5. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Prague (1) - SouthUpdate notes

A few reminders before you begin:

You will need credits, at least 20,000 now to purchase a pair of Praxis Kits, and another 20,000 over the later half of the game to buy two more. Other than those, credits are for the most part, useless; as you should not need to buy much of anything. Sell unused weapons (not the Stun Gun), ammo, and items (not crafting parts, hacking software, Biocells, and some health consumables) to Merchants to earn credits faster. Picking up a weapon that is already in your inventory will only add to ammo; therefore it is beneficial to leave duplicate weapons alone, returning to pick it up only after you sell the first. This is only to increase your credits early on to afford the two Praxis Kits, after that this becomes largely irrelevant.

You will also need crafting parts for an achievement. These can mostly be found by searching rooms and various containers, or can be purchased from a few vendors if you really don't want to spend time searching. The cheapest weapon to upgrade is the Stun Gun, costing 550 crafting parts in total.

The Stun Gun should always be kept on hand, as your primary firearm; and a stack of ammo. Non-lethal melee takedowns should be used when ever possible, with the Stun Gun providing a means of last resort and distance to take down a threat before getting spotted or causing an alarm. This item is increasingly important for taking down Exo-suit wielding units later on, and is the best weapon to use against the final boss, just FYI.

Also, it is beneficial to understand the Augmentation System, and ensure you do not overspend Praxis on secondary skills before earning The Jack Of All Augments. Please check the General Hints and Tips page for more info, so you can acquire this in one playthrough.

I try to avoid presenting the guide in a manner that is basically turn-by-turn directions but will occasionally have to be more descriptive in providing a direction and location. I will generally indicate the name of the building or landmark to reach, and will assume you can identify and reach these places marked on the map without assistance. Any specific name I call out, will be found on the map; and a direction (North, South, East, West) will be in relation to the map in the menu.


After a long introduction scene, you’ll wake up in Jensen’s apartment. Immediately look down at the floor, to find a hidden Stash in the floor boards.

  • eBook (2/75) HOW NOT TO GET YOURSELF KILLED - Jensen

Exit the bedroom, go down the hall past the bathroom, to a table on the right to find another eBook.

  • eBook (3/75) JUGGERNAIT COLLECTIVE(Interpol Case File #679310)

On the island in the kitchen, by a computer, is the apartment’s third and final eBook.

  • eBook (4/75) IN TERROR FIRMATask Force 29: The Secret Fight Against Global Terrorism, Weekend Editorial Part 1

When you are ready to begin your adventure, leave Jensen’s apartment.

You will exit to the 4th floor of Zelen (Poor) Apartments; on the other side of the building is Apartment 41, next to the stairs. Hack the keypad and enter the room to find an eBook on the kitchen counter

  • eBook (5/75) THE MACHINEGOD

On the floor below, enter the unlocked Apartment 32, there is a hidden Stash in the floor boards just below the window, which contains a Praxis Kit (1/20).

The next floor down (Level 2), is where you'll find the Black Market Dealer, Tars, in Apartment 21. Here is where you should sell unused items and purchase the 2 Praxis Kits (2/20 & 3/20) that are available, when you have enough credits (10,000 each). If you still need Express Elevator to Hell, Going Down, be sure to hold on to the Typhoon ammo. Behind the locked door (9002), directly next to Tars, is a weapon cache with a Laser Sight, among other items.

*Be sure to equip this to the Stun Gun, for achievement purposes.

Directly across from Tars, is Apartment 23. The level 3 lock will prevent you from entering through the door, but you can easily jump from the balcony to the window ledge and enter through an open window. Or return later with upgraded hacking abilities. Inside you will find an eBook on the kitchen counter next to the stove.

  • eBook (6/75) AN APPEAL TO BASIC HUMANITY Talos Rucker, PhD

Ignore the restricted Apartment for now, you will be coming back later for a side mission.

