7. Desperados III Mission 5 - The Magnificent FiveUpdate notes

Mission 5 - The Magnificent Five

Badges on this mission:

  1. Kill all Long Coats. (8)
  2. Finish the mission without using a torch.
  3. Don't save during the mission.
  4. Win the bet with Hector.
  5. Win the bet with McCoy.
  6. Burn 15 guards in oil puddles.
  7. Speedrun: Complete the mission in under 17:00 minutes.
  8. Complete the mission on Hard difficulty.


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  1. In the opening section, knock out and tie up all enemies. Do not hide them in bushes. The goal is to amass at least 15 for the oil puddle badge.
  2. In Phase 2, Hector and McCoy will keep track of the number of kills they have for the bet. Do your best to end up with McCoy only one kill ahead of Hector. They will call out the number as they go and you can check the in-game dialog log for a reminder.
  3. Only snipe people as directed. Five bullets are preferred for finishing the level.

Phase 1: McCoy

You'll start out with McCoy and learn about the swamp gas vial. Toss one at the three guards and tie them all up. Learn about snuffing out lamps at the next note. Do it in the next area, knock her out, and tie her up as well.

Head south to the next area. Stick west and move to the bushes behind the shack. Drop your bag here to draw over the idle guard (he will see it when the patrol guard walks by with the torch). Knock him out, tie him up, and hide his body near (not in) the bushes. Do the same to the patrol guard when he leans on the fence. Next, hit the guard on the roof when the guard to the east is facing away. Do an aerial knockout on the fourth guard, and finish up with the fifth guard on the east fence. Head down to the next area.

Hide behind the stagecoach for a second and make your way to the bush on the west (near the cow) once the patrol is clear. Head down to the edge of the idle guard's vision, then sprint by his gaze onto the two pieces of wood. Knock him out and jump down the cliff to the left. Sneak down to the shack and pick the lock to reach Hector and trigger a cutscene.

Phase 2: Hector and McCoy

Once you regain control, use McCoy's bag on the right edge of the shack to lure the patrol guard. Be careful not to lure one of the chatting guards. Knock him out. Use showdown to synchronize knockouts on the remaining two guards.

Walk up the hill to the bush. You can safely knock out the guard leaning on the stacked haybales and leave him there. Next, take Hector and move to the right haystack, sticking tight to the fence. Knock out the guard when he starts messing with the hay, then kill Long Coat #1 when he comes to investigate. Knock out the far patrol when he's behind the stagecoach. Use a showdown simultaneous knockout to hit the talking guards; be careful of crossing the oil puddle as your footsteps will make splash sounds. Knock out the last guard by the cow when he's facing away.

Now we're going to cash in all these knockouts. Make a nice little meat pile of 15 bodies in the oil puddle here. Hector can carry two bodies at once and run while doing so; use him for the bulk of the labor and use McCoy for the nearby bodies. Once you have 15, make a manual save. Now grab a torch from the boathouse bonfire. Throw it into the puddle to pop the badge and also unlock:

  • Inferno

    In the first part of the mission, burn 5 guards at once with oil traps.


Load back to before you picked up the torch. One of these tied-up guards should be dev Gina LeBrush (7/31); take Hector's sawed off and blast her and at least four others to unlock:

Head south to the vineyard type area. Position Hector at the north side by the boulder and have McCoy enter through the south gate and hide in the left bushes. Kill the two guards with the boulder. This should leave a window for McCoy to kill the guard farthest left. Send him to snuff out the nearby lamp afterward and jump Hector down into the bushes. Long Coat #2 will see the snuffed out lamp and cross this area, giving Hector a clean kill shot in the bushes. This is a bit random, so if you can't lure him over, you can kill the guard to the SE in the bush and you can use the bear trap to lure the NE guard all the way into the corner. Finish up with a sync kill on the last guard and Long Coat #2. Clear out of here and wrap around the south edge of the level to the east and across the wood planks.

Wait for the patrol to loop, then climb the hill and kill the lookout. Follow the loop patrol around to the east and kill him when he stops near the plank bridge. Wrap tight to the east side of the map and keep proceeding. Use a simultaneous kill on the two guards at the O'Hara Ranch sign. Head right from here and up the mountain cliff path to a sniper. Hide McCoy in the bushes and place Hector directly behind the nearby sniper. Use a showdown sync kill to snipe the far guard and melee the near guard.

This next bit is a little tricky. There is a high patrol and a low patrol that will meet by the ladder to chat, along with a guard sitting against the cliff. When the patrols clear, take Hector and aerial kill the seated guard, throw the body down, and hide it in the bush. Place a bear trap as close to the bottom of the ladder as you can and have McCoy at the top ledge ready to jump down to the middle cliff. The low patrol should die in the bear trap and not alert the Long Coat. The high guard will not bother to investigate his missing buddy; run him down with McCoy and kill him before he gets too far away.

