13. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Breach - Overview and TipsUpdate notes

Breach offers a new challenge for players looking to get a little more from Deus Ex, but you must have an internet connection in order to access this game mode. The only achievements needed for the base 1000 gamerscore are to complete the first Darknet file and reach 100% completion on each network through Network_3A. There are also 2 free Breach Updates, which add new nodes, another network, and two additional Darknet Files tied to two additional corporations. In all, the updates adds 10 more achievements to work on as you progress through each Network; and since these updates are free, I have combined these within the guide below.

Each Network is broken down and outlined in the following page of the walkthrough, \\Network_, to show which nodes are required to obtain 100% completion. The Completion Rate %, indicated on the Network road map is not the same as the criteria for the achievement, so follow the guide to ensure you complete all that is necessary. The final page of the walkthrough, Darknet, has a breakdown for each Darknet File. You are only able to work on one at a time and in a specific order. Of the three Darknet File achievements, one is associated with completing the first, and the other two correspond to the final two Darknet Files. Therefore, you will have to complete all five storylines to earn the 3 corresponding achievements.

There is a lot of extra information that is helpful for being successful on this game mode, but much of it is geared towards reaching the leaderboard or at least completing the secondary objectives on a server node. Since that is not necessarily pertinent to completing the Networks, I will not include all that I have learned. However, I will include some beneficial information below that should help increase your chances to succeed in your efforts to simply complete each node as required, especially in the higher tiered Networks so you can earn 100% of the gamerscore available.


Each Network consists of a number of server nodes, which you “hack” by entering the digital realm to complete the primary objective. You get a glimpse of this in the main story when entering the NSN. The completion objective can be Extract – an amount of data from Data Towers, Eliminate – a number of enemies, Collect – a number of fragments, Boss (PRIME) – defeat the Prime Defense Unit, or Transport – Retrieve and Exit with the Data Sphere. Each Server node, is essentially a different layout of a handful of base Server maps; with varying completion objectives, restrictions, and modifiers to provide some degree of variety.

Each node also has three secondary objectives that can be completed to earn additional rewards, like firewall key fragments, credits, or ability/weapon parts. Do not get hung up on these objectives. While the All Data aspect is easiest to obtain, you will have to surpass the completion objective and locate all remaining data and exit before your time expires and you are locked out. This can become difficult because of added security once you reach your data objective and the pressure of trying to escape in time. The Time and High Score objectives are more difficult and will require upgraded Augments and Weapons, and the use of patches/modifiers to have a reasonable chance to achieve. None of these are necessary to earn any achievement, so it is up to you whether you attempt to complete these.

Ghost Network

In addition to the standard 6 Networks, a 24hr Ghost Network is also available. This requires at least one Firewall key to enter and offers various rewards as you progress. It is only available for 24hrs, after which it resets and initiates a new set of server nodes and rewards, requiring another Firewall key to access. The server nodes included are a random mix of various nodes from the standard Networks and Darknet Files, so there shouldn’t be anything new, unless of course you haven’t reached that node yet. The rewards are helpful but the cost is high and might not be practical to attempt this new Network right at the start. I recommend waiting until you get comfortable with the completion requirements, have leveled up somewhat, and have additional Firewall keys that are not needed to progress. Once you complete 5 server nodes in total, in the same or over numerous Ghost Networks, you will unlock the achievement for this.


All items are obtained through reward/booster packs; which are earned, rewarded, or purchased from the SHOP with Credits earned through progressing in the Networks or completing Challenges. Credits should be used to buy Elite Packs from the shop whenever possible. The high chance of A and S Rank items is worth the cost and will help gain better items, overall, than buying a bunch of cheaper packs.


Weapons found in packs are random, so it is hard to say what to use and how to approach each server node. However, as a general rule of thumb, equip your best weapon and save special ammo for Prime Targets or Eliminate objectives.

