17. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided A Criminal Past DLCUpdate notes

You can access this DLC from Jensen's Stories

This standalone mission will reminisce on Jensen's first mission with TF29, taking you undercover inside a prison.

For this mission, all your augments are taken offline and you are left with none of the tools you have come to rely on during your prior gameplay. There is a way to get these back online, but you should avoid this path, since there is an achievement for completing this mission, Augment free. This means Praxis kits and XP are essentially irrelevant. Additionally, since your augments are disabled, you cannot perform takedowns; making the need for stealth or the use of a Stun Gun essential for completing this mission without killing per an achievement. Hacking is also impossible to do without augments, but you can still use a Multi-Tool or input the password/code to get through; therefore, Multi-Tools are essential. Since you are in prison, it worth noting that brandishing a weapon or holding a Multi-Tool (considered a weapon) is considered a hostile act, and will cause an alarm if you are caught by a guard. While the unique nature of this mission may present a challenge, especially if you have come to rely on augements during the rest of the entire game, earn the full 100% gamerscore on this DLC in a single playthrough is completely possible.


Once your cell opens, enter the cell to the right, A-320.

Inside most cells will be at least one secret stash/area, in four possible locations (either side of the cell door close to the ground, on the ceiling above the toilet/sink, or a removable panel on the wall behind the toilet). These cells contain a number of various items: alcohol, crafting parts, hacking software, weapons, ammo, Neuropozyne, or even a Praxis kit. Praxis kits will be useless this playthrough as you should seek to complete this mission without ever getting your augments back; therefore, I will not point them out in this guide, nor will I attempt to get you to earn additional XP. This does make the story a little harder, but it’s nothing you can’t accomplish; plus, you will earn an achievement at the end for your troubles. Crafting parts are helpful for making multi-tools; but you should be able to find enough to get through the mission without having to craft any. You will want to utilize the stun gun as the primary weapon if you need to take down anyone; a pistol with EMP ammo is helpful later on as well, but it is not necessary.

Searching the cell (A-320) will result in finding a Neuropozyne in the Secret Panel next to the door.

Head across the hall to cell A-315. Searching this cell will result in finding some Alcohol in the Secret Panel next to the door. Both of these item are used to trade later for an achievement and multi-tools.

Make your way to the North end of the cell bock, to A-301. Inside is a Secret Panel behind the toilet that holds a Stun Gun. Be sure to grab this item, as it will be the main method used for takedowns throughout the mission.

Head down to Level 1, and make your way to the North side of Cell Block A. Just before exiting to the Yard, speak to the Inmate leaned up against the wall here. Select GIVE ALCOHOL to trade for a Multi-tool, earning an achievement.

Exit to the Yard, climb the steps to interact with some inmates. When the conversation ends, you will be directed to The Fixer. You can find him in the Southeast corner of the Yard, behind an electrified fence near some stairs.

Wait for him to approach, if he isn’t already standing near the fence, and speak to him. Select REFUSE PILL when the option is presented. This will result in a severe handicap for the remainder of the DLC story, as you will not regain control of your augmentations. However, this will ensure you remain drug-free and earn an achievement at the end, so be sure to refuse.

Return to Cell Block A, and head for the Laundry room; it is the Southwest restricted room near the Showers. The keypad now has power to it, so punch in code 6014 (same code works on the opposite room, FYI) to unlock it. Unlike hacking, using the code is not a hostile act and therefore can be witnessed by a guard/camera; just be sure to enter the restricted area unseen, as that will raise suspicions.

Enter the restricted Laundry room, unseen. Inside, there are two things to do. The first is to interact with the Teddy, which is a Stuffed Plush Fox, which you'll acquire the Altered Biocell; a key item that should NOT be consumed. This item is going to be given away later on, as well as set up much of the later half of the story; enabling you to get through some of the more difficult areas much easier.

The second is to grab the Basketball in the corner. Carry the ball to the basketball court in the Yard. Stand about half court and aim a little above the rim, then throw the ball. This hoop is a lot larger than the one in the main story so this should be a very easy shot to make.

Run back in to Cell Block A, head to up to Level 2. In A-214, another inmate is wanting to trade a Multi-tool for a Neuropozyne, which you should have from A-320.