At the bottom of the complex, exit through the Southwest doors. In the alley, turn right to drop down into the sewers via the manhole in the corner. Talk to the woman in the grey hood when she is done talking, then talk to the other to receive a Point of Interest (POI). This is the start of a side mission which is needed for an achievement. If you skip talking to the women and don’t receive the POI from them, you can still pick up the mission, you just miss out on some XP. POI's are mostly unimportant, but they do reward XP for very little effort on your part, so they can be worth doing.

Once you get the POI, continue on through the Sewers to the left; the area to the Right has nothing for you until much later, so ignore it for now. At the end of this path is where the POI marker is leading you, to a man named Viznik. Talk to him and ACCEPT his request to start the side mission, SM02: Cult of Personality.

Use the Keycard on the nearby reader, to unlock the door and enter. What follows is a strange conversation with Richard, the cult leader. The only way to end this conversation is to INDULGE him, then ACQUIESCE when given the option. Once you are free to move again, immediately turn to the right; just past a poster on the wall, pick up the Crumpled Poster on top of a yellow generator, which progresses the mission. This is all there is to do for now, so retrace your steps and climb out of the sewer to the alley by Zelen Apartments.

Head out of the alley to continue on, you will likely run into a police officer at the end of the alley, who requests to see your ID. This plays to the bigger theme of the story, so you will likely have this happen a few times. No matter how many times you are stopped, it always checks out okay and you can continue, it’s just inconvenient.

After speaking to the officer, head South to Capek Fountain Station, where there is a heavy Police presence. Turn the corner to the North, you should see a Police Van parked under a balcony just before an underpass. Get on top of the van so you can jump and reach the balcony above. Enter the room to grab the eBook off the drawer in the back corner.

  • eBook (7/75) GLOBAL POLITICS REVIEW [2029 EDITION] Chapter 5: The Fall of the American Empire?

Drop down from the apartment and head North to The Velvet Rock landmark and the nearby Police Checkpoint. Before going down towards the Checkpoint, you will want to get on top of the archway you would have to pass under. Use the lift to the left of the structure to get some elevation, allowing you to jump up to the top. Use the ledge along the left (blue building) to reach the balcony of the pink building ahead, and head inside.

The place is a mess but the item to find is the eBook on the floor, under the painting of a bird(?) on the easel in the back left.

  • eBook (8/75) CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW Augmented Artists

When you are done, drop down to reach the Police Checkpoint. You will be stopped by Permit Inspector Konicky at the security laser grid. He will make getting past, difficult. The first round of dialogue is irrelevant and the second will develop options to progress the conversation. You should PLAY ALONG, then ACCEPT; which will direct you to a Document Agent and start the side mission SM01: Golden Ticket.


NOTE: Choosing another dialogue path will require a bribe or instigate a fight, and either of these options will not initiate the side mission. Generally, you may be able to still initiate a mission, if you complete a later task in the side mission's established storyline. However, some missions will have to begin with the first task, so missing it will cause you to miss out on the entire storyline and the achievement for its completion. Additionally, starting the mission a few steps in will lead you to not earning all the XP available, which could be significant and increases the risk of not earning enough Praxis for The Jack of All Augments.

The dialogue choice between a bribe, fight, or advance the story, is a common set of options for conversations throughout the game. A fight will usually raise an alarm and void the ability to earn the Foxiest of the Hounds achievement. Whereas a bribe will get you what you need, but is costly and you will likely miss out on other objectives (therefore XP). While the conclusions to your conversation choices are fairly obvious if you read them, I will try to point out which options to choose and which to stay away from during conversations. However, having some common sense should help you determine which choices you should avoid and which to choose. Generally, be courteous and passive, not mean and aggressive, to avoid any undesired consequences.


Head to the new side mission marker for SM01, and speak to the Document Agent in the corner to the right. Select BLUFF, then SNEAK AROUND, to avoid a costly bribe or a fight. With the conversation over, climb the scaffold behind you to reach the balcony and enter the apartment directly above the Document Agent. You should find an eBook on the sofa-bed.

