Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Hi and welcome to Devil May Cry 4 walkthrough. Achieving the full 1,000G on this Hack & Slash game can be challenging and will probably be time consuming to most players, but it is not as hard as you may think after a first look. While the gameplay is absolutely freestyle, this walkthrough will suggest the actions which will allow you to effectively play in a "stylish" manner thus teaching a way of fighting which can best suit the necessities to accomplish the S Ranks (the highest rating you can receive for your performance) on missions; required for the hardest achievements of the game.

There are no online achievements and there are no missable achievements, since you can replay every mission at any time.

I won't mention anything about the plot (there's no need of it) in any page, except the name of the two heroes of the story (named anywhere but in this page), which I can't avoid mentioning when describing the moves to do. If you wonder, you start playing as the second of these two characters from Mission 12, and every mission can only be played by the designed character for it. The only mode which lets you choose the character to use is the Bloody Palace.

The achievements in this game are quite particular, and their description changes from "secret" to "revealed" after unlocking them; they are not technically secret achievements, and for this reason their description remains unavailable on TA. You will find a list of the achievements with their "second" descriptions (the descriptions when they are unlocked) in the General Hints and Tips page. There are no plot references in the descriptions either, so I suggest you give them a look to have a complete idea of what to expect.

On the contrary, just for a quick reference on how to proceed to clear the game, you want to:

1. Play story mode on Human (the easiest of the four difficulties), and complete the 20 Missions of the game. During this playthrough you will clear the 12x Secret Missions and collect all the Blue Orb Fragments. There are also common items you can find in the stages, and it's a good idea to get them to have a little part of Item Collector done. Do not try to S-Rank missions on your first attempt, because you can make it much easier with skills acquired later. Don't use Items, spend the Proud Souls to upgrade your skillsets and the Red Orbs to purchase Purple Orbs (Blue Orbs have less priority on Human mode, since you will rarely be in danger of death).

2. Play story mode again and obtain an S-Rank on all the 20 missions on these difficulties: Human, Devil Hunter, Son of Sparda (unlocked for completing the game on Devil Hunter), Dante Must Die (unlocked for completing the game on Son of Sparda).
On each of the playthroughs on these different difficulties, get the generic items of the stages (there's a copy of each for each playthrough on a new difficulty, for a total of four copies of each), to keep working on the "Item Collector" achievement.

3. Clear the Bloody Palace (unlocked for completing the game on Devil Hunter) with an S Rank.

4. Clear the game (no need to S-Rank) in the last two modes: "Hell or Heaven" (unlocked for completing the game on Son of Sparda) and "Hell and Hell" (unlocked for completing the game on Dante Must Die). During the playthrough on "Hell and Hell", play at least the last mission with a "Super Character" to unlock the achievement for completing Mission 20 with such a character (Super Characters are unlocked after completing the game on Dante Must Die). On Heaven or Hell, everyone dies in one hit; on Hell or Hell, you die in one hit, but the enemies don't. On these two modes you have three resurrection chances. You can use the Gold Orbs and don't have to S-Rank them so it makes the task easy.

5. If you still need them, grind "Red Orbs", "Proud Souls" and especially the 10,000 kills.

For some players it might be advisable to gather the maximum amount of each of the items (for the achievement Item Collector) before playing on Dante Must Die mode, since you may need to use items widely in order to survive.

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