8. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Prague (2)Update notes

You will return to Prague after completing Golem City, and bet met by Miller. Reply how you like and the conversation will eventually end.

Once you regained control of Jensen, take this time to upgrade the Stun Gun. You should have had more than enough opportunity to acquire enough crafting parts to do so by now. If you have not, take some time as you continue looking for eBooks to search the surroundings for additional parts; until you have enough to upgrade the weapon, a total of 575 parts is required.

In the Inventory screen, hold cn_Y to Customize, when the Stun Gun is selected. The only stat available to upgrade is Ammo Capacity. So, go down to it and press cn_A three times to purchase all the upgrades to maximize this stat. As long as you have also attached the Laser-Targeting System, as directed earlier, you will unlock the achievement.

When you are ready to continue, exit Chikane’s Place and the Workshop. It is now night time in Prague and the Police presence has increased, meaning more are on patrol and more eyes watching you; so be aware, especially during hacking since it is a hostile act if spotted by an officer.

Once you leave the Workshop, continue straight ahead to the second Advertising Billboard, which will be across the street directly to the South. As you get close to it, it will glitch and you can hear a voice calling out to you. Interact with the Ad Panel to gain a POI, which is required for a side mission.

Next, head over the 33 Hlavni Apartments to progress main mission M9, instead of M8. As you make your way over, you will likely get contacted by several others, initiating or continuing several side missions.

Once you enter, take the first set of stairs up to Apartment 202. Enter to find the place is cleaned up; go the bedroom on the upper level and search the Swan Towel for the Neon Keycard.

You can use the vent over the stairs in the apartment to reach Miller’s adjoining apartment, or go down to the first floor, across the courtyard, and up the back stairs to Apartment 203. Once inside Miller’s apartment, head up the stairs and interact with the blue punching bag to open a secret room behind a painting. The key item here is the Jim Miller Keycard.

Exit the room and head up the stairs to Apartment 302. Inside, enter the room on the right and get on the computer (1977). Select MESSENGER to pretend to be Little K. Answer how you like on the first response, but be sure to BLUFF on the second response to receive directions and a code, progressing SM05.

You can leave the apartment complex now. Head towards the TF29 Offices, stopping into Rose’s Garden along the way. There is an eBook on the counter to the right.

  • eBook (49/75) SANTEAU – RISE OF A CORPO-NATION Birth of a Giant

Head up the stairs in the back, to the Terasa. Once outside, get on top of the roof, using the tables to get higher if needed. There is a makeshift sofa/bed with another eBook here.


Follow the rooftop to the North, using the ledge to reach a balcony on the other side of the Courtyard. Enter to discover a body, and contact David Sarif. Loot the corpse for the Tai Yong Medical Vault Keycard (needed later to get a Praxis Kit). Exit afterwards and drop down to the Courtyard below, to meet Vega.

Afterwards, head into the nearby TF29 Offices.

At the bottom of the elevator, head over to Smiley in the Forensic Lab in the Northeast corner. After that, head up the stair and go to Miller’s office, using the Keycard picked up from his apartment. Enter the office and go through the other door to the Neural Subnet for a cut-scene.

-----------------------------IN THE MACHINE----------------------------

This next portion is essentially a tutorial on what you would find in the BREACH Mode portion of the game.

Behind the wall straight is a purple triangular teleportation device on the ground. This will transport you to the next area where the actual tutorial will begin.

Note: Before getting too far into this area, it would be a good idea to make a SAVE file here. You will need to complete this portion without causing any alarms for a specific achievement. While no alarms has been a consistent theme for this playthrough, the unique nature of this area may make this more challenging, so it is better to be safe than sorry to ensure a successful completion.

In this new area, be sure to follow the prompts. You will not have access to your usual augments in this realm, but you are provided with a remote hacking tool to interact with the environment and solve the challenge presented to you.

When you first enter this are, just ahead is the first DATA TOWER, behind some glass. You will need to circle around and use the hacking tool to lower the barriers, exposing a vent in the back. Inside, you can gain access to the DATA TOWER and download the data (1/5). When you enter the next area, you should be able to see three towers once you walk in, to the left, straight ahead, and to the right. There is a fourth, which is obscured, located at the opposite side of where you entered this area. Each tower will present a specific challenge to which you will need to identify the security measure and find a solution to get around it.

REMEMBER, if you trigger any security alarm, you will fail the achievement for this area, even though no actual alarm is raised. You will know if you tripped an “alarm”, as a security door closes around the Data Tower until you return to the beginning of that secured area.

Start with the tower at the center. Without the cloaking augmentation, going through the laser grind is not an option. Instead, drop to the floor below, grab a Storage Cube and bring it back up the stairs, dropping it just before the Laser Grid. Use the extra height provided by standing on top of the cube to reach the ledge above. At the center you can drop down to hack the tower (2/5). Once the download is complete, the Laser Grid is turned off and you can continue.

