "20 points" circular sector (worth, obviously, 60 points). This is a small scheme of the score multipliers, in case something isn't clear.

In addition to the standard score values, every three hits the game will also highlight some "random" circular sectors. These sectors will always get an additional 5x bonus multiplier. Therefore if you hit, say, the 1x-multiplier area of the 10-points sector, you will get a total of 10*1*5 = 50 points. If you hit the 3x-multiplier area of the 10-points sector, you will get a total of 10*3*5 = 150 points. Therefore whenever there are highlighted sectors, locate the one that give you more point, and aim for its 3x-multiplier part: this will grant you a whopping 15x multiplier. With such a big multiplier, as long as the sector gives more than 4 base points (4*15 = 60), you will score more points than you could score with the most rewarding non-highlighted shot (which is the 3x-multiplier part of the 20-points sector).

So, to recap, the highest-scoring parts are:

- The 3x-multiplier area of the 20-points sector: aim for this one when there is no highlighted sector on the target
- The 3x-multiplier area of the highest-base-points highlighted sector: aim for this one when the highlighted sectors appear

After shooting the first 23 out of 24 darts you can shoot in a single game, the last "round" will always have the centre of the target highlighted. In this particular case the centre will give you a 10x multiplier, which means that, in total, hitting the centre of the target on the last shot of a game will earn you (10*50) 500 points.

Now that you know how the score works, the only thing left to do is learning how to shoot properly. The mechanics are simple, but it's important that you don't waste too much "breath-holding power" since there's no way to lower it during a game. Therefore you want to proceed as follows:

0. Always keep RT held down during the entire game, since the aim resets itself if you let go of RT.
1. Aim with RT, and try to keep the red dot (indicating the spot that you'll hit when you shoot) near the part of the target you want to shoot. You will notice how the red dot appears and disappears, periodically; it's natural, and there's nothing you can do to make it appear permanently.
2. Once the red dot is close to the area you want to shoot, press LT to hold the breath. Adjust the aim so that the red dot's superior edge is just below the part of the target you want to shoot. The dart you will shoot will not go where the middle of the red dot is, but rather just above the red dot itself. Therefore, as I just said, position the red dot just below the part of the target where you want your dart to be shot.
3. After shooting, wait until the score message disappears from the screen: you can't shoot again until that message disappears. Keep RT held down while you wait, so you still aim in the same spot.
4. When the score message is gone, your aim should still be focused where you last aimed: press LT to hold the breath again, and quickly fire another shot to hit the same spot (more or less) again. Obviously if you need to hit another area you want to repeat the process from step # 1 instead of holding the breath with LT immediately.

The important thing is to be conservative about your "breath" (Pulse meter), and this is done by using LT to focus your shot only after adjusting the aim with RT-only, so that while holding LT you really have to make just a small adjustment. Also try to avoid pressing LT if the red dot is not appearing on the screen (if it disappears, release LT until it appears again).

You'll get the hang of the minigame soon. Your main task is to score enough points in two different games to place yourself second and third on the leaderboard. This will earn you a couple of Trading Cards: Trading Card # 21/65 - Quint Dunn (TC 24), and Trading Card # 22/65 - Richard Dunn (TC 25).

If you also manage to place yourself first, you'll get the Weapon Bag item, which allows you to carry more weapons. It's not fundamental that you get it, but it's better if you do, just so you don't have to worry about throwing away weapons when, later in the game, you'll probably want to buy some more powerful weapons to fight some bosses. For reference, these are the scores to beat:

1st - 2,017
2nd - 1,482
3rd - 998

Note that the position won't "stack": if you place first, you won't get the Trading Cards too. Likewise, if you place second you will get only one Trading Card, and not both. Therefore you'll have to play at least twice and place yourself second/third for the two cards, and then play another time if you also want the Weapon Bag.

When it's all done, exit the tavern and head to George's House, which is located South/slightly Southeast of the Milk Barn (which is East of SWERY 65'). Smoke until past 21:00, then knock at the door.

George's House (outside)

George will be home at this point (21:00 or a bit later than that). He'll give you a side mission after "greeting" you.

Side Mission No.005 - Nameless Flower
Quest giver: George Woodman (George's House, evening).
Condition: must have completed Side Mission No.004 in a previous Chapter/Chapter replay first.
Task: give George the "Flower with No Name".
Reward: Radio.

Yours at last! You can find the Radio among the "item" Items in your pause menu (the one you access by pressing Start). If you try to use it now you will see that the game gives you a list of some of the main locations visited earlier for fast-travel purposes. Actually right now it will just display the Great Deer Yard Hotel, SWERY 65', and Emily's House, because that's how it works in this particular case (Chapter replay only displays locations visited during the previous Chapters/current Chapter replay).

Not a big deal though -- for now you really just want to fast-travel back to the hotel. Here you want to Sleep to the next day (morning hours; 9:00 or later is ok).

Map of Greenvale (Great Deer Yard Hotel to Greenvale Sheriff's Department).

If you need it, eat something after you wake up, and then head to the sheriff's department to complete the Chapter the same way you did previously (get the right keys from the cell in the basement, then give them to Thomas).

Once the Chapter is done and the game saves your progress, you'll be back at the "Load" screen. Now decide to Resume the game to continue with the story.

# Chapter 03 - Autopsy report



After watching/skipping the intro scene, you may be tempted to test the functionality of the Radio again. If you try to do so, the game won't allow you to use it because for story-related reasons you are supposed to stick with George and Emily. If you walk away from them you'll be given the opportunity to tell them that you'll catch up with them later; if you do so you'll be able to wander off freely on your own. Do so (decide to go on your own).

Now you can finally test the Radio properly, and a series of locations should already be available to you (most of those visited during the first run through Chapter 02). Due to how the Radio system works, unfortunately the locations visited during Chapter replays won't be added to your list. Moreover, the locations visited during a Chapter playthrough (first run) will only be saved and added to the list after completing that Chapter.

Therefore, for instance, unless you visited Emily's House during the first run through Chapter 02 for any reason, Emily's House won't be one of the locations where you can fast-travel now (even though it was one of the locations available for fast-traveling during the Chapter replay). You can basically consider the Radio locations (for fast-traveling) as something that doesn't carry over from/to Chapter replays (unlike, for instance, your cash, items, and side missions completed), and that gets updated (a bit like your total money) only after a Chapter ends.

For this reason, it's important that you "add" the locations you want to fast-travel to as soon as possible, and in your first run through any Chapter instead of during a Chapter replay. Practically speaking, this means that if for some reason you want to add as many locations as you can to the Radio list, you should probably do it right now (first run through Chapter 03). Considering what we need to do (the essential for achievements), there isn't really a need for massive exploration at the moment, so there's no need to drive around town visiting every house/building to add it to the Radio list.

Map for the next side tasks.

Go South from where you start, then East to follow the red marker. Instead of turning North (left) where you should to follow the red marker, proceed further East to reach a construction field (it will be on your left as you go East) where Trading Card # 23/65 - "Rosy Lips" Gina (TC 30).

Resume your journey towards the red-arrows marker: go West from the construction field, and then turn right (North) at the first fork. At the next fork (West/East), go left (West) and stop by the location on your map that has a "fish" icon on it; it's just by the lake (as you may expect, since it's a fishing spot), near another "service station" area.

Fishing Spot # 01/07 - Southwest of the Hospital

Fishing in this game is simple: select the fishing Rod, then pick the best Bait for the item you want (for Trading Cards it doesn't matter, so any random Bait will work equally). Then press A when it's displayed to "Throw In" the rod and bait. Then wait until the game prompts you to "Reel In"; the moment will be anticipated by a few vibrations on the controller, and then you'll see the A button appearing on the screen. Note that sometimes (randomly) this just won't happen. If that's the case, after a short while York will retreat the fishing rod, ending the fishing minigame earlier than it's supposed to (there are no penalties in this unlucky case, don't worry).

After you start to "reel in", a sort of roulette will appear, and you'll have to pick the reward you want by pressing A. The "target item" is the one that passes under the grey vertical bar, between two green arrows, on the left or right side of the screen. The roulette will stop on the item exactly "four items after" the one you press A on. Every item will "cycle" through the roulette, making it possible to choose which item you will get.

Let's make an example. If the order of items is (the parenthesis " [ ] " indicate the target item, i.e. the one under the grey vertical bar, between the green arrows)... :

A B C D E F G A B C [D] E F G A B C...

...and you want to get the item C, then you want to press A when the item under the vertical bar is the one four positions before C. In this case, that would be item F. Therefore you will wait until the roulette is like this:

C D E F G A B C D E [F] G A B C D E...

Now that item F is under the grey vertical bar, press the A button -- the roulette will go on a little, and then stop on C (and therefore you will earn C), the item four positions after the one you pressed A on.

Unless you "catch" the icon of Emily from the roulette, the minigame will not consume a Bait, making it rather simple and not bait-consuming. It's also possible to lose a bait if you press A in the wrong moment (too early or too late) to reel-in, other than by "catching" the Emily icon from the roulette.

The Trading Cards will appear in the roulette as pink present icons. If the present doesn't have a pink background, it's not a Trading Card! There will always be a pink present (and therefore Trading Card) available at some specific fishing Spots in Greenvale, so as long as you go where I tell you there won't be a problem finding the Trading Cards.

There is no fixed pattern for the items you can obtain in the roulette, so you'll have to watch the items presented in the roulette, and act accordingly. It's not hard, since you can wait a few "turns" (let the roulette slide by a few times) before the game automatically chooses a prize without letting you pick one.

From this particular fishing spot you can "catch" (by winning the pink-present prize) Trading Card # 24/65 - Fiona "Freckles" (TC 29).

After "catching" the card, go back to your car and head to the hospital. Before going inside, reach the "race" spot located just outside of it.

Greenvale Races - 2/3 (Hospital)

Simply drive through the various checkpoints until you finish the race. The reward is another Trading Card, which you can pick up since a fence (which used to block the access to the Trading Card) has been removed. The icon of this Trading Card is on the map, around the hospital. To reach it you must go all the way around, from the South side of the hospital towards its North side (where the card is), counterclockwise around the facility. Then, once you reach the spot, shoot down a bird nest on a nearby tree to acquire the Trading Card # 25/65 - Brian the Insomniac (TC 35).

Then shoot-open the lock of the door of the nearby fence to create a shortcut to reach Emily and George, and speak with them to continue with the story.

Greenvale General Hospital

After the intro scene, follow the red arrows of your story marker (there is pretty much nothing interesting to pick up; Red Agent Honors are the best you can find here now) to reach the room where Dr. Johnson is supposed to be. After more scenes you'll have to solve a puzzle. Even though it seems that it's a chess-related puzzle, it actually has nothing to do with chess, and it's only a "logic" question. If you're struggling to get the solution, read the spoiler below for the correct order of the pieces:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

You'll be given the Card Key for Underground Floor key item. Follow the red markers on your in-game map to find the stairs leading down to the basement (they are in the Southeast part of the first floor), and go there. Then, in the basement, use the card key to unlock a door, and finally go through the now-unlocked door to proceed. Reach the next objective marker to continue.

After the scenes you'll need to investigate a body. Examine the face twice (clues about the eyes/tears and tongue), the hair (pan the camera towards the right shoulder of the victim to frame the hair), the right hand, the left hand (the legs can also be observed, but they are optional). Once these three "Observable" points have been examined more scenes will follow (after them you will probably start to understand why the original title of this game is "Red Seeds Profile" in the Japanese version).

Greenvale General Hospital - Otherworld

At this point you'll find yourself in the "Otherworld" again.

The "Otherworld" versions of the areas are usually different from the real-world versions: some doors are unlocked, and more rooms/areas can be visited. Unfortunately the Otherworld is simply infested by Shadow enemies at every corner, and therefore you probably won't want to stay in these areas for more than it's necessary.

I strongly suggest using the Wrench to fight: a couple of hits, even on Hard settings, should be enough to deal with a single Shadow (you may occasionally have to hit them three or four times, in case it's one of their stronger versions, such as the armed ones. Later in the game even regular Shadows will require multiple hits though). Don't worry about going in melee range with Shadows: you'll hit and kill them with the Wrench before they have a chance to grab you, since hitting them will also stun them for an instant (basically interrupting their attacks). The Wrench is fast enough to pretty much guarantee you immunity, as long as you keep swinging it around you wherever there's a Shadow nearby.

Most of the times it will also be a good idea to avoid wandering off to pick up items that are not on your way (unless they are important key items, obviously). I'll be listing most of the items available to pick up for now (all of them are always present in the maps of the areas provided, including those that in the text are omitted because they are just plain off track and useless), but my advice is to always make a run for the end of these sections, stopping only when there is a key item/Trading Card instead of a generic item. Especially when the item is something negligible (which is the case of most of the items you find), getting them is just not worth the trouble.

That being said, let's deal with the situation we have now.

Map of Greenvale General Hospital - Otherworld.

Enter the room where you were talking with Dr. Johnson earlier. From there, enter the adjacent room to see a certain lady running away. Access this room and examine one of the "cabinets" to get 10mm Auto Bullets. Then exit this room to see the lady running away again.

Return to the corridor; expect a Shadow just on the left as you exit. Then proceed further down the corridor and kill a couple of more Shadows to continue. Get a Red Agent Honor in the dead end on the left if you want, then run past a couple of Shadow portals, and quickly go upstairs to reach the upper floor (there is a Stabilizer in the bathroom in the basement, but nevermind it).