Now you should just have the Long Coat and the other guard hanging around. Line up McCoy and Hector between the bush and the well and use showdown to sync kill these two for Long Coat #3.

Take the boys and head back up to the cliff and west. Don't forget the sniper bullets here before you leave. Sprint around the sweeping gaze and kill this guard.

You should see Long Coat #4 down to the west. He will speak to two guards and then patrol to the east around some logs. Once he moves east, jump down behind him with Hector, set your bear trap on the NE side of the logs he passed by, and then hide behind the second set of logs further to the east. Once Long Coat #4 starts moving back north, run at him and axe him while he is messing with the bear trap. Walk south and kill the idle guard here.

Long Coat #5 is in the nearby chicken coop area with two guards. Use the bear trap + whistle to lure out the northern guard. With him cleared, send Hector up along the east side of the enclosure and behind the chicken coop. Axe Long Coat #5 when he comes near.

This is a little risky, but doable with the proper timing, so quicksave. From here, we are going to sprint across the road, tight around the west side of the bonfire and across to the east side of the fence opening. Start crouch walking once you're about 80% of the way there to avoid the returning patrol's vision. You should be safe to take a knee here right along the fence.

Sneak McCoy right around the fence, under the water tower, and kill the sniper on top. When it's clear, send Hector to kill the patrol at the north end and hide his body in the haystack. Now we are in position to get a sneaky kill on Long Coat #6. Check the vision of the guard in the SW/center of this area. You will see his gaze sweep ends right around the haystack. Assign McCoy to snipe the guard following the Long Coat. Once the Long Coat and the guard cross out of the vision sweep, send Hector to melee the Long Coat and execute the snipe kill, which will make Long Coat #6 stop and turn so he can die.

***Leave the guard on the roof and the idle guard to the west alone! We want them for later.***

Once they are dead and hidden, stealth Hector through the center of this area and down to the bushes on the SW side. Place a bear trap in the bush, whistle over the nearby guard, and move to the other bush. Once he's dead, it should be simple to stealth kill the last two guards here on the east side.

Leave Hector in this area and we are going to backtrack with McCoy a bit. Sprint him back across the bonfire and to the right silo area from before. You should see dev Guitar Slingin’ Peccoz Phil (8/31) in the water tower just to the south. Send McCoy up there to kill him. On your left is a patrol running up and down the street; snipe him when he slips and drops the torch. Now we should have Long Coat #7 here on the edge of the ranch with a guard on either side. Set Hector directly behind the south guard. Set up a showdown sync kill to snipe the north guard and melee the south guard, then you are all clear to kill Long Coat #7 with Hector. Grab the sniper bullets (you should have five now) then hop down and head back to the central area near the meetup point.


This will be our split point for winning the bet with each character. You should hopefully have +1 kill with McCoy at this time. Use him to kill the two guards we left before and confirm his lead, then head to the meetup point to trigger the cutscene.

First, it's time for McCoy to shine. You should have five sniper bullets for this if you've been following the guide, although it is possible to complete with four and some patience. Run him back to the water tower where dev Peccoz Phil was and equip his sniper. Send three shots into Long Coat #8 to complete that badge. On the third shot, the guards should alert. Shoot the guard on the east side of the oil area, right next to a lamp. This should trigger all the nearby guards to approach his corpse. One of the Ponchos will be carrying a lamp; as soon as he gets near the oil, shoot him to make him drop the lamp and set the oil ablaze to finish the level.

If you only have four bullets, it is possible to time the kill on the Long Coat for the lamp Poncho to see and he will approach on the kill shot.

Badge Replay

You should have already knocked out the badges for killing all Long Coats, not using a torch, winning with McCoy, burning 15 guards in oil puddles, and completing the mission on hard. Now we will do a partial run to win with Hector.

Load up the manual save from near the end of your first run. McCoy and Hector should have +1 kills on the counter. Take Hector and kill the two guards we left here as an insurance policy, which should put him in the lead. Now head to the meetup to trigger the cutscene.

Take Hector and run him backwards and all the way around to the east and into the silo area. Snuff the lamp at the base of the silo to lure a patrol from near the bonfire, then kill him. Next, walk into the street where two bonfire guards are pointing their guns. Blast them with the sawed off and run away down the street to hide. Someone near the bonfire will see the dead bodies and start a small search; wait for them to clear. Hector and McCoy should share some dialog about Hector pulling ahead in the kill count right around now.

Take a torch and run away down the street, then back into the central pen near McCoy and wait for any patrols to clear. If you are seen, you will drop the torch. Move left, past the oil puddle where we killed the 15 guys, and continue toward the shack. Rotate the camera (so you're facing east) and you will see a gate behind the barn. A couple patrols face this direction; once the coast is clear, make a mad dash and toss the torch into the oil to finish and pop the badge.

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