From that tower, head to the far side (opposite of the way you entered), hacking the Server Block here so you can make it across the gap. Continue to the right and around to the tower, staying on top of these elevated platforms. Hack the two Server blocks here to extend them, creating a platform to jump to, in order to reach the next tower (3/5).

Drop down, then head down the set of stairs nearby. At the bottom, hack the block to expose a vent to crawl through. Drop in and go to either side in the back (a Breach software is at the center of the room here); hack the block that is in the ground, while standing on it, to get raised up to the level above. This avoids the moving laser grid that you would normally have to get through. Climb the ladder, hack and climb the next, and finally go through the vent to reach another tower (4/5).

After you download the fourth tower, drop down to the level below, move to the right, and drop down again to the main floor. There is a vent behind a Storage Cube here, follow it straight through to the end. Exit the vent, and hack the block by the camera in the corner to block its view, then proceed up the ladder to the final tower (5/5). Once all 5 towers are downloaded, you will recreate Miller’s meeting and be ejected from the NSN after the cutscene plays out. If you remained undetected during this endeavor you will unlock an achievement.


Exit the NSN room to be met by Dr. Auzenne. When given the option, select ACCEPT to begin SM07: Fade to Black. Exit Miller’s office and head directly across, to Organized Crime. Enter Vincent Black’s office and search for clues. Be sure to pick up the Train Ticket off the table in the corner, then read the emails on his computer (Origami1970) to advance the mission.

Exit the TF29 offices now, you will hear an explosion in the distance as you leave the Praha Dovoz. You will want to make your way over to Stanek’s, where the explosion occurred. It is a small shop directly South of TF29 and West of Sobchak Security. Nearby, to the West, is a homeless man named Nosey; he can be bribed with alcohol or 2000 credits, or can be persuaded with the Social Enhancer to provide info to advance the mission. This route will avoid having to go to Stanek's apartment for the same information. If you choose the Nosey option, select ACKNOWLEDGE to find Stanek’s location.

Now you will want to make your way over to the East side of Prague, and into the now accessible RedLight District.

Head into the Red Queen first. Take the stairs, in the back, up to the second floor, turn to corner and enter the Manager’s Office; speak to Masa Kadlek to complete a POI provided by Otar earlier. Select the topic DOMINIK?, and then you will want to ACCEPT once you are given the option; as this will initiate SM09: All in the Family.

Exit the Manager’s Office, and continue up the stairs. Exit to the balcony and speak to the blonde woman, on the right, Dobromila Novakova. The second topic will have four options to choose from, be sure to select YES, I UNDERSTAND in order to prevent a later event that could result in her death or an alarm. You will have to rendezvous with her later, so for now exit the Red Queen.

Go next door to the Irish Stool to continue the main mission. Interacting with the door in the back will being a cutscene. Leave when you are done to receive a POI from Vega. Before you progress any further, you will want to complete the SM09.

When you leave the Irish Stool, there is an alley just to the South, near a van advertising the Red Queen. If you look up at the arch at the start of the alley, you should see a balcony, you will want to get there. You can actually use the small angled portion at the base of the arch to get some elevation and allow you to jump to the top of the arch. Once you reach the balcony, enter the apartment to find an eBook on a box in the back of the room.

  • eBook (51/75) COLLAPSE OF AN INDUSTRY L.I.M.B.

Return to the alley below, and follow the path to the East to hop over the fence or hack the door; a patrolling Dvali Henchman can spot you while hacking, so FYI. In the corner you should notice a restricted area, there is a balcony and apartment on the second story here. Use the lift in the corner, by pushing the button, to get hoisted up to the balcony and enter the Dvali Apartments. Yes, you don’t need to do this to get up here but this is important for later.

This area has many Dvali guards and civilians in close quarters within the rooms, so use caution when confronting them. You will want to knock out everyone here (civilians included) to make the next task that much easier. Per SM09, you need to knock out Dominik, Masa Kalek’s son, and drag his unconscious body to a storage locker in the alley we used to get in here. The VIP is on the first floor, so for now, exit the room you entered from the balcony and take the stairs up to the third floor, avoiding the camera at the top.

Enter Room 95 (0666) to find an eBook on a shelf near the TV.

  • eBook (52/75) BORDERLINE MAGAZINE Featured in this month’s issue:

On the underside of the shelf, directly above the eBook, is a Button. Press it to open the Control Room directly behind you. You should enter this hidden room and use the security terminal (ST33LB3AM5) to turn off all the cameras and deactivate the alarm panels, completing a secondary objective.

Exit this room and enter Room 94, next door. Just below the TV is another eBook.

