2. Death Squared General Hints & Tips

I'll be going over the basics of the game here.

In this game, your cubes have different colors and nearly every level has colored blocks and lasers.

Let's take the red cube for example; the red cube will not get killed when it walks into a red laser, but if it walks into a laser with a different color, it will die.

Later in the game, there will be tinier lasers which I'll refer to as lines. Going through them doesn't kill you, but will instead activate a laser tied to the color of the line, which will be located somewhere else in the level.

Now let's talk about blocks. It's the same principle but reversed. The red cube can walk over any colored block, but if it walks over a red block the red cube will fall through it and most likely die depending on the block's location.

The same applies to every cube, but with their own respective color.

There are quite a few levels in this game where certain cubes are connected to a laser who follows them. I like to call these "laser levels".

Some of these can be quite precise, so to save you from "having to move 2, 3 blocks to the right" and such, I'll link to video guides for those. Any other level will be written in text.

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