5. DiRT 4 RallycrossUpdate notes

The Rallycross discipline features circuit racing on mixed surfaces, ie tarmac and dirt/gravel. The interesting aspect of it isn't just the changing of the driving style several times within one lap in order to maximize your pace over variable surfaces, but the joker lap mechanism as well. Every driver needs to take a joker lap in every single race, at least once. Taking the joker lap means driving though a separate part of the track that is longer than the normal lap and features tighter turns. That slows each car down and adds a certain level of strategy in Rallycross. The rule of thumb here is that if you find yourself at the back of the race early on you take the joker lap asap. That will allow you to tick off the "responsibility" of taking the joker lap and will minimize the time lost to the drivers in front, who will be bunched up together and fighting each other for positions. That will obviously slow them down, allowing you to possibly catch up. On the other senario, if you're in front early on, postpone taking the joker lap as much as possible in order to increase your gap to the cars behind. It's a very easy concept that you will fully understand rather quickly.

The first achievement in this discipline should have already been unlocked by playing in the Rally discipline or by completing the first championship "RX Super 1600s Cup".

On this run towards the respective world title we will skip the crosskart (or buggies) championship again. Therefore after unlocking the International C-3 champioships, complete the "RX2 Trophy" to unlock the next tier, International Off-Road C-2, which features only one championship, the "Group B Rallycross Cup". Completing both events on the podium isn't tough once again, so by the time you're done with Group B you will most unlock:

as well as:

While you're at it, you can unlock another easy achievement, by purposely taking two joker laps and still winning the race. This is especially easy if you do it in the lower AI difficulty settings. You don't have to jump the start in order to receive a double-Joker penalty:

The final championship in the Rallycross discipline is the FIA World Rallycross Championship, which features races in all five environments and the names and cars of real WRXC drivers. You need to win this to unlock:

We will now move onto The Triple Crown and the Historic Rally disciplines.

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