  • eBook (53/75) THE NEXT THREE DECADES A New Russia?

Exit the room and gradually make your way to the bottom floor, clearing the rooms and the courtyard of hostiles as you go. The room in the Southeast corner of the lowest level, Laundry Room, is where you will find Dominik. Knock him out and make a SAVE file, just in case. You need to drag his body to a storage locker, but the body may get stuck on something invisible, glitch in a doorway, or if it falls from too great a height he will die, failing the mission; hence, make a save!

Grab and drag Dominik up the stairs, to Room 86 on Level 2, where you came in through the alley. Go through the kitchen and to the room in the back, through the doors to the balcony. Carefully maneuver him onto the lift so he doesn’t fall off the ledge, this is why you needed to use it before. Lower the lift, then get off and push a green trash container up against the opening of the lift. Now, you can pull him off the lift and onto the trash can to avoid a lethal fall. Once on the ground, drag him across (avoiding an open manhole to the sewer) to the two storage units, and put him in the one on the left. Drop the body here and close the gate to accomplish the mission objective and earn an achievement.

You can now leave the RedLight District, head South to a ladder marker for the Sewers next to The Music Box. Follow the path Northwest, and around, to drop down to Level 1. Behind a bunch of stacked boxes, use the keypad to open the Shutter (5431). Just beyond here, you will meet Samizdat.

Approaching the group here will initiate a conversation with K. After some back and forth, select CONTINUE once given the option, to progress. Select PERSUADE cn_RT if you have the Social Enhancer, otherwise WORK TOGETHER will advance the side mission.

If using Persuade, the correct responses would be OBJECTIFY, both times.

Be sure to also ACCEPT K’s request, as this will progress SM05.

Leave the sewers when you are finished. Head over to the POI marker at the Monument Station Landmark. Find and read the Pocket Secretary under some cups in the recycling bin along the wall at the base of the small set of stairs here.

*** I recommend Saving here because I had a glitch in the upcoming event which cause an alarm ***

Next, enter the Tourist Center nearby. Hack the locked door, and pick up the eBook off one of the desks.


You will need to get to the lower section of this building. To do so, use the vent behind the door to reach the elevator shaft. DO NOT move any of the boxes in the shaft, as you could cause them to trip a laser in the near future and cause an alarm. Just, drop down to the bottom of the shaft and and enter the information center on the lower level. Behind the door to the East is where you will meet Janus.

Once you finish with Janus, you will have to run a gauntlet of security measures, in the form of drones and mines, to reach an exit. These Drones should be in a state of Alert and Searching, but not in an Alarm state. If you are spotted, it should still fill the yellow then red threat meters like normal. If there is any indication that there is an alarm, reload to a previous file and try again.

You must return to the heavily secured elevator shaft to exit the area the same way you came in. This is because dropping into the sewers and progressing that way will result in an unavoidable alarm; voiding Foxiest of the Hounds. The Glass-Shield Cloaking augmentation is essential here, and will allow you to move through the laser sensors in the shaft to avoid an alarm. There is one, well placed, laser sensor at the top of the first ladder, so be sure to cloak towards the top. You should watch once you exit the Tourist Center to ensure that Smooth Operator has been earned. Ghost shouldn't be possible, due to the alert state, but that would work as well.

Once you escape the Tourist Center, you will be contacted by Nomad Stanek. He will ask for your help, directing you to the South District of Prague. So, head down and into the Monument Station Metro. Once you get far enough into the metro, before interacting with a fast-travel board, Vega will also contact you about VersaLife moving their property from the Palisades Bank.

This will present you with conflicting main missions to pursue, M11: Confronting the Bomb-Maker and M12: The Heist, of which you can only complete one. In order to achieve a few different achievements on this playthrough, including TABLET COLLECTOR, you must complete M12: The Heist. If you do not, one eBook is unattainable and you will have to retrieve them all over again. Since two playthroughs are necessary, simply pursue M11 on the second playthrough. Do not worry about making a save and doing both now for the sake of earning an achievement, as it is just a waste of time. You can and will go to the other area afterwards to collect those eBooks, since they will still be obtainable after the fact.

Once you are given the option ALLISON or BANK, choose BANK. You can technically pick either dialogue option when presented, this doesn’t restrict you to that mission; it simply toggles that mission marker.

Instead of traveling to South Prague, exit the Metro. Head West to the Courtyard near Ludvik’s Lounge. Use the Neon Keycard, from the Swan Towel, on the door with the side mission marker for SM00. Inside, take the left path to a locked door near two Ravers. Get through the door here and read the Pocket Secretary found on the dead civilian inside to progress the side mission.

Exit the Rave and stop by Ludvik’s Lounge nearby. Inside, on a bench along the front window is an eBook.