Back on the upper floor, follow the only possible way to reach the Eastern corridors. From here, enter the room Northeast (run past a bunch of Shadows coming from never-ending portals in a larger area between the corridors) where there are currently no enemies (there is a creepy cry coming from somewhere inside though). Grab a Coffee (Black) from a desk in this room, and then examine the operation table in the middle of the room. After a short scene you will acquire the key item Card Key for Central Building, which allows you to proceed (a couple of Shadows will spawn in the room after you get this item).

Exit this room, go right first, then left to continue West in the Northern-most corridor. Use the card key you just obtained to unlock a door on the way (use the card key on the little device on the wall on the right of the door), and then go through the now-unlocked door.

Enter the next room (you can't proceed in the corridor because of the ivy), which is a safe haven of some sort -- here there are Beds, a Phone, Suitcase, Toolbox, and a handful of items scattered around: Stabilizer, Mission Knife, First Aid Kit (Medium), Lollipop (respawning).

Exit the room from the other door, and follow the only possible way. You will eventually get another scene with the running lady. Keep going on after that (there will be a fork; the path to the right leads to a couple of Red Agent Honors, so feel free to proceed forward instead), and follow the way to reach the Southwestern-most room. In here you will find a First Aid Kit (Small), a First Aid Kit (Medium), a Phone, and a computer (indicated with red-floating particles). Interact with the computer to activate the MRI machine, which at this point will spawn the Key to Entrance key item -- pick it up, and exit this room.

Head towards the entrance from the closest passage; you'll need to use the Key to Entrance on another device before a door (on the left wall, this time) to unlock it. Once you are back at the entrance, head towards the exit to trigger a short scene which will spawn yet more Shadows around you.

You will notice how some of these Shadows are equipped with shotguns, adding an extra danger if them walking towards you with their backs bent backwards wasn't already enough. They'll use this weapon both in melee range, and as a firearm weapon (in this case you will see a purple glowing light on the shotgun before they ultimately fire: either run towards them to hit/stun them before they shoot, or take cover behind some walls or behind them).

With the main exit locked-out by ivy your goal is to eliminate all the enemies. In this area you can also find a couple of more First Aid Kits (a Small and a Medium one). Once all the enemies are dead, you'll hear a sound -- head for the exit now, and the scene will trigger. You'll make acquaintance with Harry Stewart and his assistant, Michael Tillotson, and then the Chapter will end.

# Chapter 04 - Profiling


You resume the adventure outside the Hospital. If you take a look at your map you will notice a dark-purple arrow icon on the Hospital: if you go there (tell George and Emily that you'll catch up with them later), you will receive a message saying that you can "check the Greenvale General Hospital" again. Then you'll be given two options: "I'll try again" and "I'm done with this". This is NOT a generic opportunity to simply enter the Hospital again (for that purpose you can walk through the regular entrance), but rather an opportunity to replay the Otherworld version of the Greenvale General Hospital.

When you replay previously-played "Otherworld" areas there will be differences, and among the differences there are also Trading Cards available, many more Agent Honors (especially Blue, which even make a "trail" that leads to the exit), and more enemies. Even the first "Otherworld" (the Wood Path of the Prologue) can be replayed; in fact, it could be replayed even earlier, but I didn't mention it because it's a detour quite far from any other point of interest (we'll replay it later).

Another thing that you want to know is that doors that you unlocked during your first play through the Otherworld will still be unlocked when you replay them, which is different from how the key items of the story work when you replay a Chapter. In that case (Chapter Replay) you always have to get the key items (such as the Curvy-Tailed Flying Squirrel Key of Chapter 02) again to continue. In the Otherworld Replays you'll never have to get the key items (such as the Card Key for Central Building of the previous Otherworld) again. This obviously makes the Otherworld Replays much faster than the original run through.

Since the hospital is right here, let's replay its Otherworld version -- approach the purple-marked circle on the ground Southwest of the hospital and confirm your interest to start it again.

Greenvale General Hospital - Otherworld Replay

Turn around as soon as you start to notice a purple circle on the floor behind you. This is one of the many circles that will appear only in the Otherworld Replays, and they are basically shortcut to exit the Otherworld (a sort of emergency exit in case something goes wrong). Most of the times we will replay the Otherworld Replays until the end, but sometimes it will be better to exit early through one of these circles. Save the game at the nearby Phone, just in case.

Since you already know what to do, I won't repeat what I said earlier. Among the "good news" to look out for there is a valuable First Aid Kit (Large) in the first room you visit. The most valuable thing to acquire in this Otherworld Replay is near the end though: it's Trading Card # 26/65 - Armed Shadow (TC 39), located in the MRI room (the one Southwest on the first floor. You can see the icon of the Trading Card on your in-game map, too).

Once you reach the entrance again, defeat a bunch of enemies and then go through the blue circle on the floor to exit outside again.


If you press Start you will notice that the game automatically refilled your "stomach" and "awakeness" meters; this is a bonus that you get after a full Otherworld Replay like the one you just had.

Head back inside the hospital (open from 9:00 to 21:00) for a side mission.

Greenvale General Hospital

Speak with Fiona (the receptionist in the lobby), and decide to "Talk" to her (if you select "Buy" you'll be able to buy medical supplies such as First Aid Kits (Small) and Stabilizers; she also sells Flares) to start the quest. Then "Talk" to her again to do the quiz-quest.

Side Mission No.032 - Medical Studies
Quest giver: Fiona (Greenvale General Hospital).
Task: correctly reply to three of her questions in a row. In case you need help, refer to the list below. You can try as many times as you want.
Reward: Trading Card # 27/65 - Ushah Johnson (TC 10).

What are antibiotics? - Drugs that stop bacteria from growing.
Where does DNA exist within the cell? - The nucleus.
Which of the following are contrasting taxonomic kingdoms? - Eukaryote and Prokaryote.
Where does the "0" blood type take its name from? - 0 means zero A and B antigens.
What kind of medical treatment means "I will please" in Latin? - Placebo.
Who wrote the medical text "Anatomische Tabellen" ? - Kulmus.
What is the correct way to treat an emergency burn? - Cool with water on top of clothing.
Which part of the cell is the cytoplasm? - The interior excluding the nucleus.
A bump on the head. What is inside of it? - Blood and lymph fluid.
What is the difference between encephalitis and encephalopathy? - Inflammation and pathogens in the brain.
How many milk teeth are there altogether? - 20.
20% of the atmosphere is oxygen. What % do we use when breathing? - Roughly 17%.
What is the medical definition of "shock" ? - Blood stops circulating to organs.
Which part of the heart does the blood enter first? - Right atrium.
What is the medical term for aspirin? - Acetyl-Salicylic Acid.

After getting this Trading Card, you may want to pay a visit to Ushah Johnson (he should be in the same room where the autopsy took place in the previous Chapter, in the basement. He occasionally goes up on the first floor too, in the Northeastern room, especially in the morning). He can sell you First Aid Kit (Medium) and a special "Ushah's Stabilizer". Ushah Johnson can give you side mission # 10 (another quest that rewards you with Trading Cards), but you probably can't trigger it right now, so nevermind it (we'll do it later).


Map of Greenvale (Heaven & Hell Gas Station to Greenvale Forest Park).

Fast-travel to the Heaven & Hell Gas Station. Refill your gas tank (the car will fast-travel with you next to the gas station), and repair the car if you need that too. Then drive South and Southwest of the gas station to reach the objective marker.

Greenvale Forest Park

After meeting Jim Green, Isaach & Isaiah Ingram in a scene, wait until a conversation with the characters ends. Press A when prompted to "start Profiling". After the first "Profiling attempt", you'll need to find four clues to continue. Before doing so, make sure to check the area near the shack to find Trading Card # 28/65 - Anna Graham (TC 03) on a bird nest (shoot it off the tree).

The four profile pieces are scattered around the crime scene, all marked with red glowing particles:

- Missing Piece of Pin Heel Shoe (C04 # 01/04; 1st): shoot a bird nest Northwest of the tree to make this piece fall on the ground
- Chip with Rusted Metal Dust (C04 # 02/04; 3rd): shoot another bird nest East of the tree to make this piece float on a side path. Then access the side path, breaking through a few wooden fences, from South towards East (counterclockwise)
- "Picture of a vest with holes" (C04 # 03/04; 2nd) and "2 Bent Pieces of Grass" (C04 # 04/04; 4th) behind and in front of the tree

After finding all the pieces, more scenes and a complete Profiling will bring you to the end of this Chapter.

# Chapter 05 - Murder site


Map of Greenvale (Forest Keeper's Cabin to Moyer's Lumbermill).

The Chapter begins with a mandatory driving sequence (you can't get out of the car). Drive to the objective marker to continue with the story; although there are some optional things on the way, they can't be dealt with right now. After more scenes, you'll get in the Otherworld.

Moyer's Lumbermill - Otherworld

Map of Moyer's Lumbermill - Otherworld.

Make your way through a bunch of Shadows (Wrench-'em out) to reach a larger room ahead and trigger a short scene. Start Profiling when asked -- you'll need to find four more pieces to complete this other "profiling puzzle".

Go on the "stage" to find the 10mm Sumbachine Gun weapon, then go upstairs to find a room. Enter inside and you'll be temporarily locked-in; the phone will ring. Pick up the Phone for another scene during which you will acquire the clue "Reversed Peace Sign" (C04 # 01/04; 3rd). You may then use the Phone to save the game if you wish.

In this same room you can also find a couple of Beds, a respawning supply of Lollipops, a couple of cabinets (one of which contains a Smoked Salmon), and a "wall-box" marked with red-floating particles. Examine this box to find the Key to the Engineering Section key item inside. After picking it up, the ivy will disappear from the door, allowing you to exit the room again.

Exit the room, and be ready to fight Shadows outside. Turn right to proceed on the upper walkway; grab a Red Agent Honor at the end of it, and then descend down a ladder to reach a larger area at the bottom. Note that you can also reach this are by descending some stairs from the stage. Anyway, you'll need to use the previous Key to the Engineering Section to continue.

In the next room you will see a control panel/machine in front of you. If you "Observe" it you'll be told that you should hit it to make it work -- do so (hit it with a melee weapon). Doing this will lower the water in the room, allowing you to continue downstairs.

Go downstairs, defeat any enemy on the way, and continue to the next hallways to the East. At one point you'll start hearing a baby cry, and there will be a fork: either North, or East into a room. In the room to the East there is just a Golf Club (melee weapon) inside a filing cabinet (to reach it you have to destroy some wooden crates on the right); ignore it.

Proceed further North instead, and enter the next room on the left. Here you will find (Northwest) a small room with a toilet inside. Examine the toilet to "Flush" it. Doing this will somehow open a door down the corridor, allowing you to progress.

Go back to the corridor outside and continue North. Defeat the usual Shadows on the way as you continue. The first room on the left has a Red Agent Honor inside; the next one (past a bunch of wooden stuff that you can destroy or climb-past to continue), on the right, is empty. Keep going down the corridor (you'll hear a baby crying again now) to reach a larger room ahead.

"Peek" through the cabinets if you want, and then break your way to the middle of this room to find, inside a cabinet (marked with the typical red-floating particles), a Gear Box (key item). Get ready to fight four Shadows in an ambush, and then continue further North (after defeating the four Shadows the ivy will clear out of the way).

As you continue, you'll pass by an area with six toilets (three on either side). Aside from some Shadows coming out of them, there is also something that you can get by flushing some of the toilets: a Stabilizer from the first one on the right, and a First Aid Kit (Medium) from the second one on the left.

Further North there will be more toilets; you can flush a few of them, but the only item that will come out is a Flare from the third one on the left. Proceed North to the next larger room. Here there will be the usual Shadows, and three filing cabinets -- open the middle one for Coffee (Black).

Go East into the next room, where an elevator is located. If you want you can shoot some barrels in the room to the East to get a Red Agent Honor past them. Otherwise simply go on the walkway behind the elevator platform to put the Gear Box into a machinery, thus repairing the elevator. When it's done, ride the elevator to reach another area.

As you ride the elevator, something will block your ride. Examine this "something" ("Peek", as the game suggests) to acquire the second clue of this Chapter profiling: "Damaged Red Hair" (C05 # 02/04; 1st). "Profile" if you wish, and then get ready to fight a couple of Shadows before ultimately reaching the upper floor.

On the upper floor there is a Phone just by the elevator. The next sections are a bit dangerous, so don't miss this opportunity to save your progress, just in case. Behind the elevator you can also pick up a Bar (generic melee weapon); not that it's of any importance anyway.

If you try to go East you'll find a Red Agent Honor and a respawning supply of Lollipops. The path is blocked though, so you'll need to go around the obstacle by proceeding South first, and then East/Northeast from there. Make your way to the room Northeast (there is nothing valuable elsewhere; just miscellaneous objects and Red Agent Honors), and shoot the lock on the door to enter inside.

In this room there will be a tree, and a timer will appear on the screen. To continue, you must shoot the red hands on the tree branches. Only one is the correct one; you can know which one by looking at the door where you came from. You can also just shoot down the hands randomly -- there's no penalty for making mistakes. Once you shoot down the correct hand off the tree, a short scene will trigger, stopping the countdown timer on the screen. Pick up the hand that fell on the ground (Doorknob key item).

Exit back outside and proceed Southwest. Now you can unlock the door directly South of the elevator: use the Doorknob, and be ready to tilt LS_Left/Right to defend yourself from a "surprise". In the process you will also acquire the third clue of this case, the "Peeled Off Fake Finger Nail" (C05 # 03/04; 4th).

Go through the door and follow the hallway South and then West. There will be two rooms on the way -- there's a Red Agent Honor behind some crates in the left room, and a mirror in the right room. "Observe" the mirror in the right room (the room is just before a locked gate) to trigger a short scene which will open the gate to continue further on down the corridor.

Past the gate there will be two more rooms: the left one is basically empty, while the right one contains a Coffee (Milk) and a Turkey Sandwich (inside a cabinet).

