DiRT 3 Reviews

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    08 Jun 2011
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    The original DiRT was a real step forward for rally games when it was released, it had addictive gameplay, great graphics and was generally just a fun experience. Then DiRT 2 came along and made the franchise more accessible and even more fun. Now DiRT 3 is here and it has improved on the ideas of the first and second game as well as throwing a wealth of new ones into the mix.

    The DiRT world tour is the main single player focus in DiRT 3 as it was in the previous version and it is made even better by the added variety and depth of the new events and the addition of more rally, this is a rally game after all. The new events include Gymkhana (made famous by Ken Block, who makes a reappearance in this game) which is fun once you get used to the mechanics of it, although there is a option to turn 'trick-steering' on to make it easier but for me this took most of the fun out of it so I turned it off. There is also the addiction of a drift mode, similar to that in 'Grid' which is also fun. Then there are some other cool one off events where you might be racing a bob-sleigh down a snow covered descent, which add some variety to the experience.
    Another addition to the game are the weather effects, which can really effect the gameplay and effect how you tackle certain things in the game. The new weather effects are snow and rain but there are different intensities to these effects so one race you may be driving on a snow laden track whilst in another race on the same track you will be driving through a blizzard. Also the addition of true day and night events is a welcome addition to the game.
    There are a large number of races in the world tour, seemingly endless, as more and more races are unlock as you go on. Roughly the single player is about 15 - 20 hours in length, which is perfect as it gives you enough time with the game without it feeling stale by the end.

    GRAPHICS - 5/5
    I can say with confidence that this is the one of the best looking racing games I have ever seen, which seems to be the case every time codemasters bring out a game. The cars are modelled excellently but what really stands out for me are the environments. Whether your racing through the dry, barren landscapes of Kenya or speeding passed the ridiculous snow jumps in Aspen it never ceases to amaze, they are gorgeous. I also love how the car takes some of the environment with it as they are always caked with snow at the end of a race in aspen or a dusty mess by the end of a trailblazer in Kenya, which is a nice touch.

    SOUND - 4.5/5
    Every aspect of the sound impresses apart from one, the voice overs, they are lack lustred at best and ken block can't seem to put any emotion in his voice what so ever. Other than that though, the soundtrack is brilliant, the car noises are fierce and then there's just the little things like hearing snow crunch under your tires as you slide wildly round glimmering white cliff face.

    CONCLUSION - 5/5
    DiRT 3 is just a brilliant game and deserves to be played by everyone. It improves on its predecessors in every way and is the best rally game I have ever played, easily. Go buy it!
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    paddycfc22Nice review, the game is such a masterpiece, Plus it's only £15 to £25 you would be stupid not to get it
    Posted by paddycfc22 On 05 Aug 11 at 22:31
    Nice review, however I can't agree that it's the best ever. Rallisport Challenge 2 will always be that!
    Posted on 12 Mar 12 at 21:47
  • Worm xWorm x166,139
    31 May 2011
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    After hearing the announcement of this game I was very pleased and excited that another DiRT game would be hitting the shelves. After having played this latest installment in the franchise for at least 6 hours, it is safe to say this is the best DiRT game and even Rally game on the market right now.

    --GAMEPLAY-- 5/5
    The game allows those who are new to racing games to enable driving assists, including ABS (Auto-braking system), AUTO-steering, a racing line to stay on track and many other assists. For seasoned racing gamers like myself, that have playing these kind of games for a while, Codemasters allows us to turn off these stated assists for a more free racing experience. The cars are easy to get used to and know how to use also. Top-notch gameplay in my book.

    --GRAPHICS-- 5/5
    This game has better graphics than most other non-racing games out there! Very crisp and clean graphics are in this game. Fine attention to detail can be seen in snow and falling, mud on the car, and in some areas the trees on distant mountains looking stunning. One of the prettiest looking racing games to date.

    --SOUND-- 5/5
    The game has a wide array of different sounds and Codemasters did a very fine job of capturing what the sounds sound like and implemented them very well into the game. Car engines sound great, and the environment is very well also.

    So should you Buy, Not Buy or Rent DiRT 3?? My answer is you should definitely play this game, but it is up to you to Buy or Rent. The game comes with a VIP Pass that allows players who bought the game new to access online features. So if you will want to race online, than you should definitely buy the game. There are plenty of racing events in single player mode to keep you coming back for more, however, if you decide to rent.

    My Score for DiRT 3: 8/10
  • mkollphoenixfanmkollphoenixfan425,023
    31 May 2011
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    Most reviews of part 3 in a series should start with one question. Is it better than its predecessors?

