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The walkthrough for Destiny 2 needs a new owner. Please post in this thread or send the Walkthrough Manager a PM if you are interested in writing it.
Information Posted on 06 September 17 at 12:52
Please use this thread to discuss the Destiny 2 walkthrough
Posted on 23 September 17 at 13:37
How is this going?
Posted on 02 October 17 at 00:30
It's going pretty well so far. I have a hell of a lot of notes from my playthroughs and I'm making steady progress in getting it all up on the site in a more well written form.
The overview is pretty much done barring a few potential edits or minor re-structuring, the hints and tips / game mechanics pages are basically just a copy and paste job from my notes.
Story I should hopefully be finished with tomorrow and I'm making minor adjustments to the raid guide with every run I complete.
The only parts that still need major work are the subclass and strike pages, mostly because there's no real incentive to run strikes in this game outside of the nightfall so I have very little experience with them other than the few runs of each I did to take notes.

That being said my work and personal life are pretty hectic and unpredictable right now so I'm not getting quite as much time as I'd like to work on this. Should hopefully be ready for review by the end of the month though. compute
Posted on 25 March 18 at 01:15
Is this still being worked on?
Dang3R Gaming
Dang3R Gaming
Posted on 25 March 18 at 07:30
There hasn't been an update in quite a while and I contacted the owner probably over a month and a half ago now with no response. Looks like this needs a new owner even though it looks like it could be nearly done.
Information Posted on 01 April 18 at 16:05
We are currently looking for a new owner, please post in here or send the Walkthrough Manager a PM if you are interested in writing it.
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