Head back to the corridor and continue West, then North. After reaching a larger room there will be a fork; either West or North. Go either way and be ready to immediately press a button to evade a "quick-time-event" attack. Then continue to head further North until you reach another fork.

At this other fork (West or North again) go North and enter the only room available to find, inside, a Shadow, a Red Agent Honor, and a First Aid Kit (Large) (in the cabinet).

Exit back outside, and continue towards West; shoot the padlock on the door on the way, and go through it. Defeat a Shadow in this new room, then go South to enter one last room.

In this last room there are various "services": Phone, Toolbox, Bed, Suitcase. Save the game now!

Then check the red-floating particles on the right to restore the power with a control panel. The phone will start ringing again: pick it up for more scenes.

Try to exit the room for another short scene; then a hide-and-seek sequence will begin. Quickly reach one of the spots in the room marked with red-floating particles (inside the cabinets in front of the door, or under the desk near the Phone; the latter is advised) and press A in front of it to get inside. Don't press A/B to Get Out/Observe: the former will make you die, while the latter can make you die if you do it in the wrong moment (namely when you have to press LT). When your "play-mate" will come and search for you, the game will eventually prompt you to press and hold LT for a short while to "hold your breath": make sure to do so, or it will be game over. Keep doing this (stay hidden in your hiding spot, whatever it is), holding the breath with LT whenever necessary, to eventually proceed with the story. Note that if York is spotted it will be game over without a second chance.

After it becomes safe to get out (it will take a while actually; it's faster if you hide under the desk, which is why I recommended it over the cabinets) (it'll be safe once there is nobody looking for you anymore), press A to "Get Out". Save the game again, just to be safe.

Then backtrack towards the elevator. After a short scene, a running sequence will begin. The running mechanics are quite...awkward, to say the least. You have to keep tilting LS_Left/Right (you can also simply rotate LS if you want) and occasionally press A or B to climb, push crates, or evade attacks. Even though it's the lamest thing he could do, York will not simply evade the crates on his way, or jump past them; instead, he will push them forward until they break or reach the opposite wall. Luckily the escape is linear, so you just have to follow the buttons on the screen, without having to worry about directions at all. Be ready to press B and A to evade the steam of some pipes towards the end, too. Thankfully, failing any of the "evasion" inputs will not cause an instant game-over, but you'll just take some damage and you'll be given a second chance to evade the enemy's attacks. All in all it's a simple sequence.

Once the chase is over, continue forward (North) towards the now-functioning elevator. Save the game once again before riding it; then operate it to start descending.

Another sequence with quick-time-events will start once the elevator lands: LS_Left/Right, then Y, B, RB, A. After the events you will get the last clue of this case, "Torn Piece of Red Raincoat" (C05 # 04/04; 2nd). Enjoy the complete Profiling and the final scenes of this Chapter.

# Chapter 06 - Greenvale inhabitants


Since we are right here, let's do the Otherworld Replay of the lumbermill.

Moyer's Lumbermill - Otherworld Replay

You'll only have to replay up until the part where the "hide and seek" took place (there won't be a replay of that sequence and the escape section). As it was in the previous replay, the doors will be unlocked, so don't worry about looking for the key items again. The elevator is also going to be functional immediately as you approach it. On the way, stop by the altar/stage in the first areas to find a First Aid Kit (Large) on it.

Aside from that, the important prize to get in this replay is Trading Card # 29/65 - Raincoat Killer (TC 37), located in the room where the "tree with hands" was (now there's a cabinet in its place; the card is inside of it). In case you forgot, the room is on the second floor (after riding the elevator up), and it's the Northeastern-most room.

After acquiring the Trading Card, proceed Southwest to find the final portal that will take you out again.


Map for the next side tasks.

Get in one of the nearby cars and reach the "race flag" icon on the map (it's West of the lumbermill, on the way as you go leave) for the last race of the game.

Greenvale Races - 3/3 (Moyer's Lumbermill)

After winning the last, easy race, Trading Card # 30/65 - Sallie Graham (TC 23) will be at hand -- follow the icon on the in-game map to access it, just a bit East of the lumbermill itself, on a rock.

Now proceed towards the Eastern-most of the two fishing Spots located North of the lumbermill (the one near a sleeping location). To reach this one, drive through the fenced area immediately Southeast of the West fishing spot (the "wrong" one), and proceed towards the second ("correct") fishing Spot as you drive Northeast on the dirt.

Fishing Spot # 02/07 - Moyer's Lumbermill (East one)

Fish to acquire the pink present, which will earn you Trading Card # 31/65 - Harry Stewart (TC 19).


Use the Radio to fast-travel to The Tree of Anna. From here, head Southwest just a bit to find Trading Card # 32/65 - Michael Tillotson (TC 20) somewhere in the parking lot of the "Greenvale Forest Park" zone.

Then descend down the path South of the parking lot (a wooden walkway. Make sure you're heading South/Southeast, and not West!), thus heading towards the three Fishing Spots located directly South of The Tree of Anna. Although you usually need a specific fishing spot to get a Trading Card, in this case any of the three spots available will work.

Fishing Spot # 03/07 - Greenvale Forest Park

Get the usual pink present to catch Trading Card # 33/65 - Jim Green (TC 16).

Double-check that you have some Onions in your inventory (if not, go buy them from Lilly Ingram in the Milk Barn. It's open from 7:30-12:00 and 13:00-18:00, only during non-Rainy days. Lilly is usually there around 10:00 and around 15:30).

Then fast-travel back to The Tree of Anna. Here you want to sleep until you manage to get a Rainy evening (about 19:00). There is a respawning Can of Pickles on the side path to the West (just behind the shack where you can sleep), so if you need Food once you are awake you can eat those. When you finally get the right conditions (19:00 Rainy), fast-travel to anywhere near Emily's House (Milk Barn is just South of it), and then go there.

Emily's House

Speak with Emily for the next side mission.

Side Mission No.007 - Another Nice Try Cooking
Quest giver: Emily Wyatt (Emily's House, Rainy evening).
Conditions: must have completed Side Mission No.006 in a previous Chapter/Chapter replay first.
Task: give her an Onion.
Reward: Trading Card # 34/65 - Industrial Waste (TC 52). Side Mission No.008 becomes available.

When it's done, fast-travel to the Greenvale General Hospital.

Greenvale General Hospital

Before you enter, open your in-game map and check the name of the characters inside (put the cursor of the map above the "human" icon). You should read, under the "[Greenvale General Hospital]" words, the names of Ushah Johnson and Fiona "Freckles". If the name of Ushah Johnson has the side-quest "notebook" icon on its left, go inside and talk to him (probably in the basement now). If that's not the case, nevermind it and continue with the story instead. At this point he should indeed give you the quest though.

Unfortunately the requirements to open this side mission have always been unclear (or maybe it's just glitchy), but I always managed to trigger it in Chapter 06, Rainy evening (about 19:00), after doing the side mission # 32 with Fiona in the previous Chapter 04 (in other words, the situation you should have right now if you followed the guide so far). Hopefully it will work for you too, but if that's not the case (if the quest icon doesn't appear for Ushah) then you may want to just continue with the story and try again in the next Chapter.

Assuming you can start the quest, speak with Ushah and decide to "Talk" to him.

Side Mission No.010 - Periodic Riddle
Quest giver: Ushah Johnson.
Conditions: uncertain. You probably need to have completed side mission # 32 in a previous Chapter/Chapter replay.
Task: "Talk" to Ushah again and pick the correct answer to solve the riddle. If you need help, check the mini-spoiler below.
Reward: Trading Card # 35/65 - Ushah's Potato Chips (TC 59).

Answer to the previous side mission:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Map of Greenvale (A & G Diner to G.V. Community Center (Mercury Theater)).

That's all for now: head back to the hotel and sleep to the next day (15:00-16:00 or just a bit later); remember to eat something (anything) when you wake up. Then fast-travel to the A & G Diner and drive your car to the Community Center (from the diner, go West first, then South).

G.V. Community Center (Mercury Theater)

Sit back and watch the scenes. When they are over, you need to speak with all the characters available here. You should have talked with most of them a first time during previous events, optional or not, but that doesn't really matter.

Speak with everyone marked on your map (George, Emily, Thomas are optional, but I suggest talking to them for extra scenes and info). After talking with a certain character, the option to speak with him/her by pressing A will disappear (the optional conversation with Thomas is split in two parts though, so you can talk with him twice instead of once).

During one of your conversations you will also meet "Wesley"; by speaking with him you will unlock the "Panda Bear" option (a sort of remote gun store) in the Toolbox. Not particularly useful actually, since you can count on the Wrench for most of the tasks, and use the infinite default handgun for the few situations requiring ranged attacks. We'll be using this feature only much later in the game, for a couple of guns in the last Chapters.

After speaking with every "civilian", a cutscene will trigger and the Chapter will end.

# Chapter 07 - Dinner


Press A to "Peek" when prompted, during the intro scene. Then decide to eat with the rest of the gang. This doesn't really have any important consequence (you can skip dinner if you want), but it's always nice to watch an extra scene in this game. Besides, you also get a free full meal!


Map for the next side tasks.

There are several side missions that we can do now before proceeding with the story (just so you know it, to complete this Chapter you only have to return to the hotel). Fast-travel to the Heaven & Hell Gas Station, and drive a few blocks West from there to reach the Panda Bear building (the gun store). Go inside (it's open from 20:00 to 06:00).

Panda Bear

"Talk" to Wesley to start a mission.

Side Mission No.035 - Beginner Collector
Quest giver: Wesley (Panda Bear).
Task: you pretty much have to do nothing. He'll reward you if more than 8 Trading Cards are in your collection.
Reward: Trading Card # 36/65 - Wesley the Gunsmith (TC 32). You will also automatically start Side Mission No.036.

Since you already have more than 16 Trading Cards (the requirement for side mission # 36), you will also complete his next quest (# 36) too and get the reward, which is the Panda Bear Card (-30% cost for items at Panda Bear's). Completing mission # 36 will also cause you to automatically start side mission # 37.

There are even more similar missions from Wesley: he will reward you again for 32 cards (which is mission # 37); then for 48 cards (mission # 38, which starts when you finish # 37); and then again for 64 cards (mission # 39, which starts once you complete mission # 38). None of these will earn you new Trading Cards, but the first two (side mission # 37 and # 38) will give you a couple of more fancy Suits, while the last one will give you an "Infinite" melee weapon.

The reward for side mission # 37 is the Suit "Passion Red", which increases York's max health (+30%). It's not going to make a difference, but it's still worth pointing out that this particular suit is not just for fashion.

Anyway, let's move on. The weather should be Rainy; that's the necessary condition for next side mission (if that's not the case, fast-travel to The Tree of Anna and sleep there until you get a Rainy evening). Fast-travel to the sheriff's department, and then drive Northwest from there (just a couple of blocks) to reach the "Galaxy of Terror" bar (open from 19:00 to 06:00). Go inside.

Galaxy of Terror

Speak with Thomas, who is serving at the counter only during Rainy nights. "Talk" to him (you can buy drinks and food from him if you want, too) to start the side mission.

Side Mission No.009 - Unwanted Customer
Quest giver: Thomas (behind the counter of Galaxy of Terror, Rainy nights).
Task: sleep anywhere (The Tree of Anna for instance) for 12+12 hours and come back to the Galaxy of Terror after 22:00 (weather doesn't matter this time) to find Jack standing by the wall on the right side of the stage where Carol is singing. Talk to Jack to complete this mission.
Reward: Trading Card # 37/65 - Carol MacLaine (TC 06).


Map for the next side tasks.

Fast-travel to The Tree of Anna and sleep here until about 10:00 of the next day. Make sure it's a non-Rainy day (otherwise sleep another 12+12 hours to "try again"); this will make Isaach and Isaiah Ingram appear just near The Tree of Anna. Meet up with the kids and speak with them a couple of times to start another quest. Note that although both kids will have the "quest icon" above their head, Isaiah won't seem to allow you to do this quest. Therefore speak with Isaach instead.

Side Mission No.012 - Someone in the Forest
Quest giver: Isaach Ingram/Isaiah Ingram (near The Tree of Anna; non-Rainy days only).
Task: you'll get the "Out of Focus Picture" item as the mission begins. Now go back to the Tree, and Sleep/Smoke until 16:30. If it's still not-Rainy weather, Carol will show up here, giving you side mission # 03 (which is connected with # 12). After completing side mission # 03 (show Carol the "Out of Focus Picture"), talk with Isaach (again, Isaiah doesn't seem to work for some reason) to complete it. Note that the twins won't be here at 16:30, but they can be found in the same place where you start the quest; just sleep to the next non-Rainy morning to find them again.
Reward: Trading Card # 39/65 - Willie (TC 36).

Side Mission No.003 - Memories of Anna
Quest giver: Carol (near The Tree of Anna; about 16:30, non-Rainy days).
Task: show her the "Out of Focus Picture" from side mission # 12.
Reward: Trading Card # 38/65 - Thomas MacLaine (TC 09).

The day must be non-Rainy for the next tasks. Fast-travel to Emily's House. Just in front of the house (East of it) you may see Sigourney. If she's not here, open your in-game map and check Northeast of Emily's house to find the "service station" (the one just West of the Northern-most bridge. We used it earlier to sleep while waiting for the right conditions to pick up the Flower with No Name); that's the other location where she might be. Again, it's important that the weather is non-Rainy. Basically any time of the day will work, except the "red hours" of the night (00:00-06:00). When you find her, speak with her.

