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Posted on 14 January 11 at 23:42
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I have to be honest. Since I bought the Kinect I haven’t really played anything other then Dance Central. While I was at my local video store I noticed that they were actually starting to get copies of some of the Kinect titles I wanted to try. One of these was Deca: Sports Freedom. After getting home and playing it for awhile I am disappointed.

The detection on this game is utterly horrible. I have a decent playing area set up for my Kinect, About 10'x6?, But for some reason when I tried to play this game with my son it had us standing so close together our shoulders were touching. If we moved to far apart the game would stop and tell whoever moved to move back. Playing this way was very very difficult and annoying. I almost yelled at my poor son because he was in my way. Considering that this is marketed as a “Party” game, the problems I mentioned ruin the whole reason to play it.

Playing solo I found that everything worked the way it was supposed to. Most of my movements were accurate on the screen and only once or twice did my character start to flip out and twitch like crazy. While some of the games are fun to play, Others proved to be more of a test of how much patience you have. Paintball, Beach Volleyball, Snowboard Cross and Mogul Skiing were not fun to play at all. I found myself doing a lot of falling. Since there are only 10 different games in this title, Having 5 that are terrible does not justify a purchase.

The other 5 games in this title,Boxing, Tennis, Dodgeball, Archery and Figure Skating are kind of fun. But not fun enough to save this title from it’s inevitable trip to the bargain bin.

If Dance Central is the Kinect game to set the standard for Kinect titles, Deca Sports Freedom would be best used as a coaster for your drink.
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Posted on 28 November 13 at 23:02, Edited on 02 December 13 at 21:17
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Deca Sports Freedom (Deca) is a sports game for the xbox 360 kinect. There are 10 separate games to play: Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Archery, Paintball, Dodgeball, Figure Skating, Mogul Skiing, Boxing, Kendo, and Snowboarding. With the exception of Mogul Skiing, each game has options to adjust difficulty and length of play. Deca allows you to play in tournament, league, VS, and Open game modes. There are four difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard/Global, and Ultimate. Deca also features online play where you can challenge other players in friendly or ranked matches.

-The range of different games, all of which come with rules/tutorials/options.
-AI teammate adjustments (choose your player and your teammates by selecting from a range of players that have 4 traits: Power, Technique, Speed, and Reach.
-Fun for kinect parties.

-Slow kinect detection for certain games.
-Movement sensitivity can be erratic at times.
-Games like Paintball were good intentions with bad results (game play experience can be very frustrating).

My overall impression is 3 Stars. Deca proves to be a fun kinect game that can challenge you, as well as provide a great time with friends and family. The best part of Deca also brings out its worse flaw, the controls. Though there are plenty of games and options to choose from, they can frustrate you since the kinect detection and movement sensitivity can prove to be very flawed at times. A simple swing of your racquet in tennis, or catching a ball in dodgeball, will not register at one time, and will perfectly the next. However, the game can be completed even with the drawbacks and the creators did a descent job of making things "hard enough" to obtain, but manageable. Had it not been for the descent amount and range of achievements, as well as the game being a better option than previous kinect sports games, it would surely be a 2 star review.

Play proactively :)
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