1. Demon's Tilt Walkthrough overview

Hello and welcome to the walkthrough for Demon's Tilt. My name is JeroenRos and I'll be guiding you through the game. Personally I quite enjoyed playing this game, even though unlocking all achievements gave me some trouble. Most of them are based on skill and a bit of luck and neither were overly present in my playthrough. Don’t expect this game to be an easy completion. In theory, this game could be completed in just a few hours, but expect to spent up to 20 hours as you will probably (or most likely?) make some mistakes that may reset your progress towards becoming a wizard entirely.

Luckily this game allows you to tilt the pinball machine, which makes the ball(s) move slightly in the direction the machine is tilted. This allows you to move the ball just enough to prevent it from falling in between your flippers or to keep it laying on a raised flipper, instead of barely rolling over. Don’t be afraid to (mis)use this tilt option as much as you desire!

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