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    Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls (9 of 10)

    This will probably be the most biased post that I have written. I started playing diablo years ago, I put countless hours into diablo 2, and the expansion for that while I was growing up. I love the series, it is addicting, you get sucked in, and even though the story is fairly short, it never matters how often you play through. This was played on the xbox one. I had played the non expansion before on PC when it released a few years back. Since my son was born it is harder to be tucked in a back bedroom and play on the PC, I resorted to console. I was very excited to see this was coming out to the Xbox one.

    I started the game on release date (8/19). I chose a witch doctor. The play style of a ranged, high damage character always catches my attention. I typically play support classes on MMO's and other games as well. The witch doctor uses intelligence as well, which will help with his resistances, I knew this was going to be important at end game. After a week of playing, My character is level 65 with about 8-10 hours of play time. Leveling comes quick and man how the game has changed.

    Graphics (2 of 3): The graphics aren't spectacular, but the cut scenes look great. It is very smooth, no matter how many minions are on the screen, and I haven't had any issues at all. The blood, guts and killing all look like how you would expect from older diablo games. The armor changes appearance on your character, as well as weapons. Overall graphically speaking, it is appealing but not the best.

    Multiplayer/Achievements (3 of 3): This game is made for online play. Just by pausing the game it gives you all the multiplayer information you need. Who is online, in your party, and also the ability to change your game settings allow randoms to come into your game. When you get more players in your game, items drop better, monsters are harder, and you gain more XP and gold. It is fun to team up with friends and take down big bosses. You can also trade items, including gold to others. It is neat to see all your friend's characters, and how they look. Achievements come fairly easy, there are a few tricky ones though. Getting to level 70 on hardcore seems to be one of the harder ones. Hardcore deletes your character upon death. The majority you will receive while playing throughout the game without looking for it.

    Story/replay value (3 of 3): This game will keep my attention for awhile. They have 10 total difficulties, the harder the difficulty the better the items, 6 different classes to play, and hardcore and softcore game modes. You are able to have up to 11 characters, and after you hit max level (70) you are able to keep level to boost certain stats. These boosted stats are permanent through all your characters. So the higher the character, it will literally give every character on your list added stats. That alone makes me want to level one up very high to boost all characters. The story is interesting, you will tend to listen to less and less the more you play it. I have already gone through twice, but it easily skippable if you prefer it that way.

    This game will also get my sympathy, it holds a spot in my hear just because it is a diablo game. I would recommend it to everyone, and the few people I told to get it cant log off. The game will grab your attention, and is a great filler to when you have time to kill. It is a game where a few minutes can you some easy loot, or a few hours will disappear quickly. The expansion is fairly quick, but adds another boss. It comes within the game, so no DLC as of yet. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a hack and slash style game, or also enjoys treasure hunting. Very fun, very addictive.

    Feel free to add me on XBL, we can play this or another game. I stream regularly, and try to post some videos on youtube. Throughout the internet my gamertag is "vanhow10" Hopefully you enjoy this review, it is just an opinion.
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    HyyrGreat review. I just bought this game, and will be starting it up in the next few weeks. Maybe I'll see you then.
    Posted by Hyyr on 03 Sep 14 at 12:38
    VanHow10Feel free to add me on xbl! I have been playing this non stop! You get "gifts" in game on random drops, the more people that play on your friends list, the better chance you have on these drops!
    Posted by VanHow10 on 03 Sep 14 at 12:47
    FullMoonBeaverI bought this yesterday. Intended to play for half hour before jumping on Halo MCC. Ended up sitting on it for 5 hours until 2am. Just another 10 minutes I kept saying. Love the game and glad its come to console. Would live to see the other Diablo games come to console, as I've heard great things about them. Great review btw.
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 20 Dec 14 at 13:04
    VanHow10Thanks bud! I finally got a Full clear for this game. It took about a month to get and 100+ hours. Worth it though. Feel free to add me!
    Posted by VanHow10 on 22 Dec 14 at 11:40
    Kaplan Dascicongrats ,great joob, diablo clap
    Posted by Kaplan Dasci on 16 Jan 15 at 19:39
    The SCHWARTZ 00"The story is interesting, you will tend to listen to less and less the more you play it."

    So then, the story is not interesting. These two statements don't correlate. I agree though, the "story" kinda fades into the background after a couple of Acts. Nothing anyone says is more interesting than slaughtering monsters and getting cool loot.
    Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 12 Jan 19 at 16:15