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    09 Jan 2011
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    Imagine life as a waitress.

    Dealing with particular orders, refilling various sugary beverages and sighing as you're given two dollars as a tip again. You have to wear that same outfit, and the hours suck, and you're always on your feet.

    Now forget all that.

    Dinner Dash is a fun arcade game, but it's not very realistic. And thank goodness! The truth is I've never waitressed before, but I'm pretty sure that it's not a cakewalk.

    --- SINGLE PLAYER ---

    The main component of the game is to go through levels. There are a total of 40 levels, more if you take the time to beat each and every one of them and receive enough points to get an Expert score.

    In each level (known as a shift) you play as the brunette Flo, who is a level headed girl who makes small goals for herself, and in the end has four different, well developed resaurants. As Flo, you guide customers to tables, take their order, serve them, and then take their checks and let them leave.

    Strategy comes into play while seating the customers. As they walk in they are each given a color, clearly defined by their outfit and hair color. By seating people in chairs that match their color, you receive bonuses. You can also receive more points by doing the same action on different customers simultaneously. I.e, serving everyone seated their food, or giving everybody their checks. Performing these chains and using color coded seating is the best way to achieve and Expert score.


    The concept is great. You can either work as a team of waitresses feeding the masses, or compete against each other for tips. Basically multiplayer works in the same fashion as single player, but instead of having a zen, solitary feel to it, it's more competitive and firey.

    The only real problem is that for some reason the online community is dead.

    -- STORY --

    You're Flo. And you're a waitress.

    -- GRAPHICS --

    The setting of Dinner Dash is always the same, a view of a box with one side cut out of it. Flo and the customers she serves are all designed in a cartoonish manner that was probably done intentionally, and the style works well for the game. Yet as each of the four restaurants are somewhat different, they are largely the same and can get repetitive.

    -- SOUND --

    Like the graphics, sound can be a little repetitive, but it's not jarring or annoying. After a while it just becomes white noise, which for me enhanced the calming quality of playing the game by myself. If you're looking for a killer soundtrack though, look elsewhere.


    For the most part, the achievements in Dinner Dash are challenging and require some grinding and focus. The game does give you a couple of freebies, most notably an achievement for failing Endless mode, but makes up for it with harder achievements that require you to go in a winning streak or earn Expert in every level. The online achievements also prove difficult as the community is nonexistent and you'll have to boost.

    Final thoughts? Worth buying if you like to play by yourself and relax. I keep coming back to the word "zen." Dinner Dash is always waiting for me after I've tried a long time on that difficult achievement or i've just had a bad day.
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    dudecrazy108Awsome review! Thumbs up.
    Posted by dudecrazy108 on 12 Jan 11 at 01:08
    Radient StarThanks! :D
    Posted by Radient Star on 12 Jan 11 at 03:19
  • Chizzle e4Chizzle e4223,301
    26 Dec 2009
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    Not brilliant. I found this game to be one of the more tedious games i have played. there is no story line or real point to the game. The idea of the game is simple enough you seat, get the order, serve the order and clean up the tables of all diner's who come through your doors trying your best not to take too long and agravate you customers to the point of throwing down their napkins and leaving. Also the achievements a grinding and will need patients alough as you will see if you read the solutions to these chevos the game is easily manipulated. All in all I would give this game 1 star and woulden't suggest spending your hard earned 800 ms points on it.