  • eBook (9/75) PER ASPERA AD ASTRA

Exit the apartment and use the ledges to go over the Document Agent and Thugs below, and around to reach the restricted area unnoticed.


If you missed the Express Elevator to Hell, Going Down achievement in Dubai, here is another good opportunity to get it, as long as you have typhoon ammo in your inventory. If you don’t, you can craft some for 75 crafting parts.

If you still need this achievement follow the next steps, if not, skip past the next part to continue.


Express Elevator to Hell, Going Down (second chance)

Start off by making a SAVE file to revert back to, after earning the achievement or to try again.

You will want to get to the rooftop, opposite the ledges used to get into the restricted area. There is a pair of chimneys that will provide higher elevation, so climb up. Locate the two guards and wait for them to have some distance from each other. Then, jump off the chimney towards a guard, holding the Icarus Strike button to perform the maneuver and land below. When you crash down, one guard should be knocked out, while the other becomes suspicious. Quickly run towards him and initiate a typhoon blast within a matter of seconds from the Icarus Strike. With any luck, you will unlock the achievement, otherwise try again.

Since the typhoon blast likely has alerted the other guards, it is best to revert to the previous save file so you don’t ruin your chance at Foxiest of the Hounds.


Drop down into the restricted area when it is safe to do so, and head into the Konicky & Hracky Toy Factory.

Between the sets of security lasers, there is a security camera on the right; Glass-Shield Cloaking is particularly helpful here, but you might have to assign it to the Augmentation wheel if you haven’t used it yet. Standing just outside the camera's field of view, along the wall with the window, you can grab an eBook without being seen.

  • eBook (10/75) TOYS THAT KILLby Angela Gunn

With the eBook in hand, run for the door while cloaked, before your energy runs out. Be aware of the guard at the top of the stairs.

In the next room, crouch and hug the left wall to avoid the security measures and reach the Permit Inspector’s Security Computer.

SAVE before you attempt to hack this terminal, and DO NOT use the Password if you found it.

Once you begin hacking, you will notice that not all the nodes are visible, this is Fog Security. DO NOT use the hacking software, Reveal, to illuminate all the nodes. Instead, just attempt to hack the nodes in the blind as they become available, hopefully you can finding the correct path to the green Registry before you are locked out (Go Down and to the Right for the quickest path). If you are unsuccessful, you should have an idea on the correct path, so reload and try again. Once you are successful, you can deactivate all the security measures in the room and unlock the door to reach the Forger; and an achievement will unlock.

In the next room, run straight across to the opposite side of the room. On the dresser is another eBook.

  • eBook (11/75) A CITY DESIGNED FOR YOU!

Approach the Forger, Milena Epstein, at the computer for a conversation. Choose either dialogue option at first; however, when she asks for your help, make sure you INQUIRE then select I WANT TO HELP to continue the side mission.

With new tasks for SM01, you should leave. Leave the restricted toy factory and go straight ahead to a group of three Police Officers standing in front of a door leading into the Courtyard. Talk to the female officer in the middle, and select TURN IN DRAHOMIR. Select either option available to get her to act against the checkpoint guards. Despite the map indicating a Panic or Searching, you are not the target and no alarm is raised (against you); as long as you do not engage in the fighting or do something that is a hostile offense. If anyone begins to shoot at you, you are the hostile and an alarm will alert others to engage you in combat, so reload to a previous save file.

Enter the door here, to the Courtyard, and locate the eBook on a couch near a tree to the left.

  • eBook (12/75) THE JUGGERNAUT COLLECTIVEManifesto

Continue to the opposite end of this area to find a Dealer in front of a restricted area. When no one is looking, go through (or over) the gate and take out the guard, ensure the body cannot be seen by others in the area. Open the safe in the back corner, be sure to pick up and read the Pocket Secretary to start the side mission SM00: Neon Nights.