Side Mission No.044 - Cold Pot 1
Quest giver: Sigourney (either just East of Emily's House, or in the "service station" area past the bridge directly West of the Great Deer Yard Hotel).
Task: drive her home.
Reward: Trading Card # 40/65 - "Roaming" Sigourney (TC 34). Side Mission No.045 becomes available.

Fast-travel to Lysander's Junkyard (open from 06:00-24:00 on non-Rainy days) and speak with the owner of the place for a quick side mission. It's not related to achievements, but, along with another mission that we'll do in the next Chapter, at least it will finally make police cars slightly better to drive (for instance it will fix the horrendous "steer left - car goes right" effect when the road is curvy).

Note that "The General Lysander" can also sell you cars, and they are actually slightly better than the default police cars (they can hit 60 mph without resorting to any siren). The ones for sale now cost only 900/1,100$, so they are not a bad investment. The purchased cars can be found outside the junkyard after you buy them; then they can be found in the parking lot of the Great Deer Yard Hotel. If you get in one of them, and then get out, and then use the Radio to fast-travel to any location, the cars will "follow" you (i.e. they will spawn next to you once you reach the fast-travel location. By default it was a police car that appeared next to you). With the side missions we're going to do (# 40 and # 41 in particular), police cars will become better anyway (they'll be able to reach 75 mph), so feel free to ignore the cars for sale.

Side Mission No.040 - Low Gear Parts
Quest giver: General (Lysander's Junkyard).
Task: pick up Low Gear Parts, located in the section "E5" of the junkyard. To reach them, go North first, then proceed clockwise to the East, then South, then West and finally North. Simply refer to the previous picture if you need further indications. Then give it to "General".
Reward: police cars will have better "handling" (steer better, basically). Side Mission No.041 becomes available.

While you are in the area, drive East of Lysander's Junkyard, towards the Emerald River (the river that splits the city in half). Just when the road from Lysander's Junkyard turns North instead of proceeding East, stop the car and proceed on foot towards the nearby fishing spot.

Fishing Spot # 04/07 - Emerald River

Aim for the usual pink present to get Trading Card # 41/65 - Isaach Ingram (TC 12).

That's all for now. Since you probably need it, pay a visit to the Heaven & Hell Gas Station for a refill/repair. Then fast-travel to the hotel. You'll need to pick up three correct answers to continue. They are all obvious, but just in case:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

After more scenes, you will complete the Episode one, thus unlocking:

# Episode 2 (part 1)


# Chapter 08 - Muses Gallery


The Red Room

You start in the Red Room. Pick up Chocolate Chip Cookie and Lollipop off the floor if you want, then go through the only possible door. Once you are in another room with a kid, push LS_Up to walk forward towards the kid. Then you'll resume the game in your hotel room.

Great Deer Yard Hotel

Before continuing with the story, beware that you will soon be able to trigger (even without actually wanting to do so) a side mission related to the "Bones" scattered around Greenvale. The quest triggers by approaching a certain "Forrest Kaysen" guy, who will be introduced soon as you progress with the story. There are 7x Bones in total, and you can get the best reward from side mission # 11 (the one that starts by talking with Forrest Kaysen), which is an "Infinite" firearm, only if you have 7x Bones in your inventory before starting this quest. This is not associated to any achievement, but beware of it just in case you are a completionist and you want all the possible "Infinite" weapons available for any reason. More info on this optional side quest (not related to achievements) can be found in the Side Missions page of this guide.

Exit the hotel room for a scene with Forrest Kaysen and his dog Willie (this story-related scene won't activate side mission # 11, but future random encounters with this character will); then exit the hotel.


Start by wandering off away from Emily and George, and use the Radio to fast-travel to the Milk Barn (it should be non-Rainy, 10:00 in the morning). In the Milk Barn, buy these items from Lilly: Egg, Hollandaise Sauce, Country Ham. Also restock your Cigarette (Heavy) supply while you're here.

Once you have the three Food items listed a moment ago (if your inventory is full, throw away the random Food you may have to make space for them), exit the Milk Barn. In non-Rainy conditions, open your map and check near the Great Deer Yard Hotel. You will notice a Trading Card, and maybe also Sigourney (nevermind her for now).

Great Deer Yard Hotel

Enter inside and speak with Polly; "Talk" to her to start a quest from her.

Side Mission No.031 - The Beauty
Quest giver: Polly (Great Deer Yard Hotel).
Task: reach the Northeastern-most room of the Hotel and pick up the Picture of a Beautiful Lady off the floor. There's a Trading Card in the indoor garden Northeast. Get it while you're here, then bring the picture back to Polly.
Reward: Trading Card # 43/65 - Polly's Pepper (TC 60).

If you didn't do so a moment ago, check another of the Northeastern rooms to find Trading Card # 42/65 - Kaysen's Seeding (TC 63) in the small indoor garden.

From the hotel, exit through the door Northwest to reach the back of the hotel itself. Here get Trading Card # 44/65 - Forrest Kaysen (TC 11).

Then head towards the lake, and take the path on the right on the wooden pier. By doing this you will reach the East-most fishing spot near the hotel (you need to shoot a padlock on a door on the way to get there).

Fishing Spot # 05/07 - Great Deer Yard Hotel (East one)

From the pink present in the Eastern fishing Spot by the Great Deer Yard Hotel you will get Trading Card # 45/65 - Polly Oxford (TC 26).


Fast-travel to Lysander's Junkyard (06:00-24:00 on non-Rainy days) for another "car-boosting" quest.

Side Mission No.041 - High Gear Parts
Quest giver: General (Lysander's Junkyard).
Condition: must have completed Side Mission No.040 in a previous Chapter/Chapter replay first.
Task: pick up the High Gear Parts in the junkyard. These are located in the section J10 (go West, then North, then follow the way on the right to reach them). Then give it back to "General".
Reward: police cars will have higher max speed (75 mph with the siren on). Side Mission No.042 becomes available.

Map for the next side mission.

Check if Sigourney is outside the junkyard. If she is, speak with her to start another side mission with her. If she's not there (and it is non-Rainy weather, which is required to make her appear just like the previous quest with her), then fast-travel to the Great Deer Yard Hotel, the other location where she may appear for the next quest. Either way, start her next quest.

Side Mission No.045 - Cold Pot 2
Quest giver: Sigourney (around the Great Deer Yard Hotel, or opposite Lysander's Junkyard; non-Rainy weather only).
Condition: must have completed Side Mission No.044 in a previous Chapter/Chapter replay first.
Task: drive her home.
Reward: Trading Card # 46/65 - Sigourney's Pot (TC 51). Side Mission No.046 becomes available.

Next, sleep until you get a Rainy evening (19:00). When you finally do, go to Emily's House for one last "cooking quest".

Emily's House

Side Mission No.008 - Memorable Cooking
Quest giver: Emily Wyatt (Emily's House, Rainy evening).
Condition: must have completed Side Mission No.007 in a previous Chapter/Chapter replayfirst.
Task: give her Egg, Hollandaise Sauce, Country Ham (all available from Lilly at the Milk Barn now), one by one in any order.
Reward: Weather Doll.

The Weather Doll is a very interesting item which can really help you survive and conserve healing items. The Weather Doll works like this: you can "Use" it from your inventory, and by doing so it will "switch" it to one of these settings: "suggests rain", "suggests nice weather". By setting it on the correct weather (i.e. the same weather that is in the in-game world), York's health bar will turn green (or blue, if he's not at full health). Moreover, it will automatically recover damage over time. Also, his Pulse meter will go up more slowly, and down more quickly. In other words, matching the weather "suggested" by (= set on) the Weather Doll with the actual weather in the game will give you benefits that can help you save items and survive more easily. Very handy!


Map for the next side tasks.

Fast-travel to the A & G Diner. From here, drive directly South until you reach the fishing spot near the bridge called "June Bridge". It's just North of an Otherworld Replay (which we'll do soon). To get there, stop at the Northeastern end of the June Bridge, where a side path leading to the fishing spot is available just past a wooden fence.

Fishing Spot # 06/07 - June Bridge

The pink present of this spot will earn you Trading Card # 47/65 - Isaiah Ingram (TC 13).

Head further South from June Bridge to reach the "Replay" for the first Otherworld area you visited.

Wood Path - Otherworld Replay

You know the rules by now: more Shadows, no need to detour to open the doors since they are already unlocked. The item of interest here is Trading Card # 48/65 - Shadow (TC 38), located inside a shack where a Toolbox also is. Check your in-game map if you need assistance, but you can't really miss it since it's on the way. Then proceed to the end of this replay.


Map of Greenvale (Becky's House to Muses Gallery).

Fast-travel back to the hotel and sleep to the next day (10:00 or just past it). Then fast-travel to Becky's House, which is the already-visited location closest to the Muses Gallery, and drive to the Muses Gallery itself. Before going inside you will notice a Trading Card outside of it on your in-game map, but you can't reach it yet; ergo, go on inside.

Muses Gallery

Map of Muses Gallery.

Approach the painting on the left in the entrance (the one marked with red-floating particles) to trigger a scene. Then speak with Olivia, who will be looking at the painting. As she leaves, she will drop a couple of key items by the door where you entered: go pick them up to obtain Olivia's Memo and Key to the Gallery.

Olivia's Memo is an item that you are supposed to use to solve a puzzle to continue with the story, while the Key to the Gallery unlocks the door leading to the rest of the gallery (the one opposite the entrance, on the bottom floor). You will also notice that the painting Olivia was looking at is marked with red particles; this is because it's one of the three "clues" you need to unlock a combination-locked door elsewhere in this building (I'll give you the solution in case you don't manage to figure it from the clues).

Go through the door unlocked with the Key to the Gallery, turn left, then right and continue all the way East. Turn right when you can, so you reach the Northern-most of the two small sections with stairs on either side (left/right). Descend down the stairs on the right (West) to reach a small area from where you can climb up a small platform. Then, from the platform, peek through the window to see, on the right (North) side (position yourself on the left side of the window), a door with a padlock. Use your handgun to shoot it down, thus unlocking the door.

Return in the previous hallways and enter the room you just "unlocked" (it's the one immediately West of the small stairs where you came from) to find a painting called The Girl in the Woods. This painting will be used in the next Chapter, for a side mission associated with a Trading Card.

If you want, check the bigger room South of the stairs where you came from a moment ago: there are many paintings, and one of them is marked with red-floating particles (it's the second clue for the combination-locked door). There are also red-floating particles in correspondence with a missing painting (we'll find this one soon).

Head Northeast and you will find two doors marked with the usual red-floating particles. One of them is an open door, and it leads to the basement. The other is the combination-locked door mentioned a few times earlier (the combination can be entered on the wall on the right).

Let's start by visiting the basement first: go downstairs and you'll be there. In the basement you can find a room with a few machines that you can activate. The middle one will reveal a Smoked Salmon, while the last one reveals the third and last "clue" for the door code.

Go back upstairs and enter the code in the device by the door. If you want the solution, check the spoiler below:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Go a few meters past the now-unlocked door to trigger the final scenes of this Chapter.

# Chapter 09 - A & G


Muses Gallery

It should be 11:00 in a non-Rainy day when the Chapter begins. Walk away and tell Emily that you're going on your own way. Reach the sleeping location behind the gallery (go left of the building to reach it) and sleep for 3 hours.

Now (14:00-15:00, non-Rainy) Diane should be just outside the gallery, ready to go there to re-open after the midday break. Wait for her to get in, and enter the gallery yourself. Note that sometimes she will open the gallery a bit later, at 14:30; if that's the case, eat something and smoke until then.

Speak with Diane now (she should be somewhere around the place, outside of her "office") to start the quest. Note that if Diane is already in the Northeastern room (her office) York may not be able to start the quest because he won't "want" to reach those rooms for some reason.

Side Mission No.002 - Guardian of the Art Gallery
Quest giver: Diane Ames (Muses Gallery).
Task: give her The Girl in the Woods, found in this gallery (you should have obtained it in the previous Chapter. Otherwise go get it now).
Reward: Trading Card # 49/65 - Diane Ames (TC 05).

You still can't reach the Trading Card outside the Muses Gallery, so exit the way you entered.

A & G Diner

Use the Radio to fast-travel to the A & G Diner and enjoy the scenes that will trigger here.

Then (still inside the diner) talk to Nick, Emily if you wish, and Olivia again. You will get the Key to Back Yard after speaking with Olivia.

Now you have to wait until just past 21:00. Since you just had a full meal, you can really just Smoke until it's time. Do so inside the diner, and you'll stop Smoking (and exit the diner) exactly at 21:00 o'clock. Now reach the back of the diner (the gate you have to go through can be opened from West to East) in the indicated spot to trigger scenes that will close this Chapter.

# Chapter 10 - The 2nd sacrifice


Map of Greenvale (A & G Diner to Becky's House).

You can't fast-travel to Becky's House, your destination, because you can't get out of the car. Just drive there in your car, which has unlimited gas/durability for the occasion: from the diner you can go West, take the "curvy" turn on your right (which heads Northwest, then North), and at the end of this road turn left (West) to be on the street that after a good while will take you straight to your destination. After you arrive, some scenes will trigger. Then you'll get in an "Otherworld" area.

Becky's House - Otherworld

Map of Becky's House - Otherworld.

Make a few steps on an be ready to press a button displayed on the screen to dodge a sudden attack. Examine the wardrobe on the left to find a First Aid Kit (Medium) inside, and then go through the door ahead.

If you open your map you will notice that the door where you just went through took you to the far North end of the house instead of the corridor past the door itself. No big deal, but keep it in mind to avoid getting lost.

In the Northern-most room where you will be after the first warp-door there are some services available: Suit, Phone, Toolbox, and a Bed to sleep. There is also a Cherry Pie on the floor between the Suitcase and Phone. York will also trigger the first mandatory "Profiling attempt" in this room; press A when prompted to continue (the clues for this "case" are three in total).

