4. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided DubaiUpdate notes

The game opens with a cutscene discussing the current mission. At some point during the cinematic, you are presented an option for your choice of weapon; Lethal (Pistol/Combat Rifle) or Non-Lethal (Stun Gun or Tranquilizer Rifle), then Long (Combat/Tranq Rifle) or Short Range (Pistol/Stun Gun). This ideally should reflect your approach to the game's combat system for your playthrough. A Non-Lethal choice would be preferable for obtaining both Pacifist and Foxiest of the Hounds. Since I recommend trying for these two achievement on the first playthrough, I suggest taking the, Non-Lethal and Short Range - Stun Gun.

Once you finally gain control of Jensen, move forward, following the only path available to reach the objective markers. You can also loot the corpses for some credits and various other non-essential items (to sell later on) along the way.

When you reach the fan vent, duck through and continue through the vent to the right to reach a ladder. If you look up there is a body hanging over the edge on the next level up. On this body is a Pocket Secretary, which upon reading will provide the code for a keypad later on. Pocket Secretaries and reading emails is generally how you can learn the codes and passwords for locked doors, safe, computers, etc.

Continue on, following the path you are given, using your augments as directed along the way.

Once you reach a locked door, you will have to turn the power on to use the keypad. Activate the Circuit Breaker on the other side of the room to get it power, be sure to collect the Biocell on the table as well, save it for use at the end of the mission. Head back to the locked door while avoiding the electricity, which will kill you if you stay in it too long.

There is an achievement opportunity with this keypad. You are supposed to be introduced to Hacking; instead, enter the code 0451. This is an apparent Easter Egg in the Deus Ex Universe; there is no way of knowing the code otherwise, since it is not provided. Entering the code will unlock the door and your first achievement!

Once you’re through the door, you will get the first tutorial message. Accept the Cover Tutorial (1/3) and follow the instructions. When the tutorial is completed, exit it and use your new skills with cover to approach the two Jinn and take them out (non-lethally of course).

Behind the caged door (4801), at the end of the hall, is a large crate which you should move to notice the tell-tale sign of a weakened structure to punch through. Doing so will get you into the elevator shaft and provide some bonus exploration XP. This is why finding alternative paths or ways around obstacles, with a focus on remaining unseen, is generally beneficial for both stealth and XP gain.

Drop down the shaft to land safely on top of the elevator below, due to the Icarus Landing augment.

Once you get to the lower floor, the Stealth Tutorial (2/3) becomes available. Accept it and follow the prompts. Completing this will give you an idea of how to manipulate enemies to move from their position, move through an area unnoticed, or stealthily taking them out. I suggest you pay attention and utilize the information provided during this tutorial as it will be very helpful in the future. After the tutorial, move through the area and put what you have just learned to use.

Once you get past this area, proceed down corridor to the next room where the third and final tutorial will begin. The Combat Tutorial (3/3) provides a quick look at open combat; something you should hope to avoid throughout your gameplay, but follow the prompts during the tutorial to get an idea anyway. Then, once the tutorial is over, approach it more stealthily to avoid causing an alarm. Completing all three tutorials will earn you an achievement.

This area is divided into two sections, with a two story Penthouse on either side of a large Observation Lounge. Your goal should be to reach the second floor of the Northern Penthouse. Inside this room will be a total of four hostiles, two on each floor. The upper floor is where you'll find the Secondary Objective. Interact with the Signal Booster to complete the Secondary Objective. If you were alarm free and unseen up to this point, you should see an XP reward prompt a the top of the screen for Completionist and Ghost, unlocking an achievement upon receipt of Ghost.

  • Ghost

    Cross enemy territory like a ghost, raising no hostile reaction from anyone.


*** Refer to the General Hints and Tips page for a breakdown between Ghost and Smooth Operator ***

Be sure to grab the first eBook here, as well. It is located under the satellite dish by the window.