Stop by A-212 and speak with Flossy, select MENTION THE BIOCELL to receive the General Access Keycard. Also, stop in to A-203 for some Stun Gun ammo, in the Secret Panel on the side of the door.

Heading up to level 3 and use the Keycard on the South door to the Security Room, entering only when the patrolling guard and camera aren’t looking. Be sure to use the EG Switch, near the door, to block the view into the room as well. You can find some more Stun Gun ammo in a locker in the corner.

Exit through the back door at the bottom of the stairs when you are ready. Avoid the panning camera and a patrolling guard when you exit. Head left and through the electrified gate at the end.

You will now be in between the Cell Blocks, with a storage room to the right. A camera is watching the door, making it difficult to enter the code unseen. It is easiest to simply stay behind cover and use a Multi-tool to unlock the door. then quickly enter to avoiding getting spotted.

In the South corner of the room is a set of lockers near another plush toy fox. The locker on the far left has a Stun Gun, and the one on the right contains the yellow B-Block Prisoner Jumpsuit. Interacting with this will swap outfits and earn an achievement.

This change in outfit will allow you to freely roam the Cell Block B side, since the restricted area will now switch to the Cell Block A side. If, for some reason, you need to return to the A side, you will need to switch back into the red jumpsuit to avoid suspicion.

Wearing the yellow jumpsuit, exit the maintenance storage room and head up the stairs along Cell Block B. There is a Cable Duct Door (vent), which will allow you to enter Cell Block B. Make your way across the top of the cells to find another Cable Duct Door to the West. This vent will lead you into the Security Room on Level 3. The guard in the next room will eventually walk over to this side so be aware of his movements to avoid being spotted.

Exit the Security Room and into the Cell Block when you can do so, unseen.

Head down to level 2, and exit out to the Yard. In the small holding cell in the East corner is where you will find Red Shoes. Talk to him and choose GIVE ALTERED BIOCELL for an achievement.

Return to Cell Block B. Go to cell B-204, to the right, where you can find a Secret Panel behind the toilet leading to a vent. Enter it and follow along to the right, keep dropping down to eventually reach a storage room (there is a 10mm Pistol in the dead end when you drop down here) on Level 1. There is a Silencer on the rack to the right once you exit the vent. It is recommended to equip this on the Pistol and use it with EMP ammo (some found in the lockers to the left) to help avoid security cameras, turrets, drones, etc. in the next half of the story. Just to reiterate, DO NOT kill anyone!

Go across to the Laundry Room and through the vent, to get behind the locked door and into the Showers where you will meet your contact.


After the scene and talking to Stenger, the prisoners are rioting and you will need to avoid the officers who will shoot on sight. You do not have to worry about staying hidden, from here on out. Getting spotted or raising an alarm is not going to ruin any remaining achievement progress, but it is good to try and avoid alarms so you are not having to risk getting killed or any unwanted attention. Just be mindful that you do not kill anyone for the rest of the mission as well; use the Stun Gun on guards or EMP rounds on security defenses as needed, but don’t worry about trying to be completely stealthy.

Once you regain control, use the back door at the bottom of the stairs to exit the Security Room and avoid the Cell Block. Follow the path around to the left and enter the small security room at the end. Then, you can go through the window here to reach the Yard.

Head to the East, through the gate and up the steps to the Administration Building. Enter to find the Prisoner’s in control of the area, making this much easier to get around.

Once you enter the Processing Area, there are two long offices at the center of this area. Inside the East one, you will find a Pocket Secretary: “Schedule Change” - Evidence (1/2), inside the Drawer of a desk with an unlocked laptop. This Pocket Secretary is 1 of 2 that are required for an achievement later on and you MUST READ BOTH of them before confronting Mejia in Solitary Confinement.

In the area between the two offices, there is a Multi-tool on black box to pick up. There is also a Restricted Access Keycard on the body of a guard leaned up against the wall next to the security door to East Wing, at the South side of the Processing Area. Be sure to grab these items before heading up the stairs to the Observation Deck (Level 3).

Go to the East Wing Elevator, and use the Restricted Access Keycard to unlock the floor to Automated Security. Otherwise, you will need to select the floor for Solitary Confinement then take the stairs up to Automated Security.

