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Devious Dungeon 2: (DD2)

Is a Single Player Arcade-Dungeon Crawler where you become an adventurer and battle your way through the Castle to defeat the evil Summoner and claim the lost treasures of the Castle. Claiming the lives of all its previous adventurers in their quest for fame and gold. You can play as one of 3 classic Heroes:
- Warrior
- Mage
- Rogue
There are 6 Stages to the story and all broken down into Chapters and Levels with a grand finale of a Boss battle for you to conquer at each Stage. Your objective in between Bosses is to find a Key within the Level and get out via the Portal.

(DD2) has 70+ Levels of treacherous traps and beautiful retro artwork in store for you. Sadly. There's only a few variations of each Stage's RNG level mapping with several of the Levels being essentially copy and pasted into the later Stages of the game. Prettied up with a new coat of paint, environmental decoration and new enemies to deal with. It becomes extremely repetitive, curbing your enthusiasm away.

My biggest issue that destroys this title is after 4 play throughs. I can't shake the feeling that there is a 'right Hero choice and playstyle to abide by'. You're forced to play the game a little different to how you intended and it really destroys your feeling of being in control of your Quest.

(DD2) is quirky, nostalgic and cosy. Even with its flaws. It's not all doom and gloom. You can still choose what Hero you want and damn well play however you please. It will still offer challenge and comes free with punishment regardless. But your perseverance is what I dare say, devious itself. The difficulty is set by your own hand without you even realising it. With mechanics like Health Potion's restoring minimum HP, also being a rare commodity themselves along with Hero equipment upgrades. Your playstyle will be challenged. "Death carries a heavy price." Meaning you are reset back to the beginning of your current Chapter if you shall peril.

As a game though? It has everything your medieval themed, arcade style dungeon crawler could want. With some corners cut and a few questionable choices from the developers. It's a grind that's actually enjoyable. It builds character (yes, I went there). It's simple in design and yet leaves you curious, a clichéd story you've heard thousands of times and still somehow holds suspense, filled with a growing library of weird and wonderful enemies.

Only hosting a few flaws. Big flaws admittedly that can ruin a new players experience from the go. It's extremely satisfying to play. There's not much more you can do with medieval dungeon crawlers but this title has it covered. Retro with the modern implementations. It's a classic to have in your game file.

The Brief:
- It has some major flaws but still works perfectly. Grindy but worth the time.
- £7.99 A modest and respectable price. Not currently available on Game Pass.
- A very easy individual achievement list for TA users and sits at a 1.1 Ratio, estimated completion time of 6-8 hours.
- Pocket size 311MB Download.
- If you're after the quick completion, I have all of my notes in the Forum under the title "An Easy Playstyle" but beware, spoilers are within.
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