6. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Prague (1) - NorthUpdate notes

Immediately after getting off the metro at Monument Station, you should see an eBook on the bench just to the right.

  • eBook (24/75) THE SOCIAL MONITOR The Shame of Aug Ghettoes

Exit the metro station and around the corner at the top of the stairs is the Governmental Registration Office, for SM01.

The area here is restricted, and the two guards and a camera make it hard to get in unnoticed. Instead, move around the building to the West, until you see a white van parked against the back of the building. There is a vent above the van which can be reached with the Klipspringer Jump Mod.

Exit the vent into a small room in the back of the Registration Office. Avoid the camera and access the Security Computer (samithedog). Turn off the cameras then activate the Permit Station. Quickly, go up to one of the screens and interact with it to start. This is will initiate a countdown of about one minute and Jensen will contact the hacker, Milena. You will eventually be given a choice of who to help, Irenka or Edward, with about 10-15 seconds left. The choice is rather irrelevant, just be sure to pick one before the timer runs out. After making your choice SM01 will be complete and the achievement will unlock.

Leave the Registration Office, continue West to Autodily. Inside, grab the eBook off the round, red coffee table.


Head North until you reach and alley just before Tubehouse Electronics. Jump over the short wooden wall, and find the manhole cover at the end, near some storage units. Use the manhole to descend into the Sewers (Level 3).

Head Southwest to reach a small reception area, just before a Restricted Area. DO NOT open the door here! Instead, SAVE your game.

This is where you will be using the 5 saved Praxis to earn most of the combat achievements. Having a Save will allow you to revert to a previous state, before spending these Praxis, so you can earn all the related achievements; and maintain your non-lethal progress when you continue. Additionally, there is a NPC inside that you do not want to harm, as he will have impact on several achievements in the future, once you continue the story.


Combat Augment Achievements

Instead of going through the door ahead, look up to see some pipes. Get on top of the pipes and go through the vent to a bathroom. Exit the other side carefully, to avoid a patrolling guard who may be sitting at the end of the walkway directly ahead of you. You will want to set yourself up near the door on the left, stay crouched to avoid being spotted from below. From here you can see a group of Dvali below, in the corner. This is the ideal place to earn most of the combat related achievements, and was the basis for saving the 5 Praxis. Make another Save here, so you can spend the Praxis on the needed upgrades, accomplish the requirements for an achievement, then reload this save to reclaim the Praxis to start over on another achievement.

Below is a breakdown of each achievement, starting with which augments are required and their cost. Below that is a quick excerpt on how to accomplish the feat and unlock said achievement. After getting all of these, the only other combat augmentation specific achievement needed will be Invisible War, which you will have to wait until much later in the game to unlock.

*** Needless to say, if you miss the opportunity or something goes awry and you don’t meet the requirement for the achievement specific criteria, simply reload and try again. Just remember, there may be a slight delay before the achievement actually pops up to notify you, even if you do meet the requirements. So, give it a few seconds if you believe you should have unlocked it before reloading, just to make sure.

SLOW & SHARP (5 Praxis in total)

  • Arms - Nanoblade – Nanoblade (2) & Explosive Heat Blade (1),
  • BackFocus Enhancement – Focus Enhancement (2)

With the 3 upgrades acquired, be sure that your energy level is full, use a Biocell if needed. On the floor below, there should be a group of 4 guys in the far right corner of the room gathered by the bar. Identify Otar, the older guy in the maroon shirt. Turn on the Focus Enhancement augment, then hold the assigned button for Nanoblade to let it charge up, once you see the reticle expand into a crosshair, it is completely charged. Aim the reticle at Otar’s head and let go, this should fire the explosive shot, exploding on impact and taking out the group of Dvali. Successfully taking out three with one shot, while the Focus augment is active, will unlock the achievement. Reload your save when you are done.

