2. DiRT 3 General Hints & Tips

There is an achievement for placing first in all events, so to make this as easy as possible, play on the lowest difficulty setting. You can change the difficulty before the start of any race by selecting Difficulty and Assists and changing the Experience Level. Casual is the lowest Experience Level (difficulty) and features auto-braking so all you’d have to do is hold down cn_RT and follow the green driving line.

Each race has a bonus objective, you need to complete 25 of these for two achievements. Most objectives will be completed naturally and you’ll have completed many more than 25 by the time you’ve finished the DiRT Tour.

As you level up, always choose the newest cars to race with (furthest right). The cars you unlock give a larger REP reward for completing bonus objectives and you’ll want as much REP as possible to reach Driver Rep level 30.

Each race, you’re given five flashbacks. To use these, press cn_LB, then hold cn_LT to rewind and press cn_X to resume. These are especially useful when attempting to platinum the DC Challenges. Inside the Battersea Compound, you have infinite flashbacks.

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