10. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Prague (3)Update notes

Upon your return, you will immediately notice that most of the city is now restricted, and Police are out in higher numbers with added security measures in key areas. Aside from being indoors, you will be considered trespassing in a restricted area, therefore anyone spotting you will turn hostile in a hurry if you are not careful. Be sure to crouch often to avoid alerting the police to your footsteps and be observant for any detection notices, quickly going into a cloak to disrupt a growing detection meter if needed. Again, Police offer no XP reward so take that into consideration as you contemplate the risk of thinning out their numbers or simply avoiding them as you move around the city.

When you are ready to continue, leave the L.I.M.B. Clinic after meeting with Vega. You should get an S.O.S. from Little K, of Samizdat, almost immediately; providing a POI marker to the Sewers in the South district. For now though, make your way to TF29. The front door is barred so you’ll have to use one of the side entrances to get inside.

While riding the elevator, David Sarif will contact you as well; advancing SM03. Once inside TF29 Offices, go speak to Miller in his office on the second floor. After a long talk, exit TF29.

Once you get back to the streets, Daria Myska, your neighbor and eyewitness to the Harvester murder, contacts you to initiate the side mission, SM11: The Last Harvester.

Before you head South to help her, you will want to continue the main mission by going to the RedLight District. Once you enter the area, use Helle’s distraction to help reach the Red Queen unnoticed. Run up to the top floor and out to the balcony. Jump up, on top of the glass awning here to reach a rooftop path leading into Dvali Territory.

You can use the rooftops here to get across the area and on top of the Theater. Towards the back of the roof, above the camera is a vent you can use to get into the building. The vent leads to a shaft that has access points to various levels of the Theater.

If you still need the XP for Praxis, to earn the Jack of All Augments, work your way down, floor by floor, taking out all the Dvali inside.

However you get into the Theater, there is a security hub on Level 3, the Balcony. This is where a projector or audio booth would traditionally be and should be one of our first stops to reduce a lot of the security measures. The computer here can take several cameras offline; and with upgraded Hacking Capture, you can deactivate the two robots roaming around as well, making moving around much easier.

Get through the area how you want, eliminate henchmen or avoid them; but you will need to take the stairs, located Backstage (Level 2), to get to the lowest level where Radich’s office will be; it is marked as Manager’s Office on the map.

The easiest way to get there would be to start from the Level 3 Balcony security hub. Take the Balcony’s East stairwell down to the bottom, then exit the stairwell and turn the corner to the North for a locked door. This hallway will lead directly to the backstage and the stairs, will not have to cross any of the additional laser security measures in the backstage area using this path.

Once at the bottom of the stairs (Level 1), make your way North to the Manager’s Office without raising the suspicions of the group of henchmen at the far end of the Dressing Room. As you approach the office, you’ll witness a cutscene between Otar and Radich.

Once it is over, move away from the door so you are not spotted by Otar when he leaves. Enter the room and deal with Radich to avoid being spotted. There is a hidden panel on the red wall, which contains a safe with a Praxis Kit (18/20) inside. Be sure to also grab the eBook off the black couch closest to the door Otar left through.

  • eBook (70/75) WORLD’S MOST WANTED The Dvali Family

Enter the next room, attached to the office, to find a security computer. Hack this to turn off the camera on the vault door and open then it. Exit this room and to the right is the vault door you just opened, so go in and drop below (only if you have the Icarus Landing augment, without this upgrade you will have to backtrack through the area and to the nearest metro). This drops you into the sewers below and is the fastest route, since it takes you to the maintenance closet of the Pilgrim Station metro.

Reach the Pilgrim Station metro and travel to Capek Fountain Station.

Once you arrive, make your way to Zelen Apartments. Glass-Shield Cloaking and Biocells to keep it active are very helpful here.

Once you get to Zelen, there is a lot of missions/objective to finish up in the area.

Stop in to Tars’ shop to purchase the final Praxis Kit (19/20) available for sale, if you still need or want it and can afford to pay for it.

Head up to the third floor, you will likely run into Detective Montag, who is at Daria’s front door. Speak to him but don’t enter the room yet. Instead, continue up and into Jensen’s apartment to complete the main mission objective by meeting with Vega.

Afterwards, use the Remote Control on the coffee table to CALL SARIF, completing SM03. No achievement is earned, but some XP is rewarded.

