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The Making of Deponia Doomsday Part Two

We recently covered a set of videos for Daedalic Entertainment's upcoming Deponia Doomsday. One of these videos was the first part of the making of the game. The second part has now been released as the team continue to take us further behind the scenes with heavy amounts of information and details

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Three Deponia Doomsday Videos Released

A set of videos have emerged from Daedalic Entertainment's upcoming world in Deponia Doomsday. The first video looks to buffer our confidence skills when it comes to getting engaged to our better half. Take a look at the video for some quality tips: link hidden</spa

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Find Out What's Happened So Far in Deponia Doomsday

A new video has been released explaining what has happened so far in Deponia Doomsday, and who exactly Rufus is. Announced only a couple of days ago, we covered some details and screens on the adventure and story to come on the planet of Deponia, but now we get to learn a lot more, including the his

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Rufus Comes to Xbox One in Deponia Doomsday

The most successful German adventure series, Deponia from developer Daedalic, will be bringing its fourth instalment from the collection of adventure titles to the Xbox One. Deponia Doomsday tells the story of Rufus who is "apparently the sole (human) survivor" after the flying city Elysium fell fro

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