4. DiRT 4 LandrushUpdate notes

Landrush is similar to Rallycross, since we're talking off-road, circuit racing. The difference here is that you don't get to drive rally cars, but trucks and dirt karts instead. While this discipline may seem boring to most, it is relatively short in general. The top 4 drivers from the two qualifying races, race in the A final for the top positions, while the rest fight it out in the B Final, for positions 9 and below. Therefore each event is over in just two races. With launch control set to manual and traction control set to 3, you'll be good with the default setup for the trucks. You can skip out on the karts, which I heavily advise you to do, due to their weird physics. The National Stadium Pro-3 achievement should have been unlocked for you by now, by playing in the Rally discipline:

Start off with the Buggy Challenge championship. I'd advise against buying your own buggy, since you're not going to be using it a lot anyways. Whatever the case, with the aforementioned difficulty settings, try your best in this championship which only consists of three events. Having a successful performance in the buggies will unlock the Pro-Truck National Series and the following achievement:

If you're good enough, you will qualify for the A Finals in a Landrush event by finishing in the top 4 in the first race. Don't worry if you don't get this right away, as there will be plenty more Landrush events:

From the Pro-Truck National Series and onwards, any Landrush related activity will feature stadium trucks. The final step in this discipline is the Landrush World Series which features five events. If you manage to win this championship without doing anything different you will unlock:

There is one or two achievements that could be unlocked here, but it's much more time efficient if we mop them up later. These are featured in the respective part of this walkthrough.

Next up, the Rallycross discipline.

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