5. DiRT 3 MultiplayerUpdate notes

If playing on the Xbox 360, you’ll need to download the VIP Pass to have access to multiplayer.

The majority of the multiplayer achievements can be done with two people, but three of the achievements require four people.

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Multiplayer - Xbox Live


For this, create a Jam Session game. Scroll down to Discipline and choose Joyride. Invite three others and make sure everyone stays in for the full 20 minutes. Once it ends, you’ll unlock:

  • Road Trip

    You shared the experience of the Battersea Compound with your friends

    Road Trip

Next, create a Team Jam Session of Cat n Mouse. Whoever becomes the mouse (Mini Cooper) is random, so either quit and restart or keep playing until you’re the mouse and then win to unlock:

First game mode win.


Create a Jam Session of Outbreak and simply avoid being infected to unlock:

Second game mode win.

Search in Solo Pro Tour and choose Party Modes to get a game of Invasion. Complete (make sure to win) the match without running into anything other than the robot cutouts to unlock:

  • Steer Hunter

    You have completed a game of Invasion without any negative points (Pro Tour)

    Steer Hunter

Third game mode win.

In the same lobby, get a game of Transporter (veto if necessary). Grab the flag, then run into your boosting partner. Keep running into them until you’ve stolen the flag five times to unlock:

  • Flag Stealer

    You stole the flag from the opposing team 5 times in a game of Transporter (Pro Tour)

    Flag Stealer

Go on to win the match and for winning all four game modes, you’ll unlock:

Search Solo Pro Tour and choose Hardcore. Win the race to unlock:

Create a Jam Session with these settings:

Rounds - 5

Discipline - Rallycross

Track Selection (same for each round):

L.A. Coliseum

Vermont Avenue

1 Lap

Collisions On

Advanced Options:

Driver Assists - Disabled

Impact Ratings - Enabled

Complete 2-5 rounds without hitting anything to unlock:

The last base game multiplayer achievement is for reaching level 35 and you’ll unlock two achievements along the way.

The best way to gain experience is to idle boost. You can either do this by yourself with two Xboxes or with a boosting partner. You’ll need 1-2 wired controllers (depending on if you’re multi-boxing or not). You can double-box with either two physical copies or one digital copy and either two Xbox Ones or an X1 and an Xbox 360. You could also use two 360s but you’d need two gold accounts.

Set an X1 as your home Xbox and create a silver account on the same Xbox (this account will have gold because your main account does), then use the other Xbox with your main account. Now onto the boosting method.

Search Team Pro Tour and select Gymkhana. When choosing cars, select the first option (Subaru Impreza WRX STi GD Gymkhana). Rubber band the cn_RT and cn_LSr, causing your car to continuously drive in circles. The match will take a minute and a half. Once it ends, you’ll earn around 900 XP. After leaving this to idle for 18 hours, you’ll unlock:

Congratulations on completing the base game for DiRT 3!

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