1. DiRT 4 Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Welcome to the DiRT 4 walkthrough. Following the success of DiRT Rally, Codemasters aimed to create a simulator that would be suited to a wider spectrum of players. Therefore it offers more content than Rally did and is significantly easier due to having more difficulty settings. That doesn't only apply to the gameplay itself, but to the achievements as well, with only one single achievement being more difficult than all of the rest, since it needs other people and therefore definitely requires a boosting session to be unlocked.

We will be talking about the career achievements, as well as the online and miscellaneous ones that can be unlocked at any time. Some achievements are easy to unlock and you will most likely get them without even going for them, while trying to finish the Career mode. Regardless of that, we will take a look at each one of them and talk about how to specifically unlock them and how they fit into the general strategy that you should follow when you're going through the Career mode.

So get strapped in and let's start!

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