12. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Hard ModeUpdate notes

Having completed the game once, you will unlock the I NEVER ASKED FOR THIS difficulty. You must start a New Game on this difficulty rating, since New Game+ will play on the same difficulty from the first playthrough.

Only start a New Game+ if you still need The Jack of All Augments achievement. You will likely have to make it to Koller to reset your augs, then you should have enough to assign them appropriately to unlock this achievement. Afterwards, exit this game and start a New Game on the hardest difficulty.

-----------------------------Hard Playthrough-----------------------------

BEWARE! On this difficulty, you only have one life. If you die you have to start over from the beginning, your save file is actually deleted. You also have just one save file, so save often. If you cause an alarm, it may be better to just revert instead of fighting through the enemies. If you are close to death or know you are going to die, don't chance it; quickly hit start and reload to a previous save. Even if it has been a half hour or so since your last save, it is better to start there than it is from the very beginning. If you do get killed, quickly dashboard out of the game, before the death scene plays out and erases the save. You will then want to load a new game before jumping back in, so it restarts the game and doesn't just pick up were you left off. Due to the risk of death, it is still very beneficial to be stealthy as much as possible. Save often and reload when things look bad.

You do not have to worry about anything outside of the main mission objectives. Hopefully, you earned Tablet Collector, Foxiest of the Hounds, and Pacifist on the first playthrough, which will make this hard playthrough that much easier and quicker to complete. You can be more liberal with stealth and lethality if needed, but avoid open conflict and alarms to prevent a quick death. If you did not earn these three, unless you want to do a third playthrough, you will need to be considerate of those requirements as you progress. If you missed Tablet Collector, you will need to make the appropriate decisions to gain access to the eBooks, which will run counter to some of the remaining achievements. Therefore, you will want to Save, complete the achievement, then revert to the previous save to ensure all of the eBooks can be acquired.

For this playthrough, I am not going to do as in-depth as the first. Explore whatever you want, do whatever side missions and Points of Interest you want, just remember that these are mostly not necessary. I will point out the choices and path to take for the remaining achievements, but you will have the freedom to decide the remainder of your time.

You will still want to earn XP and find Praxis Kits on your travels, because you will want to upgrade your skills to get through the missions in the most efficient way possible.

Augments to get should follow the previous guide listed in the General Hints and Tips page that was followed for the first playthrough. I recommend adhering to the 1-6 as listed, except Punch Through Walls. Then add upgrades to Sarif Series 8 Energy Converter to improve energy supply, and the Glass-Shield cloaking to reduce energy costs for stealth. Hacking Stealth is also helpful to be more efficient in hacking and avoid being spotted or having to rely on software to get through locks.


Run through the level once again, takeout whoever is in the way but you should know where to go to complete this. If you need to, go back to the DUBAI page to help get through the area. Skip the tutorials this time, and the three locked door’s codes are 0451 (have to turn power on), 4801 (fence area by elevators), and 0682 (atrium). At the atrium, jump off the top and Icarus Strike to land. Rush to the helicopter, as you avoid being shot and killed by the attackers.


For this playthrough, you will need to go get the Calibrator before going to meet Koller the first time. So, when you are ready, take the metro to Monument Station.

Use the ladder access point behind Tech Noir, to drop in near the underground casino. This time, you will need to sneak in and take the Calibrator. Use the pipes above the door, just like before, to gain entry to the bathroom and the upper floor here. You need to go the office at the other end and open the safe (4863) in the corner. Take the Neuroplasticity Calibrator then leave casino and sewers, avoiding a conversation with Otar altogether. Go to the nearest metro and travel to Capek Fountain Station.

Go to Koller’s store, deal with or avoid the Dvali to get to the hidden elevator and down to the workshop. Gain access to your augments, then while speaking to Koller afterwards, he will bring up the Calibrator; select GIVE at this point to hand the device over and earn an achievement. You will still have to wait to get it installed until much later though.

  • Time Traveler

    You managed to bring Koller the Neuroplasticity Calibrator before he even asked you for it.