There are two doors in this room; one is locked, so go through the other one (the one more West). Proceed on the only possible way, down a corridor with some Shadows and then into a room. In this room there is a wardrobe where you can "Hide" into, but nevermind that. Proceed through more hallways, defeating a handful of Shadows before entering another room, and then kill a couple of more Shadows in that room to reach the corridors once again (meanwhile you'll be hearing a carillon music).

Once again, there will be only one way to go -- enter the room North. There will be infinitely-spawning Shadows here, so just kill those on the way and make a run for the other exit of this room (on the way there will be a fridge with a mere Lollipop/Hot Dog inside).

You will then reach the West-most part of the corridor. Go South, then East into another corridor infested by Shadows: kill them all, they won't respawn. At the East end of this corridor there is an infinitely-respawning supply of Lollipops if you want. Regardless of that, turn South into another corridor, and then East to return to the entrance of the house.

Don't bother going upstairs yet. Instead, "Observe" the mysterious mirror on the wall just at the bottom of the West stairs to obtain the clue "Reversed Peace Sign" (C09 # 1/3; 3rd). Now the door where you came from will be blocked by red ivy, and three Shadows will spawn: one near where you are, and two more upstairs. Defeat them all, and the door upstairs will unlock (the red ivy blocking it will disappear).

Go through the door that just became available (upstairs, as we just said). You'll be in another corridor now; open the wardrobe at the end of it to get the second clue, "Red Seed" (C09 # 2/3; 2nd). This will also spawn a couple of Shadows in the room, and open a door -- defeat the former, go through the latter.

Now you'll find yourself back in the first hallway that you visited, which is the one South of the Northern-most room. If you open your map you will notice that the other door of the Northern-most room is now unlocked: go North into the room (the door where you come from will close behind you now), and exit through the other door (opposite the bed).

Follow the new hallway all the way South, then enter the room East. In here there will be a "hide and seek" sequence; you should know how to deal with it (hide either under the small table by the door or in the wardrobe).

Once it's safe to come out, exit your hiding spot and exit this room to continue Northeast (there aren't any valuable items to loot, so just continue North). Be ready for a short "running" sequence, at the end of which you will find yourself in the entrance of the house once again, but on the East portion of it.

Grab a Root Beer at the bottom of the stairs, then go upstairs. Go through the corridor upstairs to get the last clue (it's a sort of painting at the end of it), "Bloody Camisole" (C09 # 3/3; 1st); York will automatically do the complete Profiling now.

Defeat a couple of Shadows that spawned nearby, then go through the door that just became available. You'll find yourself back in the corridor Southeast of the Northern-most room. With nowhere else to go, simply go in the room North to trigger more scenes.

Becky's House

In the bedroom where you are now there is a Stabilizer, some Cigarette (Heavy) on the drawer, and a weird painting. If you examine the painting you will find a safe, but you don't have the key yet. Go to the bathroom (the only possible door, opposite the bed) to trigger a scene.

After the scene you will find the Key for the Safe on the floor. Pick it up, then go back in the bedroom to open the safe (by the Phone, on the left) to trigger more scenes which will end this Chapter.

# Episode 2 (part 2)


# Chapter 11 - Lost child


Wander off a bit and tell Emily that you're going on your own, as always. Then use the Radio and fast-travel to Becky's House, so you can replay the Otherworld you just played (go around the house with the side path on the left, facing the entrance).

Becky's House - Otherworld Replay

The Trading Card # 50/65 - Mad Wild Bird (TC 42) you're here for is located where the "mysterious mirror" was during your first run through (you'll see it on the left just as you enter). Therefore, make your way through the house on the West side, and then pick it up before going up the Western stairs. The replay will be over once you reach the spot where you collected the "Bloody Camisole" clue (the hide/running sequences are, again, absent in the replay). Note that the East door of the bedroom (the room to the far North) will be locked the first time you enter it (one rare exception to the rule "all doors are unlocked when you replay the Otherworld").

Fishing Spot # 07/07 - Becky's House

Just near the Otherworld Replay that you just did there is also a fishing spot available. Get the pink present from it to earn Trading Card # 51/65 - Becky Ames (TC 04).


It should be morning time in a non-Rainy day. Fast-travel to G.V. Community Center (Mercury Theater) to meet up with the characters you're supposed to meet. Note that they might also be up the hill West of The Tree of Anna instead, depending on the time of the day. Just check the in-game map if you're having troubles locating them (open the map with Back, and then while viewing the map press RT to move the cursor of the map directly where your "Main Target" is).

After some scenes you'll have to pick five correct answers to close this Chapter. Again, you should know the answers, but in case you need help:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

# Chapter 12 - Fallen goddess



Wait (sleep/smoke) until it's 22:00, and then fast-travel to the Galaxy of Terror, the tavern just Northwest of the sheriff's department. Reach the nearby objective marker for a scene.

Once your "target" shows up your car will be given infinite gas and durability. Try to keep a 50-yards distance away from his car: if you accelerate too much and get too close (15 yards or less), he will "notice" you and you'll have to try again the day after. Likewise, if you go too slow and he manages to outrun you by more than 270 yard, you will also fail. Avoid using the siren of the police car, since this will cause you to be immediately detected once you are close enough (50 yards or less).

Therefore make sure to drive about 50-60 yards away from him, and most importantly without the siren. I know he drives painfully slowly (30 mph), but there's nothing you can do about it -- just keep going slowly yourself until a cutscene takes you to your destination.

Facing the Muses Gallery, check the right side of the building to notice some red-floating particles. Follow the way here to proceed counterclockwise towards the back of the building (previously there was a car blocking this path; now it's gone and you can proceed), and expect a bunch of Shadows on your way. Don't bother fighting them all; just kill those you need to break through.

As you go forward (East), stay on the right and break through a wooden fence to reach Trading Card # 52/65 - Nick Cormack (TC 21).

Backtrack before the fence after getting the card, and now break a few more fences to continue more on the left, around the back of the building. Continue until you can reach a small shack, the door of which is marked with red-floating particles (the shack is East of/behind the Muses Gallery).

Muses Gallery - Otherworld

You start in a narrow tunnel, near a Phone. There are a couple of dead end "detours" here and there, but the tunnel is fundamentally empty and straight-forward -- just sprint all the way to the end of it. On the way you'll have to defeat three Shadows, and then one "Crawling Shadow". The Crawling Shadow is the most powerful normal enemy of the game, and behaves differently from other Shadows.

When you encounter a Crawling Shadow, it's mandatory to fight "her" to proceed. The Crawling Shadow will alternatively be on the ceiling, on the walls, or on the ground/floor. You can only hit her when she's not "invisible"; she will remain invisible most of the time, but she will "materialize" when she attacks (so you'll have to evade and counter her attacks to kill her).

When she's on the ceiling, wait until her head is towards you, and then run below and past her: she will attempt to attack you (you'll see her detaching and swinging, trying to hit you), but you'll run past her, avoiding the attack. Just after running past her, turn around immediately and attack with a melee weapon. The Wrench (Infinite) is ok, but if you have something with better range/power, feel free to use that instead. With the Wrench (Infinite) on Hard it will take at least six hits to kill a Crawling Shadow.

Note that regardless of the weapon you choose you should try to hit the Crawling Shadow only with the first hit of your attacks: the second one will pretty much miss all the time, especially when the enemy is on the ceiling. Therefore approach the Crawling Shadow as close as you can after she attacks, and then try to hit her once with your melee weapon; if the first hit fails, don't try a second hit immediately. Instead, wait a few instants to "break" your one-hit combo, and hit her again with your "first" hit (which, for instance, is the swing from right to left when you use the Wrench).

When the Crawling Shadow is on the walls, the strategy is basically the same: run along the wall where she is, and keep running "past" her. Once you're by the Crawling Shadow, she will try to attack, but she will miss because you're running past her before she can hit you. At this point, turn around and attack again with a melee weapon.

When the Crawling Shadow is on the ground there isn't much you can do, because she will use an "energy ball" attack which you must dodge by pressing B when prompted (you can also simply tap B randomly, you don't have to time it precisely). Do so, and the Crawling Shadow will automatically go back to the ceiling/walls.

It takes quite a few hits to kill one of these enemies, but as long as you keep running they won't be able to hit you.

Lastly, beware that on Easy this enemy will not try too hard to hit you, and most of the times it will just materialize on the ceiling/wall without attacking you.

After defeating this first Crawling Shadow, continue until you find a ladder, and climb up to reach the Muses Gallery itself.

Map of the Muses Gallery - Otherworld.

You'll find yourself in a room with the usual "services": Phone, Suitcase, Toolbox, Bed. There are also a First Aid Kit (Small) and a Sugar Doughnut to pick up near the Phone. Do anything you want to do with these services now, since you'll be soon locked out of this room.

Exit this room, shoot a padlock on the next door, and you'll be in the entrance of the Muses Gallery. York will start the usual first automatic Profiling here.

When you're free to move again you will notice that red ivy is splitting the area in two (you're currently South), and that the door to the previous room has been blocked by red ivy as well. On your left there is a painting, and if your interact with it you'll notice that you can "Put down" something on it. You don't have the right item yet, so start by going upstairs first.

Upstairs there will be another "Put-down" painting, but you don't have the item for this one either. Go down the other stairs, and a cutscene will show a big tree in the middle of the lobby. A timer will appear on the screen now: shoot down the three objects on the tree (two on the left, one on the right as you face it) to make them fall, and then pick them up: Ripe Apple, Green Apple, Red Apple.

In addition to the two paintings mentioned earlier, there is a third painting on the North side of the lobby (it's opposite the first one we mentioned). Start by going to this one, and "Put down" the correct "apple" key item, which is the one portrayed in the painting itself; in this case (the painting in the North half of the lobby) it's the Ripe Apple. Then run back upstairs and put the Green Apple near the marked painting. Then run back to the South half of the lobby, and put the last apple, the Red Apple, by the painting.

After doing this the red ivy barrier in the room will be removed, and four Shadows will spawn in the room (three come from the three "apple" paintings, and the last one comes from the painting at the bottom of the stairs). Kill all the four Shadows, and a short cutscene will trigger; then go pick up the clue "Red Seed" (C12 # 1/3; 3rd) in the middle of the lobby.

After getting this clue, the door to the East side of the gallery will open, allowing you to proceed. Go there (East) and follow the only possible way to reach the room Southeast (there's a First Aid Kit (Small) on the way). In this room (Southeastern-most) there will be three Shadows; kill them all, and pick up the key item Key to Special Exhibition Room that one of them (the "slim girl" one) drops.

Go in the room North of this one, kill a couple of more Shadows here, and use the key you just acquired to unlock the door on the West side. After going through this door you will find the clue "Broken Stiletto Heel Shoe" (C12 # 2/3; 2nd) on the floor.

After getting this clue, the door North of the previous room will be unlocked -- go there now, and fight through the only possible way to reach the basement.

Kill all the Shadows in the basement, and then examine the various machines. They don't really have anything important to get, so feel free to go directly to the one marked with red-floating particles, thus getting the third and last clue "Reversed Peace Sign" (C12 # 3/3; 1st). Once this is done, the complete Profiling will trigger automatically, and a trap-door will become available in the upper-right corner of the basement. Go there, and descend down the ladder.

You'll be in another tunnel now. You'll have to fight a few Crawling Shadows here, one by one (three in total). Then a couple of more regular Shadows will be on your way; kill them too, break the crates opposite the ladder to get a First Aid Kit (Large) if you wish, and climb up another ladder.

After climbing up this ladder you'll be in the Northwestern-most room of the Muses Gallery. Here there are the usual general services (Phone, Suitcase, Toolbox, Bed; also a Shave sink if you want), but that's really it. Shoot the padlock of this door from the inside, and then shoot the padlock on the next door to reach the entrance again. Once you're there, some cutscenes will trigger.

Muses Gallery

When they are over, follow the "special guest" to the Northeastern-most room, and push a wardrobe in here (marked with red-floating particles) to find a secret room where you will trigger more scenes that will end this Chapter.

# Chapter 13 - Past


When the Chapter starts you can choose whether to go drink with George or not. Like earlier in Chapter 07, this won't affect the story progression, but you'll be able to see more scenes if you decide to do so. They are quite relevant to the story, so I strongly suggest you to view them by accompanying George. You'll have to speak with Carol after the scenes with George in the bar, and then talk to George again.

Regardless of your decision, then you'll have to go back to the hotel to "write your report". Before we do so, fast-travel to the Muses Gallery and replay the previous Otherworld.

Muses Gallery - Otherworld Replay

The local Trading Card # 53/65 - Crawling Shadow (TC 40) is located in the basement. In case you're wondering, it will take 8 Wrench hits to kill a Crawling Shadow in this Otherworld Replay, on Hard (it seems forever, but they will die eventually). Simply run to the basement; all the doors on the way are already unlocked. For your information, the doors that link the Northwestern rooms with the lobby are locked again in this replay, but that doesn't really matter since that's not where you're headed.

Once you get the Trading Card, there is no actual reason to continue the Otherworld Replay until the end, which would mean going through the second tunnel (now with up to four Crawling Shadows instead of the original three). Therefore feel free to take the quick way out by exiting through any of the portals before the end (there is one available just at the bottom of the ladder that links the basement with the second tunnel): you won't get the usual health/eating/sleeping free refill, but at least you'll save a bunch of time by skipping the fights against those Crawling Shadows.


Then finally head back to the hotel. You'll have to answer a few questions about the investigation progress. If you need help, these are the answers:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Many scenes will follow, and this Chapter will then end, along with Episode 2.