Leave the Courtyard and head towards the Police Checkpoint, entering the building to the West, Vincent Van Aug. In the basement you will find, Irenka Bauer. She is one of two people to talk to about their permits for SM01. You automatically enter a conversation with her and once it ends, be sure to grab the two eBooks before leaving. One is on the stage, you will practically be standing on it after your talk with Irenka.

  • eBook (13/75) R.U.R. (act III of Karel Capek’s play continued…)

The other is on a chair in the audience.

  • eBook (14/75) R.U.R. (ROSSUM’S UNIVERSAL ROBOTS)Karel Capek

Once you leave the building go through the now free and clear Police Checkpoint. Moving the bodies of the slain officers is a hostile act if seen, so just loot the corpses and guns but don’t try to move/hide them.

The building at the far end of this area, Radko Perry Campaign Headquarters, has an eBook on a table.


Exit the campaign headquarters and notice the truck nearby. Jump on top of this then jump up to the balcony above. Loot the room and grab the eBook on the glass table at the center.


From here, you will want to get into the restricted area nearby. You can use the vent in here to get over the locked door or drop down and hack it.


This is the area leading you to Koller, who will get Jensen’s augmentations fixed, and advances the main story. It might be a good idea to save here just in case you are spotted. This area is full of enemies and provides an opportunity to earn quite a bit of XP by knocking them all out, and credits by selling their weapons (highly recommended). Or, you can simply avoid everyone and use stealth/cloaking/timing to run into the office unnoticed and reach Koller; but when you return, all the Dvali Henchmen are gone and you lose out on all the potential XP gained, your choice.

For this next part, I am going to simply point out the locations of the area’s collectibles. However, I will assume you have dealt with the enemies and this should not be mistaken for an optimal path to traverse the area with all hostiles still active. This will be written as if the area is already free of enemies.


If you are looking at the front of Koller’s shop, Time Machine Bookshop, to the right, in the back corner, is the locked delivery entrance (1984) to the Backstore. In the East side of this room is a pair of bookshelves, one of which is broken; there is a table nearby with the eBook, somewhat hidden by a folding chair leaned up against the table.

  • eBook (17/75) THE SOCIAL MONITORThe New Mystics

Go through the doorway to the main store front, and head up the stairs. Around the corner to the left is a pathway leading to an office, you will have to crouch under a few tipped bookcases and climb over another to reach a door. Inside, pick up the eBook off the desk on the right.

  • eBook (18/75) GLOBAL POLITICS REVIEW [2029 EDITION] Chapter 7: Crouching Dragon

Interact with the Mysterious Book (red), highlighted by the objective marker, and take the hidden elevator down to the Workshop.

Head in to meet Koller and receive an overview on your Augmentations. After learning about the new ones, he will offer you a chance to eliminate the extra power consumption; select ACCEPT when offered, to start the side mission SM04: The Calibrator. This item is what is required to get ahead of time for the Time Traveler achievement, but you will get this on the second playthrough.

You are also, automatically, given the side mission SM03: The Mystery Augs. This side mission offers no achievement but does provides XP for very little effort.


Be sure to check the General Hints and Tips page for which Augments to purchase and their priority in accordance to the guide. Without the few that are outlined, the guide might vary slightly as you will have a to find a different route to overcome certain obstacles, fair warning.

Whatever you do and how ever you choose to spend them, be sure to SAVE 5 Praxis. You will want to use these at a specific location in order to knock out several combat achievements at once. So, for now, keep 5 Praxis on hand until further notice. You do not want to disable any augments until after you earn these achievements as well, to be sure that none of the necessary augments are disabled when you want to use them for a specific achievement.

For reference, I had 13 Praxis by this point, without purchasing any. You are given 9 upon having Koller unlock augments, 1 was found, and 3 were earned from leveling up. Please refer to the General Hints and Tips page for an Augments outline.


