Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon Reviews

  • zagski13zagski1388,114
    19 Apr 2011 19 Jun 2012
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    Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon is the latest chapter in the Destroy All Humans! series which originated on the original Xbox back in 2005. The first two games were among my favorites from the last generation and Path of the Furon looks to continue the blow sh!t up style that the series is known for.

    DAH! PotF continues where Destroy All Humans! 2 left off only this time Crypto has brought his crazy weapons and hatred of humans to the 70s. Crypto starts off living the laid back lifestyle, running a casino and letting his harvesting of human DNA take a backseat to more... casual matters. This soon comes to an end however as Crypto soon is wrapped up in a conspiracy that takes him across the Earth and beyond. Like its predecessors, PotF never takes itself seriously, constantly cracking puns during even the most serious moments. While a lot of the jokes aren't anything special, there are a few that had me laughing out loud (not an easy thing to do). For anyone who is new to the franchise and is worried about a continuation of story from the first games, there is none.

    For those who are not familiar with the series DAH! is a sandbox style shoot-em-up. You play as an alien who can use Psychokinesis (PK) to toss humans and vehicles around, body snatch, mind read, and freeze time. If those don't seem very interesting to you then feel free to take any of the crazy weapons in your arsenal and destroy some humans. Theres the Anal Probe which will have humans running around clutching their rear as well as the Venus Human Trap, a giant Venus Fly Trap that eats humans (bet you couldn't guess that from the name). To break up the on foot sections Crypto will constantly be put in his flying saucer to blow stuff up or abduct humans. All your weapons and equipment can be upgraded throughout the game using DNA gained by destroying humans or completing missions.

    I'd also like to point out that there is a multiplayer aspect however it is splitscreen only and made up of forgettable mini-games that you will get 10 minutes at most from.

    This is the major flaw with the game. The graphics don't seem at all different from those of the original games on the Xbox. The fact that this uses the Unreal Engine seems almost unbelievable given how bad the visuals are. Even worse is the fact that the game seems to have a hard time running even with these poor visuals; the screen will sputter often, pop-ins are frequent, and there will be many moments where you are stuck in the ground or to a wall.

    In terms of audio, the dialogue is solid with Crypto sounding like Jack Nicholson and Pox like Invader Zim. The music is pretty bland, but not as big of a problem as some of the other issues plaguing the game. I can tell you right now the only music I can hear when I think of what was in the game is that old space music that plays at the beginning.

    There is a very good mix of achievements here. Theres the beat story missions, kill certain enemies, collect items, etc. However the standouts here are the DAHM! achievements. These are random tasks for you to do at some of the maps that have you do some funny stuff. Whether destroying the 'SUNNY' in the Sunnywood sign or throwing a human through a donut hole, these are some interesting tasks for the player to do. All in all this is a very doable list with the exception being the activating one landing zone at the last stage. I don't know if this is glitched or what but I had a tough time doing it for several hours. Once I beat the game and went back though I got it first try.

    Story- 6/10
    Gameplay- 7/10
    Graphics- 4/10
    Audio- 6/10
    Achievements- 8/10

    Overall- 6/10

    A game that has a bunch of flaws but can be very entertaining. You'll enjoy blowing cities to bits and you'll laugh your head off at some of the jokes and innuendos. If you can find this for $20 or less somewhere it would be worth it, giving you a few days off from Call of Duty and Halo.
  • TumyStxxTumyStxx397,839
    24 Feb 2009
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    The continuing adventures of Cryptosporidium 138. Except this time, it takes place in 1979.

    If you are looking for a game that requires tons of sK1lZ and hard core action, this one isnt for you. However, if you are looking for a gamethat will make you laugh and help you kill some time this is it. It is also a game that all 1000 gamer points are easily obtainable with a weekend of work.

    During the game you will fend off mobsters, military, nexos and ninjas with weapons like the "anal probe" and the "zap-o-matic". The dialog in the game has alot of sexual inuendo's and with the voice of Crypto sounding like Jack Nickolous makes for some amusing times.

    Gameplay istelf is smooth and fluid along with the story line.

    Achievements are easily had with minimal effort. There are however a few places where there are glitches that can cause you problems. It was pretty apparent that THQ really didnt take the time to make sure everything was right. This left me at a couple of places with alot of frustration because of these glitches in one of the mini games towards the end of the game.

    There are at least 25-30 main missions and 20 side quests throughout the game to keep you busy. And if things get boring, hop in your saucer and anhiliate EVERYTHING! When your saucer has been full upgraded you can tear a city to pieces.

    There really isnt much more to say about this game. It has a good story, it makes you laugh and its a good way to score a quick 1000 pts. I made the mistake of purchasing it when i would have been better off renting it just to save some cash. But its worth it to take a break from the FPS's for a bit and just do something that fun.