The best weapon is the Rank-S Battle Rifle, in my opinion; however, a Rank-S or Rank-A of whatever you have will be effective if used appropriately. Each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses, so utilize whatever works for a given scenario. You can upgrade different attributes of a weapon, such as Damage Output, Ammo Capacity, and Reload Speed. Each weapon can only be upgrade a certain number of times, meaning not all attributes can be maximized so plan accordingly. Damage Output should be the top priority. However, each weapon is better served by different attributes; for instance, reload speed and recoil is great for a Shotgun, whereas ammo capacity and accuracy is excellent for a combat rifle. Utilizing these attributes will help increase the weapon’s strengths, or minimize its weaknesses, to better increase its lethality in combat.


Most weapons have a basic supply of regular ammo and may have the ability to use either Armor Piercing or EMP rounds to start. This first clip of standard ammo gets refreshed at the start of each level. If you need more you will have to supply that from your own stock, which is found in packs and is depleted as it gets used. Always try to complete a server with no additional ammo at first, takedowns or avoiding enemies will help preserve your supply. If you must shoot, try for headshots and upgrade the damage output on weapons to use less ammo. Save your supply of specialty rounds for harder targets, like Prime Targets. These Boss types have a ton of health and you may find yourself short on the ammo needed to eliminate them if you do not plan accordingly.

EMP Ammo – does 90% of regular ammo damage, but can disable cameras, turrets, lasers, robots, and drones. These rounds can also negate the effects of the Titan or Glass-Shield Cloaking, making it easier to target or kill these enemies. Several rounds that hit will build up an EMP blast, stunning or knocking down enemies and allowing you to put out significant damage to an incapacitated foe for a short window.

AP Ammo – or Armor Piercing, does 130% of regular ammo damage. This ammo also passes through armor, meaning less rounds are needed to takedown targets, especially those that are heavily armored or bosses.

STUN, LAG, and CRTL Ammo do no damage but have varying effects, including stun, slow, or team change on the enemy. This ammo can only be used with a Stun Rifle or Disruptor Pistol (respectively), not really helpful/useful if you have other options.

Weapon Abilities

These upgrades can be attached to Rank-B, or better, weapons. These are equipped like an attachment, but can be removed or interchanged as much as you want. The bonus is only applied to the weapon it is attached to, so changing weapons during combat will lose that effect, same as removing the ability. Upgrading these can help increase lethality specific to the ability described. Headshot Damage, Surprise Damage, and Elite Damage are highly recommended to better your fight against Prime and Elite Units in later Networks.


Viruses will help negate the effects of AI improvements as you progress into the higher tier Networks. After Network_1A, the AI will gradually improve upon three various traits that make each server node more difficult. Viruses can be found in reward/booster packs and will reduce these improvements for a given trait when used. This lowers the difficulty, which means less points; but as long as you are not going for the High Score objective, it shouldn’t matter. The lowest level for each trait is 1.0 so make sure that you get the most out of each virus before you decide to use it. These are helpful if you are having trouble completing server nodes in the later Networks, especially the PRIME Target Objective nodes. Although the Prime still provides a challenge, reducing the AI’s Damage and/or Defense can help you come out on top.

Firewall Keys

Collect 10 fragments to create a key. The best way to earn these is to complete the All Data secondary objective for a given server node; earning 1-2 fragments, just once, upon the first time completing the objective. Fragments can also found in reward/booster packs (it is random), or a full key can be bought from the shop for 50,000 credits, 20 chipsets (real world money), or traded for 1 praxis kit (not recommended). These will be required at certain points to reach reward nodes, progress to the next Network, or enter a Ghost Network.

Expansion Items

Occasionally, you can be rewarded with Expansion Kits, randomly of course, from Booster/Reward packs. The Kit must be moved from the Reserve to your inventory to gain the benefit. These Expansion Kits can boost Health (HP), Energy (EN), or augment Memory (GB). The higher the grade of the Kit the larger the item and benefit, which makes inventory space limited for other items. Once you acquire any 6 kits, move them all to your inventory and complete any mission to unlock an achievement.