    Well Dirt 3 isn't the same game as its 2nd incarnation. Its better but in so many different ways. Therefore as a disclaimer I will say I loved the 2nd and love the 3rd and only use the comparisons between the two to show the differences and not to compare the game against each other.

    Dirt 3 is far more stylised than Dirt 2. the graphics are crisper and look far more flashy than its predecessor, for a relevant reference its on a par graphically with Forza or NFS Shift 2. the graphics for Weather conditions and their effects on the surfaces of the track and the Cars are very well done. There is however a point where your car wont get any more dirty than it is, so the longer races will show the same amount of 'Dirt/Snow/Rain' effects as a quick 3 lap race. But that is a small niggle.

    Dirt tour reappears in a new guise in Dirt 3. you play through season as a newbie racer to a recognised pro racer. Each Season is 3 events made up of 4 to 6 events with a 4th final event unlocked as you progress through the other 3 events. You don’t accrue money like in Dirt 2 but you do unlock cars as you progress through the seasons. This can be frustrating early on but you use the car/s they have on offer and it does help hone your skills in driving each differing type of car, and the sense of achievement when you win a race in a car you couldn’t handle originally is part of the fun.

    As a side quest or free run mode you unlock the Battersea power station Gymkhana area where you can free ride attempting mini missions. These are addictive and great for practicing Gymkhana stunts and taking a break from the Dirt Tour. As you progress through the Tour you unlock more areas in the Free run area adding more missions to achieve. These missions range from jumps to donuting certain items of scenery.

    In terms of difficulty we have something for everyone here. Driving assists like the driving line and the auto braking and cornering are active from the beginning but can be taken off. You have 3 pre set levels of difficulty that come with set assists appropriate to each difficulty. However you can create a custom settings to tweak the game to a level you feel challenges you without being too hard to frustrate. This is a strong element in any racing game and Dirt 3 accomplishes this very well.

    The length of the game is a bit short offline (10 -15 hours) but the repalyability online will keep gamers happy for days after that. Online with have straight racers or specific events like cat and mouse (Mouse = mini driver, each team must protect there mouse to get him over the line before the oppositions mouse) these are fun but the straight racing is the best bit online. And there is very little lag (if any).

    Negatives for this game are the longish loading times. The cars look good but staring at them for 10-15 seconds every loading screen gets boring quickly. Also I would have liked a return of the Gatecrasher event but these are small annoyances in a very good game.
  • WheelieHamsterWheelieHamster294,353
    28 May 2011
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    I have been a fan of racing game for years and most of them are great, but this lastest rally game which i only got through the post today is one of the best ( Dirt 3 ). I have been talking to a friend of mine over xbox live ( Nath360skillz ) before i decided to get myself a copy and it is amazing.

    The Gameplay:
    This is very good indeed. I have only been on it an hour and I could not believe how good this was, from the main career to the multiplayer mini games which include Invasion, cat and mouse and a few others. The game is very smooth and clear. The only area which you need to master is the handling and like most rally games it takes a bit of time - other than that its very good. 5/5

    The Graphics:
    These are the best graphics that I have seen in this sort of game. The foreground looks sleek and smooth. The cars look perfect just like thecar in Forza 2. When the car is stationary the surrounding scenery is motionless and the grass moves like it should. Also, an added feature is the dust that the car picks up as it goes over the stages. 5/5

    The Sound:
    The sounds of the cars is really good, from changing gears, to reving the engine when the car is stationary. The engine noise sounds realistic when its idle.You can not fault it. 5/5

  • H4nds0mH4ns3lH4nds0mH4ns3l599,067
    28 Jul 2011
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    This is my first ever review so please go easy on me if you dont think its up to standard.

    I am an avid lover of the Colin McRea DiRT series. I own all 3 because of my love for the game. DiRT 3 has to be the best in the series so far.

    DiRT 3 is a great addition to the DiRT series. The DiRT Tour campaign is a good length. And the online multiplayer is just as good.

    DiRT Tour
    The DiRT Tour is brilliant there is plentyh ours of game play to be had. Comes with the usuall races you will find from previous DiRT games. Rally, Rallycross, Landrush, Trailblazer, Head2Head and a new addition Gymkhana. So plenty of fun to be had. 5/5

    Great online modes. Again comes with Pro Tour and Jam Sessions which are seen in previous games. But with this comes the added Party Mode which is great fun. With games such as Cat n Mouse, Invasion, Outbreak and many more. Great fun with friends or even randoms online. 5/5

    Great graphics come with this game. Visuals and gameplay are the best in the series so far.

    Brilliant game and a must buy for all DiRT fans. 10/10