7. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Golem CityUpdate notes

--------------------------------GOLEM CITY--------------------------------

This place is fairly linear with some exploration available. There are a total of 12 eBooks, 4 Praxis kits, and a few achievements to get in this area. This region also provides a good opportunity to pick up plenty of crafting parts. Be sure to thoroughly look for searchable containers in the various rooms you will enter. You should be able to pick up the required 575 total needed, to fully upgrade the Stun Gun, if you haven't already acquired enough.

The first portion of the level will deal with traversing the communal area, patrolled by Police. You will also need to find the Golden Penguin; avoiding Police detection in restricted areas while carrying it through much of the mission. This act will be a long and slow process, due to having to drop the penguin frequently to address a security concern, then returning to reacquire it as you move through the Police checkpoints unseen. Again, Police offer no XP reward, so it is recommended to avoid them as much as possible, only knocking a few out if it is necessary to avoid detection.

The second portion will come later on as you take an elevator up to the Augmented Rights Coalition zone. This area is more active, with hostiles in the area who do award XP. At that point, it is recommended to try and eliminate everyone in a discrete and non-lethal manner, to earn a significant amount of XP for earning Praxis.

To keep this guide on point, I will assume you can handle taking out the threats as needed. I am only going to point out the location of key items as you move through the region.

With all that said, let’s begin.

Once you are dropped off, follow the yellow main mission markers to continue forward. Heading up the stairs you will be stopped by an officer for an official welcome to Golem City.

Once you regain control, go up the nearby ladder on the left, cross the platform just ahead to the right, follow route left to another ladder or jump up to the path above. You should be at an unlocked door at this point, with 000513 (faded) written on the blue and white door. Inside this room, immediately to the right, will be the Golden Penguin Prince, which you will have to carry though most of this region.

Pick up the penguin and leave; you will have to drop it often to interact with objects or deal with threats, so be sure to remember where you leave it. With the Icarus Landing augmentation, drop off the side to the lowest level landing near the mission marker, be sure to retrieve the penguin since you will have dropped it. Without Icarus Landing, back track to safely descend to the lower level and reach the mission marker.

At the mission marker, enter room 000237 to initiate a conversation with your contact’s wife, Adela Sokol. With the Social Enhancer augment, you gain some additional XP; select SYMPATHIZE when you are given the option, then quickly select cn_LT URGE to earn the bonus XP, Stop the Press 200.

Continue North to find a gathering of people confronting a few Police Officers; on the left here is another room 000125. Drop the penguin and enter the room. Inside, along the right wall is a small desk with an eBook.

  • eBook (37/75) PRIDE IN PREJUDICE - The unauthorized biography of Talos Rucker

Exit room 000125, turn right and you should see two restricted areas directly ahead. If you look slightly up, you should notice a vent directly ahead, behind a pair of wooden crates. Use this vent, to sneak into the areas beyond, undetected. Once you drop down, the locked door directly ahead (6123) will lead to a larger storage room with two Medical Boxes; the one at the far back (somewhat hidden) will contain a Praxis Kit (7/20).

Exit the restricted area, be sure to retrieve the penguin, then head down the stairs at the Northwest end of the area; towards the Svoboda Narrows. At the bottom of the stairs is a restricted Police Checkpoint. You can throw the penguin to the far end of the checkpoint if you want to free yourself of it for a few, it will likely raise a suspicious level but that is completely fine. The vent under the stairs is a good option to get in unnoticed, just beware of the other guard that will patrol nearby. Once you are in the clear, grab the penguin and head for the door nearby.

Once you open the door, you will now meet your contact, Tibor Sokol; the penguin will remain on the other side of the door here, so be sure to return to grab it before moving on. After the conversation you are tasked with secondary objective, providing an easy 1000 XP (potentially 1400 XP with Ghost and Smooth Operator in addition) upon completion, but it is optional. If you do, I recommend using the Stun Gun on the Exo-Suit Officer then quickly performing a non-lethal takedown from behind, while he is still shocked.

Regardless of completing the secondary mission or not, retrieve the penguin and exit through the door by the stairs. Once on the other side, there is a small opening in the fencing to the left you can get through, avoiding the much of the restricted area.