  • Slow & Sharp

    Land an Explosive Nanoblade Shot on three enemies at once while the Focus Augmentation is active.

    Slow & Sharp

****! TASER FIST! (5 Praxis in total)

  • Arms – Tesla - Tesla (2), Dual-Arc Upgrade (1), and Quad-Arc Upgrade (1) Arc Distance Upgrade (1) – not required but will be helpful and is highly recommended

This one is tricky and is, by far, the most difficult to accomplish. The key word here is “Enemies.” The henchmen down here are not quite enemies, yet. You will actually have to be spotted and turn them hostile (red) before you hit all four at once with the Tesla. To make matters worse, some henchmen are slow to turn hostile and others will grab cover before the Tesla connects, causing you to miss.

There are 7 possible enemies in this room, split between both the upper and lower level. Therefore, you technically have 2 chances to hit four if you happen to miss one or more on the first try. However, their grouping and your ammo will likely be a problem. Therefore, I would say you really only have one chance, otherwise reload and try again.

I found it helpful to take out (stealthily) the three guards on the upper level, one patrols back and forth between levels. This way you can move around to the opposite wall near the DJ booth, above the group of 4-5 Dvali for a better line-of-sight and it will reduce their ability to take cover. Just before the wooden ramp leading down to the DJ booth, there is a small ledge on the other side of a guard rail; standing here offers an unrestricted view of the group below, which will help you target and hit all the enemies needed. Charge your Tesla, targeting the 4 Dvali (Otar included) by the bar. The bar maid will eventually spot you and raise an alarm once the threat meter fills. When she does, the Dvali will turn hostile (red dots on the mini-map), some taking a bit longer than others. However, this should still happen quickly enough that they are hostile, and you can release the charged Tesla shot, before they actually react by taking cover or begin shooting at you. If all four hostiles receive a shock, the achievement will unlock. Reload your save when you are done.

*Fair warning - this took me several tries, from various locations around the room and different angles, but the spot described provided the best result, consistently, for me. If you are sure that the blast hit all four, but received no achievement; it is likely that one was not yet hostile, so keep trying by working on the timing of releasing your charged shot.

RAMMING SPEED!! (3 Praxis) &


  • Back - Icarus Dash - Icarus Dash (2), Charged Dash (1)
  • SkinTitan - Titan (2)

Purchase the upgrades, run over to the nearest enemy holding the assigned button for Icarus Dash. As you charge the Icarus Dash, moving the cursor over an enemy will project an image of a fist. Unleash the charged dash at this point to propel forward, striking and knocking the enemy back.

Once you earn Ramming Speed, clear the upper level while those at the bottom turn hostile. Grab some cover to shield yourself from gunfire, and defend yourself if enemies get close. Refrain from shooting everyone since you want one of them to toss a grenade. Once this happens run over to it and activate the Titan augment, be sure you have enough energy so it’s still active when the grenade explodes. This will net you another achievement. Reload your save when you are done.


  • ArmsP.E.P.S. - P.E.P.S. (2), Precision Diode (1)

Make sure your energy level is full, then move along the upper level to one of the enemies as you hold down the button assigned for P.E.P.S., making it a lethal shot. Release the lethal blast on one of the Henchmen then move to another, tapping the button this time to simply knock them down. Sometimes, the lethal shot isn’t quite lethal; for the achievement, the target must get killed by the lethal shot, not just hit by it. So keep using it until it is successful, then the achievement will unlock.


After earning these 5 achievements, you can now spend these reserved Praxis on skills you want and disable some unnecessary augments to reduce your energy cost to help you be more efficient. The overclocking feature (extra energy consumption)will be disabled later on and any disabled augments will become available once again; at which point you should be able to have amassed enough Praxis to complete the requirement for THE JACK OF ALL AUGMENTS achievement. It is strongly advisable to stop spending Praxis at a point later on, once you have all the guide specific augments. Opt instead, to simply save up until you can complete the achievement; then revert to a previous save to spend those Praxis on skills that would be more helpful to your playstyle. In the General Hints and Tips page, I added a section to include some other helpful augments that are not guide specific, but would be beneficial to get for both achievement progression and usefulness during gameplay. Just remember that it is important to not overspend Praxis on secondary skills within an augment tree. Since you cannot earn enough Praxis to unlock everything, choose wisely. Obviously, combat or lethal skills would be a waste of resources if you plan to earn the PACIFIST achievement in this runthrough.


