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  • NeoRyuu777NeoRyuu777609,882
    26 Oct 2018 26 Oct 2018
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    Death Squared is, at its core, a puzzle game that requires both logic and creativity to complete. The premise is relatively simple. You have two cubes - one red, one blue - and you need to get them to their "level complete" floor squares. Falling off the level or otherwise being destroyed causes the puzzle to reset to the beginning.

    The game starts relatively simple to get the player used to the controls, but begins adding complexity as you go. The rule of thumb: each cube is immune to effects of its own color. So the red cube can go through and stop the red laser, but the blue cube is destroyed by it. In the same way, however, the red cube ignores red holographic floor squares and falls through them, while the blue cube traverses them just fine.

    The campaign can be completed either single-player using one stick per block, or two-player with one person controlling one block. The Party levels have four blocks, and can be completed in a similar manner with anywhere between one and four players. Being able to couch co-op was a very nice touch, one I thoroughly enjoyed with my wife.

    There are a few difficult levels, especially towards the end. And if you're playing single player, you WILL die from mixing up which thumbstick to move, especially when you need to move multiple cubes simultaneously. Don't get too frustrated - there's an achievement for dying 999 times.

    There is a story of sorts, mostly surrounding an AI and a lazy human technician who are monitoring the cubes' progress through the levels to determine what they'll be used for. It's fun to listen to, but doesn't really impact your play much outside of a couple of specific instances.

    All said and told, Death Squared is a fun little puzzle game. Simple at its core, and executed wonderfully with levels that really make you think. The couch co-op just made it even better. 4.5/5
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    TheGreatKoalaGood review, sums up what the game is perfectly
    Posted by TheGreatKoala on 05 Nov 18 at 13:59
  • BrazenCoronet17BrazenCoronet1724,452
    17 Oct 2018 17 Oct 2018
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    A genuinely frustrating but brain-twisting co-op. It is somewhat lacking in true story and definitely confusing in all origin. While the story may be weak, the gameplay is a good puzzle game (It even has some trolls!). The co-op is strange. You have to have 2-player, a bit annoying when you can't find anyone to play, but the game is well worth dragging one of your friends or family into it. The biggest problem with the gameplay is its ridiculous trial and error puzzles that occur later into the game, but this is intended as a gimmick and is forgivable as it is deeply satisfying to win.

    Don't follow my review completly: I have not completed the game and I'm not TOO good at it other than being able to figure out what to do in a flash. But the game's definitely worth a try if you have another controller lying about.