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Posted on 15 May 09 at 20:04, Edited on 16 May 09 at 20:44
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For the record, I'm not changing my opinion based on the comments left. However, this is my first review EVER. After seeing other member's reviews, I think my review wasn't really helpful or even accurate. After completing the game, I may have a differnet viewpoint but not by much. So I'm gonna try and give this another go.

2 out of 5
The Build-A-Label mode is pretty much a walk in the park on easy and even medium difficulty. However, hard mode is a different story. You have to deffinitely change your approach as well as strategy against the AI. As for the storyline, it is almost repetitive. Your role is basically to produce songs for artists and make your albums go gold, platinum, and multi-platinum to gain achievements. With a roster of maybe 20, give or take, artists, you hear the same songs as well as only sign the same people to your label. Not sure if it's entirely true, but on my 3 playthroughs, 3 of my 4 artists were the same.

1 out of 5
Although you do get to choose from different fighting styles, the control layout is terrible. your punches and kicks seem like a stall but that's actually part of the game itself. Your blocking and reversals also have a stall, which limits your defensive strategies. This game is so slow that when you get knocked down for the first time, it takes forecer to get up, almost as if you are down to your last bit of health. The camera always shifts and it makes it difficult to dodge or aim your throw accurately, which can get a bit frustrating.

4 out of 5
I give it a 4 for achievements because the amount of time you put to achieve 100% on this game is somewhat worth it. 100 gs for beating it on hard, 100 gs for 200 online wins... If you can get a boosting partner, you can achieve about 600+ in one session. But it will still take about 7-8 hours due to the load times as well as the fact that if you both need the achievements that is a total of 400 games. True you can quit out of the match but if you get a feel for the "level hazards" it might be quicker but not by much. The other half of the achievemetns come from "Build-A-Label" mode. You can deffinitely get them all in one playthrough, but that means to be well aware of your in-game money. It took me 2 playthroughs for all the achievements because I was focusing on getting "style points" rather than money management and I was unsuccessful at both. The last couple achievements could be stressful and in my opinion were the hardest to achieve: "Reversals Only" and "Directional Attacks Only". All I can tell you is that practice makes perfect.

I had originally rated this 1 star but after thinking it over, I bumped it up to 2. Not a big jump but again this was a downgrade of "Vendetta" and "Fight for NY". I can honestly say that my "bogus" review iniatially was out of frustration and I want to crack the disc in 2. But I guess patience is a virtue...
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