# Episode 3


# Chapter 14 - Tea break


The White Room

You start in some confusing "random" rooms. From where you begin, go through the doors in front of you three times in a row (first you'll head South, then North twice). At this point you will be in a room with Trading Card # 54/65 - Angel Isaiah (TC 15) inside a white drawer, just on your left (Southwest corner).

If you got lost, go back to the Title screen and "Resume" the game to restart from the beginning of this Chapter, and this time follow the indications I wrote a moment ago.

After getting the card, go through the door on the left (West) three times to reach a room with "someone" inside. Choose the first option when asked a question to continue.

Great Deer Yard Hotel

After the scenes you'll be back in the hotel, with a refilled stomach and awakeness meters (the default police car has also received a full refill and damage repair). You can speak with Kaysen in the lobby of the hotel for a scene if you want. Then exit outside for more scenes.


Map of Greenvale (SWERY 65' to Harry's Mansion).

There isn't anything optional to do, so make your way to the objective marker, located all the way Southwest in Greenvale. Unfortunately, although The Tree of Anna is very close to your destination, there is no actual path connecting that and Harry's Mansion (your destination). Therefore the quickest route will be fast-traveling to SWERY 65', and then drive West and then South from there. Thankfully a cutscene will trigger long before the actual position of the mansion, instantly transporting you inside.

Harry's Mansion

Map of Harry's Mansion.

Not much to do here, aside from solving a small puzzle. Go through the door in front of the entrance for a scene. Then proceed towards East to head towards hallways full of "guest rooms". In each of the rooms on the North and South side you will find an "umbrella" key item, and you need three of them to continue.

You can find a hint of which ones you will need by checking a musical score in a small dead end to the North just after you enter the hallways on the East side of the mansion. It's really not an interesting/complicated puzzle, so just pick up Umbrella for Guest Room No.3, 5, 6.

Then take these items towards the large "basement" room in the middle of this side of the mansion (between the hallways), and put these three umbrellas (3, 5, and 6; they correspond to the "number" of the Symphonies indicated on the musical score in the hallway), in any order, near the three statues highlighted with red-floating particles.

When it's done, go back in the hallways and enter the room where Harry is waiting to trigger more scenes which will also end this Chapter.

# Chapter 15 - Red seed



Map of Greenvale (Lysander's Junkyard to Albireo Graveyard).

Fast-travel to Lysander's Junkyard, and then drive West and South from there to reach the Albireo's Graveyard.

After the scene with Brian, head towards the fenced area marked with the usual red arrows. Since the main gate is locked, take the side path on its right (break through a wooden fence) to go around it and then enter from the back. On the way you'll have to deal with a few Shadows; kill them all easily with the Wrench to keep moving. You will also have to push forward one of two statues blocking the entrance from the back to actually reach the inside of the fenced area.

After getting the Red Seeds key item, fast-travel to Harry's Mansion and go inside.

Harry's Mansion

Map of Harry's Mansion.

This time you'll have to solve a puzzle on the West side of the mansion. Head West from the entrance; you'll be in a hallway where you can find another "musical score clue" in a dead end to the North. There's also a room with several services available, and in this room there's also a respawning supply of Can of Pineapples, just in case you need it.

Go West to reach a circular open "garden" area with three movable statues in the middle of it. If you examine the ground you will notice that they are placed on a sort of "grid". Check the numerical references on the Southwest and Northwest sides of the room, and place the three statues (in whichever order you want) in correspondence of the numbers:

- 10 and 4
- 20 and 3
- 20 and 6

In case you're wondering, the reason is that the "Piano Sonata" indicated in the musical-score in the previous corridors are Sonata No. 14, 23, 26 (10+4 = 14, and so on).

You know a statue is in position if a short cutscene shows its eyes glowing green. If the cutscene doesn't trigger, keep pushing towards the correct position on the grid until it triggers.

After solving this puzzle, continue Northwest to reach another hallway. If you go left (counterclockwise) you will reach an optional room with a Red Agent Honor inside. Moreover, if you go all the way down the hallway (counterclockwise) you can shoot the padlock of a door, thus creating a shortcut between this circular corridor where you are now and the corridor where you originally came from. It really doesn't matter though.

Then go clockwise, and at the next fork go East if you want to shoot another padlock to create another shortcut with the previous hallways. Otherwise/afterwards continue North all the way to enter the red-particles-marked room, where a few cutscenes will trigger. The Chapter will end here.

# Chapter 16 - Hidden memories


Fast-travel to the Greenvale Sheriff's Department. After a short cutscene, you'll be in the Otherworld.

Greenvale Sheriff's Department (Archive) - Otherworld

Map of Greenvale Sheriff's Department (Archive) - Otherworld.

Defeat a couple of Shadows in the first hallway, and then start the usual first mandatory "Profiling" in the first room you will enter. As always, there are clues to find. After this, check the room on the right if you want (there are the usual services: Bed, Phone, Suitcase, Toolbox), and then proceed South.

On the way there will be several machines you can interact with, on either side. None of them contain any important item, so feel free to ignore them altogether. One of these machines is marked with red-floating particles though (it's on the left/East side); examine this one to get the first clue of this Chapter, "Broken Safe" (C16 # 1/3; 3rd).

Go South, then turn East into another hallway. Enter the first room on the left from here to access a room with a Red Agent Honor, and then enter the room adjacent to this one (East of it). In here you will find another Red Agent Honor, and more importantly also the second clue, "Red Seed" (C16 # 2/3; 2nd).

If you go through the door East of this room you will automatically return to the previous hallway (it doesn't make much sense, but that's how it's designed). Either way, return to the previous hallway, and continue to the room South of those where you've just been. This larger room is infested by quite many Shadows, so it's best if you just sprint East of it without even fighting (if you want, there are some 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells in the corner Southwest, and a First Aid Kit (Large) in the corner Southeast).

Follow the hallways to reach the room far Southeast. In this other large room there are also many Shadows, and it's best if you just sprint towards the shelf marked with red-floating particles to pick up the third and last clue, "Dried Drops of Water" (C16 # 3/3; 1st), near the left shelf. York will automatically complete the Profiling now. Some cutscenes will trigger now that the Profiling is complete, and the Chapter will end.

# Chapter 17 - New Raincoat Killer


Velvet Falls

The game won't let you free-roam in this very short Chapter, and it will force you into a fishing sequence instead. You're given a fishing Rod for free if you don't already have one, and also an infinite supply of "worm" (baits). Without any alternative, fish to catch the prize marked with the icon of a steelbox. Watch the cutscenes that will follow your successful catch, which will mark the end of this Chapter.

# Chapter 18 - The 13th bell


In case you're wondering, the Otherworld you played in Chapter 16 can't be replayed. Therefore, let's just proceed with the story -- fast-travel to Harry's Mansion. After a short scene you'll be in its Otherworld version.

Harry's Mansion - Otherworld

Map of Harry's Mansion - Otherworld.

In this Otherworld version of the mansion you will explore the North part which you couldn't access in the real world.

Head North towards a large room, where a couple of items are located near some tables (High Quality Beef and First Aid Kit (Small)). Take the hallway heading East from here, and some ivy will appear to block the door which was previously available. Some Shadows will also spawn in the large room: kill them all (just four of them in total) to despawn the red ivy that appeared a moment ago.

Go through the door leading East, which is now available again. There will be a fork in the next hallways: either East or Northeast. You can ignore the path in front of you (East) since it leads to a dead end with a Red Agent Honor, and nothing more. Proceed Northeast instead, so you can reach a large open "garden" Northeast. In here a bunch of Shadows will spawn: kill them all. When they are all dead, the red ivy blocking the door Southeast will be removed, allowing you to continue through it.

Head there to reach another hallway, from where you can go either left or right. Go right first to get a Turkey Sandwich, and then go the other way (counterclockwise) to proceed. At one point there will be a fork. If you go left you can reach a room with several services (Bed, Phone, Suitcase, Toolbox) and a Bait (Knife Worm) in the bathroom.

Exit North and continue on the balcony far North, heading West as you kill a bunch of Shadows. Go back inside when you can, and fight your way to the South. Before shooting the padlock of a door leading South you can detour towards a dead end on the right (West) to find some miscellaneous ammo; then proceed South after shooting the padlock.

Now you're back in the West side of the mansion. You can reach another room full of the usual services here (in this room you can also flush the toilet to get a Flare), but your destination is Northwest. You'll need to make your way there the same way you did in the "real world" version of this part of the mansion, except that in the garden Southwest you'll have to fight a bunch of Shadows (three waves) instead of solving the statues puzzle this time.

There will be a cutscene on the way. Continue until you actually reach the room Northwest, and quickly push a couple of buttons near two statues (a timer will appear when you push the first button; you must push the second button before the time runs out) -- this will create a tunnel that will let you proceed. Follow the only possible way from here to trigger some cutscenes that will lead you to the end of this Chapter.

# Chapter 19 - Apartment



Map of Greenvale (Harry's Mansion to Thomas' House).

When the Chapter begins you'll be forced to drive all the way to Thomas' House. It's quite far, but at least the way there is easy: always stay on the "large" street where you are and you'll get there. You also have infinite gas and the car can't break down, so it should be no problem.

In case you're wondering, the Otherworld of the previous Chapter *can* be replayed; just not now, because the story will force you to head in specific locations for a while (you'll be able to free-roam again only at the end, in Chapter 26).

Thomas' House

You'll be prompted to press A to "Return needle" and then again to start Profiling -- do so.

When you're free to move, examine the wardrobe on the right to find Trading Card # 55/65 - Thomas' Biscuit (TC 57) inside. Next to this wardrobe there is also the first clue of this investigation, "Red Wig" (C19 # 1/3; 2nd). In this room there are also a Bed and a Suitcase.

Anyway, proceed towards the kitchen, grab a Cherry Pie from the fridge if you want, then head South towards the living room. On the floor here you will find the second clue, "Wet Boot Prints" (C19 # 2/3; 1st). In the same room there are also Cigarette (Heavy) that you can pick up, and an infinite supply of Lollipops.

Open the only possible door from this room to reach the bathroom, where you can pick up the last clue "Thomas' shoes" (C19 # 3/3; 3rd). Doing this will trigger the classic automatic Profiling, and some cutscenes will lead you to the end of this Chapter.

# Chapter 20 - Cruel device


Greenvale (Otherworld)

Map of Greenvale (Thomas' House to Galaxy of Terror).

Get in the nearest police car (you can't use the Radio), and drive to the objective marker, the Galaxy of Terror. For your information, although driving over Shadows in the street is fun, it also damages your car (quite a lot on Hard) -- best if you avoid them if you can.

Before you can reach your destination a cutscene will interrupt you, forcing you to proceed on foot as you chase after someone (needless to say, don't stop fighting Shadows since it would be a pointless waste of time). This "someone" will lead you around a block first, and then ("after one lap", so to speak) to the Galaxy of Terror.

Galaxy of Terror - Otherworld

Map of Galaxy of Terror - Otherworld.

Near the entrance there is a Bed, Phone, and Toolbox. Save the game while you're here.

Go forward and you will notice some fire on either side of the room.

As soon as you hear Shadows approaching, be ready to back off: from now on you will start to encounter Shadows set on fire, which will act as sorts of "kamikazes", hitting you (usually in groups) with weak, but fast melee attacks. A Shadow set on fire will be instantly killed with one of your attacks (any attack), and they can also die from the fire after a short while. Thankfully their melee attacks won't deal a lot of damage though, so it's no big deal if they surprise you.

Proceed further on to trigger a short scene and start the first mandatory "Profiling". Search the bar area to find a Country Ham and Root Beer, and then go North to start a "running" sequence, which will then be followed by a hide-and-seek part. You should be familiar with all of this, so it should be no problem.

When it's done, run through a few changing rooms (pretty much empty rooms), and then North through a hallway. Keep your hands on the controller and your reflexes ready as you go North down the hallway, since a quick-time-event will trigger midway through.

At one point you will reach some restrooms. The door to go North of it is currently locked. You can access the toilets on the left (West) side: find the one with a broken door, and go inside; then turn left and head South (inside the left ones) to find a fissure in the wall from where you can Peek through. Do so (press A) to spawn some Shadows which will open another door from the inside, thus allowing you to reach the first clue "Thomas' Sheriff Badge" (C20 # 1/2; 1st).

The door on the North side of the restroom will open up now that you have the first clue. Proceed onwards, and fight three Crawling Shadows, then two normal Shadows, and then one last Crawling Shadow on your way to reach a "safe" room with some services: Bed, Phone, Toolbox, Suitcase. In this room there is also a Root Beer, a couple of Red Agent Honors, and two switches marked with red-floating particles. Push both switches (more than once if necessary) to turn on a couple of red lights and unlock the door leading South.

Go there once it's open, and make your way through the corridors (only one way to go), checking dead ends for some extra items if you wish to do so (as always, they are not important stuff). You will eventually reach another room, where a "running" sequence will take place. This time be ready to press quite a few buttons quickly when they appear on the screen, so you can avoid various sources of damage as you escape.

You will then reach a room full of fire. Expect many Shadows set on fire as you make your way around the room -- because of the fire you'll need to proceed clockwise from Southwest to the door Southeast. Nothing out of the ordinary, just be careful when you hear Shadows spawning and defend yourself from their attacks.

Once you reach the door, go through it to reach the last room of this infested place. Here you'll find a Phone, as well as the second and last clue of this case, "Wooden Ice Pick" (C20 # 2/2; 2nd). A scene will also show you the way to go; head there, and be ready for another short "running" sequence that will then take you to the end of this Chapter. Follow the buttons prompted on the screen when necessary to continue, and then proceed downstairs to trigger the final scenes of the Chapter.