  • eBook (55/75) COLLAPSE OF AN INDUSTRYLast Man Standing – Tai Yong Medical

Exit and head Northwest, towards Palisades Bank. Once you get close to the bank, Vega will direct you to the parking garage, directly across from the main entrance, to retrieve an item that will help you infiltrate some restricted areas. Since you want to explore the entire region, it is not a bad place to start.

---------------------------------THE HEIST---------------------------------

Palisades Bank offers a large potential for XP earning, since the security guards do reward XP for takedowns, unlike police officers. There are also several hacking opportunities, eBooks, and Praxis Kits in the area to offer a great number of benefits in taking your time and thoroughly exploring the area. With the high potential for gain, there is also a great number of security measures to contend with, like cameras, laser grids, turrets, security bots, and observant guards patrolling the area. However, many of these can be shut down via several security hubs around the bank, and you can usually find isolated guards more often than not. Just be sure to save often, look for alternative ways into an area, and remain stealthy.

Again, I will assume you can handle any of the security threats, as I point out key items and mission objectives.

Enter the restricted garage through the locked door (5136), and grab the package from the trunk of the car, a blue Prius, parked in the Southeast corner of the garage. This item is a must have so be sure to grab it before heading into the Bank at the main entrance.

Now, leave the garage and head inside the Bank. Immediately to the left in the sitting area is an eBook, sort of blending in to the table at the center of the couch.

  • eBook (56/75) BOB PAGE – ANATOMY OF A PRODIGY Acquisitions

Speak to the Receptionist once he is done talking to another customer, be sure to ask for the ACCOUNTS MANAGER. Now, head up the stairs, there will be another sitting area directly behind the Receptionist with an eBook on the table.

  • eBook (57/75) JUS IN BELLOPart 3: The Fall of Belltower

Enter the nearby office on the North side, for Tomas Romanek - Account Manager (0831 if it is locked for some reason). Toggle the EG Switch next to the door, to prevent patrolling guards from seeing in. Find and press the hidden button, on the bottom side of his desk, to open a hidden safe on the wall behind him. Since his back will be turned, you can hack it safely, as long as the EG Switch was toggled. Inside this safe is the Executive Locker B Keycard.

You can get the Executive Locker A Keycard from Tomas Romanek, a few different ways, but there is nothing in there that is needed for the guide, so I will leave that up to you to figure out.

Next, head down to the lower level, Bank Level 1. Use the Executive Locker B Keycard on the keyreader to Executive Safes B (South). Opening the door will deactivate the restriction and security features, be sure to loot locker B07 (0310) for a Praxis Kit (11/20).

Other items to find between Lockers A and B are Augmentation ammo, Breach Software, Multi-tools, Neuropozyne, a security report, and a plethora of credits, just FYI.

When you have acquired all that is desired from the lockers, exit the area and head opposite the stairs towards the elevator. You will want to enter the restricted room near the elevator, Executive Services (9593). There may be a glitch here, where even though the EG Switch appears to be toggled, people can still spot you inside; to prevent this, toggle the switch off then back on. Inside, on the desk, grab the Elevator Access Keycard and the eBook.


Now you can exit the office and use the new keycard inside the elevator to reach the Bank’s Level 3 Offices. You will likely be contacted by Stanek at this point, resulting in you failing the other mission; which was expected. Exit the elevator and enter the CEO/CTO Offices nearby. Head up the stairs and through the locked door (0211) to the desks of the CEO and CTO.

Go to the desk on the right, belonging to Ashani Talwar. There is a piece of paper on the lower portion of the desk to pick up, Drinking Water Analysis Results, for SM05. Also, use the Janus Package on the Keycard Biometric Encryptor just above the previous paper, next to the security laptop. Be sure to pick up the produced VersaLife Vault Keycard from the encryptor once it is ready.

Next, go to the middle of the room, you should notice on the map there is another room to the North. This hidden room is unlocked by solving the puzzle of the three pillars, between the desks; Raise, Turn, Raise, Turn, Turn, Raise should unlock and open the door. Inside, hidden behind a painting, is a safe on the right, containing a Praxis Kit (12/20) and the Flight 451 Dossier (for SM05). There is also an eBook in this small room, on top of the drawers next to the door.


I would recommend going through the Cable Duct Door (vent) in the corner here, since it will take you down a few levels, and drop you to another vent that puts you behind the security measures at the Corporate Vault elevator. Call the elevator and use the VersaLife keycard you just made to unlock the lower stop.

This lower level contains four more guards and other security measures to get through. Again, go slow, save often, and remain stealthy.

You will essentially need to take the corridor all the way East from the elevator to reach the Vault lobby, where you will summon the VersaLife corporate vault. Enter it for another cutscene.

