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    19 Oct 2011 25 Apr 2012
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    Death Tank is a fairly simple game, with a similar concept to 'Worms', but how does it match up?


    In Death Tank, you play as a 2D tank in a deathmatch with up to 7 other tanks. Every enemy tank you kill earns more points, which can then be spent on a variety of powerful weapons and defences.
    Every level is simply a bumpy hill, which you can slowly roll about on, finding better angles in which to attack other tanks. Your tank has a 'shot arrow' which is used to determine the power and angle of whatever weapon you have equipped.
    Unfortunately, the game does not develop much further than that. Different 'Mods' can be applied, such as choosing what weapon every body starts with, the speed of the game, and size of explosions.
    There are a great variety of weapons, from Machine guns, to Nukes, to incredibly destructive balls of electricity.
    However, constantly fighting the AI gets very repetitive, and won't hold your interest for long.


    The story is completely non - existant. You are a tank that destroys other tanks. That's it.


    Although fairly simple, the graphics really suit the game. The explosions are very bright and colourful, the tanks are different enough that you can easily tell which one is yours. The option to change the appearance as well as the colour of the tanks ensures this.
    The levels you play on all look fairly similar, but are given hints of variety by changing the bumpy hill into a desert setting, or a glacier. Still it often feels like constantly playing on the same level.


    The sound is one of the best aspects of the game. From the robotic narrator, to the sound of the tanks moving and shooting, all sounds as 'realistic' as possible.


    This is where the game really shines. Seeing other players fly about on jetpacks, nuking each other while upside down in midair shows that putting a lot of time and effort in the game will really benefit your abilities. Playing a game with 5 friends is a blast.
    Unfortunately, not many people play this anymore. It is unlikely you will find a game, apart from the still popular tournaments held every Saturday night.


    The first 10 achievements of this game are extremely easy, and can be won within an hour or two. They consist mainly of skillshots and getting a certain number of kills, but these can all be done against the AI, or even with extra controllers.
    Reaching the rank of Tank Commander, and 5000 kills can take up to another 15 hours, and the merciless slaughter of the AI will start to get boring very quickly. Also, Mods must be turned OFF in order to earn XP.

    Overall, Death Tank is a great little strategy game, which with friends has the potential to last weeks. But if you just play it solo, you will get bored long before finishing up the achievements. The death of the online really hurts the longevity of the game, making the 1200 point price tag seem a bit of a stretch.

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    ShootZombiesGood Review, I agree.
    I Love the game and used to have it on the Sega Saturn years ago... however time has been mildly cruel to this game and I agree it's just not worth 1200pts at all for what you get. I reckon it should be 400pts, then there would be more people who would buy it and thus a bigger online community.
    Plus the 5000 kills Achievement should be 1000 kills Max. I got to 1000 kills myself before boredom kicked in... 4000 more is just a killjoy. Plus 400msp game plus a do-able 1000 kill Achievement would have attracted many Achievement completetionists to it.
    The current hardcore online community is also annoying too for some of us mildly casual gamers as I spend most of the game dying without enough money to upgrade my tank in a game.
    That's my 2cents :)
    Posted by ShootZombies on 20 Oct 11 at 16:44
    FishyOutOfWaterYeah, there are some crazy good players online, making the learning curve a bit ridiculous.
    Posted by FishyOutOfWater on 20 Oct 11 at 17:41