# Episode 4


# Chapter 21 - Cat fight


Run on the path ahead of you. Although it will feel like running forever, there is actually and end to it. Before reaching the end you will notice Trading Card # 56/65 - Brian Xander Morgan (TC 27) on the ground; you have no compass or minimap, but it's still very visible on the screen (can't miss it, really). Shortly afterwards you'll reach the end of the path, which will trigger a bunch of cutscenes.


Keep following the many story events until you eventually enter a building.

Greenvale Community Center (Clock Tower) - Otherworld

There will be Shadows in here, and no important items to pick up. The areas are all small rooms with stairs that lead up or down; keep going up to continue with the story.

The only Shadows you should fight are the four (one after another) that will be on the way, unavoidable; aim for their head and shoot them until they go down. Also don't forget to reload (RT+B) after killing them, so you are ready to fight the next ones immediately. If you need to heal, don't be cheap on First Aid Kits (especially the "Medium" ones) -- you'll be able to restock before long.

After going up many stairs (after the four Shadows on the way) you'll find many Shadows in a larger area. DO NOT LET THEM CORNER YOU! Either shoot them from a safe distance, or lure them on a side of the room, blow up some barrels to clear the way, and sneak away elsewhere. There will be one barrel immediately on your left as you reach the floor where they are, and a few more barrels next the stairs leading upwards. If they corner you, especially on Hard, it can be a fast game-over since you won't be able to efficiently kill them (you don't have any melee weapon to use). Luckily, even in that case, there was a "checkpoint" in the entrance of this area, so if you choose "Continue" after a game over here you won't have to restart the whole Chapter.

After defeating these enemies, proceed through a door and go upstairs to eventually reach a room with a Bed, a Phone, and a respawning supply of First Aid Kit (Medium). Make sure to stock up on the First Aid Kit (Medium), rest to recover your health, and also make sure to save the game.

When you're ready, go upstairs to proceed with a boss fight.

Boss Fight

There isn't much to say about this boss fight actually: you are on a platform, away from the opponent, and you must shoot the boss (best if you manage to get a headshot, but don't try too hard). The enemy can only damage you with attacks that can be evaded by pressing B or a combination of three buttons, as displayed on the screen.

Sometimes the boss will "ride a hook" and swing above (attack) you a few times in a row, but eventually this will stop. If necessary, help yourself with LT to "find" the enemy more easily when you lose sight of the boss, but try to rely on manual aim (without LT) when you attack -- to make things harder they made it so that if you press LT the aim will actually always be above your target.

In case you turned it on, it's better if you turn off your flashlight (press Y to toggle it), since the light may make the boss and background too bright to see clearly.

After the boss fight you'll be in a small room with Phone, Bed, and a First Aid Kit (Large). You may notice how your inventory has been erased at the moment; nevermind that, and just exit this room to trigger more scenes and complete this Chapter.

# Chapter 22 - The throne of abyss


Greenvale Sheriff's Department - Otherworld

Map of Greenvale Sheriff's Department - Otherworld.

You have your items back now. Moreover, you've also received the 9mm Handgun Sheriff Custom (Infinite) weapon, which has 3 more bullets than the default handgun of the FBI.

Head Northeast; a short scene will trigger. Continue further East from here and you'll reach the office where there are a Phone, Suitcase, Toolbox, and most importantly also the clue "Key for Hidden Room" (C22 # 1/2; 2nd) on a desk. Pick this up, then head back out of this room. Now all the red ivy in the department have been removed, and Shadows have spawned. There are several enemies that, when defeated, will drop specific "keys" for the cells in the basement. There are also the usual miscellaneous (read: useless) items here and there -- my advice is to sprint to the exit, ignoring everything else.

In order to proceed with the story you only need Key for Cell No. 06 now, and this one is located in the room Northwest; you'll need to examine the left-most machine to spawn the enemy that will drop it when defeated. For reference, key for room # 1 is located in the room Northeast; key for room # 2 is in one of the two rooms Southwest; key for room 3 is in the Eastern corridor; key for room 4 is in the room Southeast -- you don't need any of these anyway.

Once you have Key for room No. 06, head down to the basement. Open the various cells if you want, but they really contain nothing useful. The last one on the right is cell # 6; go in here and defeat the enemy inside to get Key for Room No. 05 from him. Then use this last key to open the middle cell on the West side (marked with red-floating particles) to continue.

After going in room # 5, push a door near the wall (hold A until it's completely open) to find a secret passage. Follow this passage down to reach a large circular room.

Reach the small altar in this circular room to spawn a bunch of Shadows; defeat them all and they will drop the second and last clue of this case, "Carol's Ear Rings" (C22 # 2/2; 1st). Then the scenes that will end the Chapter will trigger.

# Episode 5


# Chapter 23 - Dawn


Enter the Greenvale Sheriff's Department again to continue.

Greenvale Sheriff's Department (Chapter 23) - Otherworld

Map of Greenvale Sheriff's Department (Chapter 23) - Otherworld.

As you can see, this area is completely different from the original version of the department, though you may be able to recognize some of the areas from objects here and there (such as the counter of the lobby where you enter).

Proceed either left or right to go North, and go through the only possible door to reach another room. Go East from here until you reach a long room with many "deer heads" on the walls. Some of them (three in total) are marked with red-floating particles and are turned upside-down: hit them all (one by one) with a melee weapon to open a door Northwest in this room. Note that a Shadow will spawn every time you hit one of these deer heads; you don't have to fight, but feel free to do so. The game gives you a respawning supply of Steel Pipes (Northeast corner of this area), just in case you happen to be completely out of melee weapons to hit the deer heads with.

Go Northwest to continue, and proceed through a hallway (on the left there's a room that you can access to get a Thomas' Biscuit if you want) to the next room. As you reach another room a "running" sequence will start. This time it's a bit different from the usual sequence of this kind, since you can actually run freely. There isn't anything worth picking up anywhere though, so just run where you're supposed to, and continue with the story events.

After this part, keep going West into a corridor. Here there will be a fork: either North or further West. Continue going West for now, and follow a hallway all the way until you enter a small room with a bunch of services (Phone, Bed, Toolbox, Suitcase). In the same room there is also a key item on a desk: it's the Curvy-Tailed Flying Squirrel Key -- pick it up.

Make your way back to the previous fork; you'll have to defeat a couple of Crawling Shadows on the way. After getting rid of them, go North; you can ignore the machines on either side of the room, since they don't contain any important item (just a Stabilizer and a First Aid Kit (Medium)). Use the Curvy-Tailed Flying Squirrel Key on the door Northwest to proceed.

Follow the only possible way to reach a room with fire on the floor. Avoid the attacks of the Shadows that will spawn, check the East wall to find a Smoked Salmon, and then go around the fire to proceed West. In the next room you'll enter (one with some shelves) you can pick up a First Aid Kit (Small) on the right, and Chocolate and 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells on the left. Proceed North from here.

You are now in another room where you need to chase after someone; do so and proceed North. After going North through a door, go East (right) into a small room instead of proceeding West if you want to pick up the Emily's Bagel Sandwich inside. Then proceed West; a rolling shutter will automatically open once you approach it, allowing you to continue.

The next room will be full of enemies armed with Shotgun, ready to shoot you from a behind-cover position. They are extremely dangerous, and you can't really reach them with melee attacks. Therefore, don't even bother looking at them, and just run for your life by sprinting all the way to the West, where another rolling shutter will open up as you approach it.

Continue in the "cells" area, and be ready to press a button to dodge a quick-time-event attack. Then enter the only possible cell to reach a big staircase. There are several Red Agent Honors here, as well as various miscellaneous items (either out in the open, or hidden in crates). None of these is actually valuable, so feel free to just sprint all the way up to the last safe room before an expected boss fight. In this safe room you can find a Turkey Sandwich, and all the possible services.

While you're here, reach the Toolbox and use the option Panda Bear to buy the weapon .357 Magnum (it's quite expensive, but well worth it). Also buy some bullets for this weapon; you probably have more than enough from random looting in the previous Chapters, but it's best if you stock up. To be safe, make sure to have at least 30+ bullets total (check the amount you have in the inventory from the pause menu).

Don't forget to save the game! When you're ready, continue through the door in this room.

Boss Fight

Like the boss fight of Chapter 21, this boss can damage you only with attacks preceeded by quick-time-events that allow you to evade the attacks all the time as long as you input the buttons prompted on the screen correctly. The defense, therefore, should never be a problem.

The offense is a bit complicated though. The boss's only weak spot is on the back, and it's typically exposed only after the boss attacks you. The best weapon to use here is the .357 Magnum: maximum power, and ranged attacks. There aren't really special tricks, or strategies that can cause the boss to expose the weak spot more easily, but there are indeed better openings than others to attack.

One of the best openings to attack is when he does a "slow charge" attack with his weapon before his chest as a sort of protection, and slowly walks towards you. After inputting the three buttons to dodge this attack there will be a large enough time to aim and shoot the boss once in his back. Try not to be too distant from the boss, since if you're too far he will probably use a ranged attack instead. If you see him preparing this attack, literally run into him on purpose to trigger the three-buttons quick-time-event that will then allow you to counter.

Another good opportunity is when the boss does a "swing attack": you'll see him raising his weapon for a few instants before ultimately swinging to attack in melee range. If you see him preparing this attack, step back to avoid being within his range of attack (if you are too close you'll have to input the three buttons to avoid the attack, and this kinda makes you miss the opportunity to counter). Then, as soon as he swings, press RT and get ready to shoot the weak spot. Hewill expose his right side in this case, so (facing him) step back and a bit to the left if you see him preparing this attack.

Another great opportunity to attack is while the boss taunts you; plenty of time to go behind him and shoot the weak spot.

Also note that you can shoot the boss's weak spot again after the first shot (the boss kneels for a few seconds after a strong enough hit, exposing the weak spot to more attacks): don't miss this opportunity to basically double your damage output opportunities.

Even on Hard, just 6 shots of the .357 Magnum will be enough to finish the fight. Be patient and wait for one of the three aforementioned openings to attack; it's not hard, just a bit slow-paced. Note that the boss might get up again after you shoot his health all the way down; hit him again if necessary (what may happens is that he may have so little health left that you can't even see it, but another shot is still required).

After a cutscene the boss's health will be replenished and a second fight will start, but it's pretty much the same as the first one.

A third phase will ensue after more scenes. In this phase you just have to shoot (use the "sheriff" handgun, since the fire power doesn't matter in this case) the weapon thrown by the boss, when he does so. Shoot a few times if necessary, and aim for the blue-glowing extremities of the weapon. Obviously don't press B to "evade" unless his weapon is about to hit you before you can shoot it. After this third phase, the Chapter will end.

# Chapter 24 - Red tree


Turn around immediately as you start to find Trading Card # 57/65 - Valentine Morgan (TC 28) near the door behind you.

Proceed on the path, and talk with every character on the way to unlock the door ahead. Then go through the door and follow the story events.


Map of Greenvale (Greenvale General Hospital to George's House).

You will obtain a couple of key items, the Key from Kaysen and a Map. Since you can't use the Radio, get into a police car and drive to your destination. Note that you'll be given unlimited gas and durability for your car, but you also won't be able to get out of it until you reach the objective marker. On the way there will be giant dogs on the street; avoid them (they can't damage your car, but you can't run over them either).

George's House

There is a Phone in front of you, and more importantly also Trading Card # 58/65 - Stuffed Deer (TC 62) in the bathroom on the West side of the house (check the in-game map to find it).

After getting the Trading Card, proceed towards the door marked with red-floating particles, which is a "push" door (keep pushing it until it's all open). Reach the basement from here, then push a wardrobe away to be able to access a secret room, thus ending this Chapter.

# Episode 6


# Chapter 25 - Zach Morgan


Greenvale (1956)

You will play a flashback sequence in this Chapter. You need to reach your destination before a sort of "timer" runs out. The timer is not immediately visible on the screen, but you will hear a bell ringing up to 12 times (the game will count for you). After the 12th ring of the bell or after getting to a specific area, some gates will open, and at this point a timer will appear on the screen. If you don't reach your destination before the time runs out, it will be game over. You can kill enemies on the way, but you don't really have time for that.

There is no map, and you need to move in the open street, which makes everything potentially very confusing. Follow these directions carefully:

- From where you start, go forward (and a bit to the left) until you reach a red-ivy barrier
- Once you reach the red-ivy barrier, stay close to it and go right. Follow the red-ivy barrier so it remains on your left; this will mean turning left as the red-ivy barrier makes an angle
- Continue forward as the red-ivy barrier stays on your left. You will go across a grass field
- When the red-ivy barrier makes another angle to the left, follow it (turn left). You'll cross a street, and then go on some grass again
- Shortly ahead you will see a wooden fence on your left (the red-ivy barrier is discontinued before the fence): break through it as soon as you see it
- Ahead and on the right there is some fire and some people gathered together. From where you come, go right past the fire, and then proceed forward (and a bit to the right) from the fire to reach the street again. If you take the wrong alley (one of the many that are not directly in front of the fire) you will stumble across the red-ivy barrier again, and you won't be able to proceed because of it. You basically need to stay as right as possible (with another red-ivy barrier on your right) after you turn right to go past the fire
- You will reach the street again. Turn left
- At the next street intersection, turn right
- At the next street intersection, turn left
- Now follow the street all the way until you reach your destination


You'll be told to avoid fighting the enemies out in the open. Do so (don't fight! If you hit them even once it will be game over), and reach the nearby green circle/objective marker to continue.

The White Room

Now you are in the "White Room". Here there are the usual services available (Phone, Bed, Suitcase, Toolbox). Save the game!