  • eBook (1/75) TALES OF THE ARABIAN FRONT Political Review, Conrad Press

To the left of the eBook, the wall in the back should have some lockers, in one you will find another Biocell. Be sure to grab it, before continuing, to ensure success in the end scene.

Move through the next room, Exhibition Hall, to the door (0682) at the other end, and enter the Atrium for a cinematic scene.

This is the chapter’s finale and there are a few achievement opportunities to try for. Since you may miss them, if you are unlucky or not fast enough, it is a good idea to make a SAVE once you regain control of Jensen; which you can revert back to, in order to try again if you don't succeed.

Just note that there is a scripted alarm event during this scene; but as long as you remain hidden, you are not the subject of the alarm and it will not impact your achievement progress. Refer to the General Hint and Tips page more more details on Stealth if needed.

Express Elevator to Hell, Going Down

This is hit or miss, as far as it unlocking here; so if you get fed up with trying to get it, there is another, more consistent, opportunity coming up later.

With a SAVE file made, you will want to jump off the ledge overlooking the Atrium instead of taking the elevator. While falling, hold cn_B, or whatever button is necessary to perform an Icarus Strike, to slam into the ground below and knocking out the enemy here. Now this is the tricky part, take a few steps forward and towards the staircase on the right, then use the Typhoon (by default it should be cn_right). Whether or not it actually hits someone is arguably irrelevant. Once you can move again, take a few steps to the left, towards the left staircase, and use another typhoon. With some luck, you should unlock this achievement from either uses of the typhoon.

*** NOTE: This achievement is reportedly very touchy, as far as meeting the criteria for it to unlock or not. I had to retry this several times and I am not even sure if using the typhoon twice made a difference or if hitting a second enemy with the typhoon mattered or not. However, it did unlock for me doing it this way and I don't believe the Typhoon blast ever connected with a second enemy when it unlocked. If you followed the steps, and it didn’t unlock, give it a few seconds to be sure it is not a delayed response, then reload your save if you want to try again. Otherwise there will be another opportunity coming up, so just continue on. ***

Reload after trying for, or hopefully unlocking, the previous achievement due to the Typhoon likely resulting in an alarm. If you are being shot at, you caused an alarm but it's better to be safe than sorry.

The next achievement will require you to complete the main objective fast enough, so that the undercover agent, Singh, survives. You have about one minute (from the end of the cinematic) to complete the objective before he is killed. This is a rough estimate and may vary slightly depending on the difficulty setting. However, this should be more than enough time to reach the end, especially if you use Icarus Landing to drop down. The longer you take the more the sandstorm will hinder your ability to see clearly, so don’t wait around.

Get down to the bottom, elevator or Icarus Strike, then use the Glass-Shield Cloaking to run for the helicopter at the far end. You don’t need to worry about enemies hearing your footsteps if you are cloaked; while they will become suspicious, as long as you avoid running directly into anyone you will avoid an alert status and an alarm on your person. Despite the chaotic scene, the alarm is in general and not direct to you, unless you do something to become the subject; like run into someone or get caught attacking a hostile. Be sure to monitor your energy meter, as it will drain quickly. Use one of the Biocells you were directed to pick up earlier when you get close to running out of energy. This will prevent you from becoming uncloaked and subsequently spotted. Two Biocells should be more than enough to keep you cloaked during the time it takes to reach the end.

Once you reach the helicopter at the far end of the area, open the hatch at the front of the helicopter on the left side, then pull the battery to complete the objective and finish the level. To ensure progress towards the Foxiest of the Hounds achievement, be sure that you receive the bonus XP upon completion (either 200 Ghost or 200 Smooth Operator). If you were fast enough and Singh survived, then you will also unlock an achievement.

If you did not receive Ghost or Smooth Operator as an XP reward, then you were likely spotted in the final assault, so reload to the top of the Atrium and try again. Getting attacked (taking health damage) is an excellent way to know if you were spotted and an alarm was raised on you during open combat events like this one.

With the mission complete, you will have to go through a series of cinematic scenes before you will arrive in Prague to continue the gameplay.

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