Once you regain control, help yourself to anything in the vault. It is crucial that you hack and loot the safe in here. The safe contains the Orchid Neutralizing Enzyme, which is needed for an achievement later on. Also, be sure to grab the eBook which is next to the laptop.

  • eBook (60/75) AJ09-0921 PATIENT X

Exit the Vault and climb on top of it. Press the button up here to be taken up to level 5. When it stops, jump off and press another button, located just below a red light on the wall, to open the shutter above you.

Now you can access any of the other three vaults if you have the corresponding vault keycards. Since you were directed to pick up the Tai Yong Medical (TYM) Vault key off the body during a part of SM03, you should have at least that one; which is really the only one that matters. The P.I.C.U.S. Vault would be the first one you reach, starting at the bottom as you climb higher; followed by the Tarvos Vault on the floor above, and finally the TYM Vault above that. You will need to hack the terminal keypad or remote hack the sensor on the vault to pull it forward, exposing the keycard reader to enter. Grab whatever you want, but be sure to hack the safe in the back to retrieve the Praxis Kit (13/20).

Once you are done in the vaults, continue to climb up, through the vent shaft and up the ladder. You will eventually reach a fan, turn it off with the breaker nearby so you can exit safely into the Palisades parking garage. Exit the garage to complete this portion of the mission and listen to what Miller has to say.


At this point, meeting Miller will send you away from Prague; which you are not ready to do yet. There is much progress to be made with respect to other side missions first, otherwise you will miss out on completing these and/or earning some side mission specific achievements.

Instead, go to the nearest Metro station and travel South to the Capek Fountain Station.

You will likely have been contacted by Koller by now as well, initiating SM08: The Fix.

As you leave the Capek Fountain Station, head left and into the Church of the Machine God. Once you gain entry, head all the way to the back, and out to courtyard with a basketball hoop. Pick up one of the basketballs, and do what you need to in order to make a basket (hint, go for a three!).

If you cant make one, here is my hotspot...

Line yourself up with your back up against the stack of yellow generators but just at the bottom of the stairs near the door to the complex. Aim the cursor at the center of the very top edge of the backboard and throw the ball. This should be the perfect angle and distance to sink a bucket and net you the achievement.

Afterwards, go back into the main complex and head up to the second floor. Each of the three rooms on this floor 90, 91, and 92, hold an eBook.

In room 90, it is in the back table near some candles. It might be easiest to use a side window to get inside, to avoid being spotted trying to hack.

  • eBook (61/75) THE SINGULARITY CHURCH OF THE MACHINE GOD The God in the Machine

In room 91 it is on one of the tables inside.

  • eBook (62/75) GLOBAL POLITICS REVIEW [2029 EDITION] Chapter 6: South America’s Rise to Power

In room 92, the collectible is in the bathroom in the back, on the floor.

  • eBook (63/75) THE SLEEPWALKING WORLD – WAKE UP! Tectonic weapons cause earthquakes and more

Be sure to make your way all the way up to Level 4, and enter room 96. Inside is quite the scene, which you will get a better understanding of what you see on the next playthrough when you complete M11 instead of M12. Regardless, you will want to get on top of the structure at the center of the room. Use the environment to jump up to the attic-like area above, where you will find a Case containing another Praxis Kit (14/20).

Leave the Church now, and go to the alley between Svobody Beer and Zelen Apartments. Cross the yellow Police tape and speak to Daria Myska, standing on the right, and ACCEPT her request to assist in the investigation. Next, speak to Detective Karl Montag, standing opposite Daria and in the tan trench coat.

You will now have to collect evidence to present to the detective.

Locate the EMP Fragment (1/7) on the ground, just before the path to exit the alley. Next, go to the body, search it for Bruises (2/7) on the neck, Marks (3/7) on the arm, and a Needle (4/7) in the other arm. Additionally, examine the smashed Augment (5/7) on the wall behind the body. Finally, there will be an ID Card (6/7) and Broken Glasses (7/7) to pick up off the ground, just around the corner from the Augment evidence.

Be sure to continue forward and speak to the Scandalmonger. This conversation is mandatory in order to earn an achievement later so do not forget to speak to this person. Be sure you select SPUR, as the other option will not produce a second suspect.

Speak to Daria again to go over her story, exhaust all conversation topics. Return to Detective Montag and select ABOUT THE CASE. Discussing each topic will talk over all the evidence found thus far, the topic SUSPECTS will produce a couple of optional objectives. You must complete these in order to complete this mission correctly, and allow you to access another side mission, and achievement, later on.

Exit the alley and head to the East side, through the Police Checkpoint and stopping in at the Pawn Shop; which should have a POI marker. If the door is locked, it will unlock as you approach, enter and go down to the basement. Use any of the laptops; go to MESSENGER to converse with Helle. Be sure to select ACCEPT when given the option, to officially begin SM06: 01011000.

