DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue Reviews

  • WorhammerWorhammer328,556
    29 Mar 2011
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    Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue continues where the first game left off. Our hero finds himself in jail, captured after defeating the evil Von Prong. The humor of this game is childish to be sure, but is funny none the less for those who are not above lowering themselves to that of a prepubescent male. Let's face it, who doesn't laugh at fart jokes and sexual innuendo?

    The gameplay and graphics remain unchanged from the original, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The biggest beef I had with the game was the targeting system. I died a rare few times, but any time I did it was due to the fact that I was attacking a barrel or some other creature who was nowhere near me. It is possible to force target creatures and items, but in the heat of battle this simply isn't an easy thing to do given the mechanics.

    Be warned: There is one apparently gamebreaking bug, which involves a mob required for main storyline progression not appearing. I did not encounter this, and only saw a thread on it here. It is rumored to be linked to the DLC, which may be why I didn't get hit this issue as I didn't purchase the DLC until I had finished the game.

    The writing in this game is top notch, as there was never a dialogue that did not evoke at least a chuckle. Some had me in stitches. The full storyline takes about 3 hours to go through if you do a power run, but this will be with no side quests and skipping most of the dialogue. I know, because I missed the only missable achievement in the game and had to go through it again. 100% completion of all sidequests, opened chests, etc. took me around 8 - 10 hrs.

    The equipment in this game, while varied, is all more or less the same. You get the same 8 - 10 weapons over and over again, but stronger. Even with this limited variety I picked the same 4 weapons the entire game, and only switched for certain bosses. The armor comes in sets, with an upgrade every level or two. They will keep you looking fashionable, but since it's a top-down view, you'll rarely notice how cool some of it looks unless you take a look at the equipment screen.

    The best part of the game to me was finally getting the opportunity to take to sea. I felt this was far too short, and would've liked to have reached the sea sooner and had the opportunity to explore more on my pirate ship, singing ridiculous sea shanties about scurvy and booze.

    Visual: 4/5
    Creative art style, cool looking armor, varied environments from desert, to snow, to jungles and even a fun little sea section. An improvement over the previous game includes a larger variety of monsters to fight.

    Controls: 3/5
    Good, with the exception of the occasional targeting mishap, and the game sometimes registering a press on the dpad as the wrong direction. That could be due to my aged controller, however.

    Sound: 4/5
    The voice acting fits the spirit of the game perfectly. Over the top and silly. The battle effects were not as impressive, but still passable, as was the music to accompany your romp through the world bringing Justice to the Downtrodden.

    Achievements: 5/5
    Super easy. This game could easily be 100% completed in under 4 hours. Only one missable.

    Fun Factor & Replay: 3.5/5
    Replay value is very low. While entertaining and fun, there simply isn't enough to do to justify anything more than a second play through just for the heck of it. The game itself is extremely fun.
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