Reload the SAVE made in front of the casino door.

With the previous achievements unlocked, you do not need to save Praxis anymore. So spend them as needed, I would encourage you to refer back to the Augment section in the General Hint and Tips page to ensure you have the needed augments to follow along with the guide. Now, you can continue the story.


NOTE: Once you interact with this door, you will automatically engage Otar Botkoveli in a conversation. You will need to end it peacefully, for achievement purposes. This causes the area to lose its restriction and allows you free movement. This is helpful to avoid alarms, but does reduce your ability to takedown the Henchmen for XP. Since the area is no longer restricted, you cannot easily pull individuals away to stealthily take them down and out of sight from the others. If you so choose, try to thin out the patrolling guards before heading down to interact with the door and Otar. Just remember to leave Otar and Vano (the bald one leaning up against the bar and looking at the front door), unharmed and do not raise any alarms, or you will not get the conversation with Otar.


When you are ready, head through for a cutscene and introduction to Otar Botkoveli. This will be a long, drawn out conversation with key inputs needed to persuade Otar to give you what you want.

You will need to select the following responses in order to complete the objective peacefully and earn an achievement. They are STRAIGHT TALK --- COMPLIMENT --- STRAIGHT TALK

Finally, select ACCEPT to end the conversation peacefully, earning an achievement.

You are now free to move around in an unrestricted area. Be warned, if you are seen picking up enough items, it will become restricted once again and you will need to exit before getting attacked. Be sure to head to the upper level and pick up the eBook off the end table in the Southeast corner by the couch.

  • eBook (26/75) FAMILY VALUES

Also, do not forget to go into the office nearby and grab the Neuroplasticity Calibrator off Otar’s desk for SM04. When you are finished here, exit through the door you came in, on the lower floor. Return to the ladder around the corner to reach the street level once again.

At the top, you will be in front of two storage units. Be sure to open the one on the left (9356), belonging to TechNoir. Hacking software and a Breach Software are all over the area. In the back corner is a storage rack with a button that will open a secret wall leading to the front of the store. Inside, speak with the merchant, Costache, and select DO BUSINESS. Every time you interact with him, you will automatically turn in any new Breach Software found; providing a reward pack in BREACH MODE for every 5 that are found and delivered. Since these do not pertain to a specific achievement, I will not spend a lot of time pointing these out unless it’s nearby in your travels as we seek to pick up all the eBooks.

Next, you will want to head North, to Praha Dovoz. Go through the doors, all the way to the back, and interact with a Picture Frame to expose a Keycard Reader to take the elevator down to TF29 Offices.

-------------------------------TF29 OFFICES-------------------------------

Down here there are plenty of opportunities to hack for XP, various computers will open up as people move around so be on the lookout. There are 5 eBooks to get, as well as a few other items to find.

Once you get off the elevator, turn right and the first door will read Security Holding Cells. Continue through the metal gate and all the way in the far back of the holding cells, on a metal folding chair, is the first eBook.

  • eBook (27/75) U.N. RESOLUTION 3507 (2029)THE SECURITY COUNCIL

Get back out to the main area, and next door to the right is the Infirmary. Inside is a pair of Medical Boxes along the East wall. The top one, among the books, contains a Praxis Kit (5/20).

Exit the Infirmary and continue around to Forensics. In the small office in the back is an eBook among some books near the computer.

