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XBL Content Roundup: April 23rd, 2014

Back before Microsoft started placing more of an emphasis on digital downloads, we had retail Tuesdays and XBLA Wednesdays. There would occasionally be new content on Fridays. Recently, content has b

Posted 10 years ago by Rebecca Smith

Defense Technica Gameplay Media Shoots In

It's safe to say it's been a while since we've heard from Kuno Interactive about their upcoming XBLA tower-defence game Defense Technica, with the last piece of news being the announcement of the rel

Posted 11 years ago by Ellis Spice

Defense Technica Gets An XBLA Release Date

Last month, Defense Technica made a welcome return to the front page after a year-long hiatus with a bunch of screenshots. Kuno Interactive, the developer behind the upcoming tower-defense title, has

Posted 11 years ago by Keith Gray

Defense Technica Screenshots Get Strategic

Cyberfront announced a brand-new tower defense strategy game, Defense Technica, for the XBLA almost a year ago to the day. Since then, and somewhat ironically, we've only seen a Survival Mode video t

Posted 11 years ago by Keith Gray

Defense Technica Survival Mode Gameplay

There is no use in avoiding the rather large, Tower Defense shaped elephant in the room right now. Kuno Interactive's upcoming XBLA Tower Defense title

Posted 12 years ago by Dog of Thunder

Defense Technica Defends Its Way on XBLA

Kuno Interactive won't be a familiar name to most people as, up until now, the developer has stuck to creating games for the Playstation Network. Now the company is branching out a little and is crea

Posted 12 years ago by Rebecca Smith

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