9. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided GARM FacilityUpdate notes

How you approach this next section will depend on whether or not you have unlocked The Jack of All Augments achievement. If you have not yet unlocked it, this area offers many more opportunities to earn XP towards more Praxis unlocks in the form of hostiles and hacking. Be sure to utilize the same approach thus far; progress slowly, wait for your opportunity to strike, and save often. However, if you have already completed this achievement, then in this next mission you will want to simply get to the end as fast as possible while still picking up all the relevant items needed along the way.

There is only 3 eBooks to find here, as well as an achievement opportunity. Some recommended augments, which will help you get around quickly and efficiently, will be the Social Enhancer, Remote Hacking, and Icarus Dash. Other than these tips, I will continue my approach in assuming your path is clear and you can identify and avoid general security concerns while remaining unseen as I direct you to the essential items on your way to the exit.

Once you are dropped off, head to the mission marker and hack the door for a cutscene.

Once you regain control, you will be given a choice. You must select CONTACT VEGA. Contacting Miller will result in an unavoidable alarm later on and void any chance of earning Foxiest of the Hounds.

After your choice, move to the fan ahead; find the breaker around the corner to stop it and get through. Use the ladder to reach a control room.

There is a crane control station just ahead; you will need to use a Biocell to power it up.

For now, you can only select the REAR Button (left arrow). Once the drill begins to move, you will be confronted by someone over the radio. Select SCOLD to avoid a hostile coming in to the control room to check on things. Get back to the controls, select the LEFT button (up arrow) twice, and then finally select the FORWARD Button (right arrow). Start the drill by pushing the BUTTON at the top of the control panel and unlock an achievement.

Grab the eBook off the table in the middle of the room before continuing any further.


If you need the XP, proceed through the hallway and down to the hanger, where you can engage all the Shadow Operatives as you see fit. If you do not, you can avoid everyone by Remote Hacking the ladder and mine in an opening on the ceiling, at the Southeast corner of the Control Room. Climb up and use the yellow beams of the drill’s structure to walk across the hanger unnoticed.

Either way, reach the Northwest corner of Hangar 1. If you used the beams and also have Icarus Dash, you can dash across to reach the area above the office and drop in through a vent, avoiding the Level 4 security door all together.

Inside the office is an eBook.

  • eBook (68/75) CITY AS PRODUCT

Next, you will need to get to Hangar 2 to the East, either through, around, or over the connecting tunnel (drilled path).

In the second hangar, avoid or confront the enemies as you make your way through the area unnoticed. Before ascending the stairs in the Northeast corner of the room, be sure to stop into the large tented area, in the Northwest section of the hangar. Inside (under the tent), there is a well-guarded eBook on the northern most set of tables, not the ones along the back wall. If you have remained unnoticed, there should be an Operative sitting on the table next to the eBook.

  • eBook (69/75) JUS IN BELLO Part 4: The Rise of Tarvos

With all collectibles acquired here, all that remains is to finish the mission by reaching the extraction point. Head up the stairs, or take the elevator. Maneuver through the next area, with the final three enemies, to reach the mission maker at the elevator. Taking the elevator up leads to the helipad where Chikane is waiting to return you to Prague for the third and final time.

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