11. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Apex CentreUpdate notes

Begin by meeting Nathaniel Brown, then use for the elevator to reach CSO; there is nothing else on the roof.

Approach the mission marker and speak to the Security Guard behind the window, directly ahead. Select either TRICK or BACK OFF to avoid an alarm when given the option.

You will want to get into this room, there is an eBook on the desk against the glass. Hack the South door, or go through the laser security grid, and around to the other door, to avoid hacking. Once in the room, grab the eBook while avoiding the camera.

  • eBook (73/75) TARVOS: MISSION STATEMENT & COMPANY BIO Defer, Defend, Deliver

To avoid an alarm later on in the mission, you will want to knock out all the guards on this level. Shut off cameras linked to various security laptops as needed, to aid in maintaining stealth as you progress.

Make your way through the restricted area, Central Security Office, to an office on the upper floor to the North. Inside Slater’s Office, hack the terminal (5359) to activate the Security Override Switch and identify some terrorists in disguise.

Make sure you clear the area of guards before you return to the elevator, and take it down to RECEPTION.

Once you get off, you will notice that all of the Tarvos guards will have a yellow skull over their heads. You must eliminate all of them, 11 in total. Failure to do so will trigger an unavoidable alarm later on.

This is not a difficult feat, since most will stop near objects or a structure where you can utilize a cover/corner takedown. While there are plenty of watchful eyes, this area is very misleading in making you second guess takedowns and fearing being spotted. Just be sure you take cover before performing a takedown, to pull the target behind cover and remain unseen.

To start, it is helpful to use a multi-tool (or cloak and hack) on the locked door behind the first guard near the elevator. Then cloak and walk in, grabbing cover along the wall. Use the EG Switch here, then corner takedown the guard outside the door to pull him into the room and away from the camera and other potential witnesses. There is also a security hub here that will allow you to deactivate all the cameras in the area. Now you can go through the remainder of this area and takeout the remaining security guards with fewer obstacles to contend with.

The required keycard to reach the next area, is on the body of the security guard on the lowest level. This guard appears to be an older man with white hair. He is usually standing near the dance floor; or headed to/from the Men’s Restroom to the East on the same level. Be sure to loot his body for the Security Keycard.

Near the DJ on Level 1, look along the North glass wall near the set of stairs for a yellow L-shaped couch with an eBook to pick up.

  • eBook (74/75) PORT IN A STORM Part 5 of Devine James’ biographical series of Nathaniel Brown

With all guards incapacitated, get to the upper floor and use the looted Security Keycard on the locked door with the mission marker.

Continue forward and around to the next door with a mission marker located inside the room.

***FYI - This hallway is a U shape, at the end is a room with a third guard. Under a desk in the room is a hidden weapons crate that contains the Kill Switch item, needed for an achievement. However, this is considered lethal and will void the Pacifist goal. This item will be used during the hard playthrough, after earning Pacifist on this run. I put this here only to provide a sense in where the item is located so you don't think it was missed and to explain why it is not used on this runthrough. ***

Inside the kitchen area, speak to Miller, and you will eventually be given a choice between the Delegates or Marchenko. Per an achievement, you actually need to do both, however it is important that you choose to SAVE THE DELEGATES first, since there is an eBook in the area that cannot be obtained if this is completed last.

Before heading on, speak to Miller once more. Be sure to choose ADMINISTER ANTIDOTE for an achievement.

Proceed through the door on the right and follow the mission markers towards the delegates.

There is technically a timer associated with completing both of these objectives, so it might be a good idea to save here in case you are unsuccessful. To be honest, the time constraint is fairly lenient, reportedly 10 minutes; which is more than enough to get this accomplished. Just be sure to keep moving, utilizing cloaking to avoid hostiles in the area as needed. An ample supply of Biocells would be helpful in this case. As long as you don’t stop to knock out a bunch of guards, you should be fine.

Once you exit the double doors, around the first corner you should come upon two Gold Masks talking in front of a turret.


INVISIBLE WAR - (second attempt)

Make a SAVE here, just in case you are spotted so you can continue without an alarm.

Once the two guys are done talking, they will cloak and walk away. Approach them and turn on both Glass-Shield Cloaking and Smart Vision to get the prompt to for a takedown. Without Smart Vision, you shouldn't be able to take a cloaked opponent down; however, some have reportedly been able to still do a takedown by mashing on the button several times. Personally, I was able to get it by shooting one with the stun gun first, then doing a takedown before they were completely knocked out by the shock. However, the intended way to get this is to use Smart Vision, so you officially “see” them, allowing you to get the prompt for a takedown to pop up.

Might as well just reload, to avoid an alarm, after unlocking the achievement.


You will need to make your way through the area to the East, to an elevator at the end. Cloak and run is a sound strategy here, as long as you can supplement the continued energy burned up with enough Biocells to keep you cloaked. I would say at most 10 should be more than sufficient, regardless of upgrades to Energy augments. Take the elevator to the VIP ROOM. Go through the doors (2022) to save Brown and the Delegates.

Once the group exits, grab the final eBook off one of the small circular tables.

  • eBook (75/75) SANTEAU – RISE OF A CORPO-NATION Future Vision

Now, go up to the green wall on the North side of the room, there is a well hidden Door here that you can open. At the end of the revealed area is an elevator which you can access with the Security Keycard, obtained from earlier. This takes you directly to the final confrontation.

During the conversation, if you have any of the devices, like the Kill Switch, you will be given the choice to use it for a few seconds. You DO NOT want to use any device, instead let the timer run out or select FIGHT.

This fight is incredible easy if you have the Stun Gun.

Cloak, then quietly approach him from behind. Once you get within takedown range, shoot him in the back with the Stun Gun, followed up quickly with a takedown. Be sure to reengage your cloak after the takedown, to ensure the drones or turret do not spot you... it really is that easy.

The drones and turret will explode, and you have a few second to loot a Praxis Kit (20/20) off Machenko’s body if you need/want it. If you are quick enough, you can even assign it in a last ditch effort to earn The Jack Of All Augments if it is still needed. Watch to ensure that Smooth Operator or Ghost pop up as an XP Reward, before the scene plays out. Otherwise you may have been spotted by a security device and will need to redo the final fight.

As long as the bomb does not go off, and the delegates were saved, you will unlock the achievement.

Go through the final conversation with Vega, before watching Eliza Cassan commentate on your choices throughout the game. Afterwards the Credits will start to roll, just sit back and let them play on; in the meantime, you should see several achievement pop up (as long as you met the requirements).

  • Pacifist

    You completed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided™ without killing a single soul. Bosses are people, too.


After about 3 minutes into the credits, a cryptic scene will play, but you will have to finish out another 15 (roughly) minutes for the credits to end and earn the associated achievement.

You will have unlocked New Game+ which will only be needed if you failed to earn The Jack Of All Augments achievement. Simply load up a New Game+ and play until you meet Koller to unlock the augments. You will then be able to reassign all Praxis earned, which should net you more than enough to upgrade points to spend appropriately on just the first level of each skill, unlocking the achievement.

You will now need to complete a NEW GAME on the difficulty rating - I NEVER ASKED FOR THIS, to finish all remaining story related achievements.

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