Exit the Pawn Shop and continue to the right, you will likely be stopped by Police, but you want to get to the Radko Perry Campaign Headquarters. Speak to Radko Perry, who is outside trying to clean some graffiti off a poster. In conversation, exhaust all options before selecting, LEAVE. Inside the building, a bodyguard will patrol the area; you should knock him out, since he may interrupt you downstairs and raise an alarm. Luckily, no one is really watching so you should be able to do a takedown unnoticed. Be sure the body won’t be spotted and head downstairs. The primary focus here is the laptop. Hack into it and go to MESSENGER. You will be speaking with Ivanka, to which you should respond with QUESTION, BLUFF, then either response will complete the conversation and provide you with Radko’s alibi.

Exit the headquarters and enter through the gated door next to the Pawn Shop to get back to Koller for SM08. You can use the sewer in the middle of the area to avoid having to go all the way through the bookstore. Speak to Koller and select LET’S DO THIS to trade in the Calibrator and eliminate the overclocking feature on the Experimental augments. Now, your System Status will remain Stable, regardless of what or how many augments you have activated.



By now, you should be able to invest in the first skill in each augment tree. This would have required 34 Praxis if you did not upgrade any other secondary augments. However, this is unlikely because some additional upgrades were needed, specifically required to align with the guide. If following the guide, you should need at least 39, maybe more depending on how many secondary skills you acquired or deviated from the Augment Outline on the General Hints and Tips page.

For reference, by this point and trying to be as minimalistic as I could, I had earned/acquired 45 Praxis. Therefore, you should have been able to earn at least that, simply following the guide; which is more than enough to earn Jack Of All Augments.

If you have saved Praxis up to this point, then I would recommend making a SAVE file before spending them; so you can revert back, after unlocking the achievement to spend those Praxis on skills you actually want.

Once you have enough Praxis, go through and invest in only the first level until each augment is acquired to unlock the achievement. Most will cost 2 Praxis to acquire the initial augment on the tree. If you have the DLC, the added Micro-Assembler does not need to be unlocked.

If, for some reason, you do not have enough Praxis, simply wait to invest them until you have earned enough to complete this feat. There is still much left to be done so there is plenty of time to earn additional upgrade points as you progress in the story.

Be sure that when you reload to continue after earning this achievement, you designate a few points to acquire the first skill in Smart Vision and upgrade Glass-Shield Cloaking with the secondary skill, Cloaked Takedown Support. These will be required for the final combat related achievement, for which an opportunity is upcoming.

Additional recommendations on augments to get, now that you are not limited on your spending, would be to investing in the Sarif Series 8 Energy Converter (as much as possible), and acquire Icarus Dash, Quicksilver Reflex Boost, and Hacking Stealth to help you get around more stealthily and be more effective in takedowns. Aside from Smart Vision and the Cloaking upgrade, all the must haves are already acquired; so upgrade according to your playstyle. Just remember that some skills are more geared towards open combat and lethality, which might be a waste of resources on a stealth/pacifist playthrough.


When you are ready to continue, leave Koller's hidden lab.

Next, go meet Dobromilla for SM07, at the Courtyard near the Police Checkpoint. When you enter, you will see her walk in, go speak to her and select NEGOTIATE FOR INFORMATION. If you pressed her at the Red Queen, then a pair of henchman will attack. If you picked up the Train Ticket from Black’s office in TF29, you can give it or pay her with credits. Either way, you are given a Map, which you must actually look at to continue the mission. Select it once received or go through the story items in the database menu to view it before continuing.

Exit the Courtyard and continue West, towards the toy factory. Jump on top of the van near the restricted area to the North, just before reaching the toy factory. Jump to the roof and go through the window that is not boarded up to enter a restricted area with three Mercenaries below. Clear the are of hostiles, then loot and read the Pocket Secretary held by one of them. Reading this will allow you to avoid a confrontation later on. Go to the door in the back (1591), which Helle will power up. Grab the Memory Disk inside and exit back to the streets.

Head for Capek Fountain Station, and take the Metro back to Monument Station.

Exit Monument Station and head across the street to Policie. Go through the door (0010) in the back and head downstairs. The lockers in the back of the basement have names on them, you want to open one labeled to find the file Harvester Copycat, Victim 4?.

Exit the building, turning left once outside, and jump up to the nearby balcony to enter the sewers. Return to Samizdat and speak to K, select GIVE EVIDENCE to turn over what was found at Palisades Bank.

You should now exit the sewers, the way you came in so you exit near Policie. Follow the SM05 mission marker, West, to Autodily. There is ladder halfway up the side of the building (above the U on the sign that reads AUTODILY) which can be reached if you get on top of the van at the street corner, then jump to and grab the ladder. On top of the building will be the City Server News Updater. Hack this terminal and select Enable Remote Admin to complete SM05.