You also want to buy the 5.56 Assault Rifle CQB and completely refill your ammo stock for this weapon and for the .357 Magnum. You should have more than enough cash to do so. This is not essential of course, but it will speed things up in the next fights, especially on Hard.

Then open the door ahead and confirm (first option) your intention to proceed. After many cutscenes the game will give you a three-options choice. Although you're told that "no matter what you choose, it's ok", what you choose *does* matter.

In case you pick either of the two "wrong" options, different cutscenes will trigger and you'll be sent back to the Red Room. At that point you'll be given another two-options choice; if you decide to "Give up" (second option) you'll cause a game over; if you choose the first option instead you will be given another chance at the previous choice (as if nothing happened).

The correct choice is:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Many scenes will trigger, and then a boss fight will start.

Boss Fight

Phase one

Like in the previous boss fights, the enemy can only damage you with attacks that you can avoid by pressing a button before getting hit. During the three phases of the fight make sure to switch the Weather Doll in your inventory (the weather conditions will change from phase to phase), so you never have to worry about the occasional damage you may take.

Attacking the boss shouldn't be a problem, either: aim at him as he's hanging from the ceiling, and shoot. The health of the boss will go down very slowly, even with the .357 Magnum (which is the best weapon for this fight).

The boss will fall on the ground after you shoot him when he's hanging from the ceiling, but only if you deal enough damage (a shot, or max two shots of the .357 Magnum will always knock him down). You can shoot him again immediately as he falls on the ground, but beware that he won't take damage when he starts getting up.

When he does so (he starts to get up), wait for his next attack (he will ram you like a sort of giant "ball"), and dodge it with the buttons displayed on the screen (reload your weapon while you wait, maybe). Now he'll be back on the ground again, close to the stage where you are standing: shoot him a few times until he gets up (you have enough time to shoot all the six bullets in the .357 Magnum magazine). Rinse and repeat until he's dead.

As always, manual aim (without LT) is better than "auto aim" (with LT), but using LT is handy to quickly point the gun at the boss. Then, once he's on the screen near the crosshair of your gun, release LT and aim more accurately with RT-only to shoot. On Hard you will need about 40-60 bullets of the .357 Magnum to finish him off.

Phase two

After the first phase there will be a second phase where you need to run and avoid the boss's attacks with the usual buttons on the screen.

Phase three

A third phase will trigger after a long run in phase two. In this last phase the boss can attack you with a "shockwave" attack that can't be avoided with the usual buttons on the screen. Instead, you'll have to move away from the green shockwaves to avoid getting hit. The boss during the third phase can only be damaged if you shoot the "thing" he has in his right hand.

After dealing enough damage (every few shots), the boss will become temporarily invincible as he recovers from the damage, so don't waste bullets when you see him complaining about the pain (reload while you wait, maybe) because you won't deal damage even if you hit the "thing" in his hand.

The best position to fight is right in front of the boss, since you have a clear angle at the "thing" in his right hand from here. The best weapons to use in this phase are the .357 Magnum and the 5.56 Assault Rifle CQB. One shot of the .357 Magnum will be enough to deal enough damage to "stun" the boss (i.e. to cause him to do his "pain complaint" animation while he's invincible and doesn't attack), so as long as your aim is not too bad you should always manage to shoot him before he can attack. You may or may not have enough ammo to finish him with the .357 Magnum though, but the 5.56 Assault Rifle CQB is a good alternative (about eight shots with it will be enough to "stun" the boss). In any case, keep using the .357 Magnum until you have ammo for it/until the health of the boss is completely down.

After taking down all the health of the boss, he will hide the "thing" in the front pocket on his chest. Shoot at his head to make him attack you (shooting his head is not necessary, but speeds things up a little). Wait for one of his shockwave attacks, and then "ride" his hand (approach it and press A when prompted) before he raises the fist again. You will then automatically run up to his shoulder, from where you can shoot his chest. You may or may not see the "thing" inside his pocket clearly, but it doesn't matter -- shoot blindly if you have to, just don't waste time. The 5.56 Assault Rifle CQB is definitely the best weapon for this purpose, since you will rely on the quantity rather than quality of your shots.

If you deal enough damage to the "thing" inside the pocket now the fight will be over. Otherwise the boss will push you away, he will recover most of his health, and you'll have to repeat this phase of the fight again. If that's the case (if he recovers health), you'll probably finish off the boss the second time you get up on his shoulder to shoot the "thing" in his front chest pocket.

# Episode 7


# Chapter 26 - Epilogue


After all the scenes you will eventually resume control of York again. You can use the Radio and free-roam again in this Chapter. Your destination is set at the Great Deer Yard Hotel, but there are several things to do before leaving.

First of all let's do the last two side missions related to Trading Cards. Make sure the time of the day is about 14:00, and it's not a Rainy day. Then head to Harry's Mansion (you start there actually); unfortunately the Radio will not take you to the mansion itself, so you'll need to drive quite a long distance (South) to get there.

Harry's Mansion

Go North and speak with Harry for a side mission.

Side Mission No.022 - Greenvale Trivia
Quest giver: Harry Stewart (Harry's Mansion; afternoon, non-Rainy day).
Task: answer three correct questions in a row. See list below if you need help. Note that talking to Harry again (to be asked the questions) is a bit tricky, since the button inputs to talk to him will only appear when the camera and York are in a certain position next to Harry. Just move around a bit if you can't talk to him; eventually you'll get in the correct spot. Also note that you won't be able to talk to him if Michael is..."serving lunch" (in this case, wait/smoke a bit until Harry is free to talk again).
Reward: Trading Card # 59/65 - Francis York Morgan (Child) (TC 02).

These are the questions he will ask you:

Sigourney always carries around a certain item. What is it? - A pot.
What did York consider a big problem after Emily visited him at the hotel? - Emily had been thinking about Zach.
What was written on the Velvet Falls cup? - The big fish are biting at Velvet Falls.
What did Thomas call Emily's cooking? - Amazon frontier cooking.
What are the names of George's dumbbells? - Arnold and Sylvester.
Which of the following was Anna Graham's dream? - To become a model in the city.
In Diane's art gallery, most of the paintings are paintings of what? - Trees.
Who had lunch at the hotel with Polly when it rained? - Forrest Kaysen.
In the beginning, why was Diane out of town? - Was at an auction.
The keeper of the woods Jim Green. Who is he father of? - Lilly Ingram.
Wesley's gun shop, Panda Bear is open during which of the following hours? - 20:00 - 06:00
Sheriff's assistant Thomas also worked at which of the following? - Carol's "Galaxy of Terror".
Which of the following does Dr. Ushah Johnson like to eat most? - Potatoes chips.
What was the first thing Carol Ames said? - Anna was an airhead.
What makes the owner of the gasoline stand, Jack the Raging Bull talk? - Benjamin Franklin.
Richard's son Quint. What is his favorite past time? - Tinkering his bike.
Who does the cooking, Nick or Olivia? - Nick.
What type of dog did Forrest Kaysen own? - Dalmatian.
What is the most important thing to Keith Ingram, after his family? - Grecotch.

In the spoiler below there are two very spoilerish (story-related) possible questions related to the previous Side Mission. Don't open this spoiler if you haven't reached Chapter 26.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

When it's done, enter the room left (West) of the one where Harry is, and examine the diary on the desk here to start another quest.

Side Mission No.23 - The Incomplete Treasure
Quest giver: examine the diary in Harry's Mansion.
Task: exit the mansion and reach the A & G Diner (09:00-21:00, non-Rainy days only). Check the tables on the right side to find the Bird Carving key item (it can be here only after starting the quest); pick it up. Since you're here, eat until you're completely full, so you can then smoke until it's about 21:00 (you'll automatically exit the diner at this exact hour). At this point (21:00, non-Rainy) go back to Harry's Mansion and speak with Michael Tillotson (in the same room as where the diary was) to show him the Bird Carving and complete the quest.
Reward: Trading Card # 60/65 - Liquified Food (TC 50).

Now exit the mansion and go play its Otherworld version, just outside the mansion itself.

Harry's Mansion - Otherworld Replay

Trading Card # 61/65 - Red Tree (TC 46) is located in the garden Southwest. To reach it you'll need to go North, then Northeast, then West, and finally South to the garden.

After getting the card, continue to reach the end of the replay (the secret tunnel Northwest). Before exiting you will find a special weapon on the floor: it's the Chain Saw (Infinite). Pick it up (it's not particularly important, but still nice to have it. In case you want to try it, make sure to hold down the A button when you attack; keep it held down until York kills the Shadow), then enter the circle to exit the replay and refill your stomach/awakeness meter.

When you're out, fast-travel to the G.V. Community Center (Mercury Theater), and start the next Otherworld replay.

Greenvale Community Center (Clock Tower) - Otherworld Replay

This is the section you played earlier as "someone else". The replay is done with York though. Make your way all the way up to where you fought the boss of this place to find (just where you were shooting the boss from) Trading Card # 62/65 - Mad Wild Dog (TC 41).

Then proceed further up to reach the room where York was "sitting" during the story; just on the chair there will be the Grass Cutter (Infinite) weapon, and the circle that will take you outside.

When you're out, fast-travel to the Greenvale Sheriff's Department for its Otherworld replay.

Greenvale Sheriff's Department (Chapter 23) - Otherworld Replay

This is the version of the department you visited during Chapter 23 (the messed up one).

Now that you have it, use the Grass Cutter to kill the enemies more quickly: this weapon can't stun them, but it's enough to hold down the A button to attack them for a few seconds (step back while you "cut" them, so they can't reach/hit you) to kill a Shadow. The Trading Card # 63/65 - Reversed Peace Sign (TC 47) of this place will be found in the cell before the big staircase that led to a boss fight during the story.

After acquiring the Trading Card, proceed up the staircase to find the Axe (Infinite) at the top (on the right) of the stairs. Then exit with the nearby portal (the usual circle on the floor).

The next and last replay is in the Galaxy of Terror.

Galaxy of Terror - Otherworld Replay

Proceed all the way through the areas until you reach the restrooms (the area where you found Thomas' badge during the story); in here you'll find Trading Card # 64/65 - Red Seeds (TC 48). There is no good reason to continue all the way until the end of this replay: there are Crawling Shadows on the way, and it'd be just a waste of time.

Just for your information, at the end of this replay you could find the 5.56 Assault Rifle CQB (Infinite) weapon (near the piano), but it's hardly worth the trouble now that you've just dealt with the last Shadows of the game. Therefore feel free to simply exit back outside through the circle in the restroom itself instead of completing the replay.


At this point you have are ready to complete the game: fast-travel to the hotel, and get inside for some scenes (press A to "Talk" if you want). When asked, decide that you're ready to leave (first option) to continue and end this Chapter. You may skip the credits (press Start) if you wish. After the credits you will unlock, depending on the difficulty you've played, one of these achievements:

Watch the final scene after the credits, and then you'll be taken back to the title screen menu.

# Title Screen - Special Menu


Press Start at the title screen menu. At the screen where you can select Load Game/Options, etc. there will be a new entry now, the "Special" menu (it appears only after completing the game). Click on it and you'll reach a "room-looking" menu which looks much like the pause menu. You can navigate in this "room" (with the "arrows" in the bottom-right corner of the screen) to find four "collections":

- The Television (right side) has the movies collection (you can watch any cutscene of the game again from here)
- The Juke Box (right side) has the game OST
- The Trading Card (left side) has the Trading Cards you've collected in the playthrough you've just completed
- The ??? (left side) will be unlocked soon; it contains the last Trading Card
- The Coverage Photo (front side) contains four groups of several pictures (Cityscape, Nature, Cooking, Bonus)

When you go check the Coverage Photo you will also be able to peek at a paper on the desk, which hints something. You want to do the following:

- Watch the "Epilogue" movie/clip (No.35) in the Television. You may skip the movie by pressing Start if you wish
- Play the "Miss Stiletto Heels Full Version" (No.14) audio track in the Juke Box
- View Trading Card No.26 "Polly Oxford" in the Trading Cards album
- View the photo "Nature #03" in the Coverage Photo album

If you do everything right, you'll hear a sound. This indicates that the " ??? " door has been opened: reach it (again, it's on the left side of this special menu) to access the "White Rooms". In here keep going forward through the door in front of you. Do so a few (about six should do it) times and you'll find "someone". Talk with him/her to receive Trading Card # 65/65 - SWERY (TC 65). If this is your 65th Trading Card, you will unlock:

The game will save your progress after quitting back to the Title Screen.

# Second and Third Playthroughs


Now you can start a new playthrough on the other two difficulty settings you still need to complete the game on. The game will warn you that you won't carry anything over to your New Game, so you'll literally restart from scratch. In case you wonder, you can't simply select every Chapter of the game and replay it on a different difficulty setting; you must start a New Game, or else you won't unlock the corresponding difficulty-related achievements.

On your second and third playthroughs you can (should) obviously sprint to the end of every Chapter, ignoring every possible detour or side task. On the other hand, I still strongly suggest you to do the side missions to acquire the Radio (side mission # 04 and # 05).

Especially if you need to complete the game on Hard (but also on Normal), it's also very advisable to get the Wrench (Infinite) (side missions # 28, 01, 29). On Hard you may also want to get the Weather Doll, but the need for it depends mostly on how well you can play the game (if you're good at shooting there isn't much need for it).

You should also skip all the cutscenes (press Start) you can to speed things up in the second/third playthroughs. Moreover, try to avoid every fight you can by running past every enemy that is not on the way. Depending on how fast you can be, a second/third playthrough should take approximately 4 to 5 hours each (this is a rather optimistic time).

Once everything is done, you can celebrate the completion of the game.

Congratulations on your 1,000 G and thanks for reading!

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