At some point within Network_1A, you are given a tutorial on CHALLENGES by Shadowchild. The three issued by Shadowchild are reset each day, they are random so some are easier than others. Winning the challenge will reward a Victory pack and if you lose, you are still rewarded with a Backup Pack, as long as you fail all three times. You can Refuse the challenge, which will remove it from your list but you do not get rewarded. Other members of the community can also issue a challenge for you to try and beat, same concept as Shadowchild’s challenges. These are the score or time a fellow gamer posted and you will need to do better.

Community or Shadowchild, be victorious on 3 challenges to earn an achievement.

You should also challenge gamers within the community to beat your score or time on a given server node. This doesn’t need to be a leaderboard worthy score or time, simply complete a server node, then select cn_Y to Send Challenge at the Infiltration Results screen. Select a random gamer, or friend, to issue the challenge. Do this three times to earn another achievement. Easier challenges may help them earn an achievement if they have trouble beating Shadowchild, but harder challenges will likely see them fail and earn you a Victory pack. Whateever you do, simply issue 3 challenges to earn another achievement.


Augments require Praxis Kits (just like in story mode) and Memory Space (GB) to be able to equip the skill. Each level up earn 1 Praxis Kit and +50 GB to memory for equipping augments, you can even find GB Expansion items, randomly, from reward/booster packs to increase the augs you can equip if that becomes a problem. Below is a list of augs to unlock and equip, which will help with survivability, stealth, and completion capability for collecting the data requirements, especially as you progress into harder nodes.

    • JUMP.aug
      • MULTIJUMP.pkg (mandatory in tutorial)
      • MULTIJUMP_3x.pkg (2)
      • JUMPMOD.pg (2)

These are incredibly helpful to reach different heights without having to spend time going the long way around or find and stack boxes to reach greater heights. These should be the first two skills purchased.

    • CLOAK.aug (1)
      • ENERGY_RECYCLER.pkg (2)
      • ENERGY_RECYCLER_XL.pkg (3)

Cloaking will help with stealth and getting past security. Stealth restrictions are prevalent in later Networks so this is an important augment to get as you progress. The Recycler upgrades help slow Energy depletion, the final (XL) is expensive so pick it up at some point after the rest of the remaining recommended augments.

    • FOCUS.aug (1)
      • FRAME_OPTIMIZER.pkg (1)
      • FRAME_OPTIMIZER_XL.pkg (2)

Focus can slow everything around you, letting you get through areas taking less damage, slowing the rate of being spotted, and allow you to put out more damage to enemies if needed. This is helpful to get through a level with speed and stealth, and helps you put down Prime Targets with extreme prejudice.

Achievement Specific Augments

These are not critical to anything but earning the achievement, so you can wait to get these until you are content with your current capabilities, or simply want to check them off as complete.

    • TITAN.aug (1)

Once you have this, you will need to eliminate a Prime Unit, with the Titan augment active; easier said than done. You will want to reduce the Prime’s health before activating the Titan Augment so you have the energy needed to keep it active until the Prime is destroyed. This can be done on any Prime Target, just make sure there is not an augment restriction on the node. To make things easier, it is best done when the AI Defense Status is as close to 1.0 to prevent them from becoming overpowered. Once you accomplish this feat, you will unlock the corresponding achievement.

    • RENDERER.aug
      • ALARM_CANCEL.pkg (1)

This one is fairly simple. Once acquired, just enter a server node that doesn’t restrict Augments or starts with an alarm; get spotted by security/enemy to initiate an alarm, then activate the augment to negate the alarm and earn an achievement, it costs a good amount of energy so don’t use any other augments until after.

Other useful Augments that are recommended include:

  • EMP_DEFENSE upgrade for the TITAN augment
  • EN_BOOSTER_MAX upgrades for the EN_MODULE
  • REMOTE_HACK upgrades (various)

EMP_DEFENSE is the cheapest way to allow you to cross EMP flooring and still access data towers. EN_BOOSTER_MAX provides more EN supply to use the Glass-Shield Cloak or Focus longer. Remote-Hacking upgrades opens up the ability to shutdown, explode, or turn various security measure against each other, giving you a competitive advantage. These tend to be expensive though, so consider these carefully and after you have the other recommended Augments and upgrades.

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