  • Samizdat

    You opted to work with the Samizdat group & spread their news throughout Picus media streams.


Next, head over to a small are just North of Palisades Bank to continue SM07. Enter the double doors on the left (2565), and behind the painting is a Breaker that will open a hidden door. Go down and speak to Olivie Devos, be sure that you DO NOT select DISPUTE on the second option. Once Vlasta enters, be sure to select NEGOTIATE PASSAGE.

With the Social Enhancer augment - you can PERSUADE for extra XP, followed up with PRESS, both times.

Without the Social Enhancer augment - you will have to choose APPEASE (only if you did NOT choose DISPUTE with Olivie); or as a last resort, you can BRIBE if you have enough credits. Once you finish the conversation, speak to Olivie once again to receive a Praxis Kit (15/20).

Leave the area, now head to Future-Past Antiky across town to continue SM06. This is in the middle of Northern Prague, just to the East of the Pedestrian Bridge and South of Chikane’s Place.

Enter the store, be sure to have read the email “Retire Walker” which was on one of the three mercenaries inside the Tourist Center and was previously called out. Speak to the Store Clerk once you are ready to progress. This can go many different ways, but the easiest is to confront the clerk now, to avoid going to the basement to fetch the item. The first option doesn’t matter, but the second does.

Without the Social Enhancer augment - select FUTURE-LAST?, then CONFRONT ABOUT NAME.

With the Social Enhancer augment - choose either PRICE? or OTHER CUSTOMER?, quickly followed by cn_LT REFUSE/SUSPECT CLERK (depending on the previous choice). This is an interruption event, so you must select this before he is finished talking to be successful and earn the additional XP and continue as desired.

Choose from any of the remaining options to break the clerk’s cover. When asked to guess who he is, respond with YOU’RE IN DANGER; if this is not an option, you did not read the previously mention pocket secretary and you will have to deal with the hostile quickly before he shoots and causes and alarm. After receiving the item, select YOU CAN WALK; you can still knock him out afterwards for XP, but it will cause an additional hostile to show up later.

Exit the antique store and head to the side mission marker for SM07 at the Abandoned Store, Southeast of your current location. In the basement you will find Vincent Black and make contact with Dr. Auzenne to complete the mission.

Exit the store and make your way North to Libuse Apartments. Inside, there are few areas of interest.

On the 2nd Floor:

- Apartment 84 – This apartment has a Swan painted on the front door and will continue SM00. In the back corner, on a small counter with a sink, interact with the Spray Bottle to unlock a hidden door. Inside open the safe and read the Pocket Secretary to complete this portion of SM00.

- Apartment 85 – This is the apartment of Johnny Gunn, the prime suspect for the murder in SM10. The first thing you will want to do, is to pick up the Medical Referral Form in the corner between the Drawer and a sofa/bed. This will provide you with the compelling evidence needed and allow you to avoid a lengthy conversation. You will still have to speak to Johnny to complete this portion of the side mission, but with the medical form it is pretty quick and straightforward. Speak to Johnny to complete the required conversation, then go into the bathroom to find the eBook before you leave. This eBook will only appear once you begin this side mission.

  • eBook (64/75) A., I

Head up to the 3rd Floor:

- Apartment 96 – This is Stanek’s apartment. There is a Praxis Kit (16/20) on top of the kitchen cabinets, directly above the stove, lying in a box. Additionally, there is an eBook on the opposite counter of the Praxis Kit, near the door.

  • eBook (65/75) TECH-A-TETE MAGAZINE Technology Trends for the 21st Century

*** NOTE: If you can justify it, use this Praxis Kit to upgrade the Wayfinder Radar System with the Vision Feedback upgrade. This will be very helpful in the upcoming areas where there is a heavier presence of personnel on alert. If you have already completed The Jack of All Augments, I recommend getting it now because I cannot know if you would earn one through XP by the time it is truly needed. ***

You will now want to travel back to South Prague, so exit Libuse Apartments and go into the nearby metro, and travel to Capek Fountain Station.

Return to the crime scene in the alley next to Zelen Apartments.

Speak to Detective Montag and select COMPLETE. You must select EXONERATE BOTH; to lead to a second side mission later. After talking over the evidence collected to support your conclusion the mission is complete and you earn an achievement.

Head for the end of the alley and go down into the sewers. Take the left path and go all the way to the end, to Richard’s cult hideout.

