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Destiny 2 embraces its most broken gun as Telesto takes control

Destiny 2 players will likely be aware of Exotic Fusion Rifle Telesto's reputation as a repeat offender when it comes to bugs and glitches. Now, though, Bungie seems to be leaning into the chaos, and all kinds of madness is afoot.

Posted 27 days ago by Luke Albigés 8

Destiny 2: Lightfall coming February 2023

Destiny 2's next major expansion is coming early next year, with Bungie confirming a February 28th, 2023 release date for the next big content drop, Lightfall — "the beginning of the end."

Posted 4 months ago by Luke Albigés 21

Loot boxes undergo UK government scrutiny

The UK government has demanded that the games industry takes action to protect children from gambling harm via loot boxes now, or risk legislation in the future, after a DCMS report highlighted the gambling risks of loot boxes.

Posted 5 months ago by Tom West 27

Destiny 2 unvaults Leviathan for Season of the Haunted

Season of the Haunted arrives in Destiny 2 today, with Bungie dipping into the content vault to bring back the Leviathan as a reworked destination while Solar subclasses get their long-awaited overhaul.

Posted 7 months ago by Luke Albigés 16

Best Xbox first-person shooters

From sci-fi worlds filled with futuristic weapons and alien monsters to games based on real conflicts that recount some of the darkest moments in our history, here's our list of the best first-person shooters on Xbox.

Posted 9 months ago by Sean Carey 39

Best Xbox MMO games

MMOs and achievement hunting don't generally go hand-in-hand, but it is nice to have that one constant game to slip back into between completions. Here are our top picks from Xbox's pretty decent selection of games...

Posted 9 months ago by Tom West 24