One of the first priorities is the Remote Hacking augment, in the Arms section. This upgrade provides access to XP earning throughout the game and can allow you to access maintenance ladders, shut off gas in some instances, temporarily disable security like mines or cameras, and even completely disable other security measures, like laser sensors. This is very helpful to have, especially early on, and should be the among the first augments to get and fully upgrade. Once you unlock this initial upgrade you will get an achievement.

DO NOT deactivate any augments at this point. The extra power consumption for the time being will be negligible and you shouldn't even notice it. This is to ensure you do not deactivate anything that will be required for upcoming augment specific achievements. Be sure to also spend a third point on the secondary skill, Security Domination, to unlock another achievement.

Before leaving the area, loot your surroundings for valuable items, like hacking software, crafting parts, credits, Neuropozyne, etc. Be sure to grab the eBook on the drawers near the bed as well.

  • eBook (19/75) WORLD’S MOST WANTED The Dvali Family

There is a hidden room behind a Painting of a man’s face near the elevator. Interacting with the painting will expose a vent, leading to a gas filled room. Directly in front of you, is the valve that will shut off the gas; use a health consumable if needed, but you should be able to run in and shut it off quick enough to not need it. Inside the safe (5555) is a Praxis Kit (4/20).

Check the right locker in this hidden area to find another eBook.

  • eBook (20/75) FLESH AND CHROMEParker and Linwood

With all the items gathered from down here, feel free to leave; the quickest route would be through the sewer tunnel and up the ladder to get back out to the area in front of the bookstore.

Return to the unrestricted streets of Prague, your next stop should be the Praha Mini Market.

On your way there, you will likely run into one of a few Security Drones that are flying around the area. With Remote Hacking fully upgraded, you can hack/disable the Security Drone. You must be complete this action without a failed attempt (a red X will indicate you missed). If you do have a failure, simply back out of the hack, let your energy recharge, and try again. If you see the earned XP “5 Flawless” pop up once the hack is complete, you did it successfully and you will earn another achievement. Failing a Remote Hack will not cause an alarm, unlike hacking some computers or keypads.

Head into the Praha Mini Market. This is just past the Capek Fountain Station to the South. Inside the store, a guy is holding a gun to the shop owner. Knock out the Hoodlum to save Edward Brod, then to speak to him for SM01. Answer as you please, you can even squeeze a few credits out of the poor guy if you feel so inclined. With both Edward and Irenka talked to, the side mission progresses.

Before you exit the shop, next to the vending machine near the door is an eBook.

  • eBook (21/75) GLOBAL POLITICS REVIEW [2029 EDITION] Chapter 8: Africa

Exit the store and head to Svobody Beer, near Zelen Apartments. Inside, grab the eBook off the bar counter.


Go through the door in the back (1015) and head downstairs. There is another locked door (1015) down here, on the other side of it is a small table with another eBook.

  • eBook (23/75) THE NEXT THREE DECADESFall of an Empire

Return to Zelen Apartments now. You will have been able to amass enough credits to buy both Praxis Kits from Tars by now, if you made the effort to run dropped weapons back for sale instead of picking up duplicates for ammo.

Go up to the 2nd floor, to Apartment 22, to progress SM00. Go through the door (0310) or use the vent from the nearby stairs (between floors 2 and 3) to get though more discreetly. Knock out the guard and in the kitchen, under a case of beer on the counter, is a computer (dobranoc). Read the emails to progress the side mission.

Exit and head up to Jensen’s apartment on the top floor. Inside, interact with the remote on the coffee table to CALL SARIF, rewarding some XP and progressing SM03.

Once you have acquired all 23 eBooks thus far, progressed in each mission (main and side) up to the point of Travel To Cista Ctvrt (North Prague), there is nothing really left to accomplish in this part of Prague.

When you are ready to continue, head for the Capek Fountain Station and descend into the metro. Down on the tracks the area is segregated, with the “Augs” section at the far end. Interact with the monitor here and select Monument Station (the yellow/orange line) to head to the Northern section of Prague.

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