Head down to Daria’s apartment, 31. Enter the apartment to find it ransacked. Go across to the bedroom to begin collecting evidence. Check the bear rug on the floor (1/11), read the Diary on the bed (2/11), and loot the Cat Collar (3/11) off the statue near the laptop. Look at the emails on the computer (starlight). This step will provide some contact information on a doctor in North Prague. You must go to him to learn some additional information before confronting the killer in order to earn the side mission’s achievement. So, continue collecting the evidence for now, but know that you will have to make another trip to North Prague and come back to complete this mission.

Exit the bedroom and head through the kitchen. There is a Broken Frame (4/11) on the floor before entering the living room. At this point the objective criteria to Find Clues has completed and you are told to Follow the Trail, there is no real benefit to keep collecting items.

In the corner between the shelves in the back and the bathroom is an eBook, which is only available once this mission begins.

  • eBook (71/75) IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE HARVESTER by Angela Gunn

Head through the open closet door and through the vent, following the trail of blood off the side of the building to the alley below. The trail leads to the sewers, but ignore that for now, instead head back to Capek Fountain Station and travel to Pilgrim Station.

You will want to head South from Pilgrim Station to the side mission marker on Lekarna Pharmacy. Once inside, make sure you have the Social Enhancer augment before speaking to Dr. Nicholas Cipra. The conversation can go however you like, but when he subtly suggests you eliminate her, on the 5th dialogue choice, be sure to select OTHER WAY. This will initiate a quick response persuasion event, be sure to select cn_LT CONTRADICT, before he finishes speaking, to learn of a deactivation phrase. This passphrase is critical to earning the achievement and without it you are unable to complete the mission accordingly.

Once you finished talking to the doctor, head up the stairs to an apartment. You will need to move the refrigerator to expose a cavity in the wall, where an eBook resides.

  • eBook (72/75) TAI YONG MEDICAL REPORT Case Study: 698843

Now, make your way back to the metro and return to Capek Fountain Station.

Armed with the passphrase, you should now return to the alley near Zelen Apartments, and follow the blood trail down, into the sewers. Continue to follow the blood trail through the gate nearby and crawl through a tunnel. Open the door at the other end to begin a conversation with Daria. The choices here are important so be sure to select the following:

CONFRONT---USE KEYWORD---AD HOMINEM 2026---cn_RT PERSUADE---HUMANIZE---DIFFERENTIATE---APPROACH. Montage arrives, completing SM12 and unlocking the achievement.

Return to the ladder, and continue through the tunnels to the left. Enter the gate (6122) just before Richard’s cult area. Enter the adjoining section here to find, Little K. Be sure to ACCEPT her request to begin SM12: K is for Kazdy.

Now, leave the sewers, return to Capek Fountain Station and travel to Monument Station.

Carefully exit the station, you want to head across the street to Policie.

In the basement, hack the keypad in the back of the room, next to the lockers, to free K and Bones. Speak to K and select the PLAY IT COOL option when given a choice, in order to remain stealthy and alarm free. The group will disguise themselves as Police Officers and head over a Rendezvous point at the Unneda Cleaning Supply store. Follow the group or meet them there, to speak to K and complete the side mission for the achievement.

This should complete all side mission and random stuff. All that remains is to go to Chikane’s Place and disembark for the final mission. You will not be returning so make sure you are ready to continue before leaving.

*** A FINAL NOTE: You should check to ensure that you will have 72 of 75 eBooks before embarking on the final mission. If not, you missed one as there are only 3 in the next area. If you did miss one, check your Database against the list of all of them in the eBooks guide page to figure out which one you missed. If it is in Prague, it may still be there so go check; if it is not, then unfortunately you will have to either load a previous save before that opportunity has passed or try again on the next playthrough to earn all of them.

You should also have The Jack of All Augments unlocked by now. XP can still be gained, but there may not be enough opportunity remaining to earn enough Praxis to complete this requirement if it has not been done already. Remember, you can complete the next mission to unlock a New Game+ which will carry over all augments earned and even reset them once you reach Koller for the first time; allowing you to redistribute points to earn this achievement, as long as enough have earned a minimum 31 Praxis. However this will be incompatible with a playthrough on the hardest difficulty, so this will require some extra play time to get.

Finally, if you still need the Invisible War achievement, be sure that you have the Glass-Shield Cloaking upgrade, Cloaked Takedown Support, and Smart Vision in order to accomplish the achievement in the upcoming area as well. ***

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