16. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided System Rift DLCUpdate notes

You can access this DLC from Jensen's Stories

This standalone story picks up after the events of the main story and re-unites Jensen with an old colleague from the events of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

From the start, you are provided with a generic loadout of Jensen's augmentations, and supplied with 13 Praxis to upgrade as you see fit. There are opportunities to find and earn additional Praxis during your play as well, but stealth should remain a focus and an achievement will require non-lethal actions. I have included a few augments that will be essential for ease of completion later on, but you have more freedom in your character build for this short story. This really is much of the same that was seen on the main playthrough will one small environmental change near the end, but with the right augments this is easy to overcome. There is no difficulty related achievement so play on whatever rating you want.


Once you regain control of Jensen, assign your Praxis.

At a minimum, you should acquire Hacking Capture Lvl 2-3, Turret Domination, and Robot Domination, for a cost of 4 Praxis.

Then there are helpful augments to get, like Icarus Landing (2), Optimized Musculature (1), Klipspringer (2), Remote Hacking -all (3), Glass-Shield Cloaking (2-4), or Hacking Stealth (1-3); but these are completely up to you.

When you are ready to continue, exit the metro to Blade Plaza.

There are two Praxis Kits which can be picked up before proceeding with the story objective.

First, head for three ladder icons at the Northwest section of the map, between a Wine Store and Palisades Blade Lobby. Use the ladder to descend, then quickly run to the back where you can find the breaker to turn off the electricity. At the far back end is a living area for a homeless person; and in the far back left corner, between the propane tank and the boxes near the eBook, is a Praxis Kit (1/7).

Leave the area by heading back up the ladder, then head around the buildings to reach a courtyard, of sorts, in front of Klimova Apartments. There is an apartment on the second story along this Northern edge, above a red awning near the Mini Storage units. Inside, yo ucan move the refrigerator, if you have Optimized Musculature, to find Praxis Kit (2/7).

Exit the apartment and enter the nearby Klimova Apartments. The first objective is to meet Slaw at a bar in a restricted area. To get through, unnoticed, you will need to go through here.

Hack the Level 2 security door and go upstairs to reach Apt 3A. Hack the Level 1 door and go into the bedroom. Interact with the painting to find a keypad (8222) which unlocks a hidden room through the closet. In some Drawers in the corner is a Praxis Kit (3/7). You will be directed here for an objective later on, but not getting any items inside, beforehand, will result in not being able to obtain them after the fact.

Head to the lowest floor, which will lead into the restricted area. You will want to make your way to Zatopek Bar, and into the basement to find your mark.

Continue the story by meeting Pritchard at Konverz Kafe in the Southwest.

Afterwards, return to Apt 3A at Klimova Apartments to Meet ShadowChild inside the secret room behind the closet. Select HELP HOW before FINISH UP on the third dialogue option, this will provide a passphrase needed for an upcoming achievement. Be sure to select Accept when offered to receive a figurine from ShadowChild.

Leave the apartment and head over to Palisades Blade Lobby. Be sure to stop and speak to the man shouting on the stairs, Niko Saridakis, which will begin a secondary objective to investigate his wife's death.

Enter the building and speak to the Blade Employee at the front desk clerk. Select the phrase BABA-YAGA 50 to gain access to the elevators and you unlock an achievement.

Take the elevator to Atrium 1F.

This area is completely restricted, so deal with the guards and workers or avoid them as needed to get around. Remember, you can technically raise an alarm in this initial area, but it is best to avoid one if you can. Also, only non-lethal means to incapacitate NPC's.

Atrium 1F

In the Human Resources area, to the West, is an office for Isabella Trembliska, Head of Human Resources. There is a wall safe (0622) containing a Praxis Kit (4/7).

Atrium 2F

Inside the West Maintenance Corridor 2F, you will find Slaw here in the hallway, alone. Approach him and he will let you through the door, even asking you to know him out.

Atrium 3F

In the West Maintenance Corridor 3F is a small room filled with gas (above Slaw). Behind a center column along the North wall, is Praxis Kit (5/7).

Inside the East Maintenance Corridor 3F, just before the final hallway leading to an adjoined Office; behind padlocked door is a v, on the floor between the blue electrical maintenance cabinet and the wall.

The Office for Leona Rosolova, Head of Engineering, should have an objective marker . Here you can plant the figurine provided by ShadowChild.

You are rewarded with the password to the computer here. Be sure to access it (trustno1) and read all of the emails to find Evidence (1/4) on the Saridakis Murder.

Atrium 4F

If you can get on top of the Client Management Department, there is a Praxis Kit (7/7) here, about center. It would be Level 5, technically, according to the map.

Atrium 5F (Map - Level 6)

Executive Suite - Access Ashani Talwar’s computer and read all the emails to progress the primary objective, and find Evidence (2/4) on the Saridakis Murder. Exit the Office Suite and head to the West end of the upper level to use the Funicular, to reach the Server Farm.


*** Make a SAVE Here, just in case. You will need to complete this section without being detected (alarm) by the HeatEye security (cameras and drones)

Hopefully you followed my recommendation and already have (or can still get) the Hacking Augments - Turret and Robot Domination for this area. This will make it that much easier to get through unseen for an achievement.

Get through the first room to learn how the HeatEye works. Standing by a RED heat element in the room will render you invisible (essentially), like Glass-Shield Cloaking traditionally would have.

Run from Red spot to Red spot through the first room when it makes sense to do so; Remote Hacking or EMP ammo (with a silenced weapon) is also helpful here to disable the cameras. In the next room, access the two security hubs at the bottom of the stairs, to turn off Cameras, Drones, and Turrets, as well as open vault doors. Do this on BOTH hubs, since each have their own share of dedicated security. Aside from laser grid security, you should have free run of the area for now.

Use the stairs at the center of the area to reach the upper level. Enter the Southwest Chamber B to reach server room 209, which is filled with gas. If you have Implanted Rebreather great, if not you will have to be quick. You will want to circle around the left to reach a hologram terminal directly ahead of the door, there is a Pocket Secretary pinned between the computer and the wall. on the floor. You will have to read this item to obtain Evidence (3/4) on the Saridakis Murder.

Head over to the other marker, in server room 204, and access the Server Chamber Terminal. Retrieve the upgraded Pass-Port and head to the next objective marker at the West end of the area. Inside, on the North desk, move the Archive Boxes to find a Pocket Secretary. Reading this will discover Evidence (4/4) on the Saridakis Murder and unlock an achievement.

Go to the Voice Recording Lock, select VOICE RECORDING to unlock the door. Enter and use the terminal for a cutscene. As you contact ShadowChild for help, you should unlock an achievement at this point.


Use the Neural Subnet (NS)N when it becomes available for a BREACH style adventure. You will want to utilize smart vision to help find your way through the platform puzzle, which then you can reach a data tower to download, just like in BREACH, to advance. Reach the third tower to meet another avatar.

Use the warp point to exit. As you leave the room, use Smart Vision to find an alternate door to the side where you'll find another NSN chair, use it to finally leave.

Exit the NSN room, the alarms and security bot are unavoidable. You’ll have to back track to the first HeatEye room, up the stairs by the security computers. Once you enter, straight ahead will be a hatch at the center of the room, which can be used to exit the facility.

You will return to Jensen’s apartment for a scene with ShadowChild and then Pritchard. When given the choice on what to do with the evidence collected, select either THE DARKNET or WIDOWER’S LAWYER to earn an achievement and complete this DLC mission.

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