Head up the stairs here to Stedry Market, continue down the corridor. Eventually you should get a call from Otar Botkoveli as you progress, he tasks you with eliminating a rival; no worries, there is a non-lethal way to accomplish this.

At the end of the corridor, near the stairs is a Daycare center. Inside, on a desk is an eBook.

  • eBook (38/75) FLESH AND CHROME Chapter 9: Thumper

Head up the stairs, at the top there should be a bald Police officer standing there, speaking over the radio or on a phone. Just watch him for a bit, he will eventually begin to move and patrol the area. Follow him to a quiet and secluded area, most likely into a room directly South, where you need to knock him out and loot the body for an ARC Keycard.

Drop the penguin off by the elevator at the center of the area and go collect some eBooks before continuing.

Using the elevator as a starting point, go up the stairs at the South end of Stedry Market. Up here, to the left will be three room, the first containing an eBook on one of the beds.

  • eBook (39/75) GLOBAL POLITICS REVIEW [2029 EDITION] Chapter 1: Overview

Head back down the stairs to Stedry Market. Directly East of the stairs is a small dining area; on one of the tables, where no one is sitting at, there is another eBook.

  • eBook (40/75) SANTEAU – RISE OF A CORPO-NATION Growth

Return to the elevator, this time head past it to the West and down the stairs until you reach a locked door to room 150252. Inside, on the desk ahead, is an eBook.

  • eBook (41/75) TWO BLOODY CHEEKS

Continue down the stairs, at the bottom turn left and grab the eBook off the table in the middle of the area.

  • eBook (42/75) PROMISE OF A BETTER LIFE!

Next head under the stairs, to the West of the previous eBook. You should see some pipes leading North, under a green sign. Crouch under the pipes to make your way to the end of this area, beware of the gas mine ahead. All the way at the end is a window leading back into the restricted Police Checkpoint area from before. Go through the window, while avoiding the Police Officer on the other side, to retrieve the eBook off the Poker table to the right.

  • eBook (43/75) COLLAPSE OF AN INDUSTRY Part 1: Falling Star – Sarif Industries

Now backtrack, back through the window and under the pipe, to the lower level of the market. As you approach the stairs, you will pass by two crates of cucumbers, on either side of you. We will now try for an achievement here, one that will cause an alarm, so it is a good idea to make a SAVE so you can revert back to it afterwards.

With a recent save made, do something to cause an alert (shoot your weapon or attack someone) to cause the nearby merchant’s bodyguards or the nearby police to turn hostile. Once you have created an incident, someone will begin to shoot at you, the idea here is to take cover behind a crate of cucumbers so that whoever is shooting at you will eventually destroy a cucumber in the crossfire, unlocking the game’s oddest achievement.

Reload to the save from before, then head up the stairs to the upper floor.

Proceed to the far North end, to room 150510. Inside is Otar’s target and Dvali black market dealer, Louis Gallois.

If you want to earn XP from the side missions available from him, be sure to complete them before progressing with "DISCUSS DVALI", as it will void those mission objectives and any potential XP reward.

When you are ready to proceed, select DISCUSS DVALI, then SPARE (for the non-lethal route) to complete Otar’s task. You must complete this task in order to gain access to a later side mission with a corresponding achievement.

With Otar satisfied and the eBooks collected, return to the elevator. Grab the penguin and use the elevator to reach the Throat. Through the door at the other end will introduce you to Viktor Marchennko. End the conversation however you like, be sure to grab the penguin again from the other side of the door you entered before continue on.

Through the door at the end is a keypad (3354) on a column, which will extend a bridge to the platform ahead. Punch the padlock off the gate and use the ARC Keycard to unlock the elevator. Take that up, with the penguin, to enter the Augmented Rights Coalition (ARC) controlled area, the Throat.


This area is entirely restricted, and everyone here will be hostile. You will want to go through and takedown everyone, stealthily, to provide a substantial boost to XP earned. As you go through, be aware of your surroundings and know that someone by themselves in the open might actually be watched from someone across the map or from above. So take your time, go slow, and save often to ensure you can make it through the area without any alarms raised. Be sure to utilize the pull method and cover takedowns, drawing enemies into secluded areas and away from unwanted attention as you take them down one-by-one. There are many hacking and explorer opportunities to earn additional XP as well. Additionally, be sure to thoroughly search the area for crafting part until you have at least 575 in total; this is to completely upgrade the Stun Gun.