    Time Traveler

Complete the remaining Main Missions as they come up. Go to TF29, travel to Ruzicka Station, return with TF29 with the evidence, Meet Vega at the L.I.M.B. clinic, then leave for Golem City.


Having already completed the penguin escort, this should be a lot quicker.

Stop in to speak with the contact's wife, trek through the security checkpoints to the holding cells, ignore saving the brother, and leave the checkpoints to reach Svedry Market. At the top of the stairs, past the daycare, stalk the bald police officer to a secluded area to knock him out and take the elevator keycard from the body. Use the keycard on the elevator to reach the Throat, meet Marchenko and proceed through to the keypad (3354) that will extend the bridge to the elevator leading to ARC Territory. Proceed through RVAC Row then Ridit Station to reach the elevator by the turret leading to Talos Rucker. Debate him then reach the extraction point to return to Prague.


When you return, go to Miller’s apartment to grab the NSN Keycard from the hidden room, then go meet Vega before heading down to TF29. Speak to Smiley and use the NSN in Miller’s office. Exit TF29, investigate the bombing at Stanek’s and talk to the witness, Nosey (give alcohol). Go to the RedLight District to confront Stanek in the Irish Stool. Go meet Janus near Monument Station, then escape the drones afterwards. Once contacted by Stanek, go to the metro to be contacted by Vega about the bank heist.

If you happened to miss the Tablet Collector achievement on the first playthrough, make a save here, to revert to after following the next steps for the God Killer achievement in order to progress and obtain the eBook from Palisades Bank Corporate Vault.

Choose ALLISON and head to Capek Fountain Station. Exit the metro and meet Stanek at the entrance to the Church of the Machinegod. You will need to carefully make your way past the Cultists to the very top where Allison Stanek is in room 96. Once inside you will have to debate Allison, reply with Critique --> Focus --> Critique --> Counsel to complete the mission and earn an achievement.

Head back to Chikane to leave for the G.A.R.M. Facility.


You should be able to rush through this, if you have Remote Hack and/or Icarus Dash this is even easier. Once you wake up, be sure to contact Vega to avoid the alarm. Get to the drill control room and drill the core, go through the access point in the ceiling here to use the crane to get across the hanger and reach the hole drilled above the tunnel to reach Hangar 2. Icarus Dash to the elevated platform near the large tent, and use the tent to get across much of the area to the back corner where the stairs are located. Head up the stairs and through the next area to the elevator leading to the Helipad and leave for Prague.


Exit the workshop to meet with Vega. Get to TF29 and speak to Miller. Go to the RedLight District and use the rooftop of the Red Queen to get into Dvali Territory. Go through the Theater to Radich’s office in the basement, then leave to the metro through the vault door in the corner (must have Icarus Landing). Travel to Capek Fountain Station and meet Vega at Jensen’s apartment. Finally, return to the metro and travel to Pilgrim Station to get to Chikane’s and leave for London.


Take the elevator to CSO. Reach Slater’s Office, take out all the guards before return to the elevator to get to Reception. Take out all the disguised Gold Masks and loot the Keycard. Go through the security door at the top of the area, circle all the way around to the room at the end with a third guard. Loot Marchenko’s Kill Switch from the Weapons Briefcase under the desk with the unlocked computer on it. Go to the kitchen area to speak with Miller. You must deal with Marchenko, but you will still have to at least check on the Delegates. However, it makes the most sense to go to the delegates first, then use the elevator behind the secret panel in the VIP room to reach Marchenko. If you still need the final eBook for Tablet Collector, then you can pick it up once you reach the Delegates as well. Once you get to Marchenko, opt to use the Kill Switch, you will have only a few seconds to select this, so be quick to do so. This will end the “fight” quickly and reward you with an achievement.

  • Laputan Machine

    You used Marchenko's Kill Switch to defeat him, proving that some things can cut deeper than steel.

    Laputan Machine

With both tasks completed, finish with an end of game conversation with Vega and listen to Eliza Cassan once again. By the time the credits role, you will unlock the final achievement.

Congrats on beating the story! Next up Breach Mode.

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