  • eBook (28/75) THE LONG MEAN WHILE Chapter 1by Daniel Fletcher

Exit Forensics, continuing right to reach IT Support, by the stairs. Inside, go through the locked door (5545) and pick up the NSN Keycard on the shelf to the right.

Exit IT Support and head up the stairs. At the top, you will be stopped by Aria Argento; who will provide a POI for the Shooting Range.

Afterwards, head to the left and enter the NSN Servers room. Go through the locked door (7734) and around to the right to the large yellow box mounted to the wall, where you will Use Whisper Chip.

Next, meet Miller in his office, which is the next room to the left. Enter for a conversation, then grab the eBook off the corner of his desk before leaving.

  • eBook (29/75) MODERN BUSINESS REVIEWHacks of Aggression

Enter the next room to the left, Counterterrorism. On the desk, about center of the room, is another eBook.


Continue to the next room, Organized Crime. Speak to Peter Chang in the far North end of the room. ACCEPT his request to initiate SM05: Samizdat.

Now, head down stairs to the Shooting Range (POI marker) near the elevator.


NOTE: There is a glitch here that might cause the game to freeze once you leave the shooting range, due to an inventory issue. Since you put your own stuff into a locker upon entering, and retrieve it when you leave, it is assumed that there is an error between swapping between the inventories. I personally experienced this glitch having a nearly full inventory with no upgrades to the carrying capacity. To prevent this glitch, have at least half of your carrying capacity available upon entering, drop items if necessary (you can pick up upon exiting), and don’t pick up the max amount of ammo during the tutorial. Hopefully, you don’t have any problems because redoing the tutorial for the XP is time consuming.


SAVE BEFORE ENTERING, just in case you experience the glitch described above. Use the keycard to enter the area, drop items from your inventory if needed; to prevent a game crash. Then enter the range through the next door. On the chair to the left is the final eBook in the area.

  • eBook (31/75) IN TERROR FIRMA Task Force 29: The Secret Fighting Against Global Terrorism, Weekend editorial - Part 2

You can also partake on the shooting range tutorial for some XP. It is long a tedious so it is up to you. Just remember to avoid picking up all the ammo available, and/or drop these items before trying to leave.

Use the elevator to get back up to the store front when you are ready to continue.


North Prague continued...

Next you will want to go to 33 Hlavni Apartments to the West, to progress side missions SM00. Head up the first flight of stairs, you want Apt 202. Once you get inside, the room’s A.I. can tell you are not the owner. So, quickly go over to the computer to the right and hack it. Once your on, select HOUSE A.I. to reset it, recognizing you as the owner instead; failure to do so, or taking too long will alert a pair of Police Officers who will come up to investigate. With the A.I. dealt with, be sure to order the cleaning services, before you exit the computer.

After that, find and read the Pocket Secretary located in the bathroom by the faucet of the bathtub. Reading this will point you towards a Rave and progress SM00.

Next, head to the nearby Palisades Station landmark and metro. There are two eBooks in the area to grab before using the metro.

First, Remote Hack the ladder in the Southwest corner, to reach the balcony to an apartment just beyond this platform; or you can jump for the glass dome over the metro entrance to the balcony. Once inside, be sure to grab the eBook off the table at the foot of the bed next to a computer.

  • eBook (32/75) GLOBAL POLITICS REVIEW [2029 EDITION]Chapter 4: The Australian Conflict

The second eBook in the area is on a patio above the magic shop, Negozio Di Magia. To get up here, either jump from atop the glass dome or the nearby newsstand to the tall black pillar in front of the stairs leading down into the metro. Once on the pillar, you can leap, South, to reach a ledge over a graffiti image of a soldier. On a table in the corner overlooking the street is the eBook.

  • eBook (33/75) THE LONG MEAN WHILE Chapter 27by Daniel Fletcher

FYI, without the Icarus Landing augment, a drop to the ground from this height is likely fatal. So use the environment to descend gradually to avoid a falling death.

