1. DiRT 3 Walkthrough OverviewUpdate notes

Welcome to the walkthrough for DiRT 3, a rally racing game that has you racing through dirt, rain and snow. Most of the game can be made very easy by playing on the lowest difficulty but the platinums you’ll need to earn can definitely be challenging. The walkthrough will be split into four sections: Story, Battersea Compound, Multiplayer, and DLC.

For the story, you’ll be racing through the DiRT Tour, making sure to place first in each event. You’ll need to platinum all DC Challenges, which takes some skill but anyone can do them with enough persistence. You’ll also need to platinum all five Gymkhana Academy tutorials, one of them is very difficult and will take a lot of practice and persistence.

The Battersea Compound consists of three open areas with various tasks you’ll need to complete (these are unlocked as you progress through the DiRT Tour). There are 80 missions in total so I’ve created a separate page for these, none of them are overly difficult.

You’ll need at least four people to unlock all the multiplayer achievements, all though the majority of them can be done with just two. These can all be done fairly quickly except for the level achievement. Good news is you can idle boost the experience, but it will take just under 20 hours.

And finally, the DLC. This will cover the four add-ons for the game. There are two multiplayer achievements which can be completed very quickly but require two people. The rest are singleplayer and won’t take more than a couple of hours to unlock them all.

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