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Posted on 09 September 13 at 21:17, Edited on 10 September 13 at 06:33
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Almost at the exact moment that Diablo 3 was announced rumors started that there would be a console release. Blizzard obviously would not comment on rumors and this left some to wonder if this is a good idea. Games have been ported from PC to Console or vice versa for some time with varying success. For some gamers we thought back to the disaster that was Diablo on PS1 and those are memories of disappointing gameplay, long load times, and so forth. However this is not a review of a game that is 15 years old - this IS Diablo 3! (Yes a 300 reference - after you hack up that many demons it only seems fitting)

I have played Diablo and Diablo 2 on PC and I even played that PS1 mess so I was really anticipating Diablo 3. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to play Diablo 3 on PC so I will not be comparing the console release to that.

Diablo 3 is a dungeon crawling RPG however I feel that the RPG soul of the game has been buried. In most RPGs you get to assign points to some number of attributes which is part of the fun. That element of game-play does not exist because stats increase automatically when you level up. Another staple of RPGs is choosing skills and the great thing in Diablo 3 is the game allows you to use all of the skills available to a class at its current level. This is nice because there is no wondering if another skill would have suited your character better. As you level up more skills become available and you can have more buttons assigned skills. Some gamers will complain - "I mashed (A) all the time. I hate button mashers." Diablo 3 can be a button masher where by you only use your (A) attack however that is you choosing to do so. I urge you to make the most use out of your spells by using them in combination such as a spell that slows the enemy first then a spell that does high damage. This will give you more time to deal with large groups of enemies and as you move up in difficulty there will only be more enemies.

Blizzard has given the user an amazing amount of control over their game-play. I got to level 11 and I started feeling like a demon slaying god obliterating scores of enemies while taking no damage and soon monotony set in. Game play started to feel lackluster. Increasing the difficulty quickly remedied the issue. The great mechanic here is that you can do this at any time. Many games force you to pick your difficulty and you are locked in for the entire story but not Diablo 3. There are 4 modes and 8 difficulties that you can choose from at any time. Modes are unlocked as you complete each so completing Normal unlocks Nightmare. Harder difficulties are unlocked with higher level characters. Difficulty changes the size of enemy hordes. For example, on easy enemies will spawn in groups of 2 or 3 but on medium it is 4 or 5. Larger groups of enemies present different challenges. Each mode presents further difficulties - enemies that are more resistant, have more than one damage modifier and the types of modifies improves enemies more. With the stronger enemies in each mode the loot becomes better. The game becomes less about mashing buttons and more about strategy.

If you want another experience changer join a multiplayer game. The more players in a game the more enemies that spawn. With more enemies there is more loot and more experience. What I liked about the multiplayer is that much of the loot drops for both players and is dependent on the player. I might get an awesome set of boots while all my partner gets is a huge stack of gold. This prevents one person from collecting all the loot while someone kills so joining games is more enjoyable because there is less greed factor. However there seems to be certain items that only seem to drop one so who ever picks it up first gets it.

When a player dies in some games you simply respawn taking a hit to gold/experience/armor and you continue on. That certainly is an option in Diablo 3 however if you want to feel loss make a hardcore character. Hardcore characters can only die once - you die and there is no coming back. This can be devastating to someone that has put in a ton of time and developed a certain fondness of their character. This adds a certain mortality to a character that you don't find in many games.

With many sequels it can be hard to understand the story if you don't understand the past story arcs. For a new player Diablo 3 is about killing demons in the world of Sanctuary. However if you take the time to listen to the journals/tomes/notes that can be found you will learn their is a lot of history. Some of these names/places/events don't mean much if you don't know what happened in the first two games. However I feel the game makes it very clear that the evils, all 7 and some of their minions, have brought a lot of destruction. Having played the prior games I was enthralled with how well the past has been incorporated into this game.

To find out more about the story you have to explore. Exploration is wonderful because many dungeons are randomly generated. This adds a nice amount of replay value. While the dungeons look may be the same its layout will be different. Places like cities/towns/camps will remain the same.

There is very little that I have found wrong with this game. There are some things that I would have chose to do differently but I don't think it would have added any playing value. I have recommended this game to many of my friends and I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys a terrific RPG. PC port or not this is a great game. Go forth and enjoy!
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Posted on 12 September 13 at 18:41
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As someone who picked up D3 release day for PC and played it, I have to say that so far I personally prefer the console version. With how they did the controls, it just feels more comfortable (I play both PC and Xbox a lot so I'm usually comfortable with both). I ended up quitting halfway through my first playthrough on PC, but I am already on my third playthrough on Xbox.

I was a little skeptical at first because it was a PC game that was being ported to consoles. But they did a good job on it, making it feel like it was meant to be on a console. If you played the PC version, one of the main differences you will notice is a pretty decent drop in graphics, although the cutscenes are still some of the best looking I have seen on Xbox. Besides that there doesn't seem to be a huge difference between the console and PC version.

One of the things that D3 does that I love is how the loot drops work, how whatever you see on your screen is yours, and also different from what someone else will see (except in split-screen, where loot is shared). This is an interesting concept that should be brought to more games, as it takes out the greed factor, where the group is fighting but one person runs ahead and steals all the loot in a chest/from a boss/etc.

Something that can get a little confusing is all the different difficulty options, but let me try to break those down for people. First, there is a hardcore option that you unlock at level 10, this option is the same as the non-hardcore option except for a few key feature, if you die in hardcore mode, your character permanently dies, and if you want to play hardcore mode, you have to play it starting a new hero.

The next set of options is the actual difficulty options. There are 8 modes, and they go from easy to master 5. It is the basic Easy-Medium-Hard that most games have, but what is interesting is the Mastery difficulties. These are after hard mode, and go from Mastery 1 to Mastery 5. What they do is add more monsters and give you an increased chance to find gold and magic (or better) items.

The last set of options you will find are the four playthrough options, which you have to finish the game on each to unlock the next, each of these modes (Normal, Nightmare, Hell, Inferno) increases the difficulty. Once you beat normal mode and are level 25, you can enter Nightmare mode, Hell mode after beating Nightmare and reaching level 50, Inferno after beating Hell and reaching max level (60). These modes add a whole lot of replay value, as you have to beat the story line at least 4 times to fully "complete" the game once.

D3 is a dungeon exploring game, with an interesting twist. the terrain is randomized every time you log onto the game, which means that, although the level may look the same, the actual layout will be different everytime you log onto the game (main cities and boss areas stay the same).

One negative thing about the game is, although it is an RPG, there really isn't a 'talent tree' that you have, you unlock all your skills just by leveling up, although you have to choose which spells you want to use as only one can be used per button, where as there are multiple per button that can be used.

Once you add all that with the option of 5 different classes, and the possibility to have a total of 10 heros, this game looks to keep you hooked for many, many hours.

P.S. This is my first review, hope you guys liked it!
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