When you get back down to street level, enter the nearby shop you were just on top of, Negozio Di Magia. Inside, speak to Liborio Barbadoro; selecting CONTINUE will net you some devices to proceed on SM02.

Now, you can leave the shop and go down the nearby metro to interact with the fast travel board. Select the newly uncovered Ruzicka Station to progress the main story.

----------------------------RUZICKA STATION----------------------------

When you arrive, you'll meet Smiley Fletcher and get an overview of your mission.

Since the Police have taken over, most of the area will be restricted. The “enemies” here are Police Officers, which reward zero XP when taking them down, so it is best to avoid them whenever possible and focus on the task at hand. You shouldn’t need the credits any more either, so searching for items to sell is essentially a waste of time by this point. Focus on hacking the few available locks and computers to earn a little more XP. Aside from that, there isn’t much to be done here except reaching the objective and finding the one eBook in the area. Just remember, you will have to return to the metro to exit the area once you have completed your task.

The easiest path to get to the eBook is to head up the stairs from the metro. At the restricted area, enter the door on the left then hack the locked door. Use the vent on the top shelf, obscured by a plastic crate, to get behind some of the officers at the entrance. Wait for the two officers to move away, then head up the stairs to the right. Just past the door is another vent to the right, behind a vending machine which you will need Optimized Musculature to move. Follow this, past the Destructible Vent, to a left turn leading into the bookstore. On the floor, just past the shelf directly in front of you, next to a chalk outline of a body, is the area’s only eBook.


Return to the vent and backtrack to the Destructible Vent. Go through here to put you above the area, allowing you to avoid all the police below. DO NOT switch the breaker up here, ignore it and follow a ledge right, over the area to another vent. This will drop you into the evidence room, where you can grab the evidence DSD. Now, simply backtrack the way you came in to return to the metro; you can jump to the vent you dropped in from, by standing on a rail underneath it and using the Klipspringer Jump Mod. Once you get back to the metro, select Monument Station (Palisades) to leave the area.


North Prague continued...

Now, make your way back to the TF29 Offices. Down here, you will want to stop by the Forensics Lab and talk to Smiley to progress the main story. Afterwards, stop by the Psychiatrist office next door to converse with Dr. Auzenne before leaving TF29 Offices.

You should head over to the L.I.M.B. Clinic now. To the right of the front entrance is a high arching structure. Get on top of this, using the flower bed behind it to get a little higher; with the Klipspringer Jump Mod augment, you can jump high enough to reach the top. Go through the vent here, dropping down to a small area above the actual store. Directly in front of you when you drop down is a Praxis Kit (6/20), in an open cardboard box, among many other valuable items.

After getting all the items up here, use the Hatch in the flooring to drop into the clinic below, or exit through the vent and use the front door (4464). Use the door in the back and head down to meet Vega. Finish the conversation and grab the eBook off the table nearby before leaving the clinic.

  • eBook (35/75) MODERN BUSINESS REVIEWEditorial – Corporatocracy is NOT a dirty word

Straight across from the clinic is the Coffee Shop. You want to get into the apartment above the shop. You can either Remote Hack the Shutters and jump up to the balcony; or you will have to go through the shop to the basement, open the locked door (5622), then jump up to the pipes above to a vent leading into the apartment. Inside the apartment is an eBook on a desk in the corner, near a microscope.

  • eBook (36/75) THE NEXT THREE DECADES World Police

Now, exit here to head over to Workshop Matej, go through the locked door (4465) inside to reach Chikane’s Place.

This next part will be conducted outside of Prague, so if there is anything you want to accomplish before leaving, now is the time. We will continue Side Missions when we return. You should also have 36 eBooks at this point if you followed the guide.

When you are ready to leave Prague and continue the main story, speak to Miller to be introduced to Chikane. Speaking to him will give you the option of READY to leave for Golem City.

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