Once inside, you will need to install the three scramblers, picked up from Liborio Barbadoro earlier, at specific locations around the room. First, go up the ladder to the North of the Microphone. Dodge the turret’s sight; and on the west corner, just before going across a long narrow platform guarded by another turret at the end, is a spot to Install - Emitter (1/3). Back track and drop down to the main level, since there is no stealthy way to get across the platform to the South side. Instead, get behind the large TV on the wall here and jump up to the platform. Run straight ahead towards the turret from before, on the wall is another spot to Install - Emitter (2/3). Retreat again; this time, continue all the way to the East while on this higher level, and go under the turret to find a spot in the back corner to Install - Emitter (3/3). Return to the Microphone at the center of the lower level to speak to Richard once more. Select PITY, then MITIGATE to complete the side mission and earn an achievement.

With the security now deactivated (they are still on but will not track you), climb the ladder and circle around to Richards’s room. Pick up the eBook off the chair in the Northwest side of the room.

  • eBook (66/75) TOP 10 TECH… ABANDONED TECHNOLOGIES 6. “The Community Initiative”

Head back to the sewer ladder leading out; but instead of turning to get to the ladder, continue straight ahead and drop down into the area below. Drop in to the lower area here to reach a locked door (0311) with a turret on the other side. Avoid the turret and head up the stairs in the back to the locked Shutter (0311). Open it to enter the Neon Production Lab.

There are several enemies inside and it might be hard to isolate and take them each down. So, it is best (easiest) to simply avoid who you can, unless of course you need the XP. You can use the pipe to the left to get across to another elevated position, where a security hub is located. Using this laptop, you can shutdown much of the security in the area. Follow this upper level around to the Southeast, where you can drop down into a room in the back to confront the Neon Chemist, Harmony Knapkova.

Without the Social Enhancer augment - select WARN then CONFRONT

With the Social Enhancer augment - select DISMANTLE, enabling an option to cn_RT PERSUADE in the next dialogue choice. Select REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY in both subsequent responses to successfully persuade her and earn bonus XP.

Next you can choose YOU’RE THE EXPERT to have her sabotage the tanks, or HELP ME SABOTAGE, to gain the passcodes and Biocells needed to do it yourself. The “Help me” option provides a few hundred XP more than if you had her do it.

With the tanks emptied, the side mission is complete and you will earn the achievement.

Leave the Sewers now and enter Zelen Apartments.

You can purchase a third Praxis Kit (17/20) from Tars on the second floor, if you need/want it and have the necessary credits.

Head up to Jensen’s Apartment on the top floor to progress SM06. Install the Memory Disk Reader at the coffee table and Insert the disk to speak to Helle. There are a few ways the conversation progress, depending on how you reply.

IF you are given the choice between DISCONNECT or OFFER HELP, choose OFFER HELP.

As the conversation continues, she will abruptly stop and alert you of an incoming threat. Depending on your actions against the Mercenaries and the Store Clerk (Walker), up to 4 Mercenaries will come to Zelen Apartments. Two will barge into Jensen’s apartment and the other two will be in lower levels of the complex, searching for you.


INVISIBLE WAR - (first attempt)

These mercenaries can cloak if they turn hostile, providing you with an opportunity to earn the Invisible War achievement. However, you will need to have Glass-Shield Cloaking (2), Cloaked Takedown Support (1), and Smart Vision (2) augments unlocked, totaling 5 Praxis. If you were not prepared ahead of time or don’t have enough Praxis to unlock all of these at this time, there is another opportunity later; so work on investing in those augments so you do not miss out the next time around.

It is best to SAVE prior to this so you can reuse the Praxis and/or prevent an alarm resulting in losing out on the Foxiest of the Hounds achievement.

With the augments acquired, you can get started. Let the mercs enter the apartment, then allow yourself to be spotted, fire a weapon or knock one out and let the other spot the body, just any means at least one of them to turn hostile and begin shooting at you. Cloak to avoid their fire and get close to your target; once one turns invisible, quickly turn on Smart Vision so you can perform a takedown. If successful, you will unlock the achievement.

The use of Smart Vision is the technical way to be able to spot an invisible foe, allowing you to get the prompt to perform a takedown. Without it, you will notice that there is no prompt for a takedown, and mashing the button is likely an exercise in futility. However, you may get lucky and it will go through for some reason, it has worked for some; but using Smart Vision will ensure success. Reload upon completion of the achievement.


Deal with the mercs once again, this time quietly; or you can simply leave the area unnoticed to avoid them all together. The side mission should be rendered complete at this point, rewarding you with an achievement.

  • 01011000

    You pieced together the mysterious contact and aided Helle in remembering who she really is.


Aside from SM03: The Mystery Augs, all side missions thus far should be complete. If you do not complete them now, leaving Prague will cancel missions still in progress and you will forfeit the corresponding achievements linked to those side missions.

When you are ready to proceed with the main story, return to North Prague via the metro to Pilgrim Station. Head over to meet Miller at Chikane’s Helipad again and leave for the G.A.R.M. Facility.

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