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Defense Grid 2
Type Game
Publisher 505 Games
Developer Hidden Path Entertainment
Platform Xbox One
Discovered 24 Sep 2014
Last check 24 Jan 2019
Last on sale 04 Jan 2019
Release date 24 Sep 2014

Defense Grid 2 is the next evolution in tower defense. In Defense Grid 2 players will discover new additions that will require the player to change their tower strategy. Defense Grid 2 offers dynamic content where gameplay is constantly changing. There are a million different ways you can beat a level so your solution is truly your solution. The addition of cooperative and competitive multiplayer brings a whole new experience to Defense Grid. The mix of strategy and puzzle gameplay promises to be fun and engaging. “quite simply the best tower defense game I have ever played on console, better even than the first title in the series.” “… well worth a purchase” “this game is gorgeous to look at” “… really polished ….”  “an easy title to jump in and out of with a friend, and kick some alien behind.” “unique gameplay ideas that make it a success”  “Hidden Path has crafted an experience that has the potential to challenge and the replayability to keep gamers coming back for more” “there is enough here to keep fans busy for quite some time” "Super Addictive!" The downloadable version of this game supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and Korean.

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Europe €14.99 View
Australia $19.95 View
Canada $14.99 View
Brazil R$29.00 View
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