As you head up the stairs, you will have a short cutscene, with Tibor alerting other ARC members of your presence. Once you regain control, leave the penguin here for now as you clear the area of hostiles from RVAC Row.

There is one eBook to locate in this area, it is in the Dormitory on Level 4 of RVAC Row. To get here, from the beginning stairs leading in, there is a ladder slightly to the right. At the top, turn right for another staircase leading up to a laser grid. Move past it to reach a laundry area and a door to room 550401. Inside, about center of the room is the eBook, on a makeshift dresser.


Once the area is clear, and before crossing the security checkpoint leading to Ridit Station, retrieve the penguin so we can finally end this prolonged escort mission.

With the penguin in hand, make your way across Level 2, the Commissary, to the East. Descend to Level 1, near the security checkpoint, and enter room 300420. Inside, go to the back corner where you can break through a weak vent with Punch Through Wall (or the shotgun works well here too). Carry the penguin through to reach large, electrified, gap. Toss the penguin across, jump down to quickly turn off the electricity at the breaker, then climb up the other side. Grab the penguin and drop him on the chair (throne) to unlock a panel with a Praxis Kit (8/20) inside, as well as an achievement.

At the end of the tunnel is a vent leading you into Ridit Station, just past the Level 2 security checkpoint from RVAC Row. Deal with the threats nearby, and continue North into a new area. There are more enemies and hacking opportunities here; so be sure to take your time, move stealthily, and save often. There are two eBooks in this area, as well as another Praxis Kit to find; before taking the elevator to Talos Rucker.


From the main entrance (Level 1) of Ridit Station, you will enter a large security hub. You’ll want to jump up to Level 2, on the right side, just before the laser grid. At the North end is a pair of a desks, the one on the right has an eBook.

  • eBook (45/75) THE INCONVENIENT AUG Chapter 17: Once Future For All Humanity

Continue right, and go through the window. Follow the ledge to the right, go over the rail and drop into the shaft ahead to the floor below. Turn around and go through another window. Do not move once you get across this window; instead, look to the right, and you should notice a blue tarp draped over the some Searchable Containers here. It might not appear like it at first, but one of these is searchable and contains a Praxis Kit. The problem is that the frame needed to interact with it is distorted, making it difficult to trigger. The container you want is the second one up from the ground and you will have to carefully move the cursor, while crouched next to the window and looking at it from the side, in order to find the correct position to trigger a search option. While annoyingly difficult, your reward is a Praxis Kit (9/20) so it is worth the effort.

Once you obtain the kit, continue North, out of the room then turn left and up the stairs to a laser grid. You want to enter the room on the right 400125, either through the window at the top of the stairs or the door on the other side of the laser grid; there is also a turret around the corner of the door, so be aware. Inside the room, on a desk near the door is another eBook.

  • eBook (46/75) THE INCONVENIENT AUG Chapter 12: The Illusion of Technological Solutions

Exit this room and turn the corner to the right, avoid the turret and all the way at the back is the elevator leading to Talos Rucker. This will be the Point of No Return for your adventures in Golem City. You can still go back to the very beginning of the level if you wish, so be sure you have all eBooks and Praxis Kits before continuing.

Once you are ready to continue, take the elevator up. At the top, it’s just a long hallway with a camera overlooking the door at the end. The camera will not cause an alarm so simply approach the door and enter to meet Rucker.

A cut-scene will begin and you will debate Talos Rucker over the course of a long conversation. The correct order of responses are TURN TABLES --- PATRONIZE --- JUSTIFY --- TURN TABLES to complete the back and forth and earn an achievement.

Watch the following cut-scene before regaining control. Start by turning around to find an eBook on a desk, near the double doors where you entered.

  • eBook (47/75) TALOS RUCKER: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY Chapter 4

Use the Keycard on the reader of the door on the West side of the room. Inside is a Level 5 safe, containing a Praxis Kit (10/20); a Multi-tool is helpful if your skill is not high enough(you can craft one if there are no other options). Additionally, on the sofa in the back, is the region’s final eBook.

  • eBook (48/75) THE INCONVENIENT AUG Chapter 2: Hope and Uplift – Potential Unrealized

Make your way through the proceeding area, to reach the extraction point on the lowest level, and return to Prague.

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