Once on Level 5, Automated Security, the Southeast corner will have several desks; there is an unlocked safe under one of them. Inside the safe is a Pocket Secretary: “Recovered Turret Command Logs” - Evidence (2/2). Be sure to read it before once you obtain it.

Exit the area, heading South to Solitary Confinement; which can be accessed through a vent.

Once inside you will want to get to the Southwest corner and go through the Cable Duct Door to get into the space behind the cells. Drop down to the grate floor below and continue South. Once the path turns a corner, turn around and you’ll notice you can crouch under the floor, you were just on, to follow it North to a Cable Duct Door.

In the room past a turret, hit the Emergency Override System switch, then press each corner before pressing the center to complete the override.

Head back a few rooms and up the ladder. Use the Security terminal ahead to open the Cells, specifically Cell 4.

Ensure that you have read both Pocket Secretaries described in the guide above (as Evidence), then go to Cell 4 and speak to Mejia. Select WILBURG’S MURDER? for an achievement.

Finish with the conversation and leave the way you came in to return to the Tower. Take the elevator down to Infirmary/Morgue. Ignore Wortmuller, The Fixer, since you do not want to take the pill. Go through the East door to head towards Administration.

Once inside Administration, make your way to the elevator in the Southeast corner. Avoid the mines then take the elevator up to Management.

This portion of the floor is controlled by prisoners as well, so make your way to the Warden’s Office to meet up with Flossy. Grab the Multi-Tool off the back drawers and use the unlocked security terminal to open the vault doors, then enter the room behind the desk. Inside is a keypad (2027), which will allow you to DISENGAGE the Transport Tracking System.

Now take the elevator back down to Administration, and return to the Tower through the basement access tunnel from the Infirmary/Morgue. Take the elevator to Observation, then make your way North to the West Wing Elevator, dodging the attacking drones as you go. Deal with the inmate, I suggest the Stun Gun, then take the elevator up to the Roof Access.

This is the hardest area of the level (in my opinion), especially without augments. The central turrets and roaming security bots make getting around that much more difficult. On top of that, any raised alarm will likely result in up to 4 security drones joining in the search.

It is best to have at least one Multi-Tool for this area, since there is one available to pick up. There are enough crafting parts that can be found in the area to craft at least one Multi-Tool if you do not have one in your inventory. EMP ammo is also helpful to disable the cameras, but is not necessary if you have the Multi-Tools.

Follow the walkway from the elevator to the roof, you will arrive near the Western Turret; the other is at the far, east side. Each will be on an elevated platform with a single camera overlooking a keypad and button.

To shut these down, climb the stairs and duck behind the rail to be close enough to use a Multi-Tool on the keypad, while also remaining out of sight from the camera. Once the keypad is unlocked, you must interact with it and switch it to UNLOCK, doing so from the crouched position will allow you to remain unseen (glitch?). Then, press the MANUAL OVERRIDE button, below the keypad, to shut the turret down.

Go back down the steps, taking cover on the rail as needed to avoid being spotted by the camera. Use the Southern edge of the roof to make your way to the East side. Repeat the steps above, to shut off this turret, as well. If you need a second Multi-Tool, there is one on the Eastern most side of the turret, inside a pile of electrical cords. You can avoid being spotted by the camera by grabbing it from under the turret, if you carefully approach from the Southeast corner to within reach; or shoot the camera with EMP rounds to give yourself a few seconds to grab it then get behind the rail to use it on the keypad.

With both turrets offline, head back to the West side and back down the stairs to the elevator. Equip the Stun Gun and take the elevator down to the LANDING PAD.

Once you exit, you will meet up with Mejia and The Fixer. Mejia insists on a lethal approach, and you cannot talk him out of it without your augments. So, simply cooperate with him by selecting SIDE WITH MEJIA when given the chance. Once the conversation ends, quickly shoot Mejia with the Stun Gun to preserve your no killing policy and save the Fixer. Selecting Side with the Fixer will cause the turrets to activate and they will likely kill you or the Fixer, which is not helpful.

With Mejia knocked out, speak with The Fixer, choose either option to complete the conversation and earn an achievement.

Finally, interact with the Prisoner Transport to leave the prison and return to the current time.

Complete the conversation with Dr. Auzenne how you see fit to complete the